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Sweet dare


Naked walk, viewed and fucked
If you read my nature walk story you know that I ended up naked out in public on the walk way through our town. The day after at work Dorothy told several of the girls. They came by me and they kept telling me, I was going to have to go for a walk with them too. We were closed of Saturday so I figured if I took a walk then I would be safe. I was wrong. I got about half way from the mall side toward the grocery side and I see people coming toward me. As they get closer, I realize it is several of the girls from work but with it being daylight out I figured I could just keep walking. I met up with them and they simply asked why I still had my clothes on. I said I wasn’t going to walk naked by myself. They said well you are with us now and as they said it they were pulling my sweatpants and underwear down and my shirt up of my head. They then turned around and started walking with me in the direction that goes behind the grocery store then out to the busy highway. They carried my clothes with them and when we got near the road they threw my clothes out toward the road, I had my option of going and picking them up and be seen by several cars going by or the girls would go pick them up and throw them out onto the highway. Well, being that the police had already caught me and knew of the game I went ahead and picked up my clothes and walked back to them. I was seen by several cars but no one stopped or said anything. As we were walking back, when we got to the first bridge that leads to the other side of the creek and a non-paved path, we went across. The girls knew of a dirt path through the trees as well as a party spot that sat off that path in the woods. They first led me down the path and told me to walk by myself 100 more steps and I couldn’t turn around until I went the full 100. On the other side of this path was a business which appeared to be open and another busy road that ran parallel to the walkway. When I finished my 100 steps, I was about 75% of the way across their parking lot and very visible to the office, the road and to a couple houses across the street. As I turned, the girls were not too far behind me and told me I had to make it to the sidewalk before I could turn around. It was about another 25 steps and several cars went by and just as I got to the sidewalk I look over to my right toward the business and the secretary that works there and I have seen several times yells out hey Joe what are you doing naked. I was hoping the other girls would help me out but they turned and had started back up the dirt trail. So I had to explain to her what I was doing while still standing in view of everything. She had me walk back to her car and said if any of what you are telling me is true you will bend over alongside of my car and let me spank you for being so bad. So I got a spanking from her and I then went back up the dirt path. A couple of the girls were waiting for me to lead me down the hill into the woods to the party clearing. The way the kids had this place set up they had an old tree stuck horizontal between two other trees and had a tarp attached so they could still party even if it would rain. These girls with me though used my socks to ties my hands above my head to the piece of wood holding the tarp. I was no sooner tied when a few other people we didn’t know came down to the party area. It was 3 girls and 1 guy and they started laughing at me when they saw me. They were under age and carrying alcoholic beverages and said they were there to set up for their party that night. The girls that were with me explained why we were there. The girls came over and manhandled my cock for a couple of minutes. They then showed something to the girls that were with me and the left. I was then untied and they had me move over to the place where the girls had shown them. There was a wet, moist area and for some reason there were all kinds of insects there. I was told to lie down on my side with my cock facing this spot. One of the girls then told me to roll forward and stick my cock into the wet area to get my cock and balls very wet. I did as I was told and then returned to my side. With my cock and balls now covered in the same water as the ground several of the insects started landing on my cock and then needless to say biting it as well. I stayed in that position for only about 5 minutes but both my cock and balls were well bit up. I was told that we were going to continue our walk. I asked several times for my clothes as we have no idea ow many other people would be out on the walkway now. Of course I was told no and they asked if I was curious as to what that spot was where I stuck my cock. I was then told that the girls said when they party down there, that it was used as the bathroom area where everyone peed and some times more. We walked back up the hill and my cock was sore from the bug bites. I was told that being that it was later in the day I had to walk back toward the road and not stop until I got to the sidewalk. Two of the girls decided to walk with me and as we approached the road we didn’t see any cars so they told me to cross the road. I made it to the other side and as I turned to cross back totally in view several cars were coming both directions. I saw a lot of stunned looks but no one did anything except blowing their horns. I made it back across and we all went back over to the walkway. As we were coming down the other side of the hill, the 3 party girls were there along with 2 more that had not seen me. They looked at my cock and asked what they had me do. The girls told them and the partiers just laughed saying they only want them to know where to go to the bathroom but if those were the results, the first guy that get out of hand at the party was going to have to do the same thing. We continued our walk toward the mall side where I had parked but much to the girl’s disappointment there was no one else on the walkway the whole way until we got to the mall side. The mall was still open and the road was very busy. We stopped behind the bank and I was told to take 100 steps toward the road and to not stop no matter where it took me. We were pretty close to the road so I knew I was in trouble of being seen but I did what I was told and I ended up about 20 steps from the intersection where the stop light was to let cars in and out of the mall as well as through traffic to go straight. At least a dozen cars saw me. One of the cars pulled into the side street and came around the bank. The girls were down there holding my clothes and as I came around a guy stepped out of the car and motioned me to come over. I looked at my companions and they just said for me to do as I was told. I went over and there were 3 girls and 1 other guy in the car. They asked if I was single and I told them yes. The girls got out of the car and said that if I agreed to meet them back there that night they wouldn’t call the police. I said I guess I have no choice but to say yes. I asked who all would I be meeting and they said not to worry just to be there and be naked. The girls were all laughing at my predicament and told me to have fun and they handed me my clothes. I wasn’t sure what to do but I figured I would go down and see if they were really going to show up. I got there a little bit early and notice that there was no one around. I also could see a couple places where I could hide and watch since no one could see my car. Right on time at 7 a car pulls in and parks. When the people get out of the car there are 4 girls and no guys. I was now more curious so I came out of hiding as I was hearing them say that he wasn’t going to show up but then they saw me. One of the girls told me I must be a little crazy to meet up with them. I asked what are we going to be doing. They said the question is what are you going to be doing. So they came over toward me and said the first thing you are going to do for us is to walk over toward the stop light and don’t stop until you get to the corner and then come back. I was seen by several cars with no reactions. We then started walking down the walkway and they took turns spanking me. Being that it was getting dark out there were no other walkers on the path and we made it the whole way to the other end being seen by no one. When we got close to the road the one girl told me to walk with her. We went down the sidewalk with me totally in view to a lot of busy traffic and stopped at the car wash. As we arrived, a car had just pulled into the first bay, I was then told by my companion I was to go ask if I could help they wash their car. The person driving the car was a woman I am going to guess in her mid-40’s. The girls that was with me came into the car wash too so I couldn’t chicken out. The woman looked at me and was startled that I was naked and I then asked her about helping her wash the car. She looked at me and then looked back into the car and we didn’t know there was another person in the car and when she didn’t start the water right away they got out and came around the front of the car and there stood another female and she was the hottest one of any of those I saw yet. She said mom what is going on. Her response was this naked man wants to help me wash the car. She then looked at me came over and grabbed my cock and told her mom to make she you get him soaking wet. We when proceeded to wash the car. The woman had a pail, rags and soapy water with her. I used that to wipe down her car getting it good and soapy for her to rinse and spray wax the car. As we were finishing, the daughter got out of the car and told me to get on my knees. Once I did she took the bucket of water and dumped it out over my head getting my whole body soaking wet. She then said thanks for helping that way she didn’t have to, grabbed the bucket, got back in the car and they left. The girl that was with me said that I am the coolest naked guy she has ever met. As we walked back over to the walkway, she said well it looks like it is just the two of us to walk back. We started walking toward the mall side again and about half way she told me to stop and then said this really isn’t fair and with that comment she stripped totally naked. She told me that I have her soaking wet and that I should know that and put my hand on her pussy which was soaking wet. We took a few steps and we were next to a bench and she told me to get on my knees and she sat down spread her legs and asked me if I needed an order for me to lick her pussy or would I just do it. I didn’t answer the question I just started licking at her pussy which tasted great. Her clit was easy to find and pleasure. Her pussy lips were swollen and ready to be played with by my tongue and fingers. After several minutes she said she was about to cum and that I should close my eyes as she was a squitter when there wasn’t a cock in her pussy. After she drenched me with her love juice she said lets walk some more. After about a quarter of a mile, we came upon the next bench and she looked at me and said I know we just met tonight and I know my boyfriend won’t like it but I want your cock inside me now. She leaned over the bench and had me take her doggie I have no idea how long we were there but I could see people coming our direction from the mall. I was about to cum when I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She said just shoot it inside her as she was on birth control and she also knew it wasn’t her time of the month. As we were finishing up, the people I saw came out of hiding and it was the other girls we were walking with. They asked her why she was naked and she said what I did at the car wash was so cool I just thought it would be fair that he got to see one of us naked too. One of the other girls stepped forward and while putting her hand on the girls pussy said you fucked him too didn’t you. She said I am not going to lie, this whole night has just had me so horny and I couldn’t help it. We then continued to walk toward the mall side. When we got there it was late enough that the mall had closed and the parking lot was basically empty, so they ordered me to walk back to the stop light again but this time their naked friend had to walk with me. So we walked the whole way to the light, she told me, let’s surprise them and go across the street too. We did, we were seen by a couple vehicles but no issues. We then crossed back over and met the girls again. They said that they weren’t mad at her anymore and they all gave me a kiss and said that they decided next time I will give to fuck one of them until I have had them all. We never exchanged names but that summer we met up enough times that I ended up fucked and sucking each of the 3 times before the end of summer. When I got back to work the girls asked me how the 7pm meeting went and I told them all what happened. Their only response was that since we all work together it would be weird for us to have sex and all of us know it especially those of them that were married. Two of them said they were going to start washing their cars at 8pm on Saturday nights just in case I show up to help them wash their car naked. I said just let me know what time to be there and we can have some fun.
Poster: crazyjoe1073