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The Vacation
My neighbor enjoyed seeing my wife fully nude in front of me.
Black's Beach Wife Body Painting
My first time being shared.
My wife and her at it again
Weekend away
A change is happening
Naked on Balcony
Soon to be Braless
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Sweet dare


Blowjob Barry
When I first met Barry, I was attracted to his amazingly gorgeous butt. I had noticed him standing in line at Starbucks in a pair of jeans that he was poured into. It wasn't just me either. The girl directly in front of me was looking at her phone and glancing at Barry's butt intermittently. I have to admit, watching his ass made me think of spanking him. Anywho...
I waited until he w..
Poster: Brittany | Full Story»

Something new
I am 58 years old and my wife, Carol, and I have been married for 16 years. I have not been able to get an erection for a few years now and the little blue pill just hasn't worked for me. Obviously Carol and I have not had sex for some time. I have felt really guilty for not being able to enjoy her charms and satisfy her needs. She tells me it doesn't bother her. I know she has never stepped out o..
Poster: Lonewolf | Full Story»

First time femdom wife pegs ass
After a few months of convincing, my wife finally agreed to try pegging last night and it was incredible. My wife is a super sexy eurasian MILF with big Japanese milk tits. Usually very submissive in the bedroom, her transformation into a dominant top has been amazing to see and for a big guy like me to be in role reversal with my petite little wife is kind of incredible.

I have a..
Poster: Rex | Full Story»

Working over time
My wife was a stay home wife who was an excellent wife. When I had bought her her first dildo she had said she had seen pics of them and didn't know why anybody could possibly want one. She's a Filipina and from the Philippines. The one I bought her was real feel penis shaped vibrating dildo. It was about the same size as my own cock but then my doesn't vibrate. She said we can try it later tonite..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

We were visiting some old friends the other day and were having a good time recalling some of the antics we used to pull in our youth. Nothing was too off the wall for us. Our hosts Ryan and Lindahave been friends since the 70s and Ryan used to play guitar in a band (still does) They didn't have a name for the band (they were just a garage band) One summer at a local private campground they organi..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

Morning delight
It was early on a Monday morning and we had the place to ourselves. i walked into her office and spun her around, taking her hand and pulling her up. i start taking her clothes off as i tell here what i am going to do, take her outside. she doesn't stop me, and i quickly have her nude and walking to the back door. on the patio i have a blanket spread out and out i the driveway are 2 ottomans. ..
Poster: Bob Moosehunter | Full Story»

Long Nude Walks
The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has marked trails for hunters and hikers in some woods in our otherwise very densely populated area. There is a parking lot at one entrance. I have been wondering where the trails led, and if it was private enough to RISK hiking nude. Yesterday I went to the main area and found no cars there. I had prepared by wearing only walking shorts and a t-shirt,..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

Birthday gift part 2
The next morning I wake up with my hands and feet still locked up in a hog tie. Joe then uncuffed me. He gives me one hour to shower and clean up. Joe takes me out back. We have a outdoor shower. While I taking my shower. Joe setting there watching me. I take my time putting on a sexy show. When I get done and dry off. Joe takes me out to the barn behind our house. Put my suspension cuffs on me. T..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Backdoor man
Frankie was a mutual friend who I flashed a few times and after giving him a couple of great beaver shots one day when I was wearing a skirt and no panties, he asked me to open my legs again and give him a better look. . I teasingly asked to see his cock and to my surprise he showed me. It was the cutest little cock I had ever seen on a grown man. It wasn’t very long and more importantly it wasn..
Poster: Flashing Wife | Full Story»

Hilde & Olga's Revenge
Hide here and I when I found out what Jeff and Walt had done to Olga and me that night in the bar and afterwards at the condos I was livid. I had never revealed any part of my body to any man except Jeff. He was my first and only and the thought of being topless in a bar was frightening and embarrassing to me. Then when I found out that the bartender had fondled and sucked on my tits, I was really..
Poster: Hilde | Full Story»

Not my Wife
I don't know how these things get started. I guess because my cock is always thinking for me. Her name was Brenda. She worked in the office next to mine. Sometimes when I'm bored I'll walk next door and talk with her. I love staring at her tits. She wears blouses that show her nipples. Some are almost see-through. I know she sees me staring at them.

We're pretty friendly, an..
Poster: Glenn | Full Story»

Hot camping
We had been running round together for sometime...about 4 couples... and went primitive tent camping alot. This weekend we were at a "new" spot. We all in our mid 30's and were glad to git away fm work for the weekend. This spot was several miles from the small town we all lived in.
Invariably someone forgets something and someone will make a run back to town to get what was forgotten. ..
Poster: Naddy | Full Story»

First extramarital sex
For many years hubby and I have enjoyed me flashing other guys. I have flashed many truckers, delivery guys, and meter readers. Eventually we flashed a few friends but none more consistently than our friend Danny. Danny saw a lot of cleavage then I flashed him some major boob. Quick beaver shots became prolonged glimpses of my bush.
Our first big adventure other than flashing began when we..
Poster: Flashing Wife | Full Story»

The birthday gift
My husband Joe birthday was about 2 months ago. Joe was going to take a week of vacation during his birthday. I was thinking of a gift to give him. Then it hit me. I will give Joe, my service as his sex slave for the week he is off from work. I did not tell Joe one word about what I was up to. Joe was getting off work at 12:30AM. It takes him about 45 minutes to drive home. I had to be ready by 1:..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Rick and Molly Continued.
Hi, Rick here,,Molly looking over my shoulder, rubbing her erect nipples against my back, She is such a tease.

Our last post came in February, describing our last encounter, at that time, with Sheryl and Kevin. We have shared a few events with them since then, but life really got in the way of posting our adventures; we moved; being offered position I couldn't refuse, so the house..
Poster: Rick and Molly | Full Story»

hilde's first time being seeing naked
Thank you lee and p for posting this for us.

Many years ago, my job sent me to another town on a temporary 3 month assignment. They allowed my wife hilde to come with me and they put us up in a company owned condo. My job involved a lot of driving, meeting various clients and customers.

Several weeks into staying there, we met another couple living in a neighboring c..
Poster: jeff and hilde | Full Story»

Naive Virgin's Nightclub Experience
Yes, H and I had sex every night as part of her lessons. P and I had sex in front of H to help teach her different positions and broaden her knowledge. I’m not sure which was best, having sex with H in front of my wife P or having sex with my wife P in front of H. If you could put P, 40 years younger next to H now, you would swear they were sisters as they looked and were built so much a like ex..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

We Just Started Dating
My girlfriend Sarah and I rented a suite after dating only 3 weeks. We're both 25 now but I'd known her in high school and reconnected with her after a bitter divorce.

So we were all set and we enter the suite and it is fantastic. It is a 2-room suite, with a living room having a big couch, comfy leather arm chairs, a big fireplace; the bedroom has a king sized bed, a jacuzzi in th..
Poster: Chris & Sarah | Full Story»

Muddy Waters
That was the name of the bar in St.Louis that my friends and I frequented often when we were younger.
This particular nite I was there with my buddies and one of my buddies wives but not her husband. The other wives were back in their rooms and they're not coming till a bit later.
I was having an affair with this gal and my buddies knew it. We were on the mezzanine level of this cro..
Poster: Naddy | Full Story»

My wife goes wild
My wife Melanie 26 years was a virgin when we met and somewhat of a prude when it came to sex. My friend Wayne fancied her like the clappers and very much wanted to have sex with her. She resisted his advances but one evening when she had been drinking gave in and Wayne fucked her in our bed. He is very well hung and he must have stretched her tight pussy a lot. Wayne was going wild giving her all..
Poster: Matt Harrington | Full Story»

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