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Sweet dare


Making out in the bathroom--and everywhere!
Last Monday morning, I missed my bf so bad so I decided to drop by at his place before I go to work. When I got there, his sister was preparing to leave for work already. When his sister finally left, I excused myself to the bathroom to pee. I was thinking of leaving soon after that because I'm gonna be late for work already but when I opened the door, I saw my bf standing at the bathroom door. We..
Poster: She | Full Story»

my colleagues
Things have gotten interesting with my colleague from work that got me in the park. He is screwing me almost every day since we met in the park. And of course the other guys that I barely knew has also taken the opportunity to screw me as well.

Neither one of the guys will use a condom. Of course the neighbor thinks it's hilarious that we ran into my colleagues and how they cau..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Our True Swinger Story and How we Met a Couple and More
Lynn and I have been together for about four and half years now. From the moment we met each other we fucked like rabbits. It wasn’t that far along into our relationship that we let our guards down and started talking about our inner most thoughts and desires. She told me about how she liked women and how she had been with them in the past. Like most guys, this wasn’t something that would even..
Poster: Thw Swing Man | Full Story»

My worst Nightmare
I have been dating a new girl for a few weeks, when I took her to a party. We were there for a while when some guys started arm wrestling for bets. We went over to watch and I decided I could take the guy that was winning. The bet was that if I won, his GF would be naked for the rest of the party and he did mine would be. His GF agreed to it, and suprisingly so did mine. Even though I had not..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Just got home from my guy's house today
and guessed what happened?

As soon as I enter his room,he immediately locked the door and grabbed me. We kissed passionately as he laid me down on the wooden floor. At first I was nervous because his sister is just sleeping downstairs and I might wake her up by my moans but I immediately got turned on when he began fondling my breast while kissing my neck hungrily. His breath was so..
Poster: She | Full Story»

Christmas Present
This was the second christmas that me and my girlfriend had spent together but the first since becoming sexually active. My girlfriend is 18 and about 5 foot 6 with brown hair and an awesome figure. tanned all over with boobs that scream play with me. im also 18 and just your average football player type build

We were at my parents house and had had quite a few drinks. I had to go ..
Poster: Leon | Full Story»

seriously hornylittlegirl
so how long do we have to wait for the next installment...? getting blue balls here already. thats one of the hottest stories on here for a while now... hurry hurry hurry
ps. pix would be fantastic as well;) feel free to share
Poster: rich | Full Story»

The end of the summer is almost here and to celebrate the kids back in school seven couples decided to go to dinner on the water before the weather changes.The night started with drinks and appetizers when time came to order dinner almost all said lets do more appetizers and drinks all agreed. When done we left some couples were going home and four couples went to one house. I was driving so my dr..
Poster: anthony | Full Story»

Gradually catching on
I grew up in an area of mostly Catholics. I went to school and the Nuns were good teachers but were sometimes mean. I think they thought they were doing the right thing. I never heard the word masterbate until I was a senior. I really had no idea what it was but I knew the sisters didn't like it. I don't know how I knew. I just did.
I had touched myself but had never really masterbates. I n..
Poster: Francine | Full Story»

My experience is like David's
When I first dated the girl who is now my wife, we were sophomores in college. We were both virgins and try as I could she would not let me fuck her. We broke up because of this. Soon I found out that she was dating a guy that I knew and after a couple of weeks I was walking by his room and heard obvious sounds of fucking and I was sure that I heard her voice telling him to fuck her harder. Later ..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Hotel sharing (or oops I did it again)
As I have received so many complementary emails from my 1st posting "How I suprised myself and delighted my husband", suprised-myself-and-delighted-my-husband

I have decided to post another one (hopefully with a few less typos as I am less nervous).

Just quickly, do guys really have a wank whe..
Poster: Sandra | Full Story»

David had her first
09/09/2010 starts like this my name is Rick and my wifes name is Maria. I met her when I was young. I fell madly in love with her and she she did for i. AS time passes we were getting to the point where we would make love for the first time. And I was a virgin and I thought she was also. I was like YES i am gonna have the fairytale my first time and her first time. BUT hold your horse.......Maria expl..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

I shared everything
Elvia and i have been married for 9 years and our sex life is ok. I have always been close to my cousin Albert who was staying with us because he was going through a divorce. When Elvia had learned that Alberts wife Becky wanted a divorce Elvia became very upset and I recall her saying that Becky doesn't know how good a man she is giving up, you see when I first met Elvia I was with Albert we were..
Poster: Joe | Full Story»

Taking a walk in the park and a little bit more
My neighbor and several of his friends and I went to a park local to our house. The park was relatively deserted and we decided to take a walk around the lake. There was a picnic pavilion that we came upon and I notice that some of the people that were fishing in the lake had kept some of their belongings at the pavilion. I am pretty sure that I was the only female in the park that day. But d..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Special videos
My buddy and his best drinking buddy want to use my wife for what they call "a special movie". They know a well off man who has a private stash of movies that my buddy says you can't find anywhere , so he pays house wives well for using them for things he wants to see. My buddy said he already told the guy my wife will do anything and that she keeps her mouth shut about marks left on her body. My ..
Poster: Cass | Full Story»

A sex drive in the country
This is our first post. My GF and I have been reading this web site and finally decided that we would start slow by just posting the story of what we did today. Maybe later we will add some pictures. We have been experimenting with some outdoor activities. Having sex in our fenced in back yard, driving around in a convertible with the top down mainly at night while fondling and petting. Thin..
Poster: KJ | Full Story»

Here's a dream I had that I'd love to act out.
I dreamt that I went out completely nude to the mall... I drove there nude, walked around nude, tried on shoes nude... people kept touching my pussy as they walked by.. so I decided to give them a show in the food court. I stood up on a table with a few guys at it and started dancing around. I spread my legs out to give each of the guys a good view. They were reaching up to finger me and eventuall..
Poster: Anonymous Sexy Possum-lover | Full Story»

How I suprised myself and delighted my husband
This is my 1st post on here. I have been dying to tell my story but I am too embarresed to tell my friends.

First I will introduce myself. I am 37 and have been happily married for 15 years to my husband Gary. He was the only man I had ever been with. I am 5'8", reasonably slim and a natural blonde.

Gary and I have a fun sex life where we liked to find risky places to..
Poster: Sandra | Full Story»

help my wife lost a bet..
Hey i need some help my wife and i bet on a preseason game last week and she lost. She agreed that if she lost i could let someone form a truth or dare site decide her dare and we would post it on that site. so if anyone wants to send me some ideas i'll pick one and we'll post it here. I would rather a public dare nothing to do with her having sex with other guys please. other than that its open t..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

I will love to tell this one. about two months ago, my wife and her friend went shopping one saturday afternoon. and after shopping, they stoped to have some drinks to cool down on. so after they had a few drinks, they headed over to our house where Mae's car was. I was in the livingroom watcing TV when they showed up. and I could hear then laughing and giggling in the kitchen. at this time, it wa..
Poster: WYOCOCK | Full Story»

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