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Gave my Ass to my Husband last Night
Wife's French Delight
Making it Even
Masturbating with others at a Hostel
My GF and my Ex Wife on the same Day
Nurse without Panties
Horny Wife
Not sure what to Do
I almost Fucked my Boss' Wife Part 2

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Sweet dare


Our first time
Let me take you back to our first time. I was working as a waitress in the Pub. When you walked in with 3 of your buddies. You took a table in my section and ordered a few brews. As the night got later I could feel your eye on me all night. As your buddies lefted you were the only one there I asked if there was anything else I could get you,You asked me to join you for a drink as my shift was endi..
Poster: Lady in Blue | Full Story»

one of those mornings
I awoke to the sound of the alarm going off. It seemed like I had just gone to bed minutes ago. After shutting off the alarm, I laid in the bed for a few minutes and realized that my pussy was wet. I reached down and rubbed my pussy, rubbing the wetness all over. Then I could feel a throbbing in my pussy lips and clit. I had woke up totally horny and ready to do some fucking. I rolled over and loo..
Poster: caligirl | Full Story»

Learn From Your Mistakes
Hi I’m Mary! I would like to relate what happened to me last November but where to start. The facts I was a 32-year-old single mother of one daughter, as we share the same birth date she invited me down to Leicester (were she’s at university) to share in her 18th birthday celebrations with all her friends. My daughter Beverly met me at the coach stop on the Saturday afternoon of the party. Whe..
Poster: Mary | Full Story»

It comes to those who wait.
I would like to tell you how! Three years ago I met the man I later married. I had been down in the dumps and in need of cheering up because my fiancé had been working abroad for three months, when he was due back he decided to stay for another three months saying, “We need the money”. I have a small tattoo on my shoulder, (an impulse thing when I was younger) it always drew a lot of attentio..
Poster: Trudy X | Full Story»

Dream come True
Every Thursday night for the past few years my wife Linda & her four best friends have a night out clubbing until about 03 am. Also the husbands gather at our house for beer cards and porno films. My best friend James is married to June, so she became one of Linda’s friends (you get the idea how we got together). Linda is a Jeans and jumper girl, until the sun shows and then it is short skirts a..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

sex fantasy
this is just a made-up story.

i am a student @ an ivy league school and i just got my first c+. the professor teacher is a 30 year old man who recently divorced his wife. after everybody leaves, i go up to him and thrust his hands on my boobs, and as his left hand slowly massages it, his right hand touches my pussy, and we lay on his desk and slowly make out. soon, i grab his cock ..
Poster: skye | Full Story»

It was hot as Hell out but I had some jobs to do. We were having the usual crowd over for a barbque later in the day so I cleaned the yard up and repaired the fence across the back of the yard. That's the fence that screens the hot tub from passers-by. That's important because you know by now what can go on around my place when people get partying. Anyway, when I finished, I had a couple of hours..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

The Lady in Blue
By now everybody will know to whom he refer's and It is his fantasy and I assume it is FANTSY so If he want's to farther your children he can. Please don't spoil it for him as pleasure is not the only result from good sex.
Poster: Anon | Full Story»

Party Hostess
Recenty my husband hosted a poker game for 5 of his friends, so being the good wife I helped him get things set up and prepared lots of yummy food for him and his friends to snack on during their game.

During the party I was in the kitchen getting some of the food and drinks together when in wandered my hub's friend Stephen, a real cutie and a fun flirt. As he was getting a beer ou..
Poster: Sara | Full Story»

Neighborhood party
Saturday night I went to the neighbors barn party. According to the neighbor, Darlene , she anticipated there were going to be about 10 people at the party. I went over to Darlene's house on Saturday afternoon. She provided me with the sheer dress that she wanted me to wear. I held the dress up to the light, and realized it was so sheer you could see clear through it. But I decided to put..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Wrong Lady in Blue
Well I guess i wasn't your true Lady in Blue But I enjoyed telling you my Fantasy.
Poster: Lady in Blue | Full Story»

Loosing My Viginity
Loosing my Virginity.
When I was eighteen (1972)I worked in a factory and soon became friends with an older lad (Asian) Imrahn (I think that’s how it’s spelt). One day he was late for work and explained that his car broke down, at the end of our shift I gave him a lift home and also a lift into work for about a week. On the last day he invited me in to meet his new wife, when we arrived..
Poster: Stephen | Full Story»

Alone and horny
Well, S was gone on his trip. I had just come in from a long day of work. I really needed to relax. S and I have kids so relaxing was going to have to wait a while. I got dinner ready, got the kids their baths, did laundry, and then headed to the bedroom. I poured myself some Jack Daniels (my fave) and sat down to chill out. I started thinking about S so I called him. We talked for a little while ..
Poster: Caligirl | Full Story»

Heathers Dare
This is Gina again. Heather came up with this dare for both of us since she likes to do them too.

She decided that we needed a "little" public display of nakedness. I say little because we planned it for a mall near us that is small and not very busy. Also we planned it for a Thursday evening which means not as many people are there.

The plan was for bot..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

My lady in Blue pt 2
My beautiful lady in blue i can't forget our night of passion as I'm sure you cannot as you see a reminder every day. Can it be true that, that hansom son i saw you with is the result of our passion.
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

saturday nite
Well, we were laying there naked on the bed just relaxing and talking. I reached over and started rubbing his cock. As it started getting harder I knew he was getting turned on and would definitely want to get busy soon! My pussy was wet as I wondered what S was going to try first. He reached over and started rubbing my pussy and touching my tits. I kept stroking that cock. I turned around and put..
Poster: Caligirl | Full Story»

road trip
S. and I needed to pick some stuff up from our local store for a trip that S was taking. We headed out about 9pm on a warm spring night. I like to dress seductively when we go out just the two of us so I threw on a short denim skirt and a tshirt, no bra. As we were rolling down the road, I lifted my shirt up and flashed S. my big tits. I did that several times while lifting up my skirt to show off..
Poster: CaliGirl | Full Story»

sharing my innocent, chubby girlfriend
Lara was a shy girl, sexually innocent and naive. About 190pounds, big slightly saggy tits, with a large round ass. She had only been with one guy before me and once I got the chance, we fixed that. At the time, I was 19, danni had just turned 18, Phillip was alot older (around 45 or 50).

Her mom had left for the weekend, so she decided to invite me over. Originally, it was just sup..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

sex toy
my girlfrind violet thought i missed a male's cock as we were walking by stores and saw one. i looked at it 'regretfully' or as she would say so the next day when she went to work, i found the sex toy cupped in my hand.
i eyed it and thought it couldnt hurt to try. i put it in my pussy, and tugged on it. it first, nothing happened. then i felt is massage my pussy until i was about to squir..
Poster: skye | Full Story»

My fantasy of you
I'm Lying alone in my bed naked caressing my slightly larger then normal size breast until my nipples are hard. Then I slowly spread my legs and start to rub my pussy while still playing with my breast and thinking about you
Then all of a sudden I feel this strange hand starting to caress my breast and slowly moving down my body. I stop rubbing my pussy as you slowly lick it from top to bo..
Poster: Lady in BLUE | Full Story»

when the k*ds aren't home.....
All the k*ds were gone. The boys were at martial arts and the girl was at a friends house. I really can't remember how it started but I know that I was going out to the kitchen to fix dinner and S. took my dress off over my head and told me to go fix his food. I laughed and walked out there. I was stirring some noodles when S comes up from behind me and reaches around to my big tits and starts rub..
Poster: CaliGirl | Full Story»

naked walk self dare
on a few occasions i have stripped down in my home and gone for a walk... a little about me; i am a 23 y/o male living in a small town in manitoba who has read almost every story and dare posted here..so yes i've been reading for a while
anyway back to my story, tonight i decided to go for one of my walks... i decided to go east a direction that i have never gone before it passes by a..
Poster: random K | Full Story»

My husband and I are not swingers in the true sense of the lifestyle. We have been friends with another couple since school days. We have gone out at week ends as a group to pubs and (children care permitting) clubs and on occasions when we have gone back to one or the other homes things have got out of hand and we have ended up with each others spouse. On these condoms would be normally be worn (..
Poster: Hurt & Angry | Full Story»

1995 the lady in Blue
My Fantasy of the Lady in BLUE.
It is 1995 we are quietly shown into your bedroom and you are wearing a navy blue teddy and split crutch panties with stockings to match waiting for your husband ass up head down. At first you are unaware that it is not your husband that is climbing on the bed as I ease your legs open a little more and then I gently lick my tongue in long sweeps from clit to ..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

hi truthordarepics.com! i just found this website out a few days ago and i really like it. im dating someone named violet rite now, and she's really sweet, since my ex-boyfriend cam dumped me. she helped me get over it and one night we shared a kiss and lately, we've been having sex three days per week. she works really late and i find it hard to have sex with her often. so one night, when she was..
Poster: skye | Full Story»

still more...bi-orgy performance
I'm rock-hard as I write this.
Years ago, during my first marriage, we were a lot freer in our sexuality than we are today.
My ex-wife was bisexual...and so was I.
She was a little more repressed about it than I was...so it took a bit of alcohol to get her to "let go".
I had a best friend, a dude, who would have sex with me, after wife was passed out.
I told her ..
Poster: amfortas | Full Story»

more youthful indiscretion
3 some,MMF, Bisexual

So Iwas living with this couple, G & B(G=him, B=her)...we were hardworking partiers...old friends.
One night we were drinkin' and smoking pot, and B says she wants G to put on the porn.
So there's porn on...before ya know it, she's got her panties down (we were all in a state of comfortable undress)and she's fingering herself on the couch, ..
Poster: amfortas | Full Story»

youth and indiscretion
My gay experiences

1st time I had sex of any kind, was with a dude...
For the record, I consider myself "try-sexual"...I love women, but I like sucking cock, too.

I was 18, and we had a big campout at the Farm...as usual, sleeping outside got old about 3 am...so into the farmhouse we all went.
My brother had like 4 of his buddies, I had 4 of mine..
Poster: amfortas | Full Story»

Hi Julie of Revealing Self Sex Pic your message read If i think your e-mail is real then I will send some revealing pictures. How can I get intouch you left no e-mail address.
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

Hi everybody.
If you intend to get in touch with me (and I want you too) and you want a reply please make sure your message makes sense and correctly spelt (use spell check). Then I’ll look forward to hearing from you.
Poster: Ann a Divorcee | Full Story»

Skye Vio's Dare(aka Me)
ok, thank you to anyone who is reading this. of course, a lot of you must be perverts, so ok; my bra size is D.
anyway i was drunk one night and we were playing truth or dare. i chose dare and my bff dared me to do something...sexual. im not a showgirl, just deeply shy, but i was crazily drunk so i nodded. trisha, my bff, said torromow i had to go somewhere public, and for the first guy i ..
Poster: skye | Full Story»

for ann a divorcee
hi ann i would love to watch ur b.f have sex so get bk to me my email is b.karl73@ymail.com
Poster: karl | Full Story»

Cindy's sister,Dianne, was moving out of her appartment and we went to help. We moved several pick-up loads to her new place. There were a few things left to get and then the carpet needed vaccuuming, but we were getting hungry ,so decided to have something to eat, then go back to finish up.
Cindy told her sister that we would go and get the last few items and do the carpet while she s..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Hot sex
I love sex. There are some days though, that I want it quick, hard, and fast. Today was one of those days. S. had to get up and go to work for the night. He was laying in the bed sleeping but needed to get up. I walked over to the bed dropping my clothes along the way. I crawled on the bed, leaned over and placed my nipple right on S.'s lips. He opened his mouth and started licking it. When he fin..
Poster: Caligirl | Full Story»

Well, I was afraid the day might be like any other. It was our 10th anniversary and we didn't have any special plans. We both work and have very busy schedules so it is hard to make plans. S. and I woke up and decided we would take a drive so we headed out on the highway. Now, I love to pose for pictures outside. Clothes on or off - I love it - so I threw my camera in my purse. S. took off down th..
Poster: Cali girl | Full Story»

Black Orgy
Sally Ann here to bring you up to date. My life has been turned upside down for better or worse it's changed. One day I was a happily married women content with her once or twice a month sex life and and the next? I am a “Black cock hotwife whose pregnant to a Blackman and a stranger. Friday tea time John (hubby) and I had a long talk; he accepted his part in my adultery. He also told me that h..
Poster: Sally Ann | Full Story»

Invite to Karl
Hi Karl I want to see my w/e black b/f with another woman why don't we watchtogether> just get intouch.
Poster: Ann a Divorcee | Full Story»

reply to carl
email us if interested. our pics are posted for your viewing pleasure
Poster: sirmeph | Full Story»

just want to watch couple make love.
hi im karl 30 married from m.boro i would like to meet nice friendly couple who like to have sex in front of strangers .its my fantasy and i hope its yours im 100 percent discrete and shy. so if any body wants to for fill there fantasy my email is b.karl73atymail.com
Poster: karl | Full Story»

Two Blue Lines
Thanks Ann! Until I read your warning I had not realised what a fool I have been, being intoxicated and sexually aroused to the point that I didn’t think about anything other that sexual relief and satisfaction. When I wrote my experience’s down I was reliving the moment and it still didn’t dawn on me. Well I have now, I went and got a test kit did the test and it come back showing two blue ..
Poster: Sally Ann | Full Story»

Meeting her
Just the sight of her, and his whole being craved her touch.
She was as beautiful as the celestial sky, and totally oblivious to the fact that she had left him like a deer before oncoming headlights, standing there mesmerized by the subtle twinkle of the stars in her eyes and aspect.
He longed to know her name and aspirations, longed to know each well- kempt secret which might have h..
Poster: Taen | Full Story»

I Have a Dare for Gina
I have really enjoyed reading your stories regarding the breaking of your shyness shell. Now that it is broken, how about posting some pics of you in (and out) of all of those sexy outfits from your stories? With so many eyes to see you that would really be some exhibitionism.
Poster: Hamster | Full Story»

Our friends, Jody and Willie, had just bought a new house out in the country and had invited us, me & Cindy, to have a sort of house warming party. When we finally found the place,(we got lost a couple of times),we were very surprized that it was as secluded as it was back amid some huge trees. It has a park-like setting with absolute privacy which got my mind working around the idea of having Jod..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

laid down by my husbands friends who came home for a party
It was raining heavily outside as we sat together myself my husband and 3 of his friends from his college days. It was a get together kind of thing with scotch and a lot of snacks which i had prepared as cooking is my favorite. All the males had 4 shots down when my husbands phone rang. Oh my god he muttered to himself. He had to pick up his brother from the station. It was 8.30 and time for the t..
Poster: radhika shetty | Full Story»

Warning to Sally Ann
Sally Ann I know how easily it is to become addicted to Black cock. Are you willing to pay the price of unprotected sex, Yes! it's exciting with bigger & better orgasm's.
Poster: Ann a Divorcee | Full Story»

My Shyness shell last entry
So here it is my last entry to my (long) story. Although it all happened in one week it took a while to remember it all and write it all out. Anyway this is the last one, I hope you have all enjoyed this it has been liberating to share.
I woke up on my back with my left leg off the side of the bed and my right spread out where my heel was just holding me on the other side of the bed. Heathe..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

Fantasy fulfilled?
Is anyone in the Atlanta area looking to fulfill a fantasy of having someone watch them have sex, but just haven't worked up the courage to ask someone? I'm a 27yo male, and it has been my fantasy to enjoy watching a couple fuck the night away while I'm in the same room. I'm ready to take this fantasy to reality, and even get some pics for the site while at it. I'm going to be in Atlanta (near ..
Poster: Matthew | Full Story»

any dares you would like to see?
Hey, my wife and i are sports fans and we make a lot of bets on games. We had a bet on the lakers and nuggets series. Well as most of us know lakers won and she lost the bet. So her punishment for losing her bet is that yall decide her dare to post on the blog. she is 22 tall slim b cup. She has never posted on here but she has done a few for losing bets. If this works out well we might let you al..
Poster: budd | Full Story»

Sexually Satisfied at Last.
Yes it’s Sally Ann to recount Friday night’s exploits, J & I went to the same club again I was soon dancing and drinking and really enjoying myself as I alternated between two mates. As the night came to a close both men invited back to their house, I told them that I was willing to go but first I had to tell my husband. J said that it was O.K as long as they used condoms both men nodded the a..
Poster: Sally Ann. | Full Story»

First Threesome - Rounds Two And Three
The next day was a wilder re-run of the previous evening. This time Shelley wore her black, hold-up stockings and her stilettos the entire time even in the hot-tub, as she knew that was one of my favorite turn-ons. At her suggestion we had also set up two video cameras and recorded four hours of virtual non-stop, but slow and gentle screwing and fondling. Shelley managed thirty-one orgasms in this..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Playing billiards at the local bar.
Last night I went to a local bar with a bunch of our friends. Nothing was supposed to happen as this was just a bunch of friends who only some of them casually know about my exhibitionistic reputation. As always I was one of the few women that wore a dress. The other women that were in the group were either wearing jeans or shorts. We were drinking as always and playing billiards. Of cou..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Harry buffalo Punch
The amount of grain alcohol and the fruit makes an interesting combination. We had one of those interesting exhibitionistic opportunities. I hadn't eaten, which complicated things. And of course I was the only one dressed to kill. I was wearing a dress. It was an outdoor party at husbands ex-colleague's house. There were at least 40 or 50 people at the party. There was a small group..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Bored in the capital..!!!
Anyone in the UK up for dares and fun..?
I'm a 28 year old guy living in London
Poster: London | Full Story»

neighbors wife revenge
My husband is out of town. One of the neighbors invited me over to their house last night. There were four couples there, and two unattached males. So I was the only woman there that came by myself. The only people I knew were my neighbors, and they know very much about my exhibitionism, and my sexual adventures. Her husband previously had only gone as far as touching my breasts but he has ..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

All good things come to an end
Jen called in on the Saturday after the discussion with Steve so that we could make love instead of the lustful fucking we had had previously, although it was gentler we achieved the same explosive orgasms we had experienced with the wild lustful fucking. Steve had given his permission to meet once a week although it was jenny that dropped in for sex every chance she got I was pleased. On the firs..
Poster: Jonah Morran | Full Story»

thanks to everyone who posts
I read all the time and never post or say thanks so I thought I would make an effort.

Thanks to all the regular posters especially Gina, Laura and Dirty Dog.
Poster: islander | Full Story»

First threesome
My friend Mike had had two things for some time - a hot-tub and a desire for my wife, Shelley, then aged 34 but with the body and legs of a petite and slender teenager.
One evening he called round to do some electrics work on my car for me and later stayed and chatted, inviting us both for an evening in his hit-tub the next day. his wife was away for the week and he was alone.
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Pizza delivery dare
I was with my husband and two of his colleagues on a business trip last fall. I really wanted to take my clothes off in front of my husband's colleagues, and explore some opportunities. We had been out and about and we came back to the bar at our hotel. Somehow I manage to engage a conversation about how I have answered the door at our house in the nude to strangers including pizza deliver..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

my sexy times
so, like, me and my guy were out walking, and when we got home, i sat on my couch and we talked. then we hugged and french kissed (great) and then he started to undress me! after he undressed me, he undressed himself while i waited (sweet!!). there was no explaining, we knew just what was gonna happen. he layed down, and I lay on top of him. we did it for like, thirty minutes. then he got u..
Poster: crazy dudette | Full Story»

Pretending to be drunk
We went out to dinner with several of my husband's clients several times on this one business trip. Somehow my husband had opened up a discussion about some of my embarrassing moments. He prefaced things by getting the guys and warning them if I have to much to drink they might end up seeing me naked. His clients I am sure thought he was kidding, but I knew they wanted to get the opportunity..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

My name is Sally Ann (yes really) I am a 34-year-old married women with three k*ids. J and I married young and three k*ids followed one after the other, the day after I came home with the new one my day told J that he either had the snip or he would castrate him. As the k*ids grew up J & I started having a Friday night out together then I noticed how jealous he was, he didn’t like it ..
Poster: Sally Ann | Full Story»

Buddys new van
My buddy jim needed to have his new van serviced.
and since the dealer was over an hour away He asked if I wanted to take a ride. I said sure, and asked Karoline if she would like to come.
She agreed. The trip to the big city was uneventful. But what happened on the way back gets me hard just thinking about it.
We're in the van and Jim is driving,I'm riding shotgun and Ka..
Poster: Gabe | Full Story»

Josee is Hot
Josee, you are so hot! With that sweet face and smoking body, your pictures should be posted here all the time. Please send more when you're feeling naughty again! Thanks.
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Cindy and I were out for our evening stroll which usually involved walking a few laps around the local high school track. We were out a bit later than usual, but there were still several other people at the track doing the same thing. It was a warm summer evening and we were only half way through our customary four laps around the track when we noticed we were now alone on the track with the light..
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My little
So it all starts when my bf told me about this site. he always wanted me to do this but i always said no but today is his birthday any i didnt have a gift so these are me i hope you like them ever sins me and my bf started to do the dares we read are sex life is amazing thanx
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