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Sweet dare


Friend with Benefits
With my knowledge and permission, my wife has an older 'friend with benefits'. She's 38 and he's 49, but well built, muscular, and in shape, as is she. They met at the health club and were immediately attracted to each other even though they are both married. His wife doesn't know about it so he comes by ours when he wants to have my wife, usually on the weekends when he can get away. was a warm and sunny Saturday morning and I was mowing the lawn. My wife was outside in back reading a book and having a cup of coffee. His car pulled into the driveway and he waited until I saw him. I shut off the mower and went over and we chatted for a few moments until he said he had just a little free time and wondered if my wife was available.

I went round back and told her he was here for her if she was available, but he didn't have much time. That sexual gleam of anticipation I know so well immediately radiated from her face. She got up and followed me back to his car. She was wearing shorts and a thin sleeveless top tucked into the shorts - nothing fancy. They talked for a few moments and he said it didn't matter what she had on as no one else was going to see them. She made sure I had no objection to her going off with him and she got in the car. He said they would be back in less than an hour and then they left.

It took me almost an hour to finish the mowing and subsequent clean up, so I was just finishing when his car pulled back in. He put his arm out his window and waved. She got out after giving him a kiss and a hug, and walked toward me. Her hair was dishevelled, her top was hanging out of her shorts, and what little lip gloss she had on was now gone.

She looked like a woman freshly fucked, which was exactly the case. I felt my cock start to rise and lust covered my face as, within seconds, I wanted to have her. She recognized the look on my face so when she came up to me she asked if I wanted to take her upstairs and have sloppy seconds. I moaned with desire, took her hand, and led her inside. As we ascended the stairs she asked if I wanted to hear about it. As usual, I told her to tell me as undressed her in front of the bed.

I closed and locked the bedroom door so when the kids finally returned we wouldn't be disturbed if we were still in bed. She came into my arms and kissed me deeply and long, then pulled her head away and started to tell me about it as I caressed her breasts through her top and bra. They drove a short way to a secluded lay by where they took his blanket into the trees and found a spot off the trail shielded by bushes. He was really horny so he hurriedly undressed her and she lay on the blanket on her back and watched him strip off his clothes.

When he was naked, she raised her knees and spread her legs for him. They didn't have much time so he quickly fingered her to make sure she was sufficiently wet, which she was since she had become really horny during the short ride thinking about him fucking her. He mounted her and they fucked missionary until she came. As usual, he kept fucking her until she had a second come in that same position.

Then she told him she wanted to be on top and she rode him until she had another come. He then flipped her over onto her hands and knees and fucked her doggy, her favourite position. He hadn't come in the other positions, so he was really horny when he took her from the rear. His fucking ended up being fairly rough as he pounded into her. He made sure she had at least three rapid comes before exploding into her. He's a heavy spunker, so a goodly amount of his cum flowed out and was smeared all over her groin.

By this time, I had her bra and top off, had gotten my fill of caressing her breasts and sucking her nipples, and was in the process of pushing her shorts down. Knowing that she likes to just pull her panties on afterward without wiping off his cum, I knew what to expect when I had her down to just her panties, and I love it. Once her shorts were off and discarded, the strong smell of her pussy juices and his pungent cum wafted up from between her legs and filled my nostrils.

I slipped my hand inside the waistband of her panties, slid it down over her mound, and ran my fingertips along her slimy groove, then penetrated her pussy with three fingers. The inside of her pussy was a veritable swamp of pussy juice and cum. I finger fucked her for a few moments when she whispered into my ear in a very seductive voice, "I loved him fucking me. I came and came on his hard cock. I'll go to him any time he wants me." She does this to excite me, knowing that it makes me want to almost rape her in my passion to have her - and it worked.

I threw her onto the bed on her back, forced her legs apart since she feigns resistance to being fucked to enhance my passion even more, and plunged my rock hard cock into her in a single rough thrust. My God, that first feeling of my cock plunging into her swamp of a pussy hit my nervous system like a ton of bricks and ratcheted up my lust to an extreme degree. I needed to take her and come in her like a drowning man needs air. I fucked her with violent strokes, pounding into her unmercifully. I had to hold off coming until she came again which didn’t take long thankfully. My cum literally exploded from my cock to further drench the inside of her pussy.

Somewhere between my initial thrust into her, her coming and then my orgasm, she had wrapped her arms and legs about me. As my thrusting hips stilled and I slowly collapsed onto her, she hugged and kissed me, then said, "I love it when you get so turned on you need to almost rape me. I love your violent thrusting and the way you literally 'take' me back."

We stayed in bed for almost an hour as the images of him having her shortly beforehand in the bushes inflamed me so much I had her again before I was finally satiated. And this is why I have no problem with her having this 'friend with benefits'.
Poster: Husband John