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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Part 30
Desert Heat – Part 30
Thursday, August 30, 1985
I must have been more tired than usual as I never heard Pepper get up and get ready for work. Ginger got up with her and still I slept through it all. By the time I finally woke, up, Jerry and Rosemary had also gotten up, eaten and headed off to work, their last work day before their wedding on Saturday.
When I did wake, up..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

how it began
How it began

We have been married 25 years. five years ago I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer, and had 'the' operation. I did not know it then, and wish I had, because it is said that most men with prostrate cancer, die of old age, then do from cancer. The result of the operation, was forget about sex.

We tried everything, from pros..
Poster: Larry | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 29
Desert Heat – Part 29
Monday – Wednesday, August 20-29, 1985
Monday morning I again woke early and tried to slip out of bed without waking the girls, but it’s hard to do when sleep cuddled up between them. I thought that I may have succeeded but before I made it to the bathroom I heard Ginger say that I’m not getting away that easily. Pepper sleepily added that I should hur..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 28
Desert Heat – Part 28
Sunday, Aug. 19, 1985
I woke quite early Sunday morning and managed to slip out from in between Ginger and Pepper. They just naturally rolled towards each other in their sleep and cuddling each other in their arms. I made my way to my office and closed the door. Coffee wasn’t an option this early as the smell would wake everyone and none of them would be ..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Reverse dare
On New Year's eve, Molly and I attended a party put on by the company I work for. Everyone was dressed up, and there was a pretty good crowd. As the night progressed and the drinks flowed, some of my associates began to get a bit out of hand, usual, I guess, for a New Year's party. Molly and I stayed away from the alcohol, because of the weather and the Police being out in force, only enjoying ..
Poster: Rick/Molly | Full Story»

Our Mfm Threesome Partner Lived With My Wife And I For About Four Years
He and I got to bone my nympho wife three to five times a week. Almost every weekend the three of us had an all nite fuck and suck marathon. During those marathons the housemate and I would make my wife cum so many times she would lose count after having 40 or so orgasms,

My wife was a submissive pain chick who loved to be tied up, spanked, and used as a fuck doll by two three or m..
Poster: buckminster futt | Full Story»

My husband's colleagues keep going out of their way to find new ways to embarrass or humiliate me. There's pretty much not much they can do to me at this point that embarrasses me anymore or at least I thought. There are six colleagues that are part of the entourage to exhibit and use me as a sex toy. All six of them have penetrated me many times, although really it's four of them that are the..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

I went with two of my girlfriends to a indoor flea market one Friday morning. School is in session so it was all adults. I was wearing a long white T-shirt, my pink sweatpants, and my pink sweat jacket. I also was wearing socks tennis shoes panties and bra. Pretty boring outfit overall. Was actually quite warm in the flea market. I was pushing a shopping cart through the flea market. ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Im in my room, reading a book, at Northway college. My roommate Monique, is a mess. "Were you been?" i asked "I ran 8 miles and why are you naked?" she replies "Cause I can.... be" i said "Scooch" she said as she took off her clothes and got in the bed with me. "What are you reading?" she said as she rubbed my stomach. "Nothing..." she rubbed my breast as i moaned with delight. She kissed my tits ..
Poster: Missy | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 27
Desert Heat – Part 27
Saturday, Aug. 18, 1985
All five of us seemed to wake at the same time, but no one knew why. We got up, fixed breakfast and asked Pepper what she had in mind. She said she wasn’t sure and was open to suggestions. As we sipped our coffee, we looked at each other and I could tell by the looks on their faces that they had ideas, but were hesitant to speak ou..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

camping and swimming
One summer my wife and and I went camping with some friends of ours for a weekend. It had been really hot all summer long so the threat of rain was not in question.

We head out Friday evening and set up camp and to do some fishing. We got to our spot and got the tents set up and the rest of the area set up for cooking. We then went down to the lake and threw the poles in the water.<..
Poster: boog | Full Story»

Man, I wish I knew!
It was one of those very busy hectic months. On a particular day, My wife needed to go to the doctors in a near by city. I had been working so hard, I had to sleep. Our 4 yo son was being picked up by my sister in law "S" (my wife's brothers wife) to play with their 4 yo son over night.
As a small back story I first meet S at her now husbands house party years back. There were a lot of gorg..
Poster: Breeze | Full Story»

How wife eventually teased a pal
This is how I eventually got my wife to tease our friend that I'd known years. Me & him went to the same school & got jobs in the same Company. We had similar interests such as wanking & fanny so two normal randy lads.. He was the one that always had 'dirty books' to wank off to. I was too shy to go into a newsagents to buy one but it didn't bother him. There was a time when I didn't s..
Poster: Colin Mc | Full Story»

shared fantasies
Driving truck over the road with Shameless leaves plenty of time to let the imagination go where it will. Mines usually ends up surfing porn and then the gutter lol...
At times, I'll come across a pic or meme that depicts things we've done or that I'd like to try, and I'll save it and text it to Shameless... Occasionally, she'll surprise me with a random selphie (which I LOVE!!!) But nev..
Poster: bubba | Full Story»

I'm back
It was 7:57 i was pulling up at Brandi's house. I was wearing: Thongs, Shorts, and a half shirt. No bra. I had my jacket on cuse it was raining. I marched up her steps to her door. I knock on her door lightly. We haven't seen each other in a year. She opend the door and hugged me tightly and ran her hands down my ass and she squeezed it. She was in naked coverd in baby oil. She shut the door and w..
Poster: Missty | Full Story»

I shared my sexy girlfriend & now she's my wife & enjoys being shared occasionally
Here's another true tale about my wife Joan. She was too shy to let my mates fuck her so she started pretending to go to sleep after a good drink. She didn't want them to think she was a randy housewife. She wanted to be thought of as just a normal housewife & regular church goer. Going to sleep allowed her to preserve her reputation I suppose. At other times she hadn't been shy after a few drin..
Poster: Colin Mc | Full Story»

I shared my sexy girlfriend
Me & my girlfriend who is now my wife (See other stories about her 28th Dec onwards) went to Spain on holiday when she was 20 & I was 22 . In our apartments was a married couple in their 40s who took a liking to us & we got on well with them over the holiday. He'd been ogling Joan all the holiday & she knew he fancied her. I used to say to her that he's imaging fucking her every time he see..
Poster: Colin Mc | Full Story»

Our First MFM
Our First Fuck Party

This is a true accounting of the first time my wife was with another man since we had been married,
for privacy reasons the names are changed but the story is real

For reasons I can not explain, I had the strong desire to watch my wife have sex with another man & to join them in 3 way action. I'm not gay & have no desire to inner act with a..
Poster: NBA56 | Full Story»

New Year's Eve Party
New Year’s Eve 2013
I’ve been asked by some of the followers of our Desert Heat series to share our New Year’s Eve party with them. Many of you don’t know that in November, I moved the family into a custom home that sits in the middle of my 640 acres. Let’s just say that there is more than enough room for the 5 adults and 6 grown daughters (yes, this will reveal some future hist..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Back a few years ago I met my husband when he moved to the same shared house I lived in, his room was opposite mine, after a few weeks we become very close he was 31 and me 19. We started to have sex he was very good and loved giving oral it seemed we were fucking all the time . I met his friends and they all seemed to like me, one of them really took a shine to me his name was Ian he was the sam..
Poster: Mandy | Full Story»

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