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Sweet dare


Nice girl turned sluty
Losing my virginity and being with my boyfriend for over ten years, I thought sex was exciting with him till he convienced me to be shared. While we fucked we would talk about it but I didnt have any male friends. One lucky day an old high school friend face booked me and I started flirting with him. After awhile I told my man and his dick got hard and he said I should go see him.

Poster: Juan | Full Story»

I am addicted to porn and sex with strangers
I am addicted to porn and sex with strangers, I can't keep boyfriends very well because I'm not girlfriend material so whenever I get horny I have to find someone new online which isn't hard, or watch porn, I wish I had someone to fuck me on my terms.

I have this one guy who lives really far away now and he has a girlfriend, but we had a summer of fucking once and he was my best, l..
Poster: Layla | Full Story»

This Morning I Woke Up and ....
This morning I woke up to my husband sitting behind me. He was woken up with him rubbing my cheeks. He whispers to me and says I’m going to cum on your ass. I looked at him and I said go for it. He started jerking off and decides he’s going to slide inside of me. He slides inside slowly and pushes deep inside of me. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter . It’s a matter of minutes I k..
Poster: Honey | Full Story»

We Thought we Were Alone
When I was around 18, in the sand dunes at the beach at Nelson (NZ) which is a very popular holiday destination and full of campers. This was a popular place with bushes and pine trees so there was every chance of stumbling over a couple, or being stumbled over.

This day, had a mate and his girlfriend who stayed in the bushes near the car and g/f and I wandered off. We thought we we..
Poster: Dev | Full Story»

My husband and I had a sex session before his friend came round to do some wiring under the floor boards. I went out and when I came home hubby was sat reading in the garden, I went upstairs to the loo dropped my pants which were stuck to me. I remember saying Oh god what a mess and wiping loads of sticky cum from me, his mate in the shower coughed politely and I fell on my face trying to run out ..
Poster: Julie | Full Story»

how it all began part two
In part one.You may recall that my wife, when she lived in Illinois before we married had to stay naked in the house that she shared with Scott.

You may also recall that she has to be completely naked every second that she is in his house, she has to strip naked outside and dress outside and, although she has never allowed me to cum in her mouth, she regularly swallows his cum. Some..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

Looks isn't everything but looking is!
Looks isn't everything but looking is! This is to encourage everyone in that may not have the Hollywood hourglass figure to embrace their own sexuality because the amateur photos that are submitted throughout the web or testimony to just how sexy all women are and that most men that aren't homosexual love to see a secure woman's body. Seriously, if your husband or boyfriend wants you to dress "..
Poster: Fjp | Full Story»

I tried.... but too racy for this site
Last night I tried to post a TRUE story from when I was a teenager... Apparently that violates the webmaster's rules, so it was not posted. Sorry about that. (If someone wants to know about an extrememly sexy thing that happened to me in 1959, let me know and I'll send it to your private e-mail.)

Tonight I went to our community pool. (3 big pools for 7,000 homes) The World Series..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

How it all began
My girlfriend (now wife) and I lived in different countries before we married. I in the UK and she in the USA; the time difference meant that when I was getting ready for bed she would just be leaving work.
I would call her daily to check on her day, and we would chat as she left her office/store and drive home. She worked as an office secretary for a furniture store.
One day I calle..
Poster: tony | Full Story»

My Wife's Inner Slut Returns (Finale)
Jason had come in to join Chris and I minutes before.

"Do either he or Tony know the cameras are there?" I asked.

"Not as far as I know" answered Chris.

She french kissed Freddie passionately and ran her hands back down to his flaccid, 21 year old dick stroking it until it was hard again, which didn't take long. She turned him around and sat him on the ..
Poster: Mark & Carrie | Full Story»

Too Long without Sex - This Wife is Horny!
Although everybody that reads this stuff will probably think, ‘yeah, right!’ this really is a true story.

I’m an executive for our local council, forty five years old, and married to a disabled guy who I love dearly. We’ve been married for thirty years, but the last fifteen years have been totally without sex, as my husbands injuries don’t allow it.

We live ..
Poster: Sharon | Full Story»

My Wife's Inner Slut Returns (part 3)
He turned to Carrie. "Ma'am. Would you like to stay out and join me for a smoke?"

Carrie, who is a much quicker thinker than I, had already figured out his game.

"Sure...Honey, go inside and get us a seat and another drink and I'll be there in a few minutes."

I did as I was told and got the same seat I had before where I could see onto the deck. I saw..
Poster: Mark & Carrie | Full Story»

My Wife's Inner Slut Returns (Part 2)
"How do you know? Do you know her?"

"I do and it's me." I laughed.

Carrie knew I was watching but from past experience also knew that making out with another guy not only didn't bother me but turned me on.

Chris had a puzzled look and then smiled. "Does Tony know you're here?"

"Probably not," I answered.

Chris then asked a ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

My Wife's Inner Slut Returns
This is a true story about an extraordinary evening that my wife Carrie and I experienced last year that changed our marriage. I saw a side of my wife of 17 years that I'd only suspected had existed.

First a little background:

My wife and I met almost 20 years ago at a week long business meeting. She was a young 23 year old and upcoming operations intern and ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Sex at Walmart
HIM - I know it's crazy and they have security cameras everywhere, but me and my girlfriend love to fuck at Walmart. There's something about the thrill of getting away with the forbidden that makes it sooo good.

We started fucking in the stalls in the restrooms, both mens and womens, but that just didn't have the kick of getting it on, say, in Sporting Goods or in Hardware.
Poster: Him and Her | Full Story»

Sexy and Fun Punishments for Wife - Our Games
It has for some years a real turn on for us both for me to penalize my wifewhen she did something wrong, whether it's serious or not doesn't matter. It is a game we enjoy together and a way of getting kinky with each other.

Of course when it comes to this kinda relationship, your wife or SO has got to be very open and willing to explore. It has come to a point where there are not mu..
Poster: Prince | Full Story»

More fun with the Maids
I read a lot of these stories, and I usuall say, "Bull shit" when I hear guys talking about their 8" or 9" dicks. Most guys I know are 'average' and are about 5"-6" in length. But I guess some really are that big. I am not. I am exactly 6", and have always wished I had more. I think I'm smaller that most when I'm flacid and wish that was not the case too. Maybe that's why I am an exhibitionist..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

I remember MY FIRST TIME
I Remember the My First Time

I am Beverly and this a true account, not fiction, of how I lost my cherry years ago. I was 18 years old and a senior in high school.

I had met this college boy through a girl friend and her boy friend. He was the first boy I ever let undue my bra and touch my boob’s and suck on my nipples.

One evening I was at his..
Poster: bev9630 | Full Story»

me and first wife
A few years back my brother got me into some trouble. So I moved to Arizona with my wife. Our apartment was across from the swimming pool. Both me and my wife Pam loved it. We could sit on the couch and watch the women and men. One evening I get home from work to find Pam topless in just her panties sitting on the couch looking out the window. I hear her say see that black man with the tight bathi..
Poster: tim noyd | Full Story»

Good View of Wife's Legs in Car
I was driving home after dinner last Sat with my wife sitting next to me in the car. She was in a wrap-round wool mini skirt with a pair of long leather boots up to her knee, a 3" high heels, a tube top and a brown leather jacket with her hair let loose.

I have a habit of either holding her hand when I drive or leave one of my hands on her upper thigh. I was at a traffic light and ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

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