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Sweet dare


Party less wife, still fucked.
I received a text from Karen yesterday, asking me to pick her up later. It was when I asked where that I got excited. The youth hostel!

I have often told my wife, Karen, that she was too hot to keep to one man. She is 6' without shoes, 36dd,25,37 and 28 years old. Light brown/blond, I call her a Viking maiden. In spite of two kids she has retained a flat belly with just a few marks.

The kids were with the grand parents for the weekend so she had gone for a drink after work with two of the girls. Usual thing was one round each then home. Nothing exciting as a rule, but this was the first visit to a new wine bar.

Karen noticed an Asian guy giving her looks and thought she recognised him. It was only when she and the girls split up and left that he caught up to her and asked if she recognised him.

He was at the hostel the night of the gang bang (Party on, Wife, 18/2/19 ), and he was kind of hoping she was game for a rematch. She said she was suddenly very horny and excited, so the inevitable happened.

Karen let Dev, the young chap, 18 and from Bangladesh, use her phone to call Allen, the hostel manager, and he set up the room, the same on as before.

Naturally Karen laid down the rules of no pictures and no stealing her clothes, and she was soon naked as the day she was born and under Dev who was fucking her breasts and mouth while a short Irish lad licked her out with more enthusiasm than skill.

Sorry to report that I have little detail of the following goings on before I arrived. It would seem that Karen mounted a well built Scots lad and rode him while having cum sprayed on her chest by Allen, and took three other youths laying on her back, all of whom added to the Scots deposit.

By the time I arrived Karen was again on top, this time grinding onto the cock of a tubby little white guy who was mauling her breasts as well. She seemed very happy.

I asked Allen why the door was not locked as anyone could have walked in. He said that was the idea, and by his count 11 cocks had cum in or on my lovely slut, five of them unknown to him, the rest were regular hostel users.

As soon as tubby had done I took Karen doggy. Sliding into such a well used hole was just amazing, no other sensation like it. Karen said hello before the other person in the room, an Eastern European lad, shoved his cock in her willing mouth.

Tubby left and as I shot into my wife the door opened and two scruffy white lads came in nodding to Allen. Karen had another swallow soon after.

The new lads were not shy and one of them Karen was soon astride, cum oozing out of her well used pussy. Allen pushed his cock into her mouth and shot within 30 seconds, about half of which dribbled down Karen 's chin onto her breasts.

As Karen carried on riding and cumming, Dev reappeared with a grin on his face. It seems it was he that was sending in acquaintances to fuck my wife. If he couldn't take her out whoring like he wanted, this was the next best thing. I wonder if he charged for his services.

Dev sat next to the E/U guy, and muttered to him about how he thought of Karen, and how he would love to pimp her out etc. I mostly ignored him.

The second scruff took Karen on her back and really stuffed her, shooting his load on her chest. The E/U guy then got on board and fucked Karen hard, making her cum twice while Dev took her mouth and carried on with, “If you just went out one night a week you could make a grand easy. You should be in porn films, I could see you starring in a dogging film or corporate slut story.”
He really can talk.

With more cum in her pussy, Karen was left cock less for nearly six seconds before Dev got stuck in. “Come on Karen, tell me you want to be an internet porn star, tell your old man you want everyone to see you being fucked on line, you know you want to.” He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and laid in hard.

“You know you want to fuck in public you married slut, lets go to a park and every one that passes can fuck you, or see you being fucked. All your friends can see you in action when the video goes on line...”

Thankfully he came after about 15 minutes, Karen nodded a few times and even agreed verbally a couple of times, but after Dev had added his cum to her sodden hole, it was made clear to him none of that would ever happen. He thought it was a shame.

As Karen washed up, Allen told me we could use a room there any time, but I told him that was dangerous and so unlikely. He saw my point.

Karen picked up her panties and had one leg in when two more lads came in, I locked the door after them.

Of course Karen let them have her. A very skinny Irish lad bent her over the table and got up her from behind. He later turned her round to sit her on the edge and fuck her from the front. He had great stamina for someone that looked almost skeletal, but his thin cock was very long. Karen came twice with him before he shot into her with a loud grunt.

The other lad, tall thin but muscular, laid Karen on her back on the table with her feet on his shoulders and thundered into her like his life was a stake. I thought her tits would fly off. Karen came once, just before her last load was delivered to her twat, and Allen and I shot over her face.

It was late and some one was a bit sore, and I had her travel home minus undies sitting on a news paper with her skirt pulled up and her tits half out. She was to tired to care really.

I have yet to broach the point that she was not drunk this time, but it bodes well I think. We just need to move a little further from home I think.

Oh boy.
Poster: Ivan