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Sweet dare


naked and the restaurant
With the hold harmless agreement in place going to work was always more interesting. The very next day I had gone in at 8am so I could get the drawer counted, the deposit ready for the bank and the standing order we had for subs and pizza for a local school cafeteria. To my surprise the phone rang at 8:15 and it was Christine asking me to let her in that she had forgot her keys and was coming in early to change the oil in the fryers. She told me to unlock the door dressed like I was yesterday afternoon. With everything the way it was the day before I stripped down leaving my clothes back in my office and went out and unlocked the door for her and pushed it open when I had it unlocked figuring she was carrying stuff with her. I was right she was carrying stuff but what I didn’t know was she was not alone. A girl I had seen several times in the restaurant was with her and as she walked by me and seeing I was naked all she said was I can’t believe it. Christine looked and me and showed me the agreement and that it was signed that I didn’t have to worry. She then looked at her friend and said you lost so you know what you have to do. Her friends put her purse on the front table, took off her coat and didn’t stop removing clothes until she was completely naked. She then came over and gave me a kiss and asked where our walk in freezer was. Christine said that her friend was to throw her clothes down the basement. Walk down the basement and then throw them again in the room toward the tanks for our fountain pop (soda). What her friend wouldn’t be able to see or tell with the lights off was that the floor in that room was a dirt floor and most of the time was also wet. There was a very good chance her clothes would be wet and muddy when she got them back. She came up from the basement and Christine was standing with a pail of water with wet rags in it. We all then walked to the walk in freezer. Christine took one of the rags, left it dripping wet got her friends boobs, pussy and ass very wet and had her walk into the freezer for 2 minutes. When she came out her nipples were hard a rocks and about ½ inch long. She said her ass was cold and so was her pussy. Being that I didn’t plan on this activity, I told them I had to get dressed and go to the bank. I asked Christine, how long her friend was going to be at the restaurant and how long was she going to be naked. It was now about 9:30 when I got back; Christine and her friend were in the kitchen working on the fryers, her naked friend doing more than what Christine was doing. I was in the kitchen and told them that for some reason the Pepsi sales person was outside and so I left the door open as he will probably be coming in. As I was finishing what I was saying we heard the door chime ring as someone was coming in. I told Shawna to run back to my office and hide under my desk. He did his usual checking everything in stock upstairs and then he went downstairs to check on the stock of the tanks. Christine and I just looked at one another and said he is going to see her clothes. I said to her I bet he doesn’t even notice and just walks right over to the tanks, does the inventory then just turns out the light and walks back out. I asked her what Shawna did to earn such a harsh penalty. Christine said she caught her kissing her boyfriend and told her that if I answered the door naked that the only way she would forgive her was to do what she was told. Once he left, we relocked the door and had Shawna come out. We said we were going to go downstairs and just see where her clothes were. We turned on the light and started toward her clothes and she said oh my, my clothes look filthy. The floor was wet and he evidently didn’t notice, realize or care that he was walking on clothes. Her bra and panties were lying in plain sight and both were stepped on and in the muddy floor. She looked at Christine and said I guess I deserve this and with her shoes still being on walked over, stepped on her pants, moved her shirt to the muddy part of the floor, stepped on it with both feet and then on her bra and panties. She then looked at Christine and said do you believe me now, that the kiss meant nothing. Christine didn’t answer right away as I think she was in shock as to what Shawna had done. Shawna then moved back over to where the floor gets muddy, kneels down, and then leans forward laying boobs first into the mud. She looked at Christine and said I guess I should roll over too, which now got her ass all muddy as well. Christine then told Shawna that she believes her and that once we are finished with lunch she will go get her some clean clothes to wear. Shawna came back up stair with us but just stayed in the back room so no one else would see her. I took her back some lunch and about 1:30 before we closed I told Christine to go get her friend some clothes. Christine got back at about 2 and everyone was leaving except for me. Christine then told me to have Shawna come down to the basement. So I went and got Shawna and when we got to the basement steps, Christine was now naked. She picked up her clothes and other than her shoes, threw then all down the basement. Then just as Shawna had done she picked them up and threw them in the same room with the muddy floor. She looked at us and said I don’t want to hear any questions both of you follow me and step where I step. She made sure that everything she had on got to be a muddy mess. She then walked back a little further in the room where there was a board you could stand on she then had us stand on the board at the other end it was about 10 feet apart. She then knelt down with her knees on the edge of the mud then face planted herself, then keeping her tits in the mud her crawled toward us until we could reach her hands. She then has us pull her toward us. She then stood up and said that’s not good enough. Went and retrieved a bucket of water and poured it in the same location. She then walked through the area making sure to make it even muddier. Shawna asked her what she was doing and Christine said no questions. She then sat her ass in the edge of the mud and started sliding toward us and as she did the mud was gathering between her legs and as she got to where we could pull her toward us she said do not pull my legs up but each take a leg and hold them apart. As we were pulling her toward us the mud was building up in front her big enough to cover her pussy. When Christine got up and saw how muddy she was, she said no that is more like it. Shawna then figured what she had done wasn’t enough yet so without saying a word, she set her ass done in the mud and doing the same as Christine except she made sure her pussy was open while she slide forward by holding it with her fingers. She looked at us and said I know there is mud up my pussy and my ass. Leaving all the muddy clothes downstairs we went upstairs and using a hose attachment and my fingers I was allowed to clean up both of the girls. It was about 3 pm when the girls got dried off, dressed and then came back to my office. I said are you ready to leave and they said in a few minutes. Christine said the she works the second shift too but did want to go home for a little bit but they were both disappointed with me. I asked why and they said you need to just do what we ask you to do and I said what was that. They said first of all, take off all you clothes, shoes included. Then they said I was to follow them and the door at the top of the basement steps was open so if someone happened to look they could have seen me. Don’t know if anyone did, Christine said it was open because the front door was locked and they would leave out that door since she didn’t have her keys. We walked down, and she said I bet you can tell what we want you to do. I looked and all the mud was at the far end where they had forced it to go while they slid so I went to where it was thick and while facing forward got on my knees and while leaning forward made sure my cock went deep into the mud. I then slide forward toward them. Christine said that was pretty good but to hold out my hands with my wrists together. She then tied my wrists threw the rope up around a beam them pulling my arms straight above my head and secured the rope so it would come untied. She said when she got back she would untie me. I heard them go up the steps and then close the door and knew I was just going to have to stand there for the hour before she got back. I knew it had been nowhere near an hour when I hear the door chime ring. I knew it was someone who had a key, I also knew if they went to my office they would know I was naked as my clothes were back at my desk. I could tell whoever it was went to my office I then heard what I didn’t think I would hear but the person was at the top of the basement steps and could see the lights were on. The way I was tied my back was toward the door so anyone coming down would see me before I saw them. The next thing that happened was something was tied over my eyes like a blindfold. I then feel a wet rags washing off my cock and they keep pulling on it. They put something between my legs to hold them apart and then proceeded to give me a spanking. I lost track of how many swats I received but it was my cocks turn. The person took the head of my cock and pulled it away from my body the slapped the stretched out shaft on the top for several connections. They then did the lefts side, the right side and then while holding my balls in one hand slapped the underside of my cock. They only stopped when they heard the door chime go off which I figured was Christine coming back. It was both her and Shawna and I heard them say, someone was done here as the lights are off. Hey turned the lights on and saw me blindfolded and my as was very red. They came in the room and as the got in front of me Shawna said look at his cock, someone beat on it too. Shawna said we were punishing him any way and with that she slapped my cock and said look Christine it has a head and no brains as it just comes right back and ready for the next slap. They both laughed and had a good time and said it has to be 4 so we need to get him back upstairs she said but first go up and open the door to the street. She the untied the rope from the wall but not my hands, she said you are going to have to come upstairs by memory and if you end up outside you know someone will see you. I know I was at the edge of going outside when I climbed the steps as my foot was on the edge leading out and I could hear cars going by. Before I could turn and move into the dish room Christine told me to stop as she could hear voices and sure enough a couple of girls were walking on the sidewalk and said look at his cock as they walked by. By no everyone that was to work the evening shift was there and saw what the girls have been doing with me. Before they untied and removed the blindfolded, one of the girls said he has been through a lot today. The next thing I feel is my cock going into someone’s mouth and she didn’t stop until I shot my load into her mouth. I thought they were leading me to my office but here they lead me out to the dining room. Took off the blindfold and untied my hands. I was told to walk around the dining room 5 times and if someone came in I was to finish that lap and then could go to my office. I was as far away from the front counter when the door chime rang so I sat down at one of the front tables near the front door. The person that came in was my radio advertising rep. She was a taller woman with large breasts and I could see Christine smiling at the front counter. She showed her the agreement and Emily said where do I sign and she was told anywhere. She then said is he here I have an ad schedule to go over with him. Christine just pointed at me and Emily just came over and sat down like I was dressed. We went over the schedule and 2 more women came in and they placed an order and said they would be back to pick up their order. With Emily still sitting with me these women didn’t see me. Emily said well since business is finished are you going to stand up for me? I did and just as I did one of the ladies came back in saying we forgot to order and then told Christine at the counter. Emily was telling me to just stay right where I was. The lady turned to leave again and looked at me and Emily and said it is nice that your boyfriend get naked for you anywhere. Emily said yes it is and I will make sure he is here for you and you other friend to see when you get back. It wasn’t long and they were back and sitting next to me. The two of them asked Emily if I was naughty like this all the time. She said I was and that she had to get going but told me that before I leave I want you to bend over the table and she gave me a quick spanking and invited the other 2 ladies to finish the job, which they did. After that I was able to get back dressed and leave for the day but the girls were just getting started with me.
Poster: crazyjoe1073