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Sweet dare


Unexpected Sex
My husband was coming home from work and we did our usual routine: he come home, I kiss him on the cheek, he goes in the bathroom to change, comes out, sets up his laptop, talks to me, works, etc. But then when I was lying down and about to ask him about his day, "So Jim how was your day?" and I heard no reply. All of a sudden I felt something on my back and then I felt this breeze; he was unzippi..
Poster: Stacey | Full Story»

Hot Drive
In late autumn my wife and I plus her sister had to be in Richmond, Va by noon the following day. My wife was tired so she claimed the back seat to sleep. My sister-in-law was in the front with me. Fortunately the car had bench seats in the front. We had fooled around a bit previously but never seriously. Her kid was in some legal difficulties. She said that she wished she could relax. So I oblige..
Poster: SoldierOn | Full Story»

Auto Erotica
She picked me up from the airport. She was wearing a sun dress with no bra. As we got onto the highway I kept looking over at her great legs. I finally couldn't resist myself and I leaned over to her. I slowly slipped a strap of her dress off of her shoulder and exposed her nipple on her right breast.

I teased her by gently caressing her nipple and making circles around the tip. I ..
Poster: BestLover | Full Story»

An old friend of mine (girl) and me used to fool around alot. One time when we were messing around with a strap on I asked if she would pretend like I was fucking her against her will. I do not like rape, that seems violent. But the submission of someone else, it is so hot.
Poster: RocketRachel | Full Story»

One Night Stand
OK, so I had a one night stand... and the guy was telling everyone.
I never told him not to tell anyone - but I really didn't want everyone to know - so I told everyone we didn't have sex. And majority believed me - so if a tree falls in the forest.... lol... or if a cock falls in your pussy and you deny it - there's no proof???
Poster: Belle | Full Story»

Cyber Spanking for Georgia
So what's this I see? You posted pictures of your hot, sweet little naked body on the Internet for all to see? You put your puffy pussy lips and your oh-so-spankable ass on display for anyone to fantasize about? And you made your friend spank you to orgasm? Oh Georgia, you have been a naughty girl. You deserve a sound spanking.

Now come over here. Pull down your pants. No, I ..
Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

All Three
Back in my military days, I was 19 and (long story) ended up with this 16 year old girlfriend that I was screwing on a regular basis. Her mom approved. The sister who was just turning 18 was about 6 months pregnant and her boyfriend vanished (imagine that) when he found out. So she was itching for some and convinced me that...well, she was already pregnant.

So I was screwing..
Poster: Average Joe | Full Story»

My Ex's Dad
I really had a thing for my ex boyfriends dad. Once he walked in on me in the bathroom when he was visiting, and I stood up with my skirt up and gave him, the fuck me smile. I can't believe I did it, but he just groaned and said some shit about his son loving me... oh well, his loss!!
Poster: Kate | Full Story»

A few years ago, I met a woman to whom I was not physically attracted to, but as it turned out, we had so much in common, that we used to hang out quite a bit, and yes, from time to time we would take care of each other's needs.
Her sister, however, from the day I met her, I wanted her. She and her husband were teetering on divorce, so I just bided my time. Eventually, my friend met a guy a..
Poster: longNlean | Full Story»

I love small tits
I am only attracted to small breasted ladies. Have been since early high school (by a WONDERFUL sexual experience), and still am at age 45. Of course, I am saddened by the number of ladies getting implants to increase their size!
Poster: RiverCali | Full Story»

When I met my wife, she was very self-concious about ceasarian scars and stretch marks. What I gently conveyed to her is that these are in reality marks of beauty and giving of life. Today, though we are separated, she is very carefree and uninhibited - adding to the Motherly beauty and "glow". We may even post soon.
Poster: Mark733 | Full Story»

Oh Yeah
It is a glorious sunny warm August day, the perfect day for a bike ride the sun is just coming up, the sky is a wonderful golden blue colour, the birds are singing and it is my birthday, just then I hear a motorcycle pull up at the front path, opening the door I find Sally my fiancée standing there waiting for me with a secret little smile on her beautiful face, a face that I love so much, arms r..
Poster: JamesMack | Full Story»

In My Greenhouse
I masturbated in my green house in the early morning - walked out to it in my bathrobe and didn't care that my neighbor was watching me. I did a strip tease for him and had a great orgasm.
Poster: Green Eyed Girl | Full Story»

I almost flashed my grandfather
I was joking around and while in a friends jeep I flashed a couple guys. Then I went to do it again and oops there was my grandfather!!!! I didn't but almost did.
Poster: Kitty | Full Story»

4 Days Ago
Well something happened that is wrong and might turn out bad but I think I would do it all over again.
A good friend of mine's wife asked me to come over and help her move some old furniture out of a room in their house. Now to start off with I have known both of them for many years and well to say they are the most happily married couple in the world would be like saying NYC is a kinda-big..
Poster: WH2002 | Full Story»

My Strip Show
As a part of my introduction to swinging Jean decided that I should do something more out of control than I had already done. She contacted Caroline who arranged ladies evenings for local groups. These evenings included many games but mostly the women went for the strippers that were on 3 times in the evening. Caroline was a little reserved about including an amateur in the events but allowed that..
Poster: LuckySoB | Full Story»

Karina and her boyfriend
Interested in helping you with your pictures. I travel much and may be in the area...


Poster: b | Full Story»

i went to a college reunion and was standing around a a party with some frat brothers when this beautiful women walks up to me and began so stare at me with pure hate in her eyes.with no exageration,this women was prettier than hale berry with a much better body to boot.as she edged up to me,my frat brothers beagn to look at me as if i was about to get lucky.the women asked me did i know who she w..
Poster: Loverboy | Full Story»

I Did Something Bad
I slept with my friends boyfriend over the weekend. I don't know if I should tell her or just keep it a secret.
Poster: Alyssa | Full Story»

Slept with Him
I never told anyone this but when I was in high school I slept with my homeroom teacher. He had a wife and family but it was the best sex I ever had.
Poster: Steph | Full Story»

for my wife
my wife & i have been married close to 20 yrs now (m45,w40) and she has expressed the desire to have a 3some & when we have sex she absolutely boils when mention of another guy. we live in a rather small town where everybody knows everybody so i am not sure about the best way to fix this up for her. any suggestion would be appreciated
Poster: mick | Full Story»

Ideas for my Wife
My wife has never been with a female.
She gets so wet when we watch female on female porn.
She has had wet dreams about it.
I think she would like to see what it would be like.
She would have to kind of be seduced.
I would like to set this up for her. Any ideas to help. I don.t have a problem with it. Only another female know's what she feels. This is for her, I ..
Poster: Alex | Full Story»

Sexiest Day of My Life
When I was between girlfriends, I was a gigolo, but there was this one day that very well may have been the single sexiest of my life:

I met these 3 girls, all very good looking, in my Archaeology class Winter Quarter of my sophomore year in college. I was being much more forward than usual with everyone I met, because I was desperately seeking a ride to Mardi Gras, asking virtually..
Poster: Don | Full Story»

I can be considered high maintenance for so many more reasons than this but I personally believe that variety is the spice of life.

That said, I am always keeping him guessing by changing it up so when he goes "downtown" he never quite knows what he'll find.

I am always groomed but I have had hair covering everything from my labia from the 'taint up to about mid mons ..
Poster: Rena | Full Story»