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Sweet dare


A fun night of flashing
This little story is not in order but it was something that was very exciting and we felt we needed to share. In the timeline of events, this little adventure happened after our crazy sex and flashing filled weekend with our friends from Melbourne who came to Sydney. We stayed with them for the weekend and had a lot of fun. I think after that weekend, I became a lot more daring in my exhibitionism.

So last Saturday we decided to meet a couple we’d be chatting with at a bar in the city. The weather was gloomy and raining so I opted for black tights (no panties of course) and a black lace “jacket”. Now the jacket was more a cover up. Lace and totally see through. The jacket had no buttons but had a belt that I tied in the middle. This left a generous amount of my boobs on show and it was evident in the right light that it was completely see through. As always, I didn’t have a bra on.

Off we left and James couldn’t take his hands off my boobs as we drove. He was constantly reaching over and fondling my boobs which immediately had the desired effect of making my nipples rock hard. I just smiled and let him grope me excited at the possibilities of showing off tonight. We got into the city and went to a bar for a quick shot (a wet pussy). We then headed to meet the other couple at a different bar.

We walked into a classy bar and saw Matt and Emma. We said hello, introduced ourselves and went over to some couches near the bar. It was quite warm so I immediately took off my coat leaving me in my sheer, lace jacket. James later told me that both Matt and Emma stole glances at my ample cleavage throughout the night. I felt a little under dressed as Emma had on a tight, strappy bodycon dress. She had a great figure, tall, blonde with curves (we later found out she’s a double D).

Two drinks in I was feeling good and the topic turned to my exhibitionism. We recounted our recent flashing filled weekend which got me right in the mood to tease some more. Sadly, Emma was not as brave as me so I had no one to egg me on or for me to try to outdo. Just when I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to do a little teasing, there was a lull in the conversation and we noticed Matt running his hands over Emma’s boobs (over her dress). That must have immediately given James an idea as he had one arm around me and the other groping my left boob. This didn’t go unnoticed by Matt and Emma.
“I hate and love when Haley wears something revealing. On the one hand, I love watching her but I also just want to get her naked and fuck her,” James said.

“She does look amazing,” Matt replied.

I think that was all the “encouragement” James needed and he, not so discretely, pulled my jacket aside revealing my left boob completely. Both Matt and Emma started laughing in shock.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” Emma said.

I was loving it. James knew I wanted to show myself off and not having any “control” was so hot. I was at his mercy and he was in complete control. Now to paint a picture of our soundings, we were sitting on two, two-seater couches that were positioned in a L shape. James and Matt on the outside, Emma and I on the inside. I was sitting directly facing the bar area. By this time, the bar was definitely more packed and there were a number of people at the bar getting drinks and chatting away.

“I think I have to cover you Haley,” Matt said as he got up and shielded me from the people at the bar. Again, taking that as a cue, James pulled my jacket apart but this time exposing both of my perky boobs and rock hard nipples to Matt and Emma. Again, this was met with a lot of laughing and smiles from Matt and Emma.

“You’re so crazy Haley. I’m sure Matt is loving this, I bet he’s so horny,” Emma said.

Now as those that have read our stories know, I love turning people on. I love knowing that they want to see me naked or touch me. The excitement of teasing and knowing I’m driving them crazy gets me so hot and makes me want to be wilder and crazier. Knowing I was turning Matt on just made me want to show more of myself.

“What size are your boobs Haley? They look massive,” Emma asked.

“I’m a B or sometimes a C,” I replied.

“No way, I’m a double D and yours look so big,” she replied.

“I think it’s because Haley has a small frame and that they’re so perky,” James interjected. “Babe, I think you need to give them a chance to decide what size they are for themselves,” James suggested.

I knew exactly what James wanted me to do. There was a group of three older men to my left and a lot of people in front of me at the bar. I noticed some were facing our direction chatting to their friends, others were half facing us and other people with their backs to us. Matt wasn’t covering me but this time but I didn’t want him to. I wanted to be daring. I didn’t care if people caught me. The perfect opportunity presented itself and I wasn’t going to let it pass!

“What, these tits,” I said with a wicked grin on my face as I grabbed the sides of my jacket and pulled them aside, freeing my boobs. I gave them a little jiggle as I laughed and left them out as Matt and Emma gawked at me. What a rush! I didn’t pay attention to my surroundings to see if anyone from the bar had caught me flashing but it felt incredibly naughty to be flashing in a crowded bar. I moved my hands down to my sides and pushed my boobs together, prolonging my exposure. James reached over and ran his palm across my left nipple, teasing me. I’m sure he could feel my nipple was very hard.

Soon after that last bit of exposure we said our goodbyes and went off to the station to catch the train to where we parked. At about 10pm, we got off the train and started heading towards our car. After we had walked away from the station, we rounded a corner and were on our final stretch to the car. We were no longer in the city (and by city, I mean CBD), rather, one of the suburbs.

“Did you like my flashing at the bar?” I said with a naughty idea in mind.

“Of course, it was so sexy,” James replied. He wasn’t looking at me, rather just looking ahead. I decided to give him something to be shocked at and took both by boobs out.

“Would it be crazy if I walked with my boobs out?”

That got his attention and he immediately looked at me. He was met with me walking along the footpath, jacket loose, the sides falling away and both boobs totally exposed. It was a bit chilly but the cold on my nipples felt good. My pussy was tingling knowing I was walking with my boobs out. Despite it being dark, we were walking past houses and there were cars parked on both sides of the streets. There were cars also driving past and whilst we were somewhat covered by the trees and parked cars, there were instances where the lights of the cars driving by shone directly at me. I’m sure the people in the cars were treated to the sight of my exposed tits bouncing away as I walked.

“Should I go topless?” I asked. Without waiting for an answer, I took off my jacket and continued walking. I couldn’t believe how crazy I was being. I’m very suggestable when tipsy, so if anyone suggests for me to flash, them I’m all for it. I’m not one to think about flashing opportunities myself though. My behaviour surprised me as I didn’t even need James to suggest I get topless, I did so of my own accord.

James couldn’t stand it and as soon as we past some parked cars and some trees, he stopped me and pulled me close and started sucking my tits. That immediately got my juices flowing. I love a bit of forceful manhandling and it was even sexier and more erotic that there was nothing covering us if a car went by. Luckily (or unlikely), no car did, but I let James pull me close to him and suck both my hard nipples. I moaned as he flicked my left nipple, grabbing my ass with both hands, then alternated and lightly bit my right nipple. I contemplated getting naked but it had just rained and the ground was wet.

“Quick, let’s go home, I’m horny,” I said.

As we got to the car, James pushed me against the side and again started groping and sucking my tits. His right hand moved to my pussy and massaged my lips over my tights. My pussy was throbbing, I desperately needed attention. I was loving being so exposed. It felt incredibly sexy feeling the cool air on my boobs, knowing that I was totally topless with no hope of covering up if someone walked by. The way I was feeling though, I didn’t know if I would even bother trying. I wanted people to stand around and watch James enjoy my body. I loved the effect I was having on him and moved my hand to his crotch to be rewarded with a rock hard cock straining against his jeans. I just wanted to free his cock and engulf it in my mouth, right there in the open air, topless and kneeling down in front of him like a good little slut.

“Let’s go home, I’m so horny, I need to be fucked, but first, food,” I said.

We got in the car and started driving to the KFC which was a few minutes from where we were, all the while, James was casually playing with my nipples keeping them nice and hard. We pull up to the KFC and decide to go to the drive thru. Now I’ve worn sheer tops, micro bikinis and sexy dresses when in the car when we go through a drive thru, but never topless. My pussy was tingling with excitement and my heart thumping in my chest. I knew I had to pretend like it was no big deal and really hoped it would be a guy that served us. Given it was so late at night, I thought we had a pretty good chance of that.

We ordered our popcorn chicken bucket and luckily we heard a male voice. As we drove through to the first window to pay, I was both nervous and turned on. I really hoped it was a male because I knew he would enjoy my show. I had no clue what James was thinking. I’m sure he was shocked because this was the first time that I was going to be topless when at a drive thru.

We pulled in to window and much to my delight, we were met with a male employee. He was looking up and looked at James and then saw me and his eyes darted to my boobs whilst trying not to be so obvious.

“That’ll be $10. Do you need tissues with that,” he asked as James paid. He quickly grabbed some tissues and towelettes and literally leant forward, sticking his head out of the window to reach into the car to give the tissues and towelettes to James. We have never ever got tissues at the window when we pay. The only thing that’s happened is we’ve paid and are directed to the next window to collect our order. I smiled at his quick thinking as it was obvious, he wanted to prolong looking at my boobs. I continued to sit in the passenger seat, topless, horny, nipples rock hard, pretending to be on my phone but all the while, watching the interaction between James and the employee through the corner of my eye.

We pulled to the next window and we looked inside and saw the employee had quickly come to the next window and was talking to the manager and another male employee. The manager looked our way, then spoke to the two employees. After a brief conversation, the manager came to the window and said “Can I ask you to wait in the car park, we’re out of popcorn chicken and it’ll be a little wait on new ones? Sorry about that”.

Genius I thought to myself. It was obvious that the first employee had told the other male employees that there was a topless woman sitting in the car and they’d come up with a plan to get a better look. We’ve had to wait in the car park before but we’ve never had the manager come to personally apologise. We drove to the car park and James decided to reverse park into a spot so that now, I was facing the entrance of the store.

“You’re going to have to get the popcorn babe. I didn’t want to reverse out of the spot once we had the popcorn, this is just easier,” James said.

I didn’t know if I believed him, but I welcomed the challenge. I was all hot and bothered by now, I mean, what exhibitionist woman wouldn’t be. I’d already had two employees stare at my boobs and now, one of them would have to come out and give me the popcorn personally. I would literally have to roll down the window and take the popcorn directly from the employee, all the while, sitting topless. My pussy was so wet and I was almost shivering with both excitement and nerves. It’s one thing to do a quick flash but the employees knew I was topless. This wasn’t a quick flash, two of them had seen me and I was going to be seen again. I wondered what they thought, whether they thought it was a dare. I wondered if they’d ask why I was topless or try to strike up a conversation to prolong the exposure. The more I thought, the more nervous I became, but at the same time, all the more horny. I could just imagine sitting there topless, nipples hard, pussy wet as they made small talk knowing it was all a guise to look at me more.

After what seemed like ten minutes, the front doors to the KFC opened and out walked two employees AND the manager. I snickered to myself, three employees to give one bucket of popcorn chicken, really? As I saw them approach, there was no backing now. I could see them whispering away to each other. I wondered if the lights from the front of the store illuminated the inside of the car. I hoped so, anything to give them a bit longer of a look at my naked perky boobs.

I rolled down the window and the cool air hit my boobs. It was incredibly refreshing given my body was all hot and flushed with how horny I was.

“Here’s your popcorn chicken, sorry about the wait,” the manager said with a smile as he handed me the bucket. He looked at my face, then his eyes darted to my boobs, and then he quickly turned away and walked back to the store with the other employees. It only lasted a few seconds but what a rush! It was exhilarating being topless when going through the drive thru, but parking so I had to personally get the popcorn was on another level. I couldn’t believe it. Despite only being a few seconds, the fact it was such a deliberate flash made it so sexy. The manager had already seen me naked and I’m sure hoped that I would continue to be naked when he came outside. Being met with three employees was daunting but also extremely flattering, knowing they all wanted a peek at my boobs. It was a shame they didn’t all come up to the window as I was so horny, I would have happily let them gawk, maybe even cop a feel if they chatted a bit or gave us something extra.

“Oh my God, that was crazy,” James said.

“You like that?” I replied.

“Of course, I didn’t think you’d stay topless. I can’t believe three of them came out. I’m sure that’s all they will be chatting about until the end of their shift,” James said.

I laughed to myself. I hoped so. Just thinking they had been chatting about my boobs while making the popcorn chicken and would probably talk about them once they were back in the store turned me on. I wondered how crude they’d be or how they would describe my boobs to their friends. I just hoped they got a nice enough look to give my boobs justice when recounting the experience.

For those that were curious, the popcorn chicken was very hot so they did in fact make it fresh for us. Whether they needed to, we will never know. Oh and Matt and Emma texted us later that night saying they had dinner and were still in the city in their car at the car park. They were so horny they hadn’t left and were playing. Emma was about to start fingering herself and they asked us to come and join them.

Ps. we love feedback so feel free to message if you want to hear more of our adventures
Poster: Haleyandjames