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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
While my Wife's Friend was Asleep
Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
Cover Band
Bahamas Joy next encounter
Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Day out of the office
Thursday morning my phone rang as I answered I looked at it and realized that it was an old friend who commonly bought restoration parts from my business venture. I answered with a friendly greeting and started the usual small talk with Steve. He is a tall gentleman with thick curly dark hair and the most handsome green eyes a woman has ever seen. His athletic build just drives me nuts when he wal..
Poster: Party Girl | Full Story»

What A Great Halloween Party
Hi I my Bill and I want to tell you about the Greatest Halloween Party I have ever been to.
My friend and his wife have a huge party ever year. At this party anything goes. You see all kinds of costumes from mild to wild.
This year my friends wife ask me if I would help her with her costume, I had no idea that I was to be part of that costume. She was going as a madam and wanted me..
Poster: Bill Green | Full Story»

friends wife
A friend and I went for a few drinks . Drunk a bit to much , so we had to take a taxi home . My friend drunk a lot more then I did . So I had to take him home . When we got to his place , his wife a very sexy firm body ed lady , open the door . Wearing a really eye catching see throw sleep shirt .
Seeing how drunk we were she said to me you should stay the night . After seeing her sexy body..
Poster: Ricky | Full Story»

She's so sexy
This story is about Christi , who's 18 . But the girls got a body of an 25 year old model .
My parents were out of town for the christmas holidays , so friend invited me to stay over for a couple of days
I was really surprised when I got there and knocked on the door . When the door opened , there stood this gorgeous babe.
She was about 6'7 and long black hair that ..
Poster: Ricky | Full Story»

Wife Fucks My Coworker
My Wife Fucks A Coworker Of Mine

I had worked with Jim for a few years, my wife had met him a few times, but we never interacted with Jim and his wife. Some time later Jim got a divorce and relocated to Hawaii.

One day I received a phone call from Jim. He was back in town, he told me he was fed up with Hawaii and had went out on a drinking spre..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

The first time I fucked a girl
So I have a girl friend.She told me that has a suprise waiting for me at her house.Of course,I wanted to go to her house for the suprise.I drove to her house.When my girl friend says that she has a suprise at her house that usually wants a date at her house.We had lots of dates and even kissed!I knocked on her door.She opened the door in responce.She was looking like she always is:A big breast,bl..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

High School Friend
So the other day, my sister tells me she saw a girl at a party, we both knew in high school over 10 years ago, Debbie.

And, this girl, drunk or not told her she'd love to see me, cuz she had this huge crush on me back then and i was so cute, etc. So, she gave her number for me to call. My sis, confirmed she had taken care of herself and was looking good. Sounded like she was loo..
Poster: Dick | Full Story»

The Long Road To Getting My Wife To Fuck Other Men
I love to watch my wife with other men, I've had this desire almost as long as I have known her. We were both virgins on our first encounter so neither of us hadever
had sex with anyone else.The desire to see her with other men all started for me one night on
a date with her when we parked in a neighborhood park. We were in the back seat totally nude
& enjoying each others ..
Poster: Ron Fredricks | Full Story»

Didn't think it would happen to me
My wife and I have been married for 8 years but together for 14 in total. We've always had a good sex life but after that much time together you start to look for something more exciting. After toying with the idea of an open marriage or some other arrangement on and off for a couple years, we finally made the plunge and decided to give it a try.

She had always had a bit of a crush..
Poster: James T | Full Story»

Help! I'm a Nymphomaniac
I came home and as I walked down the hall I could hear moaning and muffled screams coming from the bedroom. I slowly opened the door to find Lo lying on the bed, her phone in her left hand and her right hand manipulating her giant red dildo between her bare legs. She was reading something from the screen of her Smartphone. She was cumming and cumming hard. Just as I cracked open the door to se..
Poster: HH | Full Story»

My Wife Fucks Her Boss
Tales From Our Favorite Bar

We made a lot of friends hanging out there, we also had several sexual encounters start from there.

Al was always getting fondled as she would dance with other guys, because of the way she was dressed a lot of them would get their fingers wet as there was nothing covering her juicy cunt, also only skimpy blouses covered her tits, so tweakin..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

My first threesome
As senior in high school I was a cheerleader and my boyfriend a local car dealer's son who was 3 years my senior allways took me out in all the latest cars which excited me. I am 5'6" lady who today is only 10 lbs heavier that my 120 lb weight then. I have loved the feel of automobiles traveling down the road in excess of any given speed limit.
One particular fall night after a football g..
Poster: Party Girl | Full Story»

college friends
This is a true story about a wild evening with some friends from college. Several friends and I were a few years out of college & went back for homecoming. The fun began when we were hanging out afterwards in the hotel room we were sharing.

I'm a dark brunette 5'4" with very perky B cup boobs. My friend Amy, cute asian a little taller than me with slightly bigger boobs, and I wer..
Poster: Celina | Full Story»

A little Holiday fun
Names changed in this story...A few years ago me (Steve) and my girlfriend at the time (clair)decided on a summer holiday to one of the Spanish islands. We were joined by another couple, my old school buddy (Jim) and his partner (lousie).
My girlfriend clair was a blonde about 5ft 6 with a lovely pair of double d's and all in all very althletic. My buddys girl louise was similar but with s..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

this weekend my girl kim and I set out to find Halloween costumes for the upcoming weekend. Things got a little frisky in the dressing room and we ended up having sex right there in the little room. We don't usually do things in our hometown cause we know alot of people and don't want to get caught, but it was such a spur of the moment thing.

Kim would like anyone who has some new ..
Poster: dareman | Full Story»

My friend seeing me naked
I am naked almost all of the time, when my wife isn't home. At one time she was taking care of her mother and was not home very much, so I had a ball being nude. By the way.
Had this friend who had been a nurse helping with a community project, she was 73 an I was 70,she would come to my house and we'd workon it.I left the door unlocked and she could come I when she came and of coures I wa..
Poster: Chuck | Full Story»

First time for anything
Walking home from the pub where I work last night (about 1:30 pm) I came accross a couple having sex on the steps leading down to my basement flat - I had to push pass them to get to my door! He seemed a bit narked but I just told them to carry on.
Poster: Jessica | Full Story»

Huge. Her ass is just huge. Dont get me wrong, she has giant breasts but her booty is just HUGE and I love it.

I headed off to work and could feel my dick growing in my pants. The new guy at work was a girl! She made me rock hard.

She is 5'9 or 10", and around 150 pounds. A Blond BBW goddess. And guess who I was working with?

I fantasized she w..
Poster: Brother in Law | Full Story»

Island Vacation
We had been saving for a year. I was so psyched to get out of here and do some serious relaxing and hot fucking!

The flight wasn't bad (except for TSA) and we made it to out hotel. I was so horney I couldn't wait to give it to my wife. We had had a few cocktails on the flight and were a little tipsy.

I opened the patio door and smelled the ocean air. It was beauti..
Poster: Married Couple | Full Story»

Woman took my virginity
Woman took my virginity,

Hi Guys I am Jimmy, 25 years old guy. I want to share my sexual experience with all of you. Woman who took my virginity me, Long time back when I was 20 year old. I used to go to my college via Local Bus; I remember that day it was raining and I was sitting in bus watching outside enjoying the weather. Suddenly a woman came with sexy boobs inside the bus and..
Poster: Jimmy Singh | Full Story»

Parked on the Street
I am an Art Student on the West Coast. One of the girls in my class is named Ann. I have a huge crush on her and she is so damn hot. She is an emo type with black and white hair, medium size boobs and a perfect ass!

The other day between classes I asked Ann if she wanted to step out for a smoke. Sure she said and we started walking down the street to my car. It is a sick Honda ..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Leaving the Party
It was 3am or so and we were out of booze. Everyone was trashed for sure. It had been a great night and we'd been smokin tough. Man Ralph could grow some serious stuff!

Kerry had been teasing me all night long. Lifting up her short skirt and flashing me when no one was looking. My dick had been drooling pre cum into my shorts all night.

We said Later to everyone ..
Poster: Johnny | Full Story»

The Sister-in-Law Pt.2
Jo and I were eagerly anticipating enacting my fantasy that evening,-( I'd told her of my fevered imaginings as we lay under the trees after our first lovemaking.) We'd driven home with her knickers in my pocket and my left hand up under her skirt...I could feel the wetness of her hot slit, still dripping with cum. She climaxed again during the journey as I rubbed her swollen clit, arching her bac..
Poster: dom horner | Full Story»

Deep Desires
So its friday after work, i am sitting at the job site with my workers having a few beers, its a usual friday, end of the week thing! i enjoy it, but this time i just wanted to be home with you, we both woke up that morning, horny, i was hard and you were wet, you started to suck my hard cock, but i was already late for work, i wanted badly to stay home but i had to go, and i quickly rubbed your w..
Poster: Adam | Full Story»

Our First Threesome
Our First Threesome

Our first threesome was the greatest sexual turn on we have ever had, it was a friend of mine that was over to the house just about every weekend afternoon and night.

He came over and my wife and I would drink smoke and talk on the ham radio till late at night, then he would all ways hit the road about 2am, and the wife and I would go to bed, This ..
Poster: Leiza | Full Story»

Sex in front of a audience
Recently during an evening out with friends I had a most enjoyable experience. I had spent the day shopping with friends at the local mall and we decided to cap off our evening with a few drinks at our favorite local pub.
As we entered the bar several young men who seemed to be in their early twenties greeted us and struck up a conversation. I being the youngest of our group at 39 found th..
Poster: Party Girl | Full Story»

Hey all todp viewers k&b here from the truthordarepics.com/pictures/ki post. We need some help. Were tryin to do the stranger dare but haven't been able 2 find anyone who will cooperate so here's the deal. Were lookin for guys or couples 18 to 30 if u fit that and live near Portage, wi and wanna help out then email us at Superawesome @ yahoo .com(no spaces) by the way were also dared to have k g..
Poster: brad st vinvent | Full Story»

A Night to Remember 3
Well I have to tell y’all this. I was at work the tonight. I have a co-worker there his name is Ben. He is a really nice guy, super good looking, but he has no confidence so the ladies don’t even look twice at him. He and I have always been really good friends, and yes just friends. Well for that this week he barely spoke to me. And finally I pulled him aside and asked him what’s going on yo..
Poster: Julie | Full Story»

A Night to Remember 2
I wrote the last post a couple of months back with the intention of sending it in to ToD, but with many things in life it got pushed to the back burner. So to update you, John and I have had the most exciting sex life since this event, and now a closer marriage, I can tell him anything and vise versa. We now have sex a minimum of twice a day. And are constantly trying to push our limits, to name a..
Poster: Julie | Full Story»

A Night to Remember 1
Hi my name is Julie, I’m 5’ 3”, small build I only weigh 115 Ibs. My breast are a size 32B, (my husband said that I needed to tell y‘all that…lol)  I have been happily married now for three years to my high school sweetheart John, although we have always been happy, life has happened to our sex life, lets just say it wasn’t bad just… routine. John is the only guy I have been with an..
Poster: Julie | Full Story»

Wife and best friend
One night a few years ago we went out to the local night club at a hotel that had a room we always got because the hot tub was right outside our room in the Yokosuka by the pool. After we closed down the bar, my friend the wife and I went to the room and I said, hey let's go to the steam room. Before I knew it, the wife had her clothes off and was ready. My friend took his clothes off and when my ..
Poster: Ken | Full Story»

Virgin best friend
Ok i am a male 22 years old and my best friend is a female 20 years old about 5'4 92 pounds brown hair b cup boobs very cute. Well the other day she was at my house we were sitting on the couch talking about random things when a sex topic came up. She proceeded to tell me she was a virgin and never seen a penis other than in pics. Well the talk went on for a about 20 min or so and it was getting c..
Poster: randomguy | Full Story»

Sex in the Office
My colleague and I sit in an open office, but whenever we got a chance he would come over to my desk and gently start rubbing my breasts making me very horny. Once I walked over to his desk and I bent over like he was showing me something on his computer. He then gently took my nipples and started squeezing them. I was horny beyond belief. He then ventured further down and I whispered to him that ..
Poster: Mary | Full Story»

Sister In Law Fantasy
I love my Sister In Law. I Love my Wife. So, I dont feel guilty about fantasizing about the two of them. Or just one of them...

Cindy is a real Cougar. She's about 5 years older than I am. We have been shooting each other sexy looks back and forth for years now. The sexual tension is palpable. I am always excited to see her again. I hope she is excited to see me too!

Jack and Jill
So when we're out of town, my wife's Aunt, who lives down the street, has the key to our house to come over and feed our cat, water the plants etc.

The other day, i got home early from a business trip, and my wife was at work, but when i got in the house, i heard noise upstairs. I called for my wife, no answer, i just heard some moaning as i walked further in. My heart immediately ..
Poster: 8 inch Jack | Full Story»