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Sweet dare


My shyness shell..... part 2
Well here is part 2. No responses yet and I am sorry I don't have any pics at this time, they will be coming. Anyway on to part 2....

This trip was already making me nervous, but I was trying to figure out how to be less shy anyway and this got that started. I would have to go without underwear at least 3 days while I was down there. (yes i figured it all out in my head right away) I had never gone without panties before so that was scary. We went downstairs and I went out to the car to pack. The car we were taking was outside in the driveway and after we put the last bag in the back Heather takes off her top right there in the driveway. I'm like "Heather what are you doing the Bicksons are going to see you, she just pointed to their driveway and said they're not home see. Their cars were both gone (they have their garage full of stuff) and she says, besides it's just like having a bikini top on, and I said no.... it's your bra that's different, she disagreed. So we went back to the house (me trying to get her to hurry just in case one of the Bicksons came home) We still had a bit till we had to leave so we decided to get a couple of waters and watch some TV. I went to the fridge to get the waters and as soon as I closed it Heathers bra hits me in the arm. I was embarrassed and started blushing and screamed what are you doing people can see through the windows you know. She's like the only window where people can get close enough to see is the kitchen window where the Heltons could see from their balcony. I turned to my right to see the window and realized I was holding her bra in my hand right next to it, so I threw it back at her. I walked over to her with the waters and was again embarrassed. She was sitting there boobs out clicking through the channels. I was embarrassed... not because I hadn't seen her that way before just that she was topless..... in the middle of my living room! I gave her her water and she obviously could tell I was affected by her and she said, "see you are too shy, loosen up a little."I said FINE, and I took off my tank top and slammed it on the floor. She didn't looked a bit shocked, I was standing there in my bra and a pair of shorts and she didn't think anything of it. She said, "so what does that do, I've seen you naked you aren't proving anything to me by taking off your top." I felt like I had done a pretty big thing being like this in the living room but she just challenged me even more so I grabbed the front of my bra and I yanked it off with out un-hooking it, my boobs bouncing out, and I threw it behind me. She laughed and said that's better but your bra just landed next to the fridge, you're gonna have to go by the window to get it. That made me laugh but I soon came to the frightening realization that I was topless in the middle of my living room, so I started to cover up and Heather says, "come on it's just us, sit down so people can't see you as well and stop covering up. We have got to get you more comfortable with your body, you've got nice tits it's a shame to waste them. This made me want to cover up more but she pulled my hands apart and sat me down and handed me my water. I looked around and could see no way anyone from the outside could see in so I took my water and settled into the chair to watch some TV. (this was still hard for me to do at first) After a little I barely noticed, but then I looked down and it hit me that I was naked from the waist up, and also that my nipples were hard! My body was telling me something my mind was not ready for, I was turned on by this!
We finished watching the show and I started to think of how I was going to get my bra form the kitchen. Heather could see that I was working on a plan and she just stomped over there showing she was upset with me, picked up my bra and brought it to me, her boobs bouncing all over from her stomping. Seeing this made me laugh and she started laughing but then she said "no seriously we have to get you over this, in fact I dare you to put just your tank top on, no bra, and run out to the car and back." I just stopped laughing and sat there, topless, thinking, no way! Then I looked down and thought about how I could get this done. I would be covered up... and I can run to the car... so I said, "ok I take that dare". I gabbed my tank top pulled it down over my tits and headed towards the door. She said that my tank top was inside out and I just shrugged then as I turned the handle she mentioned I had to run, there and back. I turned and said that's what makes it easy, it will be faster that way. I opened the door looked to see if any one was around. Not seeing any cars next door or coming up the street I started to run. It took two steps for me to realize why she wanted me to run, my boobs were bouncing with no restriction around them and I almost dropped to my knees right there, but then I thought, keep running it will be over faster that way, and I ran to the car. I tagged the car and just as I turned around it hit me...... the water. Heather had grabbed the hose from right next to the front door and started spraying water at me. I was soaked immediately and my tank top and shorts were sticking to me like they were part of my body. I put my hand up and turned so she couldn't get my front but the damage was done, and me turning only got the rest of me soaked not just the front. I decided to run for the house and from the corner of my eye I see one of the Bickson's car pull in to their driveway. I got to the door as quick as I could hoping that they didn't see anything. (knowing they probably did with the water spray) I felt relief as soon as I got in the house and turned to close the door, but Heather was still out there so I left the door open and ran to the couch. Then I thought. I am all wet and getting the couch wet too so I got up and crouched into the kitchen. I looked back to see Heather sprint in and close the door, and got a big shock, she was still topless and her shorts were wet from the hose. I got up and asked her what took so long and she said she had to turn off the water. I started to laugh and she laughed and I thought what a sight we were, her topless and wet and me soaked in skin tight clothes. My nipples were so hard they were almost hurting. Then she looked at me like she was inspecting my body and she said, "look at you, you have nothing to be shy about, have your tits gotten even bigger?" I looked down and noticed that my light pink tank top was practically see through and form fitting showing every curve even the goose bumps that form around my nipples when they are hard. Which, as I said, they were......very, and my baby blue nylon shorts were showing off (even through my cotton white panties) my "patch" (which is what I call it, the little strip of hair I leave un-shaven down there. Another private thing I do for me) I looked practically naked, just a little color. I pulled my shirt away and covered up a little and asked if she thought the Bicksons had seen us, she said that they had to have seen something but probably just the water and a blurr of me running into the house and the back of her shutting off the water and running in. "They saw you topless?" She said yeah but just her back, no big deal, and that's only if they were staring over here. I said' "I don't know if I could face them if they saw me topless." and she laughed at me and said that it was just her back and this proves that I haven't loosened up. She asked,"wasn't that fun? I could tell you were turned on by it, your nipples are still hard as rocks" I looked down and they were still very much at attention, I said it was just the water, again she disagreed. So I went up stairs to get towels for us, and when I got back down stairs she had gotten her top and bra and grabbed my bra for me. I took it and gave her a towel, then I went upstairs to change still very turned on. She reminded me that only 2 pairs of panties and that included the ones I wear down there. That changed my math as far as how many days I would have to go without. So I said that was not stated, and she said it take only 2 pair, not 2 extra pair. She got me on a loophole. (I didn't know it then but found out, she was pretty smart with her wording in these things) I got upstairs and took off my shoes and socks, started to take off my tank top and it took a bit to get it off, it rubbed across my nipples as I lifted it up and that sent a shiver down my spine. (Wow! I was turned on!) Then I wiggled out of my shorts and undies and toweled off.
Since I was only allowed to bring a total of 2 pairs of panties I decided that I was not going to wear any while driving down so I put on a pair of cotton Lycra biking shorts so no one would get a peek if I sat somewhere. (I checked to make sure they didn't show anything, "down there".) What I like about these shorts is they're pink (my favorite color) and they are lightweight so they don't make me hot or sweaty. (I used to wear 'em in the back for sunbathing before I got the bikini.) I put on my bra and red tank top, and headed down stairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw Heather standing there naked in my living room. I was again embarrassed to see someone standing naked in my house and stopped for a half second and said, "what are you doing now, if the Bicksons were to come over to make sure I was ok they could see you in the window." She laughed again and said she wanted to dry her shorts and undies and she put the towel in the dryer with them. So I told her to sit down so no one would see and she went on her kick again about me loosening up. She said "you said you wanted to get over your shyness on this trip, and even though you saw that almost getting caught turned you on, your still embarrassed, and it's not even you that's naked!" I had to admit again she was right, I wanted this trip to be more exciting and to break out of my shell a little. Then she said, "alright I double dare have to do 5 things that I tell you to do during this trip, and you can not refuse to do them. I looked at her and thought there was no chance I could go that far, so I said 1 and she said 4 and that's it. I thought about it and asked if it can only be 2 and that I was just getting into this slowly, I proved it by going out there with no bra on bouncing all the way, and besides you owe me for the water. So she said, "ok I'll go down to 3 and it's a triple dare so if you don't do it or you refuse to do it you pay three penalties!" The penalties for not doing dares in the years we had known each other were very bad and had gotten worse as we got older. The last time I had to do a penalty she made me shave my eyebrows and paint them in with orange eyeliner, I had to go to school for months this way before they grew back. I had to accept, but I said there had to be rules for the 3 things I couldn't refuse. So while her clothes were drying we sat down and made the rules.
They were that I would not have to do anything that would get me arrested, raped or physically hurt. She could not make me have sex with any one (oral was ok as long as the guy was cute, and she was watching. This one scared me the most, to think that she might tell me to do this in front of her. I think she might have put that in because she wanted to watch.) Also anything that could last a long time she had to put a time limit on it like 4 hours or what ever. They all had to be done by the end of the trip and the trip started when we left the driveway and ended when we got back on my block. (I didn't want to be doing anything in front of the neighbors when we got home) We threw in a few other minor things but we'll just move on.
Poster: Gina