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Sweet dare


My shyness shell
My name is Gina, I found your site and have read some of the stories. It made me want to tell my story. It's about being a very shy person, and how I got over that to be the exhibitionist that I am now.
Let me start by telling you about me, now I know you probably want to know my chest size right up front but since I am a little bit of a tease (not a lot, it's just more fun to make it last!) I'll wait until later to tell you that. I am about 5' 5" and a half to 5' 6" (depends on who you ask) , 5' 8" in heels. I only wear heels on special occasions so that doesn't matter much. When I go out I like to dress in a short skirt and a low cut top. I have been known on some nights to go without a bra, and I like to give the guys a good show by dropping my purse and showing off a little T and A. I have light brown hair (which gets blonde in the summer) and light green eyes. I have been told I have an athletic body although I work out maybe once every 2 weeks. I am about 135 pounds. Now for the boobs. I wear a size 34c bra. They are not huge but I think they're great! Now as I said I have not always been this comfortable with myself, 2 years ago I probably couldn't even tell all this to perfect strangers. That's why I want to tell you the story because that trip changed my attitude about my body and how I see myself now. For you girls out there who are on the shy side reading this, loosen up and take a chance now and then, believe me it is not nearly as bad as you think! (and you won't believe the great feeling when you get that attention!)
It all started last Summer, I had just graduated and was enrolled to go to college in the Fall. My parents had planned our yearly trip to Europe and I didn't want to go. I wanted to have some fun in the sun for my last Summer of freedom. Now my idea of fun was tanning on the beach and swimming in the ocean. Which we used to do when I was younger, but my dad found that he liked London and Paris now for the culture or something. I thought London was boring and the French people are very rude. Anyway now my only sun during the Summers was tanning in my back yard. I was always scared about the neighbors seeing me and usually wore shorts and a tank top pulled up to get the most exposure I could feel comfortable with. I was a late bloomer and the summer before my Senior year I started getting boobs, they hadn't grown since 8th grade! This summer I was going to wear my first bikini, and was, of course, very shy about it. It was a cute little purple string bikini, my mom told me to buy, instead of the halter top one I was going to get. I can admit now that I looked much better in the string bikini, the halter one covered a little more, smashed my boobs down and made me look like a little girl. (which is probably why I wanted it, I was too shy to show much) Needless to say I was scared to wear this one in the back yard that spring, I only went out right after school when I knew the neighbors were still at work, but when I did go out I could now get a tan on my back with no tan lines because I could untie the top. This didn't bother me because I knew no one could see anything as long as I on my stomach. Doing this a few weeks I told myself once in May that I was going to try and go out to get more sun on the weekends with this new suit, which meant laying out when the neighbors could see me. Well I did it, it made me nervous but I found it wasn't so bad and once I got through it the first time I had no problems from then on. (Mom always said I had nothing to worry about, that I looked great in the suit.) As the Summer neared I partied more and got used to wearing the suit out. I even wore it to a pool party and that went great. As you can see I was a pretty shy person, very sheltered and protected. You could say I am spoiled, I am an only child and pretty much get the things I want but never thought of myself as a snob or anything. Those snobby kind of girls looked at me like I was a nerd, just because I had good grades. I never really studied just that High School wasn't that hard. Anyway back to the story (wow how did I get so far form the story!?? I apologize I like to talk)
I wanted to have a sun and fun Summer instead of Europe so my dad says as long as I go with a friend and drive down to Florida, I could take a Senior trip while they were in Europe and he would pay for the hotel for a week. Since he was saving the money from me not going to Europe he used that for this trip. I was set to go to down to Florida for a week. I called my friend Heather and she's like "free trip, how can I say no!" Now is where you get to meet Heather. She knows I am doing this, in fact she is right here making suggestions as I go, she says Hi. Heather is about as tall as me maybe a half inch shorter (she said that) and a little skinnier than me. She works out more than me and it shows, I think she has a really great body. Ok before you guys out there start thinking that we are two lesbians stop right there. This is not a story of how I became a lesbian, so just stop your fantasies right now. We don't mind girls who are lesbians, we just prefer the male form. This doesn't mean I don't have my indulgences but those are other stories. As I was saying she has a great body, her boobs are smaller but look almost the same size as mine, because she is skinnier. She says she wears a size 32b bra. (she took it off to check) She could have kept it on and had me check but she said she wanted to look for herself. (Just like her to get topless! You'll find out.) She has dark brown hair and blue eyes. (she says Hazel but I see blue). Now to the trip.
The morning we are leaving I had to drive my parents to the airport. I got back home and Heather was already there waiting. (apparently she was very excited) I pulled into the garage and she came in. I had to finish packing and we weren't leaving for at least an hour or so, so Heather was going to make some lunch for now and snacks for the road. I went up stairs and started packing, pretty soon Heather comes up and hands me a sandwich and says she had bought a couple bottles of tequila and rum from her "source" so we would be able to party at night in our room. (I don't know where she got them from but she could always get us alcohol) I like to party, getting drunk is fun and it usually only takes a few drinks and I loosen up. I was drunk when I met my first boy friend and I thought letting him feel my boobs was going a long way on the first night, which shows I loosen up a lot when I drink.
I get done packing and Heather says "you have to loosen up more on this trip and stop being so scared. This is our last summer before we start college (we are now roommates) and you need to get over this 'shy thing'." I'm like "shy thing" what do you mean I wore my bikini to Rachel's party, everyone there saw me in it." She's says yeah but there were like 7 guys there that wasn't that big of a deal." It was for me, that was the first time out in public in something that revealing. She just said "exactly." So I promised I would be less shy, that's what this trip was going to be for me any way. She says prove it and I said what! how? How can I prove something before we even start the trip? Heather and I have known each other since the 5th grade and we are like sisters so she says' "take only 2 pairs of panties and one of them has to be the lacy see through ones you only wear to bed. (I admit I am shy but I have my private things like these 4 pairs of see through panties, just for bed) "I know you can't wear the same pair 2 days in a row", she says, "so you will have to go without a couple times while we are down there if you don't want to waste your money on laundry every other day." She was right about me I couldn't wear a dirty pair of panties and sending only a couple pieces of laundry to be cleaned every other day would be way too expensive. I thought about it and thought no one would know really unless I had a skirt on and sat down with out thinking, so I agreed to do it and and she opened my suitcase and made sure I had only 2 pair and one was a pair I only wear to bed.

Part 2 coming soon.....
Poster: Gina