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Gave my Ass to my Husband last Night
Wife's French Delight
Making it Even
Masturbating with others at a Hostel
My GF and my Ex Wife on the same Day
Nurse without Panties
Horny Wife
Not sure what to Do
I almost Fucked my Boss' Wife Part 2

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Sweet dare


Pregnant and sex craving.
I was married when I was 18. I had many sexual experiences before then. I had done groups of guys at all guy parties. It was pre-arranged for me to attend these parties by a male relative. He took me to most of these parties and came and picked me up from these parties at a arranged time. He never attended a party I was at. Every time we had sex I orgasmed with him almost instantly. After I got ma..
Poster: SUSSIE | Full Story»

Sex with the In-Laws Part 2
Here's the second part of my adventures with my BIL:

My sister is pretty open to many things, as long as she doesn't have to participate. She knew "Randy" liked me and might have suspected our beach fling, but he came home to her every day and gave her what she needed. He wanted more, though, and one day after our vacation, when she and I were having a rather frank discussion, the t..
Poster: Cindy | Full Story»

Sex with My In-Law
Here's my brother-in-law story. All you guys who fantasize about your wife's sister can just eat your heart out!

My sister, brother-in-law, husband and I lived in the same town and were all pretty close. A few years ago we all vacationed together in Hawaii. Well, I had been topless and nude on beaches on the Mediterranean and in Hawaii before, so a couple days into our vacation, whi..
Poster: Cindy | Full Story»

Friend's wife
Was one Sunday after (CHURCH) and was bragging about being off of work the next day when a good friend over heard and asked if i could come over and house-sit for the cable guy coming over since him and his wife both had to work. I said yes no problem since i wasnt doing anything anyway. On my way to his house he called and said he had already left and wife was still home about to leave. When i go..
Poster: Chad | Full Story»

me and Nora
I posted Cynthia's story awhile back, because Cynthia doesn't have a computer. Now, I'd like to tell you one of my own stories.

After my first Wife died of cancer, I moved into an apartment with a friend from the campany. I didn't date for awhile until the friend asked me to take his gilfried's Aunt out. I went reluctantly, I really didn't want to, but the Aunt turned out to be an a..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

Summer Afternoon
It was one of those dog days of summer in late August. The temperature was in the low 90s and humidity was pretty high as well. There was virtually no breeze to be found and the air just kind of hung there.
The old house didn’t have air conditioning, so I had all of the windows open, trying to sweet-talk in any faint breeze I could. One lone fan was placed in front of the shady side of..
Poster: Elias | Full Story»

After having to leave home 4 Going Bi
I stopped in the office the other day to drop off the money from the night before and see what was going on if anything. They had hired a new girl, Stephanie. She was 38 and had been in the business before. Steph took a few years off when, as she put it “Married Captain Save-A-ho”. She told me the story of this guy that wanted to get her out of the business and so on.
The boss asked me..
Poster: TaylorD | Full Story»

Old Boyfriend - Part 2
So, my 47 year-old wife of 18 years has been horny as hell for the last four months since she began contacting an old (married) boyfriend from college. We had been experiencing dry spells that lasted six months or so prior to this happening. She said that they had been talking once a month "to catch up." I knew they were texting multiple times a day and talking late at night several times a wee..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

I eventually told my girlfriend about my fetish for vegetables - that I often fuck myself with carrots and zuchini squash pretending that I am being fucked by another man. She encouraged me to get some, and I chose some really huge zuchini's. She indulged me and penetrated me with one of them, pretending to fuck me with it as if she were a man. She was almost more excited than I was! Now she often..
Poster: Daniel | Full Story»

Old Boyfriend
My wife of 18 years must have been hitting a mid-life crisis because she started contacting her old boyfriend from college. They were texting all the time and talking on the phone late at night all the time. I was OK with this because it was making her horny as hell and the frequency of sex was never higher. Anyway, one night we went out to dinner and got home about 10:15 and had sex. I went t..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

dared my wife to tease my friend the contractor
My wife and I had been playing around for a long time about her having sex with another guy. Eventually, it got down to her with various friends of mine. She liked to imagine those scenarios, and I did too. I made her promise that if the situation was right, and I dared her, she would have to carry out the dare. Well, one day, we were doing renovations to the outside of our home. I had picked a lo..
Poster: dan | Full Story»

It's Not Cheating If She Tells You, Right?
My wife was 19 and I was 28 when we hot married, she was 5-10 sexy slender dark blonde with sexy long legs. She always wore skirts/dresses that allowed her to show off her legs and thats what first caught my attention and then I saw how good looking she was. We hit it off from the start met in Oct and was married by April, the sex was fantastic and everyday she had very high sex drive usally offer..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

After having to leave home 3
After having to leave home - part 3

So the other day I was at office of the agency I work for turning in the previous day’s money for the dates I worked. They had got a call from one of their regulars wanting one of the girls for a gangbang. The two girls with our agency that work the group stuff were both booked up already. He asked me if it was something I would be interested in..
Poster: TaylorD | Full Story»

Sexy Boy
Well this is one of my experiences. This is the first time I'm posting but I'm a big fan of this site and I hope you all get as wet as I do when I think about this........
There this really pretty river sort of thing on the other side of town and one of my friends had told me about how it was generally always secluded since not many people new about it and at 3 on a hot Monday afternoon I t..
Poster: Kim A | Full Story»

Mid-Party sex
So,me and my girlfriend had been arguing all night, just before leaving for her friends party. It was getting quite annoying, we got there and barely spoke, her in one room, me in the other. After a few beers, I left for the toilet. I heart a knock and her voice outside. She was feeling horny and wanted to come in. I finished up, let her in. We straight engaged in a hot kiss, she started working h..
Poster: SB | Full Story»

Work Affair
I am an attorney in San Diego and married. I have worked at the same firm for a long time, and occasionally messed around with a secretary or two, and it was fun, but nothing like what I am about to tell you. I hired a female associate attorney, who was slightly older than someone fresh out of school. She was, in fact, more my age, and looked very pretty, with a slim build and medium sized brea..
Poster: George Jones | Full Story»

fun with the boss 3
It was a two and a half hour drive home from the company outing and on the the drive back I had mixed feeling about what I had done. I would think about the two nights and get horny and excited and I also had guilty feeling. When I arrived home I ran into my husbands arms and kissed him passionately. That night while we were having sex I would close my eyes and fantize about the events of the two ..
Poster: nicky | Full Story»

I always fantasized about being spanked for being such a bad girl. I was home alone when I heard my door open. I walked in the room to find this gorgeous man I knew standing there. The moment I saw him, my pussy throbbed. I walked up to him and kissed his hot lips. He kissed me back and rubbed his hands all over my ass. I lead him to the bedroom where we started undressing. His cock was so big and..
Poster: fiesty | Full Story»

After having to leave home 2
I have gotten several emails about my first story, so I thought I would wrote a few others about my experiences my career as an escort. This story is about my first, what I would call HUGE cock. I got a text from the agency asking if I could go to a casino on the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana right away. I wasn’t busy so I told them I was on my way. I parked at valet and walked in the d..
Poster: Taylor | Full Story»

Canadian women and public sex
This isn't so much my story, as a news item relevant to the interests of the community.

hhttp://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1045879/43-of-canadian-wome n-admit-to-having-sex-outside-the-hotel-room-while-on-vacati on

Newswire Canada reports on a study by TripCentral.ca which found that 43% of Canadian women have had sex outside their hotel when on vacation, and that 20% rep..
Poster: Geoff Capp | Full Story»

Insurance Agent
The knock came exactly at 5pm. At least, he was on time. This was just a total waste of time. Like I had the time for this. Damn though when I opened the door….. Was not ready for what was standing there. He was tall and dark with that trimmed beard and deep green eyes. Even his voice was sexy. Eventually he asked me whether I was going to let him in at some stage or just gape there. Gathering m..
Poster: malemalta | Full Story»