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Jan returns home knickerless
Naked in the street of Paris 2th time.
Stripping at the lake for a friend
RV Sex (with friends)
Girlfriend shared
Sex with 3 Unknown Couples
care in the communaty
Tent shadows
Caught and Punished
Our new life continued

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Sweet dare


HOT Blonde Doorgirl
She was the Doorgirl at the club. She stood 5'5" tall and had a perfect body. 34C tits and a hard tight ass. Her Blue Eyes were incredible but what really set her apart from other gorgeous girls was her long Blonde Dread Locks. Really they were more white, or platinum. Coleen went by another name but we don't want to kiss and tell. One night I added her apartment key to my collection.
Poster: Pleasure Seeker | Full Story»

Meet us in Tempe
I sure hope someone reads my story 09/19 about Tempe and can meet us in Tempe, Az. Dec 29 or 30th!
Poster: Toni T | Full Story»

Flashing the Bartender
I love when my girlfriend wears short skirts and nothing underneath when we go out. We always sit at the bar and chat up the bartender. I try to get her to wear sheer or revealing tops with a 1/4 cup bra underneath too. So most times when we go out I'm either admiring her boobs in a sheer top, trying to get her boobs to fall out of a low cut top or playing with her pussy under the bar. Well the ot..
Poster: Gary | Full Story»

Under the pool-light
A few years ago when I was 18, I was at a party at a bar, invited by a few friends. At the time I was anti-social (i mean, really anti-social.) Well, while I was there I started talking to this great red-head. Somehow, I stumbled through and got her laughing, which helped.

There was karaoke going on, and the rest of the bar had shut down. We ended up in a back room talking, then mak..
Poster: Eddy Cebastian | Full Story»

Jogging in the park
I arose early Sunday morning and got prepared for my usual run,as I was about to head out after stretching my wife Lori enquired about possibly going with me. I waited until she dressed for the run and again opened the door, she was not really kean on running on the roadside near our home and cited all the dangers promptly. I caved in and suggested we go to the local park and run there.
Poster: adventurous Couple | Full Story»

Vacation Excitement Part II
Hi again! We got some positive feedback from our September post, so I wanted to thank those who commented. We were actually really pleased to read that people liked it. Comments and comparable stories were appreciated and turned us on to read.

So day one of the vacation went pretty well, having met Sean and Courtney at the pool before they were nice enough to show us the utter rel..
Poster: Boating Couple | Full Story»

NY Girl
Jill was from New York City. I met her while releasing a single, on a compilation CD. She worked for the record label. Jill was an exotic beauty with long brown curly hair, and deep brown eyes to seduce you with. But what really seduced you were those tits. Gigantic 38DD's and what a set to behold! Her booty was simply perfect too.
One night it was snowing out and the club had just cl..
Poster: jack | Full Story»

dress your boy up baby
I was rather scared at first, but eventually even I almost believed my own lie. So as not to look suspicious I cornered the first sales woman i saw and requested her help in selecting two sets of panties and bra’s.

Maybe I should start at the beginning, my girlfriend for about four years and I were having a dry spell, we would maybe have sex once every two weeks and the most exci..
Poster: bibwcouple | Full Story»

Rachell is about 5foot 3inches tall with gorgeous red curly hair and bright green eyes. She weighs about 115 lbs and has a Huge Booty and 38DDD Tits that are the best I've ever seen. They are twice as long as they are big around and topped with Huge Dark Pink Nipples. I ran into her at the club one night and she was never shy. She would rub my dick thru my tight pants and tell me how she wante..
Poster: Rock | Full Story»

making love with out penetration
After my wife Betty, and my Buddy Brian, became fuck buddys, one day at Brians, sitting on his couch, me on one side of Betty, and Brian, on the other, I gave Betty, a kiss, and told her to give Brian, one, when kissing Brian, she began rubbing our dicks through our pants, we then took them out and Betty, got on her knees between my legs giving me head, soon I told her to suck Brians, dick, Brian,..
Poster: steve777 | Full Story»

Backstage At The Concert
We were so psyched! Helmet was finally playing by us and they are so killer! I rode to the show with friends because my license got suspended. We had passes so this hot chick Liza and I were backstage as Helmet started rocking. She liked me and started rubbing her ass against my crotch as she danced. She was around 5' 5" tall with Blue hair, and kind of small tits and ass but really sexy skin..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Car sex
Whenever we ake a trip longer than an hour and a halfwe end up having some sort of car sex.
Last weekend we had a two hour drive to a major city, and it all starts with me holding her hand or resting my hand on her thigh. and massaging it slowly working toward the crease of her pussy. Last week I was holding her hand and it was resting on the console between our seats, I moved our hnds so h..
Poster: Paco | Full Story»

Fun at the range
After a long stressful day at work I decided to unwind by running a few rounds of ammo through my handgun at the local range. I went to the cabinet retrieved my pistol grabbed two boxes of ammo and headed to the door.As I opened it my wife Lori and our mutual friend Lindsay were just stepping onto the porch. I informed Lori of my plans and Lindsay inquisitive as she is wanted to see my handgun.

My younger sis lusty Liz dared me to post the story of my first time for you guys, so here goes. I lost my virginity when I was 20 to the man who is now my hubby. We had been dating for six months and all we had done was kiss and I had let him put one finger in my pussy, but not far or hard enough to break my cherry. He had sexual experience before me but aside from rubbing my ex boyfriend's dick ..
Poster: Maria | Full Story»

I had been driving for the company for a few months now. My buddy had helped me get the job. He was a driver too.

It had been a while since I had worked so I welcomed the new job. Now if I could just get a raise!

Pulling back into the yard I saw Phil. Hey buddy hows it going?

Did you get the raise I asked him? I don't know yet, the boss wants to se..
Poster: Driver | Full Story»

I couldn't hear the bell ringing inside the house, and pressed the button again. It was starting to rain, and I was just about to give up and try again later,when,through the frosted glass of the front door, I saw a light come on in the room at the end of the entrance hall, and a figure approaching.

I was delivering a keyboard to a musician friend of my son.- I wasn't expecting to f..
Poster: tim | Full Story»

Aftre my buddy steve, told me how much his wife Betty, loved to fuck with hairy men with big dick's and steve, knowing I was very hairy, I told him I was only average in length but have a fat cock, Betty, a good looking, 5'4", 110 pound, brunette,brown eyes,a smokin hot ass, and a firm set of titts,with big nipples that will make your mouth water, and the truth is I've wanted to fuck Betty,since..

I felt the Tip pf his Funny looking cock Speading the Lips of my Eagerlly Waiting Pussy! This will be the 1St Time i ever had another cock in me, other then my husbands and this was in Tempe, Az.!
All at once, I felt some one shaking me and here it was my Husband, I was lying around our on top of the Ground Swimming Pool, me in my 1 Piece Bathing suit!
He told me I must ha..
Poster: Toni T | Full Story»

The wife and I like to role play. One of the games we play is Doctor.

My patient will show up for treatments at the clinic.

First she must disrobe and the Doctor has to give her a physical. I inspect her gorgeous body from top to bottom. She is 5'8" tall with long straight dark hair, and big brown eyes. Her boobs are 34 C and her ass is big and round, probably the..

This happened this summer. Ten years ago, I had major reconstructive neck surgery, and I see him every three months for pain management and followups. He hires alot of nurse practitioners, this is about one of them. I'm a 41 year old single man from Boston.
Last year he hired an NP named Jen, an attractive 29 year old woman, about 5'5" black hair, nice body with average size breasts. She..

We got to the Dance Club around 10 o colck.

Julie was already there and I had been having sooooo much fun with her. She was a real hottie and we were having some awesome sex.

We danced and went outside to the car to get high. She pulled out her 36DDD tits and let me suck them as she whipped my cock out to jack me off.

She's about 5'4" tall and very cu..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

One Summer we decided to have a German Exchange Student stay at our home for a while. She went by "Sunny" as her German name was very long and difficult to pronounce.

Sunny was about 5'6" tall, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very fit at just over 100 lbs, and had medium sized perfect breasts and a tight litle ass.

She was very polite and Not modest at ..
Poster: Spike | Full Story»

My lover and I have posted photographs many time on this site and recently sent in a fantasy story. next week we are going away again for a week of nudity on the beach and sexy frolicking of the best kind. Has anyone any suggestions for some dares you would like us to do. As long as it doesn't get us arrested then we will try our best.

Thanks, The Lovers

This is my true story which I had to do yesterday! I lost a bet with my friends and I ended up having to do a dare. The dare they came up with had to do with my having to pick pears in the nude from our small orchard in the middle of the day.
I am about 5'5" with strawberry blond hair and 110 lbs ringing wet. I had to strip at the house and walk to the orchard with just my boxes to put th..
Poster: Nat | Full Story»

My husband and I went on a trip to Jamaica during this past spring, looking for some time away from everything and relaxation together. We booked a couples only resort which also featured both a regular beach and a clothing optional one. Neither of us had any plans to go to that beach, but we knew it would be an option should we ‘get crazy’ and try nude sun tanning.

Finally the..

My wife 25 is a very attractive young women with a real model figure and very long legs. One day she had to go to a butcher event. I did not feet comfortable knowing this old pervert likes my wife and as she tells me is watching her very lusty.

But I was sure there is nothing because how could she even get close to him, he is very ugly and very fat about 200 Kilos and way to old for..
Poster: Gil | Full Story»

As I sat at my desk finalizing all plans for my latest project, confirming permits, and contacting the builders for a series of filling stations that my firm had just gotten the bid to build I heard my project manager scolding my co-worker on his apartment complex he was to have scheduled for start up on September 1st. He had obviuosly not directed his crew to the proper channels and his project w..

The band was winding down, it had been a long day after waiting in line at the ferry dock and making the crossing for the party.

We left the bar and headed for the ferry terminal. We paid and got in line to wait for the boat.

I put some music on and asked Ann if she would show me her pussy as we sat in the dark car.

She smiled and hiked up her black ..
Poster: Colt | Full Story»

I,ve been after the wife to do some dares in public for a good while. See thinks that she isn"t sexy enough. I finally convinced her to show some upskirt at the mall. I asked her to wear a skirt with white underwear, and a sweater, she agreed. So off to the mall we went, we picked out a nice place to set, where there were lots of people passing by. She sat down and opened her legs slightly, b..
Poster: rocky | Full Story»

I'd been hanging out with this chick I met at college. We were just friends, really, but we were attracted to each other. She had a boyfriend and I knew that, and I didn't want to get in the way of her relationship. But she was pretty sexy.

The day I met her boyfriend I said, "oh, you must be XXX." And I stuck out my hand to shake his. He just glared at me. I was thoroughly ins..

I was showing my friend Emma (not her real name) you site and my posts, she said she had a great story which we agreed I would post using a false name, here it is...

Hi, I'am Emma and I have always had this fantasy about having sex in a pool of mud and I recently managed to live out this fantasy. I was going for a walk with my dog in some woods near my home and there was th..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Last Call! Last Call for alcohol the bartender sang out.

We had played a great show. All our friends showed up and there was quite a crowd.

What do you wanna do I asked Paul.

Let's go over and see somebody I know he said.

We worked our way through the crowd and out front to the car. The roadies had taken care of all the gear.

It was around midnight. I was at a birthday party on board a Thames riverboat. There were no lights in the dance salon except for the illuminated signs marking the exits. I was dancing with an attractive dark-haired lady dressed in a black skirt and jumper, and we were moving to a slow smoochy number,-I had my hands resting lightly on her lovely bottom, and she had her arms tight around my back. W..
Poster: dom | Full Story»

If you're reading this without reading the first two posts it may not make much sense!

Once we were happily in the hotel room I really thought the events of the day so far would result in some pretty wild sex with my partner - but still nothing - what was going on?

I unpacked and started to get ready to go out, only for my partner to say he had bought some new clothes..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

After a hard day at the office I pull into the drive to find my wife and our mutual friend Lindsay, kicked back by the pool enjoying a fresh container of margaritas. Now not that I am a chauvanist but sometimes it is nice to have a cold beverage for yourself and a greeting of " Hi honey how was your day." as you enter .Not hey old buddy hop in and lets go swimming from a semi-drunk 20 year old gi..

I have a new e-mail address. People that want to communicate to me can now contact me at lauradalton1967@gmail.com.

As some of you know I work at a hotel in the evenings doing turndown service and delivering snacks. One of the guys that was staying at the hotel last night was really hot. My boss who is female told me to go deliver him his snacks and turn down his bed in his ro..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

This is a true story. I wanted to see my wife with a black man for years. She is 52, 36c, 5'6 and 130 lbs, mother of two older children and very attractive. I am 56 and in good shape. I took a chance and contacted a BBC online, explained that I needed a black guy to pretend to meet us "by chance" and not arranged at a casino in Florida.
We had dinner at a local restaurant and headed for the..
Poster: John | Full Story»

I've never considered myself a being sexy, even thought I do have a great set of 36 B Tits! When my Husband & I were daating, i ws at a University aand I had plenty of Guys actually tell me they wanted to fuck me, but I Was dating Charlie! I had 1 Black guy tell me "If you evr went Black, You will never go Back"!
Actually I'm pretty plain! The husband is alwasy asking me to dress..
Poster: Toni T | Full Story»

It was a hot, sweltering day lying on the sun-bed and just chilling. We had arriving at the beach early in the morning to make the most of the day and also to get a sun-bed in the location we wanted it. Not too far to the front but close enough to the water to still feel the coolness of it’s breeze on my body and particularly on my naked breasts. In fact I was totally naked and loving it.

It was Hot! Did I say hot? Like 113 degrees hot.

"Who's that"? My wife asked as a car started up the long driveway to our place.

Looks like Sissy I said. We didn't have any plans Holly replied.

Well I didn't mind at all. Last time Sissy was over she took a long outdoor shower that I was privvy to and boy let me tell you!

Sissy got ou..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

Well as Friday came closer I was dreading the trip I had promissed her,shopping again. As any guy knows shopping rates high on the list right along with bamboo shoots under the nails, sticks in the eye,and kicks to the groin as a favorite thing to do.Well this was about to change.
As I got out of the shower and started to dress in some casual attire I noticed she was taking a little longe..
Poster: FUN GUY | Full Story»

I had no idea what I was thinking of when I walked into the secondhand clothing store with my two friends who had suggested it. It was one of those stores where there were lots of men and women that were there. It turns out the clothing store and they had one changing room that was both for men and women, and there was a line to use the changing booth. And the changing room was more of a port..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

We stopped in to say hi to my wifes oldest sister one morning. Hey you two! She gave me big hug as I entered squishing her huge jugs against my chest. I could see down her incredible cleavage and let my hands rub across her silky night gown covered asscheeks. Now Tammy is a big girl. A fine BBW to be sure. She is a gorgeous brunette with impeccable taste. She always dresses to the nines. Th..

When ever we go out of town my wife will wear clothes that she knows will excite me. We were leaving the hotel and heading home on a sunday morning but before we left we had breakfast at the hotel. She had put on her blue jean skirt, which gets real short when she sets down. oh yeah no under clothes is our rule when we are away. We got our food and set down, there were two guys behind me eating al..
Poster: ron | Full Story»

This happened a few years ago. My wife and i took a few days off and went to the beach about 5 hrs away. This is not a nudist beach but we usualy walk about a mile from down the beach from everyone and get naked. Well this beach is popular for shelling and it was not long before lots of people started showing up and walking our way. So we had to cover ourselfs. After about 3 hrs most people had co..
Poster: ron | Full Story»

I received a phone call near lunch time and answered it . My friend Jared wwas on the line and requested that we meet at a local eatery for a light lunch,having had an unusually busy morning I quickly replied sure because that would provide that break I needed.
when I walked in Jared had also asked his girlfriend Lindsay to join us which made me feel like a third wheel. We sat and talked t..

Hi, and thank you all for your positive comments, it means a lot to me. This will make a lot more sense if you read part 1 first!

Basically I was standing there, absolutely naked, very turned on, a bit muddy and slightly sore in places where I had been groped slightly too hard. To be honest all I wanted was a hot bath, preferably with my partner joining me!

Just then ..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

A few years ago M and myself were layed over at a truck stop in Ft Worth, Tx. for the weekend. By Saturday afternoon we were as bored as we could possibly get, drinkin a little and playing the Wii.... so, I bet her on the next game, if I won I'd put her cell # on the men's room wall.... well I won, and ten minutes later had her name and # on the wall:)... all it said was " for nude pics text Miche..
Poster: rich | Full Story»

Hi, not sure if any of you remember me, I last posted about a year ago, and was two thirds of the way through a three part story about my holiday in Butlins when my world kind of fell apart. I haven't really felt like righting about my life since then, until I few weeks ago when I re-read my stories and found myself getting quite aroused. Before I post some of the things that have happened to me, ..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

I have a reputation for giving really good backrubs, and while I don't discriminate, I'm much more inclined to give one to someone of the female persuasion. My girlfriend and her sister are both average looking, but somehow have got incredible bodies - nice, firm asses, soft skin, slender in the hips, thighs and stomach, and full breasts. I'd give my girlfriend backrubs frequently, and eventually..
Poster: Jeff | Full Story»

The wife and I were in town, and always liked to see Sissy when we could. Holly is a gorgeous brunette with 36c tits and an ass to die for. Her big sister Sissy is a hot blonde with 38d's and is just a bit taller

We had a very nice room and Sissy was going to stop by and smoke some with us. She had called and was running behind, but wanted to know if it was still ok to stop by (i..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

Hello Everyone! Sorry we haven't posted anything in a while. We have been SO busy, but this week we are on vacation. Last night, was awesome, I was on the bed, M came in and pulled my shorts down and started sucking my dick. We decided to go out on the balcony. The place we are staying, the best way to describe it, the complex buildings make a "C" I walked on out, still naked, M walked out with my..
Poster: D + M | Full Story»

No boyfriend, out of work and living in a small town with nothing to do I was bored. I was quite quite chatty with a elderly neighbour, who know my position and offered me some cash in hand if I would go in and do some cleaning for him a couple of time a week.
I agreed, after a coupe of weeks he said he was a bit embarressed to ask but he had not seen a naked women for over 20 years and he ..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Hi, I am jessica and this is the story of what happened to me a few years ago. I am blond, good figure although I could do with losing a few pounds with average looks. I was 23 at the time and out of work so had little money to spare, my boyfriend having left me about two weeks after I lost my job.
I live in a small town about three miles from the M1 motorway about 80 from London. There is ..
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Last weekend me and my boyfriend went out to the clubs i decided to wear a short skirt very low cut shirt that you can see even the bottom of my 34Ds no bra and no panties. we ended up going to a club where they have a nice bar with stripper poles my boyfriend knowing that i had no panties on under my skirt dared me to get on the bar and dance. After a few drinks i climb up on the bar start dancin..

It was last Saturday when it happend. But let me tell you how it all started. My girlfriend Alyssa was at my house. She is a very pretty girl.. nice breast and a very nice ass. She is 18 and I'm 21. But anyways we were getting bored at my house with not much to do . Until I get a text from my friend Cody he was Down the road and wanted to stop by. Of course I told him to just come over. Cody is n..
Poster: Jordan | Full Story»

I'm going in to my second year of college, and for a summer job I took a late night bartender job at a really popular restaurant/bar on the ocean. Being a hot spot, it draws a lot of big spending businessmen, and I learned quickly that sex sells, so I'm taking advantage of that. The bartenders here (either male or female) wear white shirts and black either pants or a skirt, so I started out in a p..
Poster: nicky | Full Story»

Well on the third day we arose early to have breakfast then off to the home depot to pick up supplies. The wife and I got showered and she came out of the bedroom in a short skirt with a tank top without panties.Her father thought since we would need a trailer to pick up all of the flooring and other things for the house we should ride separatly. I smiled and a said you are so right! My wife smile..

I'm currently dating a sexy Brazilian girl, tall, great 36C's dropping oh so slightly, tight bum and body. She has alot of freckles on her body from sun exposure, and i find it a real turn-on.

Well she had her college friend and her boyfriend over from back home a couple of weeks ago. Both are black and fit, with the sexy Brazilian accent. Well, my girl, Rafaella has admitted to ..

My wife and I were fooling around the other night playing cards. We had no money to play with so we decided to play strip poker. Before we got started I sort of made a side bet with her. She hates to give blow jobs so i bet her if she loses she had to give me a blow job. If I lose she could spank me with a paddle that I would go to my wood working shop and make for her. She said she would agree to..
Poster: james | Full Story»

My boyfriend and I met online and there was an animal attraction from the first date. I have never met anyone like him, he has done so much and encourages me to do things that I have never tried before and this turns me on and makes my pussy so wet.

I enjoy sex and trying new things and will take it up the ass, pussy, between my tits and in my mouth. I have never been with another..
Poster: julie | Full Story»

I'd like to see other stories of women that just love to show a little sexinesss!
I started when I was Younger, I've alwasy had a Very dark bush, and I wa kind of Ashamed of it, I'd get stared at me when taking a shower in gym class, all the other girls weren't as dark as mine!!!! I felt like I had "The Dark Forest"!
Then 1 day, I had a Little accident and took my pan..

Hey everyone. We love the feedback on our public fun story. we also loved the pics that a few people sent. kim gets so wet when she looks at them. Just wanted to share a short story that happened a few weeks ago.

We were taking a road trip out to visit a couple of friends of ours. Kim was feeling a little frisky in the passengers seat, so she took her boobs out and started to rub th..

Over the years my wife and I have had many adventures, this one happened about 6 years ago. One of my friend’s wife past away from cancer he took care of her for about 10 years and had no life other than work and doctors. His insurance paid most of the bills, but after all the heartaches he was alone, all the kids were grown.

We were talking on the Net one night and he asked me if..
Poster: Tony64 | Full Story»

Had an interesting experience at the waterpark earlier this week. I went with some of our relatives and some of our friends. We had been going on the slides and I was wearing a one-piece swimming suit all day. Things were obviously tame. After frolicking in the water quite a bit, our friends and family had a picnic. I had taken off my swimsuit and put on a T-shirt, panties and shorts. ..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

I awoke her today with a slight slap on her naked ass,she rolled over and greeted me with a sleepy grin. I proceeded to inform her that I needed a relief from my usual morning hard on,to which she responded with her pouting lips on my cock.I thrust ny dick into her mouth until I heard her gag a few times, I then had her crouch on her hands and knees while I entered her pussy from behind. I shot he..

When i entered the house my wife asked how my day was and In replied fine and continued with the general chit chat following a usual work day.
I noticed that some was awry but didn't pursue the reasons for the situation then she sprung it on me! My inlaws home had been flooded by a broken water line and being a small town with no hotels she asked if they may stay with us until all the rep..

I'm a 43 year old mother of two sons. I would consider myself to be in very good shape. I'm 5'8", 134lbs., 34c-29-35. I work out regularly and try to watch my weight. Gravity hasn't taken effect yet. My husband and I are very conservative sexually and quite frankly, he and my doctors have been the only ones to see my naked body. My husband has made overtures to me that he'd like me to show my bod..
Poster: Kate | Full Story»

My Husband and I have beren boating on the monongahella River for years, we have a 35 foot Pirana Boat! It's Really a Nice boat and I enjoy showing off a little of my Body!
I'm 59 years old and have a set of 36 B tits,But my real acccet are my long legs that go up to my Tight ass and OH yes, I'm a Natural White haired lady!!!!
I wear bikinis and really enjoy lettin..

This happened to us a couple of weeks ago while we we're on vacation.

Kim and I were at the beach and I kept prodding her to show off a little skin, since we were away from home and nobody around knew her. She was pretty resistant and kept saying she was tired, and wasnt in the mood to be playing around, but every once in awhile gave me a little peek at her beautiful nipples.

My height is 5 feet 3 inches, with 40C size boobs and a Big Bulging ass, complimented with Huge hips, I would be what you call voluptuous. I get excited when I go out with revealing clothes on and have men and women stare are me. Makes me wonder what they are thinking and if they think of me when they go home and masterbate

I have always observed men looking at my growing breasts ..
Poster: julie | Full Story»

My wife who is 5'7" and 135 lbs.,blonde haired and beautiful green eyes and I seldom take an actual vacation . We usually take road trips to various locations on our weekends ,which provides numerous chances to indulge in our favorite pastime of dogging ! We have had sex in several interesting locations including rest areas ,mall parking lots ,and new cars while test driving them among others.On t..
Poster: Fun guy | Full Story»

I enjoyed your stories, please continue on
Poster: JK | Full Story»

It was about 3 weeks since my wife Modeled for the erotic art group. During the preceding weeks we talked about her exposure. She decided that she like the exposure after she got over her initial embarrassment. My wife was more confident that she was a beautiful sexy woman even though she was over 45 years old at the time. There was a Knock on the door this Saturday Morning. It was Tommy we told h..

I am posting this story that I got from a really good friend with benefits shared with me.

Let me tell you about the young boy I had the one night thing with? It's pretty funny because leading up to that night... there was a lot of sexual tension.... flirting... looks... etc. And after that night... we act like we don't know each other. LOL! When I go home sometimes, this guy i..

My wife had been modeling for an Art Group in our home town in Western Massachusetts for a few Months when the Model coordinator called her and asked if she would do erotic poses for 3 times the money she was getting modeling for the group. She being sort of naïve to the fact that erotic poses would mean that she would be exposing her vaginal area to the group and maybe more.

She h..

My wife and I bought our dream home just outside of the city. It was a sprawling ranch house that needed tons of work!

Paint was the first thing on the list and we started the project.

It was a very Hot summer day in the North West. My wifes sister Sissy popped in to see us and our new place. We were now only a few miles apart.

Sissy is very though..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

This is a true story, we actually do this when we go out. I always have T wear miniskirts no panties, she drinks before we get to the clubs and we dance. We normally try big crowded places. The wilder the people the better so when we start dancing she loves it when I lift her skirt so guys can get little peeks of her ass and pussy. That gets her hot, specially if some guys try to accidently touc..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

My wife and I had a little cabin at the lake for the week. Her sister was out of work and had some time off, so Holly told Sissy she should come on out and stay a couple nights with us. Sissy had broken up with her boyfriend some time ago and had not got out much since.

We had a great day visiting, drinking, and smoking. I was tired and went to bed first. Our place was just a si..

As you know from our previous posts, M and I have been driving truck together for about 14 yrs. All but two breaks, once for about 8 months and again for about 3 months.....
It was during the 8 mo. break that we started using the web cam. Actually, she was using the cam and I watched;) This was before we had the WiFi & I'd look awful silly dropping trow in a truck stop since that was the..
Poster: rich | Full Story»

My wife and I recently went on a cruise with some of our family and had a great time. One of the highlights was some time we spent on the adults only deck with pool and hot tubs.

Before I tell the story, you need to understand that up until a few years ago, nothing like this would have ever happened. We have been married over 20 years and were both conservative in our sex life, but..
Poster: Harry | Full Story»

Last Summer I decided to build an outdoor shower. It gets into the 100s pretty often at our ranch. I thought it would be great to have a shower outside just like at some ocean beaches we have been to. Boys I am so glad I built this baby! My wifes big sister Sissy wanted to come visit us. She lives hundreds of miles away but we are very close and have always done things together like camping, ..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

I had never come so hard. The girl fingering me made me squirt. I had never done that. When we got to the resort, we had to choose our permanent escorts, they would be with us 24 hrs a day for the whole stay. I made sure to pick the girl who made me squirt and C picked 2 other girls. C has always been an ass man so he picked a petite blonde that had an ass that even made me jealous and picked a ta..

Not sure if you read it, but a few weeks back I posted the first part of Amanda’s Little Sister. I should have mentioned that the events are 100% true (as I recall them anyway – it was a long time ago) and the trip was in a place called Waskesiu Saskatchewan Canada. Yes, that’s a real place. Anyway I have a few minutes so I thought I’d dash off a bit more about that camping trip.

Visiting cousins in North Carolina

Was visiting some of my cousins in North Carolina. I had been telling my one female cousin about some of my interesting experiences being caught naked in a variety of places and how I am a dedicated exhibitionist. We were at their house for dinner, and earlier in the day she was teasing me about having some fun with my exhibitionism. It was m..
Poster: laura | Full Story»

Interesting hotel experience

We were staying at a hotel in Arizona. It was one of those hotels that had balconies and patios. We had a first floor room with a patio. Because of the time zone change I woke up very early. I decided to go out on the patio around 5 AM in the morning. Initially walked out on the patio in only a T-shirt and panties. The room we were in was directl..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

BBQ at neighbor's house

We got invited over to a neighbor's house for a BBQ. A neighbor had invited the majority of his colleagues from work, and there were very few neighbors at the house for the party. They had this Harry Buffalo punch, which is basically alcohol and lots of fruit. I was wearing a very short dress, very revealing panties, no bra and flip-flops. It was ex..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

I would like to relate what happened to me last November but where to start. The facts I was a 32-year-old single mother of one daughter, as we share the same birth date she invited me down to Leicester (were she’s at university) to share in her 18th birthday celebrations with all her friends. My daughter Beverly met me at the coach stop on the Saturday afternoon of the party. When we got to her..
Poster: Mary | Full Story»

My wife has been a prude since about 5 years after we got married! When we dated, she seldom wore panties and I'd play with her pussy all the way from her College in Cleveland to her town about 75 miles south of Cleveland! She's be so Excited that she's shoot all over my new Car seats!!!!
She loved cumming and Fucking, sometimes 6 or 7 times a week!
Then she got pregna..
Poster: johnny | Full Story»

For our 2nd anniversary C told me he was going to take me away for a week in a resort in the Dominican Republic. He mentioned that it was an erotic, nude resort so I packed rather light just a couple of mini dresses, no bras and no panties. The day of the trip arrived and I wore a sexy, sheer white mini sundress with no undies for the flight over to the D.R. At the airport I got nothing but stares..

I'm retired and my wife is still working! We had a great sex life, fucking atleast 5 times a week until about 4 years ago! She just gained a little wight and said she just doesn't feel like romance!!!!
So i figured I would just wait for her to want sex!
1 day i had to go to another town about 4 hours away and take care of some family busines and she was off, so I..
Poster: Donald | Full Story»

You brought your camera and decided to take pics of me that were progressively naughtier photos of me and they were great. I know I have been a bit nervous about this but just as you said, once I got into it I would feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It was like you were making love to me through the camera and it turned me on so much! You admitted showing some of the pics to some fri..
Poster: julie | Full Story»

The other day I had business to take care of a few hundred miles from home. My Wifes sister lives near there so I figured I would surprise her with an overnight visit. She is super sweet and although 10 years my senior she is hot as fuck, 5'10, 135 lbs, blonde hair with gorgeous blue eyes, 38dd tits (she has flashed me accidentally in the past), and a white girls version of the now famous Kim Ka..
Poster: Billy | Full Story»

My wife and I have been opening up lately. We whent out a month a go to a Club.I've always wanted to see my wife with another man, so we wanted to start slow. Every time we go out i'll ask her not to wear panties and to wear mini skirts for easy axes.At the Club she starter getting drunk, as she did she and I starter dancing some hiphop dj mix, i would lift her skirt to expose her ass and see if a..
Poster: Tony | Full Story»

You had asked me to dress like a slut and we were going to go out to a club and do our thing.My outfit was a low cut black dress that was cut to my naval and barely covered my tits and the skirt that hugged my ass. When I bent over you could see my well shaved pussy. I had on 5 inch black stilettos, my hair was straight and flowed over my bare back.
I was confident that all eyes would be..

This happened back in the early 70's, but I still have memories of it.

I was about two years into my second marriage, and things were beginning to get alittle dull. My first wife and I did a lot of different sexual things. Any thing went if we both wanted it we did it. Wife swapping, threesomes you name
it and we did it. But this one was a good country girl, good in bed ..
Poster: Elton | Full Story»

So me and a few buddies were on a Caribbean vacation, to one of those 5 star resorts where we met a group of older women celebrating a 40th birthday. This is where we get the term cougars, cuz these women were dying for some action.

After an evening of drinking, it was just me and my best friend Jim left with the group of ladies. I went to the mens room and when i got back, Jim ha..

Last Summer I decided to something I've never done before in my life Oh by the way I sleep naked!! Anyway I see my food supply is getting low so decided to go grocery shopping well I don't like wearing clothes espically when the heat index is close to 100. I get dressed I put on a oversized t-shirt instead of a wallet I put on a fannypack its so HOT I forego wearing pants I slip on my sandles hea..

The only anal experience I ever had was that of my OB-GYN doing a rectal exam and she had small hands so it wasn't that bad, but after my husband's birthday surprise all I could think about was seeing his cock sliding in and out of my sister's ass and the gentle ness with which he pumped her. For the next four months we continued to get together with my sis. For the couple of days I was on my peri..

I have always enjoyed the thought of having a sexual experience with an older woman. I think moms have a certain sex appeal to them that makes them seem so sexy. Recently my girlfriend was asked to house sit at her aunts house. Her aunt was going on a business trip and needed somebody to look over the house and pets, she would be gone for 3 nights. My girlfriend asked me to stay over with her for ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

I fantasize about the wife that lives next door. She's young and has an amazing body even after two kids. She also is just a wholesome person and very conservative (heavily involved in her church) which adds to the excitement of the fantasy. She's great friends with my wife and our kids play together all the time. They're going out of town for a week and I'm watching their house for them and br..
Poster: Matt | Full Story»

My fiance and I last night had a fun night I decided I wanted her to make up to me because a small fight we had a while back by fucking me, outfront of our house reverse cowgirl legs spread. And last night she finally paid up! It was an awesome night to say the least. She enjoyed watching the cars drive by while she was riding me hard her perfect breast bouncing around and her dripping wet pussy r..
Poster: steve | Full Story»

Well not so much Damascus more the A39 to Minehead (UK) but this event did shatter all my perceptions and change my life for the better.

I and my Sister had been brought up in a loving but very strict Christian house hold. And whilst not spending a lot of time thinking about my Parents sex life. I would be willing to put money on them only partaking in such delights twice. For sex..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Ok me and my girl, Kim decided to do something crazy, there is a drainage ditch behind our house and we decided to walk down it to see where it went. She was wearing a short skirt and a spegettii strap shirt no panties no bra, as we were walking she was flashing and rubbing her twat randomly even at times puttin a finger or 2 in. as we were getting towards the end there was a privacy fence on both..
Poster: rndmguy | Full Story»

Quite a few yrs ago, while M and I were on a dedicated run between NYC & LA, we had to layover in new jersey occasionally. It was on one of these layovers that I convinced her to sell a pair of her panties over the cb radio....( I had thought of this and had been trying to talk her into it for a few weeks already). We were earlier than usual and after eating dinner and catching up paperwork, bored..
Poster: rich | Full Story»

We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks. I’d pop round on the way home from school for a quick fuck, sometimes on your settee in the living room, other times on the stairs right in the hall. A couple of times you picked me up from school and took me on a short drive into the woods. Sometimes, if I had ten minutes and I was at home, I’d pop round and give you a blow job and then run back ..
Poster: StaceG | Full Story»

I work in an office with about 20 people in the same office, I was at work and talking to someone I have never met online and the talk started to get sexy, he asked if there was anyone I fancied and I said yes there was Dave. He said call Dave over and let me talk to them, so I did. The next thing he sent a link of me on Truth or dare pics. Dave clicked on it and saw me lying naked. He looked at m..
Poster: Helen | Full Story»

Her name was Madhavi. She was about 32. She was a married woman. Although she was above 30 she had a perfect body, sexy round humps and curves to die for. I think she kept such sexuality due to her regular fitness and aerobics. Her height was about 5.6 feet. At that time I was 23. I was young, fucking horny and dying for sex with any cute chick! I was well built thanks to permanent gym classes, st..
Poster: Ravi | Full Story»

On his birthday I gave C the surprise of his life. Since we started dating and my sister got to know him, she had a crush on him. She would always make comments like how lucky I was, how she wished she had someone exactly like him and one day she got bold enough to say that she would take him from me. I made a bet with her that she could not get him to so much as touch her. If she won, she would g..

I have been friends with Pete for over 4 years. We had never gone out together or shared anything else than friendship. However, i always suspected that he had feelings for me. I moved overseas and after a couple of years we met again. This time we talked and relaized we ad feeling for each other. So we decided to share a hotel room and a bed!
It was akward at the begining. I was in the hot..

So ther he was looking at me get dp'd. By the bulge in his pants, I could tell he was turned on, so could M. She got on her knees and pulled my man's cock out and started sucking it. She could barely fit the whole thing in her mouth. She guided him to the seat and he sat down next to me. He laid back, opened his let's and M started sucking him again, then to my surprise his cousin got on her knees..

I had currently been dating my now husband C for 6 months and all we had done so far was kiss and hug, but I had already fantasized about him taking me all the way. Before this night I had never even had an orgasm so aside from kissing, it was all new to me. Although he had a long history and a rep with other girls he knew I was a virgin so he had never even laid a hand on me, he had always said h..

Friday morning and my bf has left for work. I was just lying in bed relaxing but feeling quite horny. I decided to play with myself and send my bf some pics because I know it would drive him crazy seeing my big tits and wet pussy knowing he couldn't play with them. So after 10 mins of fun with my rabbit and quite a lot of pussy juices I decided now was the time for pics and then I would finish mys..

A few months back, there was a story about a girl whose friends were helping to motivate her to quit smoking. It was escalating and then abruptly cut short and the e-mail account was deleted. I've been wondering for a while what happened with that, and was hoping someone involved with the story might still be checking the site and be able to tell us.
Poster: Fan | Full Story»

Last november I broke up with my then gf A. Well the same night an old friend gave me a call wanting to hang out sometime. So we set up a date to go see a movie and just relax as friends as she had a bf. Well I get there and I remembered J being pretty but damn she was beautiful. Short at around 5'4" and curvy at maybe 150 lbs. She was 18 and cheer captain at her school, fit legs, very perky c cup..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

My wife dated someone for a few years prior to dating me. He cheated on her with a friend of hers, among other things, and they broke up. Fast forward twenty years, and due mainly to work stress, my wife and I are having sex once every eight months or so. One night when we are out, she asks me to use her Blackberry to call our son. While doing this, I notice that the ex-boyfriend's phone numbe..
Poster: Hubby | Full Story»

My friend had an odd way of looking at problems and coming up with solutions, her brother was in university and not having any luck with women...even basic things like talking to one.

So she hit on the idea of setting me up with him, for various reasons I felt obligated to her...plus it sounded kind of kinky, in the picture she showed me he wasn't even that bad looking.

Poster: Sarah | Full Story»

It had been a tough day at school. I was in the first year of my GCSE’s and it was quite a jump from what we’d been doing before. As I walked home I just wanted to get out of my uniform and into a bath. Once there I’d do what I’d done the last few nights since our adventure in the woods; I rubbed my clit and thought about you fucking me until I came.

Thinking of the woods a..
Poster: StaceG | Full Story»

My best friend Melanie and I are always hanging out and having a got time together, we are so close that nothing is weird. The only thing is that she is very modest and doesn't like to be seen nude, or make other people get nude. We went to the pool and had fun, but being in there in my bikini with a bunch of other people (public pool) made me horny! I don't know why! We started to play truth or d..

Ok so I went out in the backyard to sunbathe. Well I know that there is an 18 year old in the house next door that has a window facing out yard. It is a sendin story window, so he can see the whole yard. So I went sort of close to the side his window is on in my bikini, and set up my towel. He must of heard me cause I saw him right away. I put on sunglasses so that I could watch him without him kn..

My wife had finally taken my hints of many years and found a black lover from her workplace.
This of course was very thrilling for me, but things did not exactly turn out like I had planned. Their
escapades were exactly that: THEIR escapades! I wanted to be there at least from time to time
stroking my little white weenie. I never realized that one of my little fetishes
Poster: Voyboy | Full Story»

Yesterday me and my gf T were having a relaxing day. We were just sat on the couch watching tv when my best friend A knocked on the door to see if we minded him chilling with us for a bit. I said it was fine and asked him to come in. He sat on the couch next to T and we all just watched tv for a while. I had talked to A before about the two of us having some fun with T. He liked the idea because h..

Hey everyone sorry for the mix up but my email is: hotsexykaytee25@gmail.com

That's what I would like u to send the dare ideas to! Thanks!

We haven't posted in a while, (our 4th story) but we had an awesome night this past weekend. We went out to a bar with some friends, M got a major buzz, we flirted with each other all might. She looked awesome (she always does) wearing a little tube dress we would be at the table I would feel her sexy legs and rub her panties. After a few more beers, she went to the restroom and came back to the t..
Poster: D + M | Full Story»

Hey everyone, could you please email me any ideas you have of dares, my boyfriend and I are desperate for fun things to do, I lived posting a few days ago, and loved the responses.'I would like to write more stories, but we need to experience things first! It is supposed to be 95 where I live tomorrow so I am going to try something similar to the sunbathing thing that Stacey posted, because I hav..

My boyfriend Joshy and I have been goin strong for almost 3 years. Heres how it started. He was having a pool party, and once most people left it was just him and his best friend Kyle, and me and my best friend Tiffany. we decided to go in the hot tub. We had all had and few drinks, but were not drunk. Then we decided to play truth or dare. Josh said, I dare you and Tiffany to make out, so we did,..
Poster: Katie | Full Story»

I was sat at home one day when my mum told me she had to visit my aunt that Saturday. "But who's going to drive me to pick up that dress for the netball party?" I asked

"It’s ok", mum said, "I’ve asked Mr Greenbourne and he says he can do it". I went cold. It had been a few weeks since our encounter in the garden and we’d acted like nothing happened. I’d wondered if I did s..
Poster: Stacey | Full Story»

You’d been my neighbour all my life. I’d grown up next door to you and you’d always been kind to me. You’d babysat me since I was born and my parents were fond of you. As I’d got older I’d noticed you looking at me slightly differently. One time was when I was doing my laces up out front of my house and you came out to say hello. As I was bent over I was sure you were staring at my bum..
Poster: Stacey | Full Story»

I stopped at a gas station one morning on my way to work and after I started the gas pump I got the urge to beat off. No one was around and it was just breaking daylight and I knew I could blow one out pretty fast, so I dropped my pants and started jak'n off while standing by the pumps. The only problem is, I wasn't thinking about security cameras. Well before I knew it I looked to the back of my ..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

My wife and I rented the hall at the church where we attend regularly for a graduation party for our son. We went that morning to prepare the hall and without telling my wife, I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes. When I came out into the dining area naked I thought she was going to pass out. People we attend church with were across the parking lot in the church building for another ev..
Poster: Joules | Full Story»

So I've been dating a very open minded girl for a while now and one night a conversation led us to my admitting that i had frequented one of those shady oriental massage parlors!

She was extremely curious and suggest we go together to one. So we did.

The owner lady at the desk knew me and not usually open to couples massage, let it go as long as i paid for two! It..

8.00am Thursday morning and it feels great not to be in work. I woke and turned to my gf but she was still asleep. I got up to look out the window to check the weather and then I noticed the window cleaner was getting ready to wash ours windows. Immediately I had a naughty thought about him seeing my beautiful gf lying in bed naked. I open the blinds and got back into bed carefully. I gently pulle..

I have a friend that recently started working at a one of those fancy salons. Well, I went to him for a haircut the other day and to my surprise came out with much more!

The routine is, you go in and they wash your hair first, and even offer you a beverage. Well this particular place has a couple of sinks, which are fairly close together. While i was getting a wash, this super hot ..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Hi my name is Jean-Pierre and I'm 19 years old. I have been a great fan of this site and decided its time to make my first post.

I work in a very big 5 star hotel as a front desk clerk/night auditor and I was at work 3am this morning doing my arrival list for the next shift, when a nice short american girl came to report her key stolen. I took a look at her from head to toe admiring..

Hi everyone,

My lovely wife and I have been married for a couple of years now and are very happy. Before we got engaged, we talked a bit about our sexual pasts and she told me that I would be the fourth man that she has ever been with. She even made me wait until our wedding night until we had sex for the first time (it was worth the wait)! Since I'm 6 years older, the idea that ..
Poster: rich | Full Story»

The night before last i had the best night of my life. it started off as normal my girlfriend had gone out with her friend L. They had gone into town and were having a good time. Halfway through the night she text me saying that her and L were going to a gay bar to see what it was like. I replied "cool hope you two have a good time together". I went to bed with thoughts in my head of the two of th..

Ann had rolled towards me in her sleep, and was lying on top of my arm,which had gone dead..I tried moving it without waking her-she needed her sleep after the energy she'd expended in the lovemaking we'd enjoyed the evening before.

She woke and turned towards me, smiling and giving a little yawn.I leaned down and kissed her.She pressed her lips tight against mine, then stuck her to..

So, i relocated to the USA for work a few months ago and since i'm single,i hit the dating scene for a while until a met Tina. She's a sexy 35yr old woman with naturally lovely rack and a tight body.

After our first sexual encounter she revealed i was the first guy she had that wasn't circumcised. In addition, pretty much none of her friends had as well. This came as pure shock t..
Poster: James | Full Story»

A while ago, i wrote a story about a threesome with my gf and her, what i thought at the time was, an idiot cousin!
Well, since then I was contacted by her cousin and we started talking, then we started seeing each other and one thing led to another and we became fuck buddies! The sex was soooo fucking good, that we are now together. She is the wildest, craziest bitch i`ve ever met!
Poster: John | Full Story»

So I arrive at an airport lounge the other day for my flight home after a weekend visiting family.
Anyway, i sit down and notice this very attractive 30ish woman playing with her iPhone. So i pull out my phone and pretend to do stuff as well, all the while watching her from the corner of my eye! She obviously notices me and plays it up a bit. Getting up, stretching before going off to th..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

I was turning 18. The age i was waiting for. My boyfriend, Robbie (who looks a lot like robert pattinson if you know him) told me he had something special for me. When my birthday party finished, he took me to his home and we sat on the couch to see a movie. At a point, i turned my eyes down and saw that he was having a huge erection... I was frightened at the begginning but then i relaxed. He saw..

I got married almost 5 years ago.
It was almost the same story with a college friend of my husband coming in to be the Best man, and then going with us on the honeymoon.
Between the wedding and reception we rushed strait to the hall, so we didn't even get to fool around. It was late at night when changed during the reception, but the party went on until 2 in the morning. Just after m..
Poster: Blonde | Full Story»

I have to share a story of back in the late 80's when I was clubbing. I met a hot little pice of ass from Honduras while I was out one night.We had a physical attraction right away. My frien like her,but Iknew she wanted me fron the minut I saw her. She was about 5' tall, with a tight little ass ans a round, firm 36d tits. We danced and I made plans to take her to a Chicage concert that week. I pi..

I was too hot to care about M's and B's husbands watching us to care so I buried my face deeper into M's delicious cunt. While doing this I felt B pull her finger out of my ass, and a couple of seconds later I felt her penetrate me again, but something was different her finger seemed bigger, so I took my face out of M's cunt and looked back. I was in shock M's husband had his dick in my ass. It wa..

My first anniversary was on saturday. We had dinner plans with my Best friend M(girl), my man's cousin B and their husbands. My husband was called in to work so I was alone when M called me inviting me for a girls day with her and B at her houseshe said the men would be out and it would only be us girls. Since it was only girls and we weren't going out I wore a short, sheer almost see through whit..

As per the rules of this site, all Characters are 18 years of age or older.

Amanda and I were going to head off camping for the weekend. I was really looking forward to this weekend because Amanda and I hadn’t had a chance to be together alone for quite a while and I was horny as hell. I pulled up with my gear in the back of my van and Amanda came running out with a bit of an od..

I arrive at the massage parlor where a attractive women greets me wearing a low cut shirt revealing that she isn't wearing a bra and doesn't care who sees. I am lead into the back to my room where I am told to take my time and undress. I take off my clothes and lay down on the table. An attractive girl wearing a short robe come in and asks me if I would like a shower first I say yes that would be..
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In the 27 years that my husband Mark has been sharing me with other men and women, I've engaged in virtually ever sexual activity there is that doesn't involve pain or humiliation. That includes public flashing, couple swapping, 3somes, 4somes, oral only gangbangs, full gangbangs, bukkake, public sex, anal, double penetration, all kinds of sexual games and toys, and more. But it all started very i..

Hi, this is my first time posting on the story side of the site. (I've posted a few times on the picture side) I have a few requests: I'd like to find someone to write some fantasies with or someone to chat with through emails about naughty fantasies. My friend C (male) and I are looking for some couples to trade dare ideas and pics with, if you interested in either please toss me an e-mail.

Hi Janet,
I am sorry to hear about your divorce, or should I not be?
I love your story and it reminds me of a few things.
I have a few suggestions for you to try, hopefully not too tame, but not too harsh either:
going anywhere braless wearing a thin top (the closer to see-thru the better)
going in public (mall, bar, restaurant) pantiless wearing a skirt (the sho..
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It was four years back when i was 19 years old that i got the first fuck of my life.
Tim and my family was living in near by apartments and i was a frequent visitor at Tim's house to take help from him for my project work at college. One day my parents were out to a fair in the next town and they were supposed to be back only by evening. By around 10.00 Am in the morning, i got a call from..
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Hello. I am 31 years old and recently divorced. I am also between jobs. Divorce was messy and I ended up making a mess of my career in the process.

I live in a condominium complex in Raleigh North Carolina. Husband and I had a house but we had to sell it as part of divorce.

A friend said I could get ideas for wild things from this site. I don't want to get sp..
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Shortly after M and I started driving truck together, she started bugging me for a computer.( it was the late 90's so not that unusual to NOT have one...lol). Anyway, I finally gave in and got a cheap Sony viao and an AOL acct. A cpl weeks later we got a webcam and my world changed forever...til then it was magazines and vhs...wow!
After about a yr I noticed M was talking to a girl in Tenn..
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The next morning after being naked and a spanking being administered in front of strangers and colleagues that had never seen me naked before was quite interesting. She had spanked me so hard that I was still sore. I put on a sun dress and a bra but I left my panties off. My husband and I came down for breakfast. All of the rest of the group was there.

When the group reali..
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We were on this driving trip in North Carolina. My husband, two of his male colleagues and myself. Only one of the male colleagues was aware of my reputation and the other guy we're trying to keep things secret from. Their also three other colleagues two male and one female that were staying at the same hotel with us.

We ended up staying at this one hotel that had an indoor poo..
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Wife and I drive truck together for 13+ yrs now. Occasionally we lay over for a day or 2 and tend to get bored kinda fast... on one such layover in Denver, Co., I talked her into letting me write on the men's room wall advertising that she would fuck another man while I watch and take pics..
Well, we were only back out to our truck about 5 minutes when a guy called on the cb asking if we w..
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In comparison to past adventures things have been pretty tame, except for the tradeshow that I went to in April that I just posted.

I did get arrested for indecent exposure, and had to go to court. I got slapped with a $250 fine. I was wearing a dress, panties and bra. My friends and I had went to a doughnut and ice cream store one night around 2 AM. We were sitting in a..
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So I got roped into helping some of our friends with a tradeshow they were doing. The guys had decided I was going to wear a very shearer see-through dress stockings and garter belt and nothing else. To make matters worse they had me stand in the booth with a light behind me that increase the visibility of everything I own.

My job was to bring prospective people in that were po..
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This website is Truth OR Dare. But we tend to focus on the "Dare" side. A while back I used to occasionally suggest topics to encourage more stories. I think I will give it another go, in hopes of increasing the "Truth" side of the site.

With that in mind, I challenge you all to a Truth.

The topic of this is catching, or being caught. Have you ever caught someone ..
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Date Night

On my way home from a rough week of work, I stopped and picked up some steaks, shrimp and drinks in hopes that my wife would agree to one of our very special date nights that we enjoy together. As I came in Jackie greeted me and I showed her the catch of the day and asked her if she would like for me to do the cooking tonight. She smiled and responded that she was thinkin..
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I hope this gets posted, as its more of a request for ideas than it is a story. My husband and I go on several road trip for work and always like to make them as fun as possible. (we are usually staying in hotels along the way for a week or so at a time)
We have tried the "usual" ideas already but are wanted to hear some new creative ones, that obviously wont wind us up in jail.
I ha..
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The wife, Marie, and I went out for an evening of fun and alone time without the kids. We started our night with dinner and drinks. I had a feeling that after the drinks and all the foreplay we had been having earlier in the day, Marie was gonna be very frisky.

Now let me fill you in on her... She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and about 140lbs. She is 34-27-34DD. She stands out in a c..

My Ex girl friend name was Monica. she was realy very charming and had a very sexy and attractive body. her body was so fascinating and exciting that any body on the street or hotel or anywhere she goes catches his eyes.

She was really so curvy and had such a body that she does not even had to expose enough to excite other people. even i could feel this thing that when ever we go o..
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Great story here. We went out with B and P like usual, for my birthday last nite which was fun. Went out to eat then to comedy club, but afterwards... we got to their house and got into hot tub and did our usual, swap wives and fuck like hell. Again afterward... we went into their bedroom and the ladies made out with P getting on top of my wife. So me being the sex freak I am I got behind them a..
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Hi, My GF is fairly shy in the bedroom, I've shown her a few of the stories on here but she just laughs at them, How could I get her to start being a bit more erotic and daring?
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I had always wanted to fuck my mother-in-law. She was a very attractive older woman that worked out everyday. She was 56 but didn’t look like it, and I had jerked off the her picture numerous times. I was driving to her house because my wife and her father were both away on business trips, and she didn’t like to stay home alone. On the way down I began day dreaming about how her mature pussy w..
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I love to dare my wife... especially when it involves public nudity. The idea that some one might see her gets me turned on & she's usually game for the fun. The other night I dared her to work at her office desk while topless with the shutters open. After just a little convincing she did it. The large office window faces the street in the front of the house. While she was topless I went outs..
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Sharon’s story:

It was a beautiful summer day and I was in a hurry when I heard from a passing car, “You’ve got great tits!” I turned to see a pretty good looking guy in a convertible slowly passing and he was smiling directly at me. “What a fucking jerk,” I thought to myself, but I resisted simply giving him the finger and continuing on.
By this time he had stopp..
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As a birthday present, my girlfriend and her best friend said they would call around to my flat and stage a wrestling match with each other- both dressed only in their briefs.

On the face of it, this seemed like a splendid idea. The trouble is that because both girls are rather well-endowed in the chest department, such a battle would be marred by their own boobs actually getting i..
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My wife is very quiet so when we met a guy we will call him LJ at a picnic at a fiends house. He was alone telling my wife that his wife died a few years ago and he hasn't really got over it Her mothering instinct took over. My wife tried to make his hurt go away. She pressed me into service telling joke which I like to do and generally having a good time. We all went swimming together in the frie..
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If you have read my 1st 2 postings about things happening between me and my husbands friend from work, you may remember I was having a dilemma on whether or not I should let things go any further. Well, if you read this posting you will see my dilemma is over.

We had managed to get the kids to go and stay at my inlaws house. The plan was that Marcus and myself could get a lot done ..
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First of all my wife and I have been fooling around with another couple since new years and in the past week have gone as far as full swap with penetration. Sat nite after a nite of dancing at a local club we get in the jeep to head back to their house for a little action. Didnt make it that far. Wives were in backseat making out and slowly removing clothes. Before long they are naked and P eating..
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My fiance and I recently got a place together, so the other night I told her that since she has been so naughty lately that tonight I was going to spank her good and hard and if she didn't take her punishment with out complaining she had to go out front of our place drop to her knees and give me a blow job. Know we live on a busy road with a car passing every couple of seconds and we are right nex..
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Me and my wife are young gonna be married for 5yrs. this may. anyway we have had a lil girl who is 1 1/2 yrs. old now so our love life is not what it used to be although it does get really hot when we do do it.
Any way as time has gone by we've grown to want or like kinkier "things". But we're still pretty conservative. the kinkiest thing we've done is having sex outside of our car one ni..
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My name is Darla and my best friends name is Nina. We are both 28 years old and grew up together, so we are very, very, close friends. We share everything together, including some of the men in our lives. We are both slim, but curvy. We have flat stomachs but nice full breasts and plump booties because we are both Latinas. We both have Long dark hair, dark eyes and full lips and shaved pussies. We..
Poster: Darla | Full Story»

It was summer about 5 years ago, so I was about 25. I have always had a wild imagination about sex but never thought that I would actually be involved in what happened to me. I was a very hot day in NYC and extremely crowded on the subways. I was wearing a very sexy sort of flimsy sundress and under i had a thong on. But the dress was not see through. I got on a train and there was no where to sit..
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First I'll describe me. I'm 6' even 145 and while skinny I've got pretty good muscle definition. I'm got an average length cock at 7.5" but it's really fat at almost a soda can. A is 5'10" about 150-160, a little on the pudgy side, but she has a big round ass and nice soft tits 36DD.

We dated for just short of a year and broke up in November. It was a bad one, it didn't help we bot..
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I don’t know why but we always undressed each other so quickly. He would hold me though, we would kiss so long and hot but I wanted more, I wanted to beg him to shove his tongue into my mouth to explore it-no ravage it! But I couldn’t say that, that would be too embarrassing, too much for my weak personality. He pulled away from me a bit, his warm body still pressed to mine driving me nuts, an..
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A few months back, my significant other at the time, suggested to me that I go to the movies completely naked, hidden under a coat or jacket, and since we could not have regular sex, he decided that we take a vibrator along. I've always been one not to turn a opportunity to have sex, So I said yes! I did get really turned on at the thought, but did not let on that I was. he he he!! Obviously there..
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After my 1st posting about my husbands friend finding me in the bath, I have had lots of emails giving me advice. Some advice was to not take things any further, some suggested to take things slowly and others suggested I should just go for it.

As I am usually conservative and like to take safe options, I had decided that what had happened with my husbands friend would be a one off ..
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I was sitting on the couch in my boxers, my girlfriend walks over and sits on my lap and starts kissing me....she takes off her shirt and I immediately get hard, she notices and starts to unbutton my pants....she starts giving me head, and takes everything off. She sits on my throbbing cock and starts riding me hard!...she says can we try anal? I was caught up in tue moment and she gets on all fou..
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Okay- another of some of the kinky thinks I've done and never really told anybody.

I had a friend at Work, we will call Sam, his wife Christina.

It was the early 90's when there was a big surge in VCR's.

Sam had a wife and a couple of children, and couldn't afford a VCR player at that time, they were expensive. I was single, and had money. So I would br..
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I was in High school, (18) doing odd jobs for gas money.

I got a job as a dept. store Santa, it paid okay, and was easy to do. The store had me in a rather secluded booth to keep the parents from snapping a free picture of the kid on my lap, (many years ago) I had an assistant dressed like an elf who took the Polaroid's.

It was a very slow day, when in walked two col..
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So its probably true women get all horny at weddings or thought there of. Well my girlfriend went to one of those traditional wedding showers on a Sunday afternoon.
So when i went back to pick her up, i noticed some guys were there, brothers of the bride, and a few friends, so they invited me into the garage for a bevy!
So my girlfriend has a cougarish cousin, whose VERY frisky an..
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I took her to Sandy Hook N.J. nude beach and she said, no way am I going nude. I said okay if I do ? She said,go ahead. Well after an hour or so Linda said, I feel silly being the only woman here wearing a bikini,I said well why don,t you just take off you top. Yo my thrill, she did.
She looked great to me ( 36" C cup and very firm )

That nite back in the room, we had the hot..

Cumming of Age

As long as I remember I have always loved reading stories of husband and boyfriends who like to share their Wives and Girlfriends with others. Whether there was Exhibitionism involved, mfm, voyeur, cheating, cuckold, whatever. I love it all. but I didn't want to tell of my true life experiences without a little background info. and with how I came about liv..

It felt so good! I was lying on my stomach,bare to the waist,on a thick sheepskin rug. A lovely Indian maiden was walking up and down my spine, her small strong toes seeking out the knots in my muscles.

I was visiting old school friend at his house in London. Anita, my lovely masseuse, was his sister-in-law. She was tall,black-haired and beautiful,with gorgeous breasts and long legs..

this is just a thank you to all of the women who show their pics on here. my wife not into sex much anymore so its a treat to see some real ladies showing off. thanks a bunch. if any like to send pics love to see. mebekinkywv@yahoo.com
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On a very hot day we were driving up 395 with the top down and my wife Dot had her skirt up to her hips when she noticed a truck driver in the next lane was ogling her legs. She pulled her skirt down.
"Oh hell", she said "he's seen legs before and it's hot." She pulled up her skirt, maybe a little more than it had been before, and opened the top button of her blouse.
I drov..
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Extra rules for the coming weekend:

- DISH, as I have to be a naked waitress for my mistresses I can even be a naked "dish".
- PET, for at least 4 hours I will be the pet of my mistresses, a dog, so I'll be totally naked, with collar and leash, on all fours, I will only bark, lick etc..just what a dog does..
- BLACKBOARD , I wil be the living, naked, blackboard where ..

Ok so last week I had my buddy and his girlfriend stay at the house, after a party we had gone to. Me and my wife were already in bed when they got to the hose. My wife was already asleep when they arrived, I had just striped nude as me and my wife sleep nude every night. Well sara (my buddys girlfriend) walked into our room to ask where some blankets were i walked to the closet in our room where ..
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Sorry its been a few days, but here is part two of the camping story. Feel free to re-read part 1 if youre interested.

So somehow myself, Kim, and Sam made it back to the tent without being seen again, which I was happy about but also would have liked to seen more of Sam running into strangers. When we got back inside the tent, Sam and Kim started to get dressed and I was afraid tha..
Poster: dareman | Full Story»

New rules for the weekend and for my slavery:

Next weekend:
- I'll receive five spanks from each of my Mistresses on my bare behind.

Other rules:
- Receive a spanking from one of my Mistresses each day for two weeks. After the spanking I must masturbate in front of my Mistresses.
- for all the month I not only have to follow the "underwear" rule d..

After embarrassing me pretty well by spreading my legs and having me nude in front of so many people I didn't know, they were gracious enough to give me back all of my clothes and I crawled off the mat into a spare room and got dressed. I then came back into the room and a number of the people came up to me about being their entertainment. I was feeling kind of wicked.
I went up to the..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

we got together over a friends house and he had
quite a few people at his house for an early spring cookout
unfortunately the weather didn't accommodate
the plan was we were all going to eat inside the house anyway
there were a number of us were down in his basement and he has this huge
workout maton the basement floor
two of the guys were horsing ar..
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This is my first posting on this site. This story is probably a bit tame compared to some of the other ones on here but I hope you still like it.

Firstly I will introduce myself. My name is Hayley, I am 36 years old, a natural blonde, 5ft 9inches and reasonably slim. I have been married to Marcus for 14 years and have 2 young kids.

Our sex life has always been pretty ..
Poster: Hayley | Full Story»

My hubby said he wanted me to plan for another bar night nect weekend. I was trying to think of what I would wear ( I do not have a lot of short skirts , or sexy clothes )
I called my sister ( Beth ) and told her what we had done a couple of weks ago , and told her my hubby wanted to do it again next weekend. Ask her if she had anything sexy and short I could wear. She told me to come over..

There have been some extra suggestions for next weekend. A lot of you really want to see naked pictures of me or want to show me off to strangers. My mistresses say that it won't happen, unless I'm really disobedient.

Today one of my Mistresses made me sit in a pretty embarrassing chat with one you mailers. I had to answer his questions about my sex life, about when I masturbated, w..

I've received many reactions. One clever man found a loophole in our rules:

"I think i found a loophole in your rules and thus am going to expoit it haha... at the studio i want you to smoke a cigarette in front of your friends. I know i'm evil but I want to see the repercussions."

My friends decided that they will not allow this loophole. They're main goal is still t..

Here I am again. I have to write a short report of what happened since my last story. And I also have an offer to make again.
One of the suggestions was to go braless in public, a bar for instance.
So yesterday evening I celebrated St. Patrick's day in the local Irish pub without a bra. I can assure you it was an embarrassing evening. Things turned really embarrassing when one of my ..

This is a true story. Last Monday my gf and I were swimming at her pool in her apartment complex. We were kissy and cuddly. She would go under the water and blow bubbles up my shorts. I would blow air through her bottoms on to her clit. Than she started to rub my hard dick as I fingered her. When this was going on there was some old lady sunning herself on the pool deck. Now we were both horny so ..
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Why I'm posting this here?

I've been promising myself and my friends I would stop smoking for ages. Every time I would set myself a date and tell everyone: that's the day I'll stop smoking. It never worked out. The longest I actually managed to stay off the cigarette, was 17 days. This time I meant it though! I would quit smoking at new year! After new year's eve I would never touch..

this may not be erotic to anyone but me, but wow loved the innocence yet intensity of it.
First some background, this all happened between friends, first me, I am a mid 60 year old guy with a 42 year old wife, needless to say I have slowed down much more than she has and have trouble maintaining an erection for any length of time. We still have a lot of fun, be both like for to "accidenta..

Last summer my girlfriend Kim and I decided to go camping with a few friends. She hasn't always been the most daring but we decided beforehand that we were going to try to do some dares while we were away from work and the small town we live in.

There was six of us there and we had two tents, so we picked one with our friend Samantha.We'll call her Sam for short. Since this is my fi..
Poster: dareman | Full Story»

My hubby and I have been reading these post for a while , and been doing some dares of our own. I posted one on here a few weeks ago.
This one happen a couple of weeks ago.
My hubby ask if I wanted to go out to a bar , maybe do some dancing , and also maybe have a little fun . I told him sure . He then told me he had some dares for me . I am always ready for them.
I went to t..

Hi Again ~

We hope you enjoyed our first Adventure Story, "Unexpected Adventure." We got only a few replies, and hope to get ALOT more!! We hope her pictures in the dare photos, under "Mrs. Adventure," helped give you a visual with the story!! There are so many stories I could share about this amazingly beautiful woman, and the fun adventures she creates........


I have seen this site several times and one day I introduced my girlfriend to it. Needless to say it turned us both on, and much to my surprise she suggested we send some pictures of our own. She is usually quite modest so obviously Im pleased.
We've had some great sex after taking pictures and any feedback/suggestions/dares are welcomed...
Poster: J | Full Story»

So let me first tell you, my wife is simply beautiful. She has a smile that will catch anyone's attention, an amazing body, and subtle a sensuality about her that she is not even aware of most of the time.......

This was just ONE of our experiences from the summer of 2010....

Anyway, so we were on our way to the lake, jet skis in tow. We usually get to the lake, get..

Lisa is a neighbor that lives across the street with her parents. I first met her as she graduated high school. She is extremely beautiful, skinny, an intelligent woman, with very long brown curly hair. She is maybe 90lbs soaking wet and 4 ft 10 in tall. I adored her from the first day I met her and love her sexy slim figure. I always dreamed of fucking her
One weekend day while cleaning th..
Poster: Yu Suk | Full Story»

I have been single for many years and I had a chance at a large consulting contract with a client in Atlanta. I had heard they were all about family so I asked a friend of mine if she would go with me and pose as my wife for a weekend at the CEO’s house. I was to make a presentation to their board on Saturday. Allison agreed to go with me.
We have known one another for a long time, so..

Still having fun even though I said I was ready for the convent. I helped some colleagues working in a boat show. I was responsible for handing out flyers and cards as people came into the booth considering financing. The guys were daring me to expose myself.
I had to be careful because there were a lot of people attending the show and you don't know who would be there and possib..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

“Don’t you think you’re a bit kinky sleeping nude, Caroline?” my flatmate Donna asked me out of the blue one morning. I thought that was a strange and silly thing to ask, and told her so.

But that night, I woke up to discover myself lying face down on my bed, gagged and with my wrists bound behind me. Donna was applying the finishing touch by tying my ankles together.
Poster: Carol | Full Story»

I'm Dean and my wife is Lyn, we're 35 and 31 respectively. We've often talked about swinging and her fantasy has always been to be gang banged. I've been well up for this but unfortunately it has been one of these things that looks like it will stay just a fantasy.

We've been great friends of Graham and Louise, (both of whom are the same age as me), who live next door for a number o..
Poster: Dean | Full Story»

My Dearest Love,

I think of you night and day, and look forward with such excitement and longing to the moment I can hold and kiss you again..You are my
reason for living, my muse, my lover and my life...

All I want is to be snuggled up to you on a sofa in front of a log fire, rain pattering at the windows, hours of lovemaking ahead of us...I'd lean over, unbut..
Poster: colin | Full Story»

So my ex son in law stops by every so often to help with chores, borrow tools, simply hello's etc. Somehow always when my husbands at work. We flirt, hell he's my ex son in law and my husband hasn't touched me in years.

I admit I am a tease, for him anyway. Subtle things like buttoning my blouse as I enter the room to not so subtle such as wearing a tight white tee and rubbing ice o..

What we did for my husbands 30th birthday. I made a booking at a nice restaurant he likes. We went there and had such a good time. After that we decided to go to a night club. When walking out the restaurant, I took off all my clothes and walked to the car naked. This really got my husband very excited. Decided to surprise my husband when we left the night club to give him a surprise that will mak..

I have been married to Sarah for two years. I decided the time was right to liven up our sex lives. I suggested to her that I would love to visit a Swinger's club. She wasn't keen at first, but I could see that she was intrigued. She would mention the fact a couple of times later on and then she decided that she would give it a try.
There was a club that I had heard of near our home in Lond..
Poster: Michael and Sunnah | Full Story»

I've been divorced for just over a year now, and recently ran into a aunt of my ex-wife! I always had a crush on this woman, she's in her mid 40's, i'm 35, has a great set of implants, smoking tight body for a woman at any age! And super cute, long-wavy brown hair, gorgeous features. Just oozes sexy!

She's a feisty woman and had already divorced while I was still married. Anyway, I ..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

We are an older couple, 65 for me, almost 60 for her. We have been living together the last couple of years. We came together as I was looking for a submissive female and she was looking for a dominant male. She informed me early on that she had never been involved in a threesome and had no desire to be shared. But, I told her as my submissive this was what I decided to do. She reluctantly wen..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

i was playing sax in a weekend band and struck up a friendship with the cute blond that did our lights. One evening after the gig I needed a ride home and she offered. When we got in her car we started kissing and next thing I knew we were at her apartment. After a Jack daniels we were undressing each other and then were on her bed. I was laying behind her with my rock hard cock against her be..

This "mother in law Fantasy" ex mother in law actually is more an ex son in law story and differs from most you'll read in two ways. One it's coming from the Mother in Law, two, it's actually true.
First, quick background. I was a fairly young mom and my ex son in law was a few years older than my daughter so the age diff is only 15, I am now 58 he is 43. She left him for another and nothin..

I enjoy going to the 2 Casinos near pittsburgh! To me both are the same! I'd go once a week, but my husband thinks that's too often to gamble!
All he does is ask me why I won't wear a skirt to the casino and I tell him I can relax in pants or Shorts and not worry how I'm setting!
He use to tell me that he thought the skirts the girls wear at the Catholic Schools are the s..

The details of the auction.

The bartender was going to conduct the auction. I wasn't sure if my female friends making idle threats were serious they were about the consequences of me backing out this humiliation. I told the bartender that i didn't want to get arrested and I really didn't want to have to panties. I told him he could auction off everything of mine in with the exc..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

The guys got me to openly admit that I liked what happened and how I was set up and also was able to tease the other two women and made them strip to their panties. The guys got me excited about the possibility of the two women and possibly a couple other women having a rematch with me.

I did know that the two women were quite upset with me, but I do know that they enjoyed the g..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

Darling A,

I remember so clearly our lovemaking in the car, when we met after dark in our own lay-by love-nest..

I park and turn off the lights, then undo my trousers and push my pants down..I am already hot and stiff thinking of you, and wait, each minute like an hour, until I see your headlights swing in to the parking place, and you draw up alongside me.
Poster: colin | Full Story»

My wife Colleen and I have always loved playing little sexual games. Our favorite game to play was truth or dare. We had set up this night up to play our favorite game.I loved public play. Colleen is 39 years old looks better now then she ever did. Kim is not very tall about 5’6” tall with a great ass and breasts. Colleen’s breasts are a 38c and very firm. She loves to keep her pussy trimmed..
Poster: Taz | Full Story»

Things escalated quite a bit this morning. Last Thursday is when a number of the guys spanked me on my bare bottom. On Friday and Saturday we had to keep things very tame and it didn't do anything.

I showed up at 10 AM this morning on Monday, there were five guys waiting for me to entertain them. They took me into the back room and stripped me naked. two of the five guys penet..
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Hi there.

I found this site and fell in love with it. My wife and I want to try something new and she agreed to let me post some pics of her. (without showing her face of course) This is my fist post and I'm not too good at telling stories but I will try. Im in the military and in 2008 I was getting ready to go overseas. Befor my unit left we had a couple months of training that ..
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The salesman was amazed that I had taken off my clothes and he put my sweater and pants in the dryer. I had them off for about five minutes.

I then put my clothes on. my neighbor had suggested that I should give me the salesman a gift for demonstrating cleaning my clothes. He then suggested to the black salesman to take me in to the mens dressing room. He had no problem doing th..
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My plan for Thursday morning was to not wear a bra, and to work out in just my panties. I was going to wear just a sweatshirt without a bra or T-shirt. I was going to just wear jogging pants with panties underneath and not bring my nylon shorts.

There were guys working out today for some reason.
I kind of had a clue when I saw there were a lot of other cars in the parking l..
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On Friday night we were following at this little bar. It was one of those bowling machines. There were lots of strange people in the bar. I was with some close friends that were teasing me unmercifully. I wasn't about to play for clothes with the strangers that were in the bar. I was looking for a way out of such a dare.

I told one guy that I was with that I would only play fo..
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This is a fairly tame story considering my life. My husband, one of our neighbors and his wife and I went shopping. We were in this one Sears store and we had walked by where they have any washers and dryers. The salesman that was there and is as black as black can be offered to give us a demonstration of the washers and dryers.

My husband knew that one of the dryers could b..
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We were invited to a holiday party at one of my husbands high school friends houses. I did not know any of his friends that were at the party when we got there.

It was somewhat of a slow-moving boring party initially. My husband went to an all guy high school and most of the people that came to the party, seem to me to be never married or were divorced. finally one of his frie..
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I have been working out quite a bit at one of the local fitness studios. I'm in my early 40s and they need to start paying attention to aggressively working out it's probably been about three months since I've posted anything to this website.

As most of you probably know I'm quite an exhibitionist and also I have quite a sexual reputation with many of my husband's colleagues an..
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For a few years I had an employee that work for me that I had a crush on. She was my assistant and we spent more time together then with our own significant others. If I was married I would've married her. So I got a transfer and we drifted apart. A fee years later myself and my wife actively tried to refrained her. For the most part it was working. We would hang out a bars and go to dinner at lea..
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I have been married for 18 years to my wife Mary. We had a rough marriage due to my cheating. But somehow we made it through. I always wanted to see my wife with another man. But she was totally against it, we had this one game where i would dress like a burgular and break in and rape her. So i decided to let my cousin Albert where the disguise one night. Mary was in bed expecting the game to bega..
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we were at my apt. that my bf and i both lived in, until i kicked him out after i broke up with him. just decided to be single for awhile and no sex. i keep him in my life, its just hard when your trying to go without sex to have a guy living with you. especially one who loves giving massages which turns me on. i'm trying to make sex more intense and my ex told me, to much of a good thing gets bla..

One night me and my girlfriend headed down to the beach with a few friends well after walking around and seeing her beautiful ass walking in front of me and her friend in a thong i was starting to get hot. i walked up behind her and started feeling on her tits and rubbing her clit through her bathing suit her friend who has always had a thing for both of us as she is bi reached over and took my gi..
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My story starts out with my girlfriend being drunk at our apartment. Let me describe Mandy. She is 5 foot 4..180lbs.38 b tits with a plump white ass and she was 32 at the time. There was this guy Jay that she said was hot that came to visit neighbors at apartment. I could tell she had a crush on Jay and it was fine with me. One night she got drunk last Xmas and emailed him and called him with her ..
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Hello Pat & Len,
Your personal story & pics in TorD of your secret love for each other over the past 17 years has so impressed & inspired me that I can't rest until I have written to you both, as I can identify with the relationship you have with each other.
Let me explain
Our names are Larry & Gretchen. We are both married but not to each other. Gretchen ( who is 48) is a pr..

When I met my wife, if my fingers wandered anywhere near her ass hole, she would immediately pull my hand away and make it clear she wanted no parts of that. Gradually, over the years, she grew to like me grabbing and squeezing her ass. I would grab her butt cheeks and and give them a good squeeze. If I had both cheeks, they would both get squeezed and I would pull the two cheeks away from each..
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We had been friends for years and always hang out with each other and had our first jobs together. I was 19 she had just turned 18 the day before. She was a beautiful woman with amazing looking tits. I had spent the night after her party and we had shared a bed. When I woke up the nest morning she was already up and was walking completely naked. She noticed I had awoken and looked at me and smiled..
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T and I said that I would post a story about me (S) tying him up if we received positive responses from T’s story about tying me up and having his way with me. Well, we received a handful of responses- all of which were positive so here you go:
T’s been asking me to tie him up for quite some time since we’ve expanded or sexual experiences from the humdrum bedroom sex and started exper..

my last bf was very accommodating for my sexual needs and desires. i actually took his virginity lol. but anyway we had threesomes with other girls joining which was fun considering i'm bi. but after awhile my bf was teasing me about having another guy join us. that got me thinking. i've had multiple threesomes with girls and one night stands but never two guys at the same time. we ended up joinin..

My darling Alice,

How I wish that you were here with me now,-I'm lying in my lonely bed, my cock already hard with thinking of you- I want you here in bed by my side,so that I can kiss and nibble your ears and neck, kiss you deeply (Oh! that first time when your sweet, stiff tongue slid between my teeth and twined with mine..!)..Then I'd lick you down the lovely swell of your breast..
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My husband and I often play a game of strip poker before bed. However, just before xmas he suggested that we add a little spice to it by making the loser do a dare for the winner. I agreed, we played and I lost. Jon dared me that the following day I had to stay naked for the whole day.

My husband was at work the next day but I did not cheat and stayed completely naked all day I ..

Never did full swinging but do remember vividly our first swap with some neighbors. I will never forget that night, seeing my lovely wife (we had open marriage but never in company of each other) suck a cock that had just come from my buddy's wife's pussy. He had just finished slowly penetrating his own wife (wife and I watched it while fucking).

Then his wife came to our bed and as..
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I would just like to thank truthordarepics.com and all of the posters for the wonderful stories. This site has helped me and my have many good long fucks. Thank you all and happy new years.
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We are a married couple that has been together 15 years. Wifey is in her late 30s and hubby in his early 40s. Following, in movie script format, is a tale from our Christmas morning.
Front door of the apartment opens. Enter Wifey and Hubby. Their cheeks are red from the cold and both are wearing Santa hats.
Wifey: What a lovely walk.
Hubby: Indeed. Chrimbo walkies!