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Sweet dare


Just one more part 2
Hi Hope you enjoyed part one of my wife and I enjoying the homeless guy, this is where he gets to fuck her the following day and he really did entertain her. In the morning after a horny sex session with my wife after the time we had with the homeless guy, she was ready to make good her promise to troy that he could do anything to her for a few minutes. Anyway we all were up by 7.30am and we were at the breakfast table when Troy came in and said good morning. I asked if he slept o k and he said yes the best nights sleep he had had for months and again keep thanking us for our kindness and how we are helping him for the couple of days he is with us. Neither my wife or Troy gave anything away and he was completely oblivious that I had sucked him off and swallowed his cum while my wife wanked him into my mouth and it was her idea. After breakfast I took him up on his offer and gave him a couple of gardening jobs to do as I was going to town for a couple of hours and my wife was going to have her nails painted by a friend who comes over. I went out and Julia stayed at home for her friend who was due anytime and Troy was to cut the grass and turn over the borders ,only an hours work at most. When I got back about 4pm, Troy was in his room and my wife was in the living room drinking tea on her own. I asked how was it did you keep your promise. Oh yes she said I did, Lucy called and cancelled so I didn't get my nails done but had a great time with Troy for over an hour . What did you do I said ? she said not did I do, what did he do to me ,it was amazing and I am still horny thinking about it.

Tell me then I said ,as I was hard and horny now as I had been thinking about it when I was out.
She said he came in after mowing the lawn and digging the border and went for a shower.before he went up he came in to me and said will you be ready to keep your promise when I have had a shower ,I will wait for you in my room if you are still interested, she said , yes of course after yesterday I really enjoyed he went for his shower. She went to our bedroom and got ready in a peephole bra and suspenders and bikini pants all black and lacy and put on her lipstick and perfume and waited for him to come out of the shower.

When she heard him go in his room she gave him a couple of minutes and went up and knocked on the door ,he let her in and she said he was saying how beautiful she was and what an amazing person helping him in this was ,and he was naked with a huge throbbing cock ,it must have been 7 inches and thick. She asked what do you want to do to me then, im not telling I just want you to wear the black hood and let me tie you up and I promise I wont hurt you at all. she said she was really horny now and nervous at the same time a she really wanted that cock up her desperately.

So she said o k ,so he tied her up and put the black hood on and laid her down on the bed and started to undress her until she was completely naked, by now she said she was wet through as every time he touched her she shuddered with excitement and he kept telling her how much he wished he could have her on a regular basis.

When she was completely naked on vulnerable on the bed tied up and hooded ,he said he would only be a minute and left the room .she lay there wondering what he was doing and what he was up to, more again this helped her get more turned on she said by now she said she was almost begging him to fuck her . He finally returned and started talking to her and stroking her legs and thighs and gently licking her brests this was driving her wild and she was moaning and groaning about how good it was and then she finally felt a hand touch her pussy very gently and again she shuddered with excitement as she felt a finger slip inside her west juicy welcome pussy she cried I want you inside me now and hard , with that he got on top of her and gently pushed his huge cock slowly inside her and with a scream she said that's amazing more more more so he started to pound her little pussy and the more he did the more she screamed and all of a sudden she said she cried out im cumin do it harder and harder , so he did and she cum more and then he cum his huge load of spunk in her and I know how much he cums from the dsy before and she said after he had cum he said , I can cum again in a minute if you want, she couldn't belive what she was hearing , really she said , yes he said let me get cleaned up and I will be back ,just lay there and I will do you again. So he got up and left the room after a couple of minutes the door opend and he was back ,how do you feel he asked her ,ready for you again ,good he said ;can I stand you up and take you over the dressing table .wow yes she said please he got her up and lead her over to the dressing table and helped her lean forward over it and gently spread her legs and said are you ready .yes she said do what you want as she was also ready to cum again, not unusual for her she came cums several times ,o k he said he I am and she felt his warm hands fondling her breasts and kissing the back of her neck and then she felt this nice cock enter her waiting pussy and she expected it to be a little bigger ,but he had just cum so it might be a little smaller the second time cum for a second and a third time.Any way it did the trick she was moaning and screaming again
as she cum a second and third time and she then thanked him and said how amazing it was . Can I get up now and get untied and he said of course. HE walked her over to the bed and sat her down and untied her hands and as she was rubbing her wrists took her hood off , and standing before here naked was Troy and his mate Carl who hsd actually been the one who fucked her over the dressing table, She was in shock to see 2 of them there and gasped what is going onl Troy said relax you were amazing and after yesterday I asked Carl to join in as I knew you needed a lot of cock, She was shocked and taken a back a bit but then realised that she did say he could do anything he wanted, they all relaxed and chatted and eventually got dressed ,she really enjoyed it and wont stop talking about it ,so I guess that will be happening again.
Poster: pete Banden