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Sweet dare


Secret Love Affair
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years now but my family doesn't have any clue about it yet. God thing, his family is not that strict so every weekend, I would usually go to my bf's house and make out with him while his siblings are away for work.

One steamy Saturday morning, I went to his place as early as 6 o'clock in the morning. As I enter their main door, he ..
Poster: she | Full Story»

So a friend online asked me to post something here.... I was too afraid to post pics... so I decided to post a story! :P

I had just shaved my pussy, and it was sensitive so i wore a dress with no panties to the store. The nearly-nudity was making me so hot and wet that I kept having to wipe juices off my thighs. I was walking in the parking lot when a gust of wind came up and blew m..
Poster: Anonymous Sexy Possum-lover | Full Story»

Our first time - FFM
My wife and I have talked about having another woman join us, my wife always 'notices' other women and comments on them if she thinks they are cute. Two months ago, we went out on a date night, I rented a room overlooking the river for our nightcap after dinner and drinks. Well after dinner we went to a club and settled in at the bar waiting for the band to start. My wife notices a beautiful woma..
Poster: Jim and Karen | Full Story»

I fucked my wife's cousin again, BUT
yes i got to fuck my wife's cousin again, but this time i think i went too far.

my wife's cousin came over last Saturday to have dinner with us, my wife had to go back to the store to get some more food to make sure she had enough to feed us all.
so it was just my wife's cousin and me in the house and as soon as my wife left, she was all over me saying " remember the last t..
Poster: Drew | Full Story»

watch us
My wife Michelle is HOT and I'm very proud of her. One night, we went out of town, got a hotel room and went to eat. She had a few beers. We went back to the room and started fooling around. We had the lights off, but the curtain open about 4 ft. we had the sheet over us (incase a minor came by) After we started having sex, headlights shown on the foot of the bed. I leaned back and saw a couple an..
Poster: D + M | Full Story»

Tricked Again!
Hi. I'm Emma from Wales and if you've read my previous post you'll know how my husband like to show off my well toned body. Well here's another story from our past....

Although I live in Wales I used to work over the water in Bristol. It's not far but getting a taxi back if I'd had a night out was always impossible an very expensive so I used to stay with friends if we went out. I o..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

Best vacation ever
I've been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months now. It's been great. I am planning on marrying her. Last week we took a family vacation. I was told about this cabin on a lake that someone in her mom's family owns. My girlfriend, her mom, and sister were going to, to spend the week. They asked I wanted to come. I agreed. When we got to the house it was beautiful, with access to the lake from the..
Poster: T | Full Story»

Josee,reassure yourself. I think your breasts are fabulous - I am not turned on by breasts that are not in proportion to the rest of a woman's body, and you look perfect to me. (I can't tell about the rest of you, but I'm guessing you are fabulous everywhere.

Just remember that quantity is not always quality.

Poster: Jesse | Full Story»

I decided to have some devious fun at my girlfriend's house yesterday. While her mother and I were the only ones in the house, I walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but a towel and yawned to let it drop. I quickly "scrambled to pull it up" and she claimed not to have seen a thing. She went out on the deck to water the plants while I took a shower, and you can definitely see in through the bath..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

Neighbors wanting to have fun
We tag along with one of our neighbors to a party at one of their friends house way out in the country. The only people I knew there was the neighbor who's had plenty of experience with me, my husband and my neighbors wife. My husband and neighbor had me wear my white essentially see-through dress, and sheer panties and sheer bra. I also wore cowboy boots with stocking that are thigh high. ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Back at it, after a long break
It’s been a seven or eight months since I posted to the forum, because nothing much has happened. Actually, what happened is my friend Kelly ended up freaking out after she and I gave each other’s husbands blowjobs after a game of strip poker. It goes to show that if you take sex or yourself too seriously you shouldn’t play these kinds of games. Stick to flashing on chatroulette. If you want..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

my ex gets lucky at a restaurant...
This story was told to me by an ex girlfriend when she was drinking wine and getting horny. She was a material girl and we were dressed up and eating at an exclusive steakhouse on the water. She liked expensive things and when she drank she wanted to pretend she was a porn star! Please email me with responses or if you would like to share the wildest thing you have done. Thanks!

Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

wife shared during party
a few years back, just after our wedding, my hot 27 year old wife,Laura, and I went to a friends party in Buffalo. These were wilder times for us and alot of people were doing ectasy at the party. We were tripping pretty good and my wife was lying on the carpet in the semi-dark basement and 3 other guys and a girl were down there with us.

Laura is an athletic brunette with long mus..
Poster: mark mgill | Full Story»

lets get it on
my bf and I were going on a trip. it wa a four hour ride and before I knew it I was horny. So I turned and said we need to stop. so we found an opened field and go out of the car and rode eachother right there in the grass. After a good 30 minutes we were back on the road but not long I got horny again. this time were not able to stop because were behind in time. So he unzipped his pants and pulle..
Poster: cindy | Full Story»

alley blowjobs are fun!
A few years ago I met a girl through a mutual friend that was unique in a lot of ways. She was blonde, short, and had a decent body, with medium sized breasts and a little extra ass. She wasn't beautiful, but she was kinda cute in a trailer park kinda way. She was dating a friend of mine for a little while and we went out partying with her and her friends. She started bragging to the table, wh..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

cougars on patrol!
I have enjoyed writing down some of my sexy stories and I hope you have enjoyed reading them. If you have any comments about them feel free to email me. Thanks! I thought I would share a fun experience that happened to me a few years ago. I was visiting some friends in the city and we headed out to a bar for a few drinks. The bar was very crowded and we luckily got a booth. We were drinking ..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

Wife Surprises my Anus!
My wife and I were watching porn the other day in bed and we were both masturbating. She likes to suck on my cock when she is playing with herself. (I happen to like it to). She often fantasizes that she is being fucked by another man while she sucks on my cock. So she was on her back and I was on my knees to her side with my cock in her mouth. Like she sometimes does, she reached behind me a..
Poster: Jon | Full Story»

Birthday party
My friends threw a party for me on my birthday and invited a bunch of my friends. Some of them showed up with their girl friends and others were still single girls andguys. Ever since I've knowned them, the have been wild drinker and party animals. It just took them a couple of hours to get drunk, loud and out of control. I was unaware they were going to celebrate my 21 birthday with a spanking, t..
Poster: Edwin | Full Story»

bikers get blown my my ex
I have another story from my ex with the betty page hairdo. She was short, with big soft C cup tits, a big heart shaped ass and great legs. She was pretty and had that intangible pinup quality that guys love. She loved to suck cock and this story is one she told me when she was drunk and letting loose with the sex stories from years past. I will tell it from her perspective, as she told it to ..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

double stuffed
This story is another told to me by an ex-girlfriend. I find it really erotic to hear stories about my girlfriend's previous promiscuous behavior, I am not sure why, but imagining her getting fucked by other guys, especially when she was less experienced, is better than a fantasy. My ex was 5'5" and 160 pounds, bleach blond with a betty page hairdo. She was pretty, and had big, floppy tits. Sh..
Poster: joey bishop | Full Story»

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