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Saw my Girlfriend's Sister Wearing a Butt Plug
The Store Clerk Stared at my Nipples
Our 1st threesome
My BF had Sex with another Woman while I Listened
Kissing Cousins
Bottomless Zoom Meeting
Massage Experience
Wife and her Co-worker
Answered the Door Naked for my Birthday
Reasons Women Cheat

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Sweet dare


Topless Wrestling.
“Do you mind if we make a slight diversion?” Mike, my boyfriend, asked after picking me up from work. “My sister’s asked me to deliver a gift to her friend, Mo.”

“Mo?” I enquired.

“Yes- Mo. Short for Maureen.” he clarified. “I think it’s her birthday tomorrow. We shouldn‘t be too long.”

“I sincerely hope not,” I smiled. “..
Poster: Tracie-Louise | Full Story»

one night
We were at a friends house after a night out all were drunk except me i cant drink. any way i was so horny i took wife to room and started to eat her when her best friend came to door and turned on light asking what was up i said if your not going to help get out . Well to my suprise she came over and started to lick her as i was i moved out of her way and got behind her so i couls fuck her ass . ..
Poster: rickt | Full Story»

My night with beth
There is this woman at work called beth , she is the sexiest woman I haveever seen. I asked her out on a date and to my surprise she said yes! One thing lead to another we at the cinima she kissed me first a long passionate kiss so sweet and tender. She whispered in my ear toilets 5 minuets. I waited five minuets then went after her. I went into the toilets and she let me in the cubical. We kissed..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

the BEST sex EVER
on day me and my husband were at the beach when we go the idea of renting a hony moon suit at the sexyest hotel and buying me a super sexy outfit.then when we got to the hotel room i went ti change into my super sexy outfit. and make him go out and buy the best wine he loves and while hes out i go get ready for the best thing in my married life SEX .when he cam back i was in bed and ready four act..
Poster: sara | Full Story»

My first time with a girl!! And the start of an affair
I first started to find myself attracted to girls school, at this time I was still a virgin but I had discovered masturbation, I used to get very turned on seeing the other girls in the shower after games. There was one girl in particular I used to lust over her so bad and many times I used to masturbate while dreaming it was her with me! Unfortunately I never had the courage to do anything about ..
Poster: Stacey | Full Story»

I Love College
I am sorry my story is short but, it is all that is needed to be said. I am a Sophmore in colloge. i was at a party one night and two girls come up to me and take me to the next room. Without saying a word we are all naked. I had sex with them both. The next day we all went different ways. I love college.
Poster: A Lucky Boy | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip- Part 1
One summer, quite a few years ago…

Carol and I were the only nurses at the hospital where we worked to own motorcycles. I had a small 125 cc Honda; in contrast, her machine was a classic British BSA 500.

In the main, we tended to avoid male bikers, most of whom seemed to be under the asinine impression that we rode our vehicles wearing our nurses’ uniforms. For t..
Poster: Tracy H | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip- Part 2
The weather was hot on Saturday afternoon when we rode to Mandy’s home, which was (to our mild surprise) located in a fairly wealthy area of town. Mandy answered the door barefoot and in a black silk dressing gown- I remember thinking at the time that it was a bit late in the day for her to have just rolled out of bed! She told us to leave our helmets in the hall before leading us into the sumpt..
Poster: Tracy H | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip
Carol sighed.

“It’s still too warm in here, even without our jackets,” she said. “Tell you what- let’s even things up and strip off ourselves. It’ll be a laugh when Mandy comes back.”

“But…” I began, doubtfully.

“C’mon, Tracy! Don’t be a party-pooper,” urged Carol. “Besides anything else, it’s unfair to Mandy that she’s..
Poster: Tracy H | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip- Part 4
“You know, you really do look out of place in here with your clothes on,” Mandy insisted. “There’s nobody else around but we three girls. You could strip too if you want to.”

“No,” I muttered. “I’m fine.” I was beginning to feel agitated by the way the conversation was going. The heat didn’t help.

“Oh, well- have it your own way.” Mandy sound..
Poster: Tracy H | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip- Part 5
My lacy briefs fluttered softly to the floor, leaving me completely and utterly naked.

Carol and Mandy let go of me and stepped back to admire their handiwork. I stood before them with my legs tightly together, my hands cupped over my vagina and my head bowed. My shoulder-length blonde hair didn’t quite cover my red, embarrassed face. I stared down at my bare toes, feeling totally..
Poster: Tracy H | Full Story»

Sunshine Strip- Part 6.
With a little difficulty, Mandy pulled a heavy antique armless wooden chair from the corner to the centre of the room. “Let’s get her tied to this chair,” she said to Carol. The two naked girls lifted my squirming body on to the seat, tying me in a sitting position with the remainder of Mandy’s silk scarves. My hands were lashed to the back of the chair, and another scarf under my bare bre..
Poster: Tracy H. | Full Story»

Cindy and I were visiting her mother last Saturday evening and things were going quite well until "Mom" asked if we wanted to play some cards. I asked her what card game did she want to play. She said,"Strip Poker!" I made a mistake and responded with, "Boring!" She said,"What's so boring about that?" I said,"Play a hand, lose, take off something.When everybody is naked, you get dressed again. Bor..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

Shower Power
My flatmate and I once missed the midnight celebrations at a New Year’s party because, as usual, we‘d spent too much time showering earlier in the evening. So, we decided our New Year’s resolution would be that we should both spend no more that half-an-hour per day in the bathroom- quite a sacrifice for a pair of teenage girls!

A couple of days later, I arrived home from the o..
Poster: Yvonne H | Full Story»

Alexa, The Boss.
She was sat behind her desk as usual. Stern stare etched on her porcilin face; legs crossed and leaning forward slightly. Somewhere in my mind i knew she did that purposely to tease me, because it pushed her breasts together in the most sexually menacing way.
She was a viper here, a snake in the grass. Her promiscuity had everyone at this company falling at her feet; and yet her seductivel..
Poster: Kristy | Full Story»

For Susan
Hi Susan,
A pity your email address is not working...
Poster: Kup | Full Story»

I am a white pettite girl. My boyfriend likes to ask me some daring things and i try to do them. Last saturday we went to the disco with with three more college couples. I was wearing a short skirt, thong, a transparent shirt and a white bra. We were all dacing and very excited. Then my boyfriend asked me to go to the bathroom and take of my bra and thong. I was surprised and excited at the same t..
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Our first experience of "Both Worlds"
My boyfriend and I have been discussing a visit to a nudist resort since December, but there was never time to fit that into our busy schedules. Last Saturday morning I went early to the office to catch up with some work. I just got into the swing of things when I got a message from him saying that he will pick me up in less than an hour, and I only need to pack a hat, shoes and a swimming towel....
Poster: E& B | Full Story»

sexy night
Met my wife at a local semi dark bar. Started with beer. After the third one I asked her to open her blouse a bit. She has 36 dd breasts. She did. The waiters started taking rounds to look at her. She put her breasts over the top of the bra. The guys were going nuts. We took a cab and my wife was a little reluctant but she told the cabbie that she was an underwear model and asked him to judge her ..
Poster: freddo | Full Story»

auctioning off my clothes
We were visiting one of our neighbor friends last night and they had a bunch
of people over. The one neighbor was teasing me
about taking my pants or my jacket in front of all the people. There
were a lot of people at the party and only a handful of them know my
reputation and even less than that have seen me without clothes on. It
was essentially kin..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Wife exposes me to the entire hotel
We were both pretty drunk and my wife dares me to let her tie me to the wooden chair in the hotel and flash someone.
She tied my hands behind my back and tied my legs spread wide open by the ankles and feet so I could not close my legs at all.
I was spread wide open for any body to see.
She then pushed the chair in front of the picture window, opened the drapes and front door...
Poster: pictkr | Full Story»

sleeping wife
Well i dared my friend John to enter the darkened bedroom of my sleeping wife and lay next to her and touch her ass. Well he did, in fact he even slid his hands down her pants and rubbed in between this 2 lips, lucky bastard.
Poster: Alex | Full Story»

our first threesome
Well i have been married for 20 years to my beautiful wife Mary. I was a virgin when we got together but she had been with 9 guys before me this didn't bother me one bit. She is a 5 ft bombshell and i love her with all my heart. She would share her previous sexual encounters with as i listened with envy, to think she could get 9 guys all worked up. She shares which one was better and why. Accordin..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

I got a call from "Mom" the other day asking me to do some photography work for her. I asked what she had in mind and she replied that she wanted some steamy shots of her having sex with two guys. That didn't surprise me at all after some of the other capers she has pulled. I asked when and where she wanted to have the session. She told me to bring all my gear to her place on Friday night around 7..
Poster: DIRTY DOG | Full Story»

My GF and I went out for a very nice dinner then decided to go to a movie. She really looked hot in her mini skirt and sheer blouse with lacy bra visible.
When we got to the theater I handed her my small Swiss Army knife with the small scissors and asked her to go in the ladies room and cut a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose so I could have clear access to her pussy during the movie.

Boyfriend Dares Me to be Exposed
By the time I was 19 I meet Josh. He is a few years older and we hit it off right from the start. I had sex with him on our second date and he's just fun to be with. He had small parties once or twice a month and I meet a lot of new friends. One night we were at Josh's apartment with two other couples and they started talking about strip poker. I didn't want to play at first but Josh dared me..
Poster: Pat | Full Story»

Lesbian bondage- almost!
Unwisely, I told a few of my female friends that I was having lesbian fantasies about a younger girl I had recently met.

A few nights ago at a party, the other girls stripped me totally nude, tied my hands behind my back, bound my bare ankles together, gagged me and dumped on a double bed. Then they dealt out exactly the same treatment to the girl I told them I’d been dreaming abo..
Poster: Amanda Jaykay | Full Story»

No relationship ties.
Okay so tonight I went to this guys house that I like and we were on his bed he turned me on my rubbing my clit and then fingering me, then while he was fingering me he took my hand and moved it to his penis then I gave a hand job for like three minutes while he gradually pushed my head down farther and farther next thing I knew I was giving the first bj I have ever given, and I didn't want to sto..
Poster: Holly grade a | Full Story»

make myself a cuckold
My blonde wife had tight pussy, a virgin asshole, she is beautifull : B cups, wonderfull ass, long legs, natural blonde long hair. She has always been a true girl but in the bed not so hot, she liked missionary and sometimes doggy, no anal and few cold blow job . I like to lick pussy and she was a bit ashamed to get it. Moreover short dress only on holiday and no sexy lingerie. I have always dream..
Poster: pet | Full Story»

Do carpets match drapes? Almost never
... at least for women with blonde hair.

I may have looked at every photo on TorDPics, and I have not found a single case in which a woman pictured has blonde pubic hair.

OK, so these days 65% of the women are shaved. But still.

I inherited my interest in blonde pubes from an old college friend. Until he mentioned it, and one woman we both knew who he s..
Poster: CP&Peg | Full Story»