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Sweet dare


Hot Tub Exchange at a Massage Party
I'd met Sandy at massage school. We were both graduates, then instructors there. She was tall and lanky with super sensitive nipples. She enjoyed sex. We lived near each other and worked together, so we slept together most nights. For her, sleeping meant making love first.

We were members of a massage exchange group. A loose association of massage therapists, massage enthusiasts..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

nervous model
When I was 50 I decided to have some photos taken for my husband, I had taken several weeks to build up enough nerve to take the plunge. The photographer quickly put me at ease , having me wear see through or skimpy outfits. He then had me lay on the floor totally nude with my hands behind my head and my knees pulled up. "now put the soles of your feet together and your knees apart." My feet were ..
Poster: Georgia | Full Story»

Cuddles with Ruthie
I answered the phone.

" I'm in bed, sweetie," Ruth whispered huskily..(my cock twitched at the
sound of her voice,) - " How long will it take you to get here?"

"I take it that you're all by yourself?" I said.

"Yes, James is away for the next three days,-he was in Brussels this morning, and I'm not expecting visitors,..why don't you get over here ..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

ultimate dare
We were playing a different type of truth or dare,, mainly dare we name it ULTIMATE DARE! Is when ever we meet each night is someone turn.. Where each person comes up with something to do, and we have a vote on which is the best the person should do.. That night was my turn! They vote for me to strip for a random stranger show him all of me in all positions that will reveal all ..
Poster: ana paul | Full Story»

Bucket List. Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Check
I'm not a writer, so please bear with me as I try to relay this true story in an entertaining fashion.

I little back information about me may be helpful. I'm in my late forties and separated from my wife nearly a year. She reconnected with a boyfriend on a popular web site and, I assume, she felt the grass was greener on the other side. I was never unfaithful during the 21 years of ..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Three Friends
Backstory. My longtime friend/lover Barb lived on the opposite coast so maybe once or twice a year we'd get together for a romantic, erotic rendezvous.

Her friend Jan lived in my town and Jan and I became friends and lovers too. Jan had long inner lips that protruded well below her outer lips and were her signature look at nudist resorts. She loved those long lips and I loved to a..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Daring girlfriend
My girlfriend and I today made a trip to Las Vegas for 5 days, and since I've heard the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", I just mentioned that to her at home before we left for the airport, as she was packing. Little did I know the surprise I was in for when we got there. She loves fast cars, and she said she wanted to rent a Viper while we were there, it was expensive, but since she..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

Jack and Jill Party
We were all nudists and open minded.
I'd met Carol online, she made her living selling sex toys on the Internet and she was a phone sex operator with her own business. After our first dinner date she invited me to her home and asked if she could watch me masturbate. Watching was her thing. Usually she would join in after a while. She had the most sensual way of pleasuring herself - a te..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Ski Sex
When I was a college student up in Northern Michigan, I had a job at a local ski resort. I had to sit on a bench in a little booth at the top of the chairlift and turn the lift off if there were any problems. I shared the booth with another person who took care of the lift on the other side of the hill. Usually it was a guy I knew from school, but then a new employee came on, a cute redhead who wa..
Poster: HenryT | Full Story»

FMF Threesome
My girlfriend Jill had an old high school friend, Wendy, coming to visit us for a few days and this would the first time I would be meeting her. Jill picked her up at the airport and then they stopped at a bar for a few drinks. By the time they got home, I was asleep on the couch and they were a bit sloshed. I very briefly met Wendy, a cute redhead who was a bit shorter than Jill, and then told th..
Poster: The Boyfriend | Full Story»

Foursome in a Hot Springs Cave
We were double dating to camp out at a remote hot springs with a cave. My lady Barb took her van and my drinking buddy Bob was on a first date with a coworker of mine, Donna.

We're all nudists and drove up nude. It didn't take Bob and Donna long to hit it off with each other. Soon after we hit the highway there was commotion in the back of the van. Bob was eating out Donna who was..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

how it all began, next chapter
My wife on the doorstep part six.

So she finally sunbathed naked with our next door neighbor, sucked his dick in the shower and swallowed his cum.
She had decided not to tell her lover, Robert, as she didn’t want him to get jealous.
It was Tuesday again and time to spend the evening naked with Robert. Like the past two Tuesday’s, she had asked me to strip naked wit..
Poster: tony | Full Story»

My Wife Shows Off in the Woods
My wife has taken many "show Off" walks over the years.It's the only hobby we have that does'nt cost a small fortune and we both enjoy equally. She's done many nude walks at a nature preserve where she could take one trail and be nude for 15 minutes or so, or take a differant trail and be nude for an hour. The whole time you never know if someone is ahead of you or has entered the trail and is hea..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Mission to have Boobs Sucked
One day my husband gave me a "mission" to perform while he was at work. He left me an email ... knowing I read my emails first thing every morning .... to go out somewhere and have my titties sucked.

I dressed in my skin-tight black leather pants and a sexy top .... just a tiny tee with spaghetti straps cut reallllly low .... and my black strappy heels. I went to a nearby large mall..
Poster: Ann | Full Story»

Wild photo shoots part 2
Well I stop at the point where I was doing some nude I public. I did a photo shoot last year in Paris, France. I was one the first shoot wearing a body paint 2 pice swimsuit. I was walking around the pool. In the lobby of this hotel. And no one knew I was naked. Also we did a later shoot, the body paint art work was so good. It look like I was wearing a small white halter top with blue jeans cut o..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Her First Strip Club
The following story is factual as can be, no embellishment. This story will never change. It is what it is.

We like to run away to the Twin Cities as often as we can for little over night stays or for a weekend when we can. This particular getaway a couple years ago we were driving around looking for a new place to sit down and have a drink. Half joking I suggested maybe one of t..
Poster: Brad | Full Story»

Fucking in the job Part 3
As the show Full House went off I decided to watch a Show called The Joyce Meyers Show .After the show went off I had a snack then I went up to bed as I went in bed I thought well I better get a haircut, so I set the alarm clock for 800Am .When I awoke from the alarm .I went down stairs to make breakfast, I made eggs and sauage .After I finished I went back up stairs to make the bed then I went to..
Poster: Joe White | Full Story»

I Make Noise
Whenever I have sex, sure I’m loud, but the most annoying thing a guy can do is cup his hand over my mouth. Whenever a guy does this I lift his hand off my face and pin it down on the mattress/cushion/surface of wherever it is we are fucking and hold it down so cannot move it.

Then I put my face as close to him as possible and moan even louder. I once even had a guy do this and s..
Poster: Noisy Girl | Full Story»

Fucking on the job Part 2
As I was waiting for Tom I had another coffee .After awhile a young guy came over to me he replied, hello I am Tom, you must be Joe, I replied yes well would you like to come with me .I went with him he gave me a time card to punch in then afte I did that .He replied you will be working on the line on machine number 10 .Just then the buzzer went off ok JOE good luck so the machine started up the l..
Poster: Joe White | Full Story»

Fucking on the job Part 1
Today was my first day at a factory .I was ttold it was a small company that has 20 people working there per shift .I was told to report to Tom, asi got inside I went to the a nice looking lady and I said I am here for work .She replied who are you looking for, I replied Tom, she replied whats your name I replied I am Joe .Ok Joe come with me so she replied come with me Joe so I went with her she..
Poster: jor whie | Full Story»

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