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Sweet dare


Pregnancy Risk Sex In Thailand Is A Pleasurable Guilty Norm
To refer to it as "Pregnancy Risk Sex" in Thailand is something of a joke. As there is "No Risking" there for the most part. It's just a granted that most naughty minded teens and twentysomethings accept as a granted.

Us Americans are way too conservative about sex and out of wedlock kids. The Thai have no such restraints and actually take it to the other extreme. So what're you go..
Poster: Baby Maker In Bib Overalls | Full Story»

Barn Party
We went over to the neighbors for a barn party I decided to wear a dress, panties stockings and cowboy boots. It was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra. All of the other neighbors and people at the barn party pretty much were wearing shirts and jeans. I only saw one woman who was wearing a skirt and top. The dress I was wearing was fairly short. If I was standing with my hands at my side it w..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

One Hot Night
Okay well it started be me flirting with a friends wife on chat, at first I did the casual telling her how sexy I thought she was, and that I was extremely turned on by her body, and she said the same about me as she was scared about it because she had never been with a female before, but then it went to talking of how we would love to passionately kiss each other and caress each others bodies, Th..
Poster: Crissy | Full Story»

Hey this is Berry again, we’re not foot ball fans, but Janis getting balled is the goal that I’m talking about. This new prick teaser thing is getting good, Janis is getting very brave when she’s horny, and I love to see her get brave. I don’t think it will be long till she open s her legs for some ..
Poster: Berry White | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 16
Desert Heat – Part 16
Saturday, July 20, 1985
While the two girls left to pick up the young shoe clerk, we straightened up and then headed back to the bedrooms. Not long after, we heard the girls drive up and peeked out the bedroom window to see if they had the lad with them and yes, they did.
Helen and Rosemary showed the teenager into the house and offered him a drink. ..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Halloween special part 1
This is my first post so please no negative comments

I stood in the doorway of the house in my short car Halloween outfit
My boobs were pushed up and my but looked good but let's just say that there was
A lot of skin showing;). So I open the door and walk inside, the room is filled with skimpy girls and buff guys so I slowly started to mingle! I wasn't even ..
Poster: Amber | Full Story»

Threesome Affair with My GF & Our Housemate
Here me again want to share with bros here yet another story of mine with a FUBU...In fact this is actually an untold story...I've kept it as a secret for so long until today..It was a sweet secret that until this present day, I still couldn’t believed what had actually happened..I’ve been keeping it as a secret from my friends ever since. Well here's how the story goes..This happened somewher..
Poster: FAZZY | Full Story»

Unexpected Threesome
This story happened last night at one of the 4 stars hotel in downtown KL..Actually it all started at work when one of my colleague, whom quite close to me came and joined me for a coffee at the lounge. We haven't met for quite a while since our duty roster has our working time opposite of each other. We always had our time clashed that we all the time missed each other by a few minutes only besid..
Poster: FAZZY | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 15
Desert Heat – Part 15
We drove about 20 minutes when Jerry slowed down and pulled into a bar. From the outside, it didn’t look like much. The girls asked about the place and Jerry said that he came here a couple of times with some friends and that he thought it might give the girls an opportunity to do some flashing. They shrugged their shoulders and followed him inside. At first it..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Hey my name is Berry; my wife’s is Janis. We had a very interesting experience a few months ago, one that has forever changed our sex life. I will start off by telling you we have a great sex life, Janis is a fun fuck with a tight pussy that loves to experiment with lots of things and we’re ope..
Poster: Berry White | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 14
Desert Heat – Part 14
Saturday morning I woke early like I do every day. When I went to bed, I was cuddled up behind Ginger and she was cuddled up behind Pepper, but that’s not the way we were positioned when I awoke. I was still cuddled up behind Ginger but Pepper was cuddled up behind me. The thought occurred to me that I was the piece of meat between two nice buns.
As car..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

I make a porno
Having lost my job working in a bar I had turned to prostitution, I have worked in a couple of houses in East London two afternoons and two evening a week for the past eighteen months and actually enjoyed it. One of the other girls I had become friends with gave me a ring one day to say a girl had not turned up and was I up for it.
Two hours later I was one of two girls being gangbanged by ..
Poster: jessica | Full Story»

More Mental Games
Thank you for the response to my last Story – Popcorn and a Movie (June 26). I really enjoyed the email exchange with many of you. No pics yet – too shy for that!

My special friend and I have kept it up with great text messaging and conversations and the mental game is getting very intense! We have not had very much time together except grabbing a kiss and grope in a closet (Alt..
Poster: Heidi Pearl | Full Story»

Skinny dipping
So this story starts off with going camping with some friends and one night while everyone was drinking one of the friends kept saying he wanted to go skinny dipping me and Ella thought great this will be a first for us why not so Ella says to the friend itching to go for a dip we will go with him next thing his gf says no to him so he decides no he will not well after a few mins I convince Ella w..
Poster: Jackson | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 13
Desert Heat – Part 13
Friday morning came and Ginger and I slept later than we anticipated. The other three had already left for work. We found a note saying that they let us sleep and looked forward to seeing us when they got home. Ginger poured some coffee and we grabbed a quick breakfast. I asked Ginger what she wanted to do today since the house was clean, the laundry and yard wor..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

My life prt 2
Then she ran the bath water hot with bubbles. While she did that, i grabbed her ass and kissed every inch of her body. She stopped the bath water and helped me get in. When i got in, i spreaded her legs wide appart and stuck my tongue in her clit. "Yes…" she said. Then i did that for 2 minutes and then she cummed. We fingerd each other then got out. We left the bath water in. I walked to her bed..
Poster: Missy | Full Story»

Visit to adult motel
My name is Lisa
I do not know what has come over me, all I want is to people see me naked and being fucked.
First off I am in best shape I have ever been 105lbs big blue eyes 38 24 36 brunette 32 years old

I had what I thought was a normal life good sex great husband.
Then last year my perverted husband made reservations at what he said was a classy adult motel..
Poster: pretty girl | Full Story»

wild night
I was at a new year party at a friend's house. We drank and danced and after the party was over most people fell asleep somewhere and I had to sleep on the sofa cum bed on the living room but luckily there was a quilt there. When I was half asleep someone else came and slept beside me on the bed. I didn't think much of it as I was drink and sleepy. The person lying beside me got close to me, I was..
Poster: serena101 | Full Story»

In the four years that Anne had been my occasional(monthly or so) lover, she had never mentioned a desire for group sex,- I was therefore surprised (and aroused), when she called me one evening inviting me over to share her bed for the night..then,-

'Tim,sweetie- would you mind if Helen joined us for the night? She's had the hots for you since we've been lovers,and asked me last wee..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

My Life
It was that late friday night. I was taking my night jog as usual, but then something or someone caught my eye. It was a young female in her mid 20's She had on tights, royal blue tank top, toms, and had her hair in a bun, she was around 5'7 and had lovely brown skin like myself. She was gorgeous! She was sitting on her steps tossing a pen in the air figuring out how to do something. " Good morni..
Poster: Missy | Full Story»

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