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Sweet dare


Full Service Massage Experience
Hubby is always looking for ways to fulfill my fantasies and desires, much to my pleasure. A couple of months ago, he found a listing for a masseur offering massages for women. Of course what could that mean? Well, I was about to find out.
We arrived at the massage studio, located in an apartment overlooking a beautiful river. Having had very sensual (sexual actually) massages in the past, I knew I was going to be in for something more than a normal relaxation massage. Hubby told me to just enjoy myself, and do whatever comes naturally...including allowing the masseur to disrobe me in preparation for the massage. To make things even more erotic, I agreed to wear a blindfold during the massage, so all of my other senses were elevated.

We arrived a bit early, and were buzzed in, taking the elevator up to the masseur's apartment. He greeted us at the door, and invited us into his studio. He was good looking, and just a bit taller than me (Hubby is a full foot taller than I am). After a brief greeting, I took off my jacket, and was escorted into the massage area, filled with scented candles and spa like music playing softly in the background. The masseur asked if I had brought along the blindfold, and I confirmed I had, putting it on as I noticed that he was only wearing boxer briefs and a t-shirt.
He told me to relax, and started to touch me, sliding his hands along my crop top, and along my lulu lemon yoga pants. The feeling was immediately arousing, knowing I was in a very vulnerable position. He turned me around, so my back was facing him, and I was facing the side of the massage table. I felt him put his hands on either side of my top, and lifting it up. I raised my arms to the ceiling as he completely removed my top, exposing my naked skin to him (I never wear a bra to a massage session). He reached around and slid his hands along my bare breasts, which I noticed were already beginning to swell, my nipples were already hard as he teased them with his hands. My arms fell to the massage table to hold on as I was already getting weak in the knees.
He pushed his crotch into my ass, and I felt his hard cock pushing into my bum crack. I moaned in pleasure as I pushed back against his erection. His hands then went down to my waistband, and he slid his fingers inside, pulling down my lulu pants to the floor. I could barely step out of the pants as he pulled them off my feet. I hear the sound of an elastic band and something falling to the floor, and hubby later confirmed what I was about to realize...we were both completely naked. My pulse was racing as I was so aroused, and felt him again press himself into me. I spread my legs apart as I pushed myself into him, as he slid his cock between my legs, and with the help of his hand, pressed his cock along my pussy lips. We both moaned as he did this, and giving me a window into what was going to happen next.
I climbed up onto the warm table, face down, and was a bit surprised when he put a towel on my back. But this did not stay on long, as he began touching my neck and shoulders, sliding the towel down to my bum, and then off the table completely. I love the feeling of soft warm hands on my skin, with or without oil, and I found that the lack of oil was actually even more stimulating. He touched me all over, not missing any curve or crevice. His touch was soft but sensual and relaxing...a perfect balance for me. He began to apply oil to his hands, rubbing them together to warm the oil before touching my body. His touch made me more aroused with each stroke. As he stood beside me, his cock rested on my hand. Like a natural impulse, I immediately began squeezing his cock (I just love the feel of a cock, and how I can play with the shaft). His hands continued to play with me, with special attention on my ass and pussy, fluttering his fingers in what he calls a "butterfly" touch. I felt my pussy rise off the table as he continued to play with my pussy, slipping his fingers into my to massage my g-spot. I gripped his cock hard as I exploded, cumming hard while he continued to play with my clit and pussy. I called out "I need to be fucked right now!" which surprised even me, but something I really desire whenever I cum through oral or finger penetration. I just need the feel of a thick hard cock inside me to clamp onto after an orgasm.
My masseur was prepared, with a condom quickly in hand, as he got onto the table and spread my legs apart, entering me from behind. I groaned in pleasure as he penetrated me deeply. He asked me to raise myself up onto my knees, and began to fuck me doggy style, with his balls slapping against my swollen pussy lips. His cock was nice and thick, but not too long, the perfect size for my pussy, so it had the ability to let his swinging balls slap, slap, slap as he pounded me repeatedly.
He told me he had to stop before he was going to cum, as he had to finish the rest of the massage, stepping down from the table and pulling off his condom.
He asked me to roll over onto my back, giving him full access to my now fully swollen boobs. I love to have all of my body massaged, but I especially love having my boobs and pussy massaged...hubby's favorite parts of my body.
He again started the massage without oil, then adding oil, which started the whole arousal all over again.
He was definately a boob man, as he spent a considerable amount of time squeezing and playing with my boobs. He leaned forward and began to kiss and suck my nipples as I moaned with desire. He really knew how to turn me on! As he moved along side me, I reached for his cock, and noticed that he was no longer wearing the condom he fucked me with. He was still hard, and I played with him as he had one hand on my breasts, and the other in between my legs. He worked his magic on my pussy, bringing me to a second very powerful orgasm.
By this time, he knew what I wanted next. He climbed onto the table, and was about to put on a condom when I heard hubby tell him "not to bother", it would feel much better bareback. The masseur expressed that he would prefer it that way too, and lifting my legs up above my head, leaned in and began fucking me, with my legs resting on his shoulders, as he pounded me deeply, my ass lifting off the table. He began to groan, and quickly pulled his cock out, as I lifted my blindfold to see him cumming all over my boobs. His body jerked twice as he spilled more cum onto my belly. "Did you like that?" he asked "I almost didn't pull out in time it felt so good". I told him I enjoyed seeing him cum, as I love to know that I have that affect on people.
After wiping his cum off my chest, he again went in between my legs and began licking my pussy, and alternating between squeezing my breasts and finger fucking my pussy. It took very little time for my third orgasm, as I panted heavily, with a full body orgasm like I had never experienced in my life...I felt tingling from the top of my head to my toes. Even after cumming, I could not stop panting, and experience that brought me to a level of sexual satisfaction I have never experienced before and something I can only wish for in the future.
I am forever indebted to my wonderful hubby, and the masseur of my dreams.
I slept the rest of the day away, and hubby and I had some wonderful sex that nite...4 orgasms in 1 day (just 2 shy of my all-day record!)
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed remembering the experience...just thinking about that day makes me so horny, it can almost make me cum with just the thought of what happened.
Poster: Joy