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Gave my Ass to my Husband last Night
Wife's French Delight
Making it Even
Masturbating with others at a Hostel
My GF and my Ex Wife on the same Day
Nurse without Panties
Horny Wife
Not sure what to Do
I almost Fucked my Boss' Wife Part 2

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Sweet dare


Husbands cousin's wedding at fancy hotel
A couple years ago, one of my husbands cousins got married in Florida. There was quite a bit of his family staying at this hotel. Two of his cousins had always been flirting with me, and they were there. Nothing of significance ever had happened prior to this, but I always tease my husband that I think they want to have some fun with his little wife.

We arrived at the hotel ..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Neighbors son dares me to expose myself to some delivery guys
The neighbors son was 23 when this happened. Because I frequently am naked in our backyard he's always had the opportunity to see me, and is frequently came over to get a closer look. One day he asked me about the delivery peoples reaction to my being nude if and when they caught me. I told them it's kind of dangerous to do that, and you have to be careful that it looks accidental. One day..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Horse Back Riding
We were in Arizona and we went horseback riding. It was one of those places where they had a well-defined path. There was about seven or eight people. It was just one of my female friends and I that knew each other. I had worn a shirt without a bra, and very tight jeans. I deliberately had my shirt outside of my jeans. I was bouncing around a lot as the horse trotted. My friend kept makin..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

naked bike ride
the story starts off with me driving my atv home from a party. it was about 7:00 am when i decided to leave i was pretty drunk by this time. i drive into the trail leading home, as i drove along i started thinkin of this site and started to feel a little daring myself and since it was a warm summer morning i parked my bike off the trail hidden in some bushes. then i started to strip once fully nak..
Poster: jim | Full Story»

Jeanne shows her tits
My name is Jeanne and I purposly wanted to get caught with my shirt and bra off. I waited one day when my husband was working. There were some men outside working in the street. I made it a point to walk in front of the window with my shirt and bra stripped off. I enjoyed seeing the men start to get bulges in there pants as they looked at my large pale nipples. My husband would die if he knew I sh..
Poster: Jeanne | Full Story»

Wife Butt
Enjoyed the pics alot, tell your wife she has a beautiful pussy and I for one would like to see more of it, thanks
Poster: Charles | Full Story»

You never know.........
Let me start off by telling you that I have an online dare buddy. We exchange dares on a monthly basis and have a lot of fun daring each other to do do some off the wall caper. This month,she knew I had company coming for a weekend visit. They are a couple that I've known for years. Anyway, my dare for the month was I had to greet my company buck-assed naked! When the guests ar..
Poster: Dirty Dog | Full Story»

traveling with my husband's and his colleagues continued
I tried to explain when I saw my husband's colleagues walking out the door how I ended up naked in front of the hotel guests. during the whole conversation they were staring at me standing naked in front of them, and we were standing probably 25 feet outside of our hotel room door. they started laughing, and I turned around and saw two guys coming out of the room next to ours who we..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Traveling with my husband and his colleagues
I was traveling with my husband, and four of his male colleagues. It was an awkward situation to begin with, being the only female with my husband and four guys. It was even more complicated because we are sharing a two-bedroom hotel that had two twin beds in each room, and a foldout couch in the living room that was between the two bedrooms. There was one bathroom off of each bedroom. The..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

the shaving daughter
my 19yr old stepdaughter and her 18yr old girlfriend and myself went on a 3 day trip we had a motel we were getting bored so i sugested we play a game they agreed but what? i asked if they ever played t or d so said yes so i said do you want to play again with me this time? ok they replied i logged into this site they hesitated when i had to french kiss the 2 of them but agreed wow it was sexy ki..
Poster: bob | Full Story»

Divorce Celebration and being the entertainment
We get together on a regular basis with friends from our high school years. It is a small group of us that regularly get together. One evening there were four women and nine men including me that got together at one of the guys houses. We basically were going to have a celebration for one of the guys who recently got divorced. There was a lot of drinking and carrying on and in general just..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Naked on the streets
since I was a teenager I always had this fantasy of being completely naked outside. But I never dared. At the end of 2007 after a "few" beer around 4:oo in the night I decided to do it. I took off all my clothes and walked outside. (I live in a small village, so there are no people on the streets at that time) I walked for about 4 minutes. 100% naked, barefoot, no clothes with me between housen an..
Poster: Pascal | Full Story»

Help my gf lost a bet
Hey me and my gf made a bet and she lost. She agreed to do anything i wanted just as long as it didnt risk her life. So i thought iwould let you all decide her dare or dares. Plz email me some dares for her to do. P.S. we are going to the beach in florida this summer so they could invole that also.
Poster: jimmy | Full Story»

Office Embarrassment & Dares
I work in an office where there are three women and five guys. It is a small real estate office. I'm normally off on Friday, but last Friday I went into the office after working out. I was wearing a sweat suit. One of the guys that had seen me in my bra and panties was there, along with two other guys who had not. The one guy started teasing me about liking to undress. One of the other guys that h..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Cotton Skirt
I never really realized how transparent the skirt was without wearing a slip, until one day one of my colleagues commented on my choice of lacy panties. Most of the time I would wear a slip, but on a number of occasions I forgot and didn't bother to go back home to get one. I often realized looking back how much attention I would get whenever I wore the skirt to work and I probably would wear it t..
Poster: Laura Dalton | Full Story»

Thank you America
I just wanted to thank all of the beautiful people sending in the posts. My friends and I are in the middle of a sand dune getting shot at. I love the Army but I hate this place. In our free time we get off on looking at the pictures you all post. It is better than any magazines we get from home. The girls over in the sand are not too bad but you never know if thay are ok or the enemy. We just wan..
Poster: TJ | Full Story»

Naked among men.
My dorms in college were set up with alternating levels of girls and guys. After a certain time at night girls were no longer allowed on the boys floor and vise versa. I broke this rule all the time. I spent the night with my BF almost every night. One night after working out at the gym I went to his place right before curfew. We hung out for a bit then I needed to go take a shower. With out..
Poster: Lisa | Full Story»

G & R
Great pics and a beautiful body.
Your neat, clean shaven pussy looks delightful, can we see more please?
Poster: Charels | Full Story»

Anal sex in dorm room
I lost my anal virginity to my boyfriend when I was in college. One weekend, his roommate went home for a 3-day holiday, and we spent an entire night having anal sex in his dorm room, knowing that we would not be disturbed. My boyfriend had a large cock that was 10 inches long when erect, and he used only his saliva as lube. As I lay on his bed, he spent hours fucking my ass and my mouth, going ba..
Poster: Joyce Ellen Craig | Full Story»

Thanks G&R!
Great Post G&R! Thank you so much for the shout out about our photography style. You guys did wonderfully yourselves. Way to show off that beautiful body! Really hope to see more of you on the site in the future. We haven't posted in a while. I think we posted too many times too close together and we stopped getting any kind of feedback. Seeing your post might just be reason to send in some..
Poster: D&A | Full Story»

Away from home
My wife had returned from 2 weeks away training at a country hospital and we were chatting about her experiences there.
After some time I said what about the nurses quarters after hours anything interesting happen there?
She paused for a few moments and then started relating a story about the young nurse in the next room. She said how the nurse had been getting friendly with a male ..
Poster: Charles | Full Story»

I want more, more, more from Elenor!

Stunning! Fantastic! Don't stop posting!

Poster: Prognosticat | Full Story»

MY Wife BJ
My wife and her sister were planning a bachlorette party for their other sister. They were trying to decide on entertainment and decided that instead of strippers they would have a couple of guys serve drinks in very little clothing. I had a friend coming from out of town and we were going to play golf that day and probably to a bar or something until the party was over since it was being held a..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

sex in a dept store
I and my wife went shopping on a sat. As the day went on we both became quite turned on. She sugessted that we do something about it. So we moved to the womens dept,she acted like she was looking at something on a rack. As she was bending over i lifted her dress and saw that she had no panties on. She just looked back at me and smiled. I prceeded to unzip my pants. As we were almost done with our ..
Poster: joe | Full Story»

Caught by Mother in law
One Saturday afternoon I came home from the gym to find my wife and her sister tanning on the back deck. They were both topless although my sister in law was laying on her stomach so I couldnt see anything. Although I had seen her and one other of my wifes sisters naked before skinny dipping. Nudity was normal around my house before the kids so I jumped in the Hot tub nude. My sister in law jo..
Poster: chris | Full Story»

You inspired me so hot cybersex every night, Carmen Orosan
Ed (18/12/2008 12:06:04): a ce soir, chérie
Carmen Orosan (18/12/2008 12:06:18): bye, dragul meu
Ed (18/12/2008 12:06:24):
Ed (18/12/2008 20:42:21): bONSOIR? MA CH2RIE
Ed (18/12/2008 20:44:25): Bonsoir, dragostea mea
Ed (18/12/2008 20:44:42): I am back
Ed (18/12/2008 20:44:49): I read your e mail
Ed (18/12/2008 20:45:01): You make me very happy
Poster: Ed | Full Story»

Comments for Josee
Josee, your breasts are fantastic

if you wear that seethrough t-shirt, you will notice the guys looking at you !

U are a sexy lovely lady

Steven from England
Poster: steven | Full Story»

hawaii hot tub
Ive been a fan of this site for many years and im very happy that i finally have a story worthy of submitting. I was spending a week in hawaii with my family after 15 months in iraq. My sister lives in hawaii because of her naval occupation, and it was my first time seeing her in ages. We went on a Mai Tai cruise and after downing a few of these delicious tropical drinks i was feeling pretty good...
Poster: alex | Full Story»

I will never forget our first making love online, Carmen Orosan
From the moment we exchanged our first words and felt the need to chat daily to your response to my loving feeling when you asked me if you had to spell it to me on Decmeber, 12th, followed by the need I have to tell you I really really love you Carmen Orosan, that was a beautiful online love story.
You made me the happiest man on Earth on December, 13th when you told me you booked your ti..
Poster: Ed | Full Story»

Re: First Orgy
That's not an orgy. It's a couples swap. Actually in your case, it's your gf cheating on you with your best friend, then you getting even by fucking your friend's gf.
Poster: Superman | Full Story»

First Orgy
A couple of years ago I had my first orgy. I was renting an old apartment in a shady part of town and I threw small parties every week. I had my girlfriend (Abbi), my best friend (Justin), his girlfriend (Holly), and two of our guy friends over for the night. We were all getting drunk as usual, and as the night turned to morning our two guy friends passed out in the extra bedroom. That left tw..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

PS. Skinnydip dare - picks
The story of Jo and myself frolicking in the river at Landacre was originaly sent in with pictures. These were of an older format and could not be used. However if interested I could send them by e-mail, just give me a shout.
Poster: chris | Full Story»

A good fuckin time
Well one time me and my girl friend went over to our friends house. When we got there they had a weird smile on are face and when we asked what was going on they said they wanted to play truth or dare. Me and my wife were shocked. We had never done anything sexually with friends before. But my wife smilled so i said ok. The first dare my wife dared the other woman there to go down to the beach..
Poster: john | Full Story»

Doing my wife's dares
My wife and I have loved doing dares or should that be my wife loves to set dares and loves to have me complete them and I mostly love doing the dares she sets. But the fact that my wife is my dare mistress and I’m her dare slave gives our fun an extra edge as my wife feels free to expand my limits knowing that I will not get the chance to pay her back. We have pretty much open limits but we don..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Skinnydip dare
Unusually for me I had been working in Town on a project, it was one of those gorgeous late spring days with the sun shining hot and bright. Not at all like the bleak cold of our current dirge.

There was an unexpected knock at the door, when upon answering it I found Jo standing there. “Hello” she said, “I saw your car parked outside and thought I’d see how you are?” I exp..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

How I Met My Husband
This story is both sexy and sort of romantic, in a kinky way. At the time, I was a 18 years old, was few months from graduating high school and was lamenting what I would do next with my life. I had enjoyed high school, but it was almost over now. My
social life to that point had not been all that active. I had gone out a several time with several boys over the years, had kissed a few, but ..
Poster: VERONICA WILLIAMS | Full Story»