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Sweet dare


just one more
Hi if you have read any of my stories before you will enjoy this as they are all true and genuine. My wife and I have always had a good sex life and we have done many things with many people and we are still doing this even though we are in our fifties , the latest happened only last week. We have been looking for a younger man for my wife to entertain while I watch as she is still in good shape and still as horny as ever and so am I. We decided to try to find someone who might pick her up somewhere and take her back to our house and you know enjoy her, so we decided to go to the local coffee shops as we have often seen young men in these and we thought we would give it a try. Any way we have been to several over the last few weeks without a great deal of success until yesterday. We were in a costa coffee bar and was having a nice quiet coffee and in walked a couple of men in there 20's or early 30's and my wife said they look nice and smiled at me ,so I said if you think one of them might be interested go for it. One of them went to the gents and the other to the counter to order ,my wife jumped up and went to the counter to order another coffee and to try to get the guys attention ,she was wearing a low cut dress ,not too short and red lipstick and her hair up, she looks gorgeous for her age and somehow very sexy for a mature woman, she is still a size 10 and has curves all in the right places and good firm legs and breasts and bottom and likes to tease as she knows she looks good. She talked to the guy for a couple of minutes and then came back to our table with a fresh coffee. So I asked what she was talking to him about and she said he was looking after the other guy as he was sleeping rough at the moment and was looking to help him find somewhere for a couple of nights.

She had told him that we could put him up for a couple of nights if he wanted ,I said really, she said yes ,just a couple of nights though and gave him her number and said ring her in the morning as he was o k that night. so the following day Carl, they call him and asked if his friend could stop for a couple of nights as she had said and asked if it was o k with me ,so she said that's pete said that will be fine ,he can help him with a couple of jobs while he is here if he doesn't mind, and carl said he be delighted to help and really appreciated the offer of a couple of nights at our house.
So he arrived 2 days ago (by the way he was called Troy ) he was good looking and fit and about 5'6' and reasonably muscle bound . He was dropped of by his friend Carl just before lunch and we all chatted and he told us that he had been sleeping rough for about 5 months and Carl was trying to get him a place in a refuge for the homeless, we had lunch and then showed him to the spare room and said you can stay in here and if you want a shower my wife will get you some towels while I go to the shops to collect a parcel that I ordered from Amazon, .just something for the garden. He was very grateful and keep saying so and would do anything to pay us back for our kindness, I thought that might be a way to get him to entertain my wife as we had planned, I was about to leave for the shops and my wife came in and said ,do you think he will do what we want ? I said I think so he seemed very interested in her anyway with her curves and nice breasts and bottom.

What shall we do and say she asked me, I said leave it with me and I will think about it. She went into the conservatory to read while I went to the shop , but before I left I slid a note under the door of troy and then phoned my wife to tell her what I had done. The note said .I know you are shy and have had it rough over the last few months and I think you could benefit from a nice relaxing massage , if you would like that please leave a note saying 'yes please' on the fruit bowl on the hallway table before you have your shower and if you do I will come to your room at 6pm tonight to help you destress if you are interested. She said that was amazing that I had set her up like that and said she was feeling really horny thinking about it and will get a quick shower and get into something sexy in case he left a note saying 'yes please'. She rang off and took some towels and left them in the main bathroom and shouted to Troy that towels are in the bathroom if you are going to have a shower before dinner, thank you he replied, she then had a quick shower in our en suite and proceeded to put on suspenders and stockings a bodice and long white gloves ,she was all in white with white high heels and a white eye type mast that she wore at the masquerade ball the autumn before ,she then rang me and told me she was all dressed up and ready to go, and that meant she would do what ever he wanted her to if he leaves the note 'yes please' in the fruit bowl. I was about 10 minutes from home now and couldn't wait to get home as I was really hard and feeling very horny at the prospect of her dressed up and that she might get fucked by a complete stranger that had probably not had sex in months. I arrived home and went in the house and passed the fruit bowl in the hall way and there it was , a note saying >yes please, I went upstairs to our room and showed my wife and she was really pleased and looked fantastic .extra make up and lipstick she looked like she meant business and told me that she was ready for anything and asked what can she do,i said anything you want ,o k she said ,but I want to watch and join in if possible, she said o k .we planned for her to massage him while he has a black hood on and I would come in and help without him realising that I was there. It was 4-30pm and we needed to get ready ,we had heard nothing from Troy other than the bathroom door ,my wife said she heard it go about an hour earlier and we guessed he had had his shower and hoped he was ready as we were she was really horny she was shaking with excitement, at 5-40pm I knocked on troys door and said im going out for an hour now and dinner will be about 7-30pm ,Julia ,my wife is in if you need anything. So I went out and drove off and parked the car around the corner and walked back and sneaked in the back door and hid in my study downstairs until 6pm. The time came and Julia went to his room and gently knocked and he opened the door,he gasped wow ,I heard him downstairs she went in and closed the door almost shut but not completely so if all goes well I can go in.

I heard them talking and laughing and him telling her how awesome she was and wanted to do all sorts to her if she will let him, I was outside the door listening, she was so far gone he could have fucked her with anything and anybody by now ,I could hear him tear her bodice open and her saying be gentle with me, and I could hear her moaning and groaning as he must have been rubbing or fingering her ,then she said not so fast let me massage you first then you can do anything you want with me for a few minutes, he agreed , lay down she said and let me tie your hands together ,so she did ,I want you to wear this black hood while I massage you all over and try to resist me and whatever do not cum ,save it all for me. So he did ,she tied his hands and put the hood on and tied it around his neck so he couldn't see or take it off. He was really hard and was asking what was she going to do ,and when will be back she said dong worry he will be hours ,just enjoy your massage. with that she undid his dressing gown and with a huge sigh his huge cock was standing erect and throbbing and wet on the end. She started to rub his legs and then made her way up to his balls and as she squeezed his balls and he moaned and told her how beautiful and wonderful she was ,she was waving for me to come in, I was a wreck ,shaking and sweating and hard and wet ,she pointed to his huge cock and pointed to her mouth,i thought she wanted to suck him ,but no she push me and pointed to it ,she wanted me to suck it, she got hold of his hot wet huge throbbing cock and I knelt down really quietly and put my mouth over his cock and could just open my mouth wide enough ,but I managed and he moan louded and louder and she was wanking him, he said don't make me cum I want it to go inside you,she lifted my head off and said don t worry you will,later let me taste you with that she put me back on his cock ,by now he was moaning and wriggling as she wanked his cock and I sucked harder and harder and then all of a sudden he cum his red hot creamy thick spunk right down my throat and it kept cumin and he must have cum for 10 or 12 seconds ,when he stopped cumin I sucked it dry and then as I got off his cock she said to him, tomorrow you can cum in me , I left the room and could her him thanking her for what she had done not knowing it was me,and she was so horny after that he fucked the following day ,that's another story. It was amazing to do him ,I have often watched or spied on her from wardrobes and the like ,but to be involved was brilliant. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Poster: pete banden