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Sweet dare


I got a call from "Mom" the other day asking me to do some photography work for her. I asked what she had in mind and she replied that she wanted some steamy shots of her having sex with two guys. That didn't surprise me at all after some of the other capers she has pulled. I asked when and where she wanted to have the session. She told me to bring all my gear to her place on Friday night around 7..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

My GF and I went out for a very nice dinner then decided to go to a movie. She really looked hot in her mini skirt and sheer blouse with lacy bra visible.
When we got to the theater I handed her my small Swiss Army knife with the small scissors and asked her to go in the ladies room and cut a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose so I could have clear access to her pussy during the movie.

Boyfriend Dares Me to be Exposed
By the time I was 19 I meet Josh. He is a few years older and we hit it off right from the start. I had sex with him on our second date and he's just fun to be with. He had small parties once or twice a month and I meet a lot of new friends. One night we were at Josh's apartment with two other couples and they started talking about strip poker. I didn't want to play at first but Josh dared me..
Poster: Pat | Full Story»

Lesbian bondage- almost!
Unwisely, I told a few of my female friends that I was having lesbian fantasies about a younger girl I had recently met.

A few nights ago at a party, the other girls stripped me totally nude, tied my hands behind my back, bound my bare ankles together, gagged me and dumped on a double bed. Then they dealt out exactly the same treatment to the girl I told them I’d been dreaming abo..
Poster: Amanda Jaykay | Full Story»

No relationship ties.
Okay so tonight I went to this guys house that I like and we were on his bed he turned me on my rubbing my clit and then fingering me, then while he was fingering me he took my hand and moved it to his penis then I gave a hand job for like three minutes while he gradually pushed my head down farther and farther next thing I knew I was giving the first bj I have ever given, and I didn't want to sto..
Poster: Holly grade a | Full Story»

make myself a cuckold
My blonde wife had tight pussy, a virgin asshole, she is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl but in the bed not so hot, she liked missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few cold blow job . I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to get it. Moreover short dress only on holiday and no sexy lingerie. I have always dream..
Poster: pet | Full Story»

Do carpets match drapes? Almost never
... at least for women with blonde hair.

I may have looked at every photo on TorDPics, and I have not found a single case in which a woman pictured has blonde pubic hair.

OK, so these days 65% of the women are shaved. But still.

I inherited my interest in blonde pubes from an old college friend. Until he mentioned it, and one woman we both knew who he s..
Poster: CP&Peg | Full Story»

Bathtime fun, but only for me!
When I was at university in the UK I shared a flat (apartment) with another girl. We became good friends, but she broke her arm in a motorcycle accident.

She could manage most things but, however hard she tried, using the bath was beyond her- so eventually I offered to help her.

While she was slightly overweight she was quite a pretty girl, so I was surprised to disco..
Poster: Jenny | Full Story»

We would just like to say thankyou very much for all you great comments and ideas you have emailed us, from our story( VIDEOGAME STRIP )thanksto all your great times we hope to be be putting somthing eles on here soon , thanks truth or dare keep up the great work and please keep the true storys coming there very horny and fantastic to read thanks again to everyone ..pornwolf
Poster: pornwolf | Full Story»

All-Girl Strip Humiliation.
On my 18th birthday, my two best friends Henrietta and Amanda overpowered me and hogtied me face-down on my bed. Then they took my shoes off and tickled the sensitive soles of my bare feet.

It was unbearable. I struggled furiously and curled up my bare toes but it was no use. Between my convulsive bursts of helpless laughter I begged them to stop, but they continued tickling me merc..
Poster: Jayne C. | Full Story»

Car Trouble
My GF and I went to a professional photographer to have some really nice nude pics taken of her, some full nude some partial, etc. He did a really great job. I will post some of the pics later but the real story was after we were thru with the photo shoot and after some extra play time with the photographer.
I dared my GF to wear a stretch knit dress (she had found it on the internet) wit..
Poster: Steve Wright | Full Story»

first cam chat
while I was on a business trip out of state my wife and i get a pair of web cams so we could talk to eachother. to make a long story short things turned a little race. She aloud me to snap a few pictures but has not okayed me sending them in yet. I will work on that. She is a very sexy women and I want her to know that I think she is very beautiful. If anyone has any ideas on how to help her ..
Poster: bad husband | Full Story»

pussy trim
Last night my wife asked me to trim her pussy as I regularly do. I joked that I was going to take before and after photos and send them to my buddy. She laughed probably thinking I was joking. Well I did send them. When I told her she kinda faked being mad and laughed at the same time. What she didn't know was that I sent them from her phone along with a request for picture of him for her. When I ..
Poster: nick | Full Story»

New Years Eve
My wife and I have been into truth or dare ever since we met. She uses it as an Ice breaker to get to see other women’s boobs. She is very Bisexual and prefers other women over other men. I am the exception to the rule. We have on occasion involved couples so other men have not been out of the question.
Anyway, this past New years eve we went out to our favorite night spot and were scopi..
Poster: Topfreeinga | Full Story»

Last night around 7:30, I dropped by my buddy's house to drop off a tool I had borrowed. He was on the back porch just finishing s smoke when I walked up. He says come on in and have a beer, so I joined him and his wife in the living room. I cracked open my Miller and took a sip.Just then I heard a door open down the hallway and another one close. I knew they lived alone, so I guessed they had com..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

First Time Watch (wife husband stranger)
First Time Watch

We had been invited to a party held at a 5 star hotel out of the city. It was late and everybody was drunk everywhere around, in the lobby, at the bar or at the garden outside where my wife and I were sitting under the moonlight, both drunk and my wife more than ever. She even could not move her ass to the fucking car to get back home. I decided t..
Poster: xu10club | Full Story»

Wife and stranger on the tube
Last year I arranged for my wife and me to meet a guy on the London underground and for him to feel her up.

It was through a stockings lover’s site so she wore dark seemed stockings and suspender belt with high heels and a shortish floaty dress.

We had never done anything like this before and my wife is very shy normally but I talked her into it, I a..
Poster: k | Full Story»

For Jill, Carin and Lisa
Hi to all of you,
I recently read your post of quite some time ago and I wanted to tell you that I find your story awesome. I imagined you doing all these dares. I wanted to send you an e-mail but it is inactive so I am writing it in here, in case you still come to this site.
Poster: kup | Full Story»

Mile High in your seat
My girlfriend is so daring and I usually let her get away with it. She is a very sexy blond with big boobs and she loves to show them. She is stared at where ever we go by both men and woman. I'm really proud to be her man. Last month we were on an evening flight back home after vacationing. I was sitting on the isle, she in the middle seat and a weird guy in the window seat. Just across the ..
Poster: Tom | Full Story»

Backroom rub
I was having a conversation at the back room eating table with a coworker who is really hot. She was telling me about some issue with her boyfriend. Well she had on a white tank top but she didn't have a bra on so it took all I could do not to stare at her boobs. Anyway, I started getting really excited and hard..I was wearing boxers and shorts. I noticed that she wasn't always looking at me w..
Poster: Tom | Full Story»

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