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The way Oral Goes
First time at the Nudist Club.
Two Sides
I have a Secret identity Online (38 yo F)
Morning Routine: Run, Swin, Fuck
Helping out at Car Wash
Bahamas Joy fourth encounter
Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink

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Sweet dare


training seminar
The company I work for required that I travel to Portland, Or. for a two day seminar.
My hubby knows how horny I get and suggested that he would accompany me on that trip and watch as I tried to seduce a couple of guys.
The first day I noticed a guy checking out my body. I always dress sexy.
I asked him if he saw something he liked. His response was yes.I asked him if he wo..
Poster: beth smith | Full Story»

re: D+M
D+M, we read your story and loved it. we'd really love to chat sometime;) 8013723770@vzwpix.com or sixxxty9isfine2001@yahoo.com
Poster: R&M | Full Story»

SEXY Present
Christmas Eve, we were wrapping and putting together all the toys. There would be my wife, bent over, tearing me up. I would walk by and spank her, jokingly on the butt. Finally, everything was done, time for a break. I sat on the couch, and M walked in the bathroom and then the bedroom. M told me to "come here" she need help with this present. I walked in, there she was,across the bed, NAKED, wit..
Poster: D + M | Full Story»

Cousins girlfriend pays a visit
This is my first submission, so hope its OK. This happened just last night and I had to share it while it was fresh in my mind.

I have been attracted to "Kim" for quite a long time. She used to work at a local grocery store that I stopped at frequently and she always wore what I thought
were the sexiest outfits. Usually a pair of mid calf boots and a skirt that came to jus..
Poster: Riffraff | Full Story»

Crazy Night III
After Tom shot his load, Lori grabbed her clothes and went upstairs. I followed her. She went into their room and crawled into bed. I laid down next to her and asked if she was alright. She said she was fine just drunk and tired. I apologized for everything and told her I felt responsible since I brought the dice. She laughed and said it takes four to tango. She kissed me and said can we talk abou..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Breaking Sherri In
We were not long marrid and since we had lived together for a few months we did know what each other wanted usually. Sherri was 18 and I was 21 when we got married and we had been reading about lots of different sexual fun in the Penthouse Forums we got. She had not done much except the missionary position and had never been eaten even so that was great for her. She was a little plump and had nice..
Poster: Steven McCain | Full Story»

Crazy Night II
We got back to Tom's house, fixed our drinks and started to play the dice game. For the first 1/2 hour it was pretty tame with the girls being rather conservative. Tom and I kept telling the girls they sucked for not being more imaginative.

Kris finally gave in and let me kiss one of her 36D tits. Tom said he's waited 12 years to see them, and he wasn't disappointed. Lori soon was ..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

This is a test
If I'm older than 18, can I talk about something that happened when I was younger than eighteen?

***From Webmaster - Unfortunately no. It's best to play it safe.
Poster: Confused | Full Story»

Crazy Night
My wife Kris and I were going out to meet another couple for drinks about 10 years ago. Kris and me were married for 10 years and the other couple,Tom and Lori 3 years. Tom and I have been friends for 20 years since we were 15. He's had a crush on my wife since we started dating, and I've always thought his new wife was stunning. Tom and I have talked about swapping girlfriends since high school ..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Freshman year of college
This happened the other day. It's my freshman year in college. It was about a month into school when I met a girl from my high school who had transferred and had some classes with me. Because we knew each other we immediately started talking. About a week later I started to flirt with her. She started to flirt back and this went on for a long time. Well the next semester rolled around and we got..
Poster: Cesar | Full Story»

I couldn't believe it
Back in early 2009 me and my wife seperated. Our sex life was in the crapper and we were looking at divorce. My wife is 40 and i am 35...i moved out and was living in a small studio apartmant in another town 30 miles away from my wife. My cousin Alex called me and he was not aware that me and Marcie had seperated. He came by and paid me a visit. We talked and just hung out for a bit, and somehow t..
Poster: Richard | Full Story»

I got Lucky
this was back in 1992...I was out one night cruising my mini truck when i saw some 19 year old girl that i knew liked me. I didn't really even know her, she was a few years younger than me her older sister hung with my older sister. I invited her for a ride and she climbed in. I took her out to remote spot by the lake and we started kissing. Things were getting hot so i began unbuttoning her pants..
Poster: David | Full Story»

Gorgeous Georgie the Gestetner Girl.
Anyone who remembers Gestetner copier machines were will realise that this story is from quite a few years back. I was a newly qualified art teacher, working in a secondary school in the south of England.

Georgina, or Georgie, as she preferred to be called, a stunning young woman in her early twenties, worked in the 'duplicating' dept.-a small, windowless room at the back of the mai..
Poster: Colin | Full Story»

Lost bet
I have been reading this site for some time and have been trying to get my gf to let me post some pics on here, however she is too shy.

I then decided to play her at a game of cards suggesting that if she lost she has to let me post some pics of her on here.

Unfortunately I lost and now have to post a pic of myself however the site rules do not allow only male pics...
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

store flashing
My hubby reads truth or dare everyday. And has been wanting me to do some of the dares.
A few weeks ago , he talked me into doing one for him. I wore a very short black dress , with a garder belt , and black stockings and heals. ( no panties or bra).
We went to a grocery store ( about 2 am ) and he just stayed at a distants , to enjoy the view .
As I did some shopping , I f..
Poster: Connie | Full Story»

The Sister-in-Law
I pulled the car off the road and drove down the track a couple of hundred yards,stopping in a small clearing. I switched off and the summer twilight fell silent except for the faint cooling sounds from the engine.

Jo, in the passenger seat,didn't say anything,but turned her head towards me. I reached out for her hand,and held it. I was aware that one way or another, my life was goi..
Poster: dom | Full Story»

I fucked a cop and she liked it
You're never going to believe what happened to me. Okay so I parked my car in a car lot to go shopping for Christmas gifts and when I got to my car it had a ticket on it. I was mad because I had been getting those lately. I noticed that they were all from the same cop so I looked that cop up and called her. I asked her why she kept giving me parking tickets and she replied I'll explain if you mee..
Poster: Tomas | Full Story»

Vacation time in the waves
This is the first time I have posted, but I have a few stories to tell. I am trying to get up the nerve to post a picture, but I am afraid of someone seeing me and recognizing me...and I have to say I think it is best when someone shows their face in the pic -- I like those pictures much more! So thank you to everyone who does post their faces!!!!!

This is a simple story -- my hus..
Poster: Shy Sarah | Full Story»

Butlins - Day 2
If you want to know how this starts read Part 1!

After the sex I must have pretty much gone into a deep sleep, because when I woke my husband was up and I could here noise in the small kitchen / lounge.

During the night some of my husband's sperm had leaked out so I wiped it from my inner thigh (I was still naked) and noticed that the bedroom door was open. I quickly ..
Poster: kinky emma | Full Story»

Caught His Eye
I wanted to catch my Husband's attention, to remind him that he had a Sexy Wife at home and spark a little "jealous horny action" maybe?! So I put on a very thin microfiber thong and some very thin, tight leggings, topped off with a tank top with a built in bra, only I wore a black push up bra underneath it to push my large 38 DD Natural Breast up and catch his attention. I then proceeded to tell ..
Poster: Alexandra Peoria | Full Story»

Trying to get my wife to post pics

I desperately want to take nude photos of my cute and sexy 29 y.o. wife and post them to this website. Any guys out there have words of encouragement? Email me and if I can get some pics would love to send you them (even if she doesn't let me post them here), so you can have your way with them...
Poster: ManWithSexyWife | Full Story»

Butlins - night 1
Hi, I've posted a few times now, so guess you're starting to know me.I'm an english girl living in Wales, with a good body and a husband who likes to show me off....

We'v just been away to Butlins which is really a large holiday camp for children in the UK, but who supplement their income with adult weekends at the tail end of the season. This story is about our three nights there r..
Poster: Kinky Emma | Full Story»

My Perfect Wife
One I will never forget!

I truly know that being a man and having a wife that turns me on just by the sight of her, I crave sex more then my wife. So when ever we get the chance to make love it is great. The other night is one that will go in the books as one of the greats. I knew my wife was up for it but just not that much; it felt like all my birthdays had come at once.
Poster: Keith & Tanya | Full Story»