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Sweet dare


Summer Walk
XAIQEXOn one of the days that was actually hot this summer my wife Jan and me went for walk around our local reservoir.
Jan was dressed in a tight red mini skirt and strappy white tee shirt with no bra. As we walked she asked me if I thought her dress was to long, I told her it could be shorter to show more of her legs. With that she rolled it up at her waste band about another 4 inches. <..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Losing My Virginity
We were just chillin in my bedroom like any other day, cuddling and watching a movie. Until she decided to surprise the hell out of me when she went into the bathroom attached to my room and came out completely naked, saying she was gonna rape me. Well, you can't rape the willing! She knew I was a virgin and she wanted to be my first. She layed down on the bed with me and we started kissing, then ..
Poster: Joey | Full Story»

Ten Years of Closet Exhibitionism (Part 1)
My obsession with exhibitionism has been ongoing since around 10 years ago. What started as catching the right breeze down my shorts has evolved into streaking on rooftops at night, or driving around completely naked. The story segments that follow attempt to highlight some of my most daring moments, as well as the times I got caught, and the most explosive orgasms.

Although I am an..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

My Secret Affair
I guess I want to tell my story because it was Romantic, Sexy and a story of deprivation.

I owned a restaurant in Livonia, Michigan, and married to a man who did not appreciate me. One evening a gentleman came into my shop around 6:30 in the evening and ordered a sandwich.

As I took his order from behind the counter I said to myself what a handsome man but did not..
Poster: Fay | Full Story»

Ass lollipop
She and I couldn't wait to meet again, we were depraved of eachother. We both had personal issues at home, talking on the phone brought us closer. She knew that I was a sexually kinky man who loves to toss salad and enjoys giving anal,so one day I told her I would like to taste her Ass. She got hot and bothered, she suggested to send a special package to me overnight just so that I can taste her ..
Poster: christopher benz | Full Story»

Penis flash
I was sitting in the library doing my homework. I had shorts on and as I was doing my work when 2 girls walked by and noticed they smiled then both their faces lit up and they we're looking down at me. I hadn't noticed I was exposed and was caught by surprise but I could hear them talking to their friends all night while they were studying about how big it was and how surprised they were to see su..
Poster: Jimmy | Full Story»

Neighborly favor
My neighbor was a tall, blonde and slender woman. She would normally wear business attire as she worked in an office. She always looked sexy. Her name is Becky. One night I was driving home on a back road when I pulled up behind her car, she had her hazard lights on. I got out to see if everything was okay and saw she hit a deer. She had just got off the phone with the police, when she saw me. Bec..
Poster: James | Full Story»

Winter Weekend 2
Four weeks had passed since that wild weekend with the four girls. They said they would look for my truck on their way back to school, but they didn’t say if they were leaving on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Not knowing, I took Friday off and packed up a lot more supplies than I normally took.
This time, I had one of those inflatable queen size mattress, another six blankets and fo..
Poster: Elias | Full Story»

Another first part 2
After that orgasm I thought it couldn't get any better, but let me continue the story. Next he pulled up and kissed me. The taste of my juices sent me over the edge. I pulled away and whispered, "Fuck me." He said, "Not yet".
He dipped back down between my legs opened them as wide as they could go and with the thumb and pointer finger of one hand he opened my pussy as far as it could open...
Poster: Linda | Full Story»

Best night ever!
I set up the best date night I could think of for my wife. When she got home, I had a bubble bath hot and ready for her, surrounded by candles, which I ushered her into, then I brought up dinner - a Fondu, which I fed to her, while we ate and drank wine. God she looked hot there, naked and eating fondue. Then a Fruit fondue dipped in chocolate for dessert. Mmm.
After I helped dry her..
Poster: David | Full Story»

My Best Friend and My Wife.
So I would always notice my best friend checking out my wife. It comes to no surprise because she is fit, 5'2" and has size D tits, with an amazing round ass. My friend is a Virgin and one year older than us and we all new this. About a week ago my wife and I were looking for a Birthday present for him and we couldn't find anything. As a joke I said "We should get him a girl to fuck" and then the ..
Poster: Anonymous | Full Story»

I couldn't wait to get out of my meeting - I had just gotten a text from you.
It was a simple text 222 - I knew where you were at - Plan B today -
Finally the meeting was over and I was standing outside room 222. Knocking, I heard you
yell "coming" - a word I like to hear you say in so many ways - but we'll get to that -
keep your panties on woman..
I look ..
Poster: HoleUser | Full Story»

Another first
For those who read my other stories, I would let my older boyfriend finger me in his car. This went on everyday of my senior year in high school. A couple of days before graduation, we had a huge fight and broke up. For the next 2 years I stayed single and started working at a textile company. I would finger myself and make myself cum once or twice a week. So technically, yes, I was a virgin. Noth..
Poster: Linda | Full Story»

Huge BBW Sister In Law Visit
This week the wife and I are going to stay at her Sister's new house. We moved away from the region several years ago, so we come back to visit for the Holidays. And we havn't seen Betty's new place yet!

Betty is a super hot Blonde BBW with a huge ass that is magnificent. She has the tits to go with it too! 40 DD just to guess. I'll check one of her bras if I can.

Poster: Fantasizing about two Big Huge Asses | Full Story»

Taking naughty pictures in the change rooms
James and I went shopping yesterday. We first went to an adult shop. James was hoping there’d be a young guy or girl working there, so I could dress a little sexier. I had on a singlet, a see through top over that and tights. He really wanted me to just wear the see through top with no bra, but the employee was an older gentleman and since it was our first time going into an adult store, we deci..
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Reluctant Holiday Anal
It was a great Thanksgiving. She was tired from the very long day and all the alcohol. She laid down in the livingroom and passed out cold.

Her mouth gaped open and she began breathing heavily. She was sl**ping really hard now.

My cock started twitching in my pants as my mind wandered...I brushed her hair with my hand and got no response at all. I did it again just to..
Poster: Huge Purple Cock | Full Story»

Love & Lust...
He held her body close to his softly kissing her lips, his hands placed on her hips as he slowly lays her down on to the bed as he climbs and lays beside her, still kissing her. She puts her arms around him pulling him closer into her, and runs her fingers through his soft hair colored with shades or blue and red. He places his hand softly on her blushing cheek and kisses her passionately, his ton..
Poster: Kitty Baird | Full Story»

Change room fun
So my boyfriend and I recently went out shopping for our one year anniversary. We always have fun when we’re out shopping and this was no different. We went into a store and I got a few dresses to try on. I was wearing a shortish dress that unzips at the front. I picked out a strapless dress and decided to try that on. I love changing in front of my boyfriend, I love feeling his eyes on me as I ..
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Fingered on the bus
Recently my boyfriend and I went for a nice day out for our one year anniversary. He had an assessment at Uni and had to dress up in a suit for it. He looked so hot. Whenever I see him in a suit, it makes me hot. Once when I wasn't expecting to see him in a suit, I literally couldn't breathe I wanted him so bad. He works out, so I can clearly see his pecs, defined shoulders and biceps mhmmm.
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Boyfriend takes naughty pictures of me
When James first suggested that he take some pictures, I was surprisingly looking forward to it. He asked me yesterday and I said maybe, but didn't think we'd get a chance so soon. He's got a picture of me on the train, legs spread in a dress, panties showing and my boobs out. (That's another story, he's uploaded that story, too.) That was such a turn on because I felt so exposed and could have go..
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Fun at the movies
Ever since Haley (my girlfriend) started getting more comfortable with wearing less in public (no bra or no panties), I had been thinking of places where we could go where she could tease me. So we decided to go watch a movie, Magic Mike. I picked a cinema, bought tickets online and we headed off.

Haley wore a white dress, but as soon as we were in the car, she took off her panties...
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Naked at the Park
My girlfriend and I were out at night at a park near my house. It was dark outside, and it's quite a large park with three cricket pitches. We went to the furthest pitch and lay down. We started kissing, and to tease my girlfriend, I took off my shirt.

Now, I go to the gym, and am quite toned, and my girlfriend absolutely loves it. I was on top of her when I took off my shirt, put m..
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Flashing on the train
I've been going out with my girlfriend for about a year now. A little bit about her; she's about 150-155cm, weighs around 52kgs and has black hair with brown streaks in it. She's got this amazing body, she's quite slim and has this amazing shape to her. Her boobs are 10B and very perky, with amazingly sensitive nipples. She doesn't even need a bra to hold them up and I love when she doesn't wear o..
Poster: HaleyandJames | Full Story»

Cynthia 3, Henry and I
I am posting another story by Cynthia. She doesn't have a computer, so no e-mail. She can be reached through me. She has my permission to use my e-mail address. Her story:

I realize that I'm a highly sexed woman. My orgasms are very intense and I have a lot of them. I have benn known to kick and thrash when I have a really intense orgasm. I truly love the cock, but I'm not a "big co..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

College Girlfriend
I graduated from college two years ahead of my girlfriend at the time. I went directly to graduate school, in another state, and we tried to do the long distance relationship thing. That did not work out too well, as I fooled around and she got serious with someone else. Flash forward another two years. I have a job in the Midwest, and she is engaged to be married. She calls me up and suggest..
Poster: Tom | Full Story»

Fun at camp.
I used to work at a camp, and on the weekends, there were rarely many people on site, so seeing as I lived 4 hours away from the camp, I usually just stayed there for the weekends. Well it all started by some sexy texts between two friends. She was 18, me 20, and we decided we were going to see a movie while we were on a break from camp. We went to the movie, and within 5 minutes of it starting, t..
Poster: James | Full Story»

We went to Korea in September 1950. We saw our first combat soon afterward, but this is not a story about that. In November 1950, the Bob Hope show came to Korea. Actually, Bob Hope wasn't the first show to come to Korea, Al Jolson was. Al and I went to see the show and it was good.

later that night I got an awful somach ache and Al took me to the aid station. The Doctor on duty ex..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

Massaging Neigbour
My wife has a friend that lives on the next street to us. She's actually separated from husband, and we help each other out with babysitting, etc.
We had a birthday party and I borrowed some chairs from her, so I had to return them.

The freind, Sarah, works as a registered massage therapist part time, so she's home alot. I know the garage door code, so I opened the door, n..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Concert Tickets
I can get my hands on concert and event tickets that come to town. A buddy of mine had a neighbour that wanted a pair of tickets to a popular for her daughter's birthday.

So I went to drop them off. This sexy middle-aged lady opened the door and asked me to come in after I told why I was there. She was thrilled, and went to get the money for the tickets.

She didn'..
Poster: Sam | Full Story»

Wife Slipped Up Again!
My wife and I had seperated for about 4 months after I caught her with a black man when they broke up we went back together. The one thing we both agreed on was marriage consuling to get things in perspective. More than once when we were having sex she had moaned out about black cock I dont think she was aware but I sure was.

We attended a 4 session program were we met both ..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

First FFM Part 5 – Parting Ways
How sweet it was to have these two beautiful naked women in my bed, the lust still oozed out of us all and the bed was a complete disaster. The smell of sex and our joined union was palpable in the air, my breathing was labored still as I noticed both (A) and (T) were now embraced in a kiss, it was slow and passionate and quite a sight to behold. I moved in towards them and placed my hands on thei..
Poster: Adventurous Pair | Full Story»

First FFM Part 4 – The Aftershocks
There we were in a moment that seemed to last for quite a while, there was heavy breathing and the post coital glow that we all bathed in. (A) got off my cock and laid on the bed as she proclaimed “That was AWESOME”. (T) giggled beside me and I just relaxed, lying naked between two unbelievably hot women. This was definitely something I would remember for the rest of my life. I closed my eyes ..
Poster: Adventurous Pair | Full Story»

Fast and Torrid encounter.
So I took my son to a popular fast food restaurant close to home for lunch on a Sunday afternoon, and he went into the play area for a bit. I was in no rush so he played with the other kids in there for awhile and I caught up on a few e-mails, etc.

Then, with sheer coincidence, one of his classmates came in and they were thrilled to hang out for a bit. The other boy's Mom walked i..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

First FFM Part 3 – The Climaxes
Wow, here it was, I was standing naked in the living room of my apartment with two naked hot women. We had been ravishing one another in a fit of lips, fingers and tongues. The girls broke their sensual kiss and my girlfriend grabbed a hold of my cock and led me to the bedroom with (A) behind me. At the foot of the bed (T) turned around looked me in the eyes, licked my lips and proceeded to get on..
Poster: Adventurous Pair | Full Story»

At an Island
The Husband decides we should take a vacation at this Island! So I figure, I'd get a sexy Bikini and turn him on! We haven't had sex in about 1 month! He's more into cleaning his Corvette or the Casinos near us!
We get to this Island and I discover they have a casino! Well while he was getting ready to go to the Casino, I put on my new Pink Bikini!
I'm a natual Blonde and I just..
Poster: coleen C | Full Story»

Shorty Girl
I never knew Shorty Girl's name! She was a Japanese prostitue and I only new her about a month. She was the only Japanese girl I was with during my time in the Far East and the only prostitute I've ever been with.

We got to Japan in early August 1950. We were restricted to the post until we had our shots and went through orientation. We were free to go into town after that. ..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

After having to leave home 5
After having to leave home 5

I haven’t written a story for a while so I thought I would fill in my followers on what has been going on. Work has been busy and I am getting a nice following of regulars. The man from “After having to leave home 2” has become one of my regulars. My bank account likes him but my poor little body doesn’t all that much. He is the guy with the huge..
Poster: Taylor | Full Story»

First FFM Part 1 – The Buildup
First let me say a thank you to the webmaster for his dedication to this website. We have been long time readers and have enjoyed hearing and seeing the things real people do to keep things exciting. We have not contributed before and felt it was time to share some of our more private moments with the group. I will apologize now for the length and detail in the following story. I just want to be s..
Poster: Adventurous Pair | Full Story»

Taking Back A Cheating Wife!
In my last story I told how I caught my wife with a black man and she confessed to an affair with him, which resulted in us seperating. We had only been married about 8 months when this happened, on the night of what was or would of been our first anniversary she called me. Gina told me had broke up with her black lover about 2 months ago and was staying with a g/f and working. She was calling to ..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

She said...
She said that she'd read my last story on line and asked if we could meet...

She said that she had a need, a requirement, and thought I might be the person to help...

That's what she said.

I was pretty unaccustomed to such requests, especially the part about the dominant male role, the abuse, the need for her to feel like she was being used and made to..
Poster: Zachery L | Full Story»

First time part 2
My next class was phys. Ed. But with my two orgasms I didn't feel like exercise so I just sat on the bleachers. I was still horny as hell. After gym class, we had a film in the auditorium. I was so horny, I started rubbing myself til I orgasmed. Apparently the guy who liked me saw what I was doing. Halfway through the movie he sat next to me and asked if I needed help with what I was doing. I inst..
Poster: Linda | Full Story»

Winter Weekend
Nearly 8 years after Emily died; I began renovating a small house out in the middle of nowhere. I had visions of eventually moving out into the country and to just get away from everything and everyone.
I started the renovation in the middle of summer and had only been working on the house for several weeks when I had the surprise of helping two young girls with their car. They later ca..
Poster: Elias | Full Story»

First time
I am Liz's oldest sis. Every now and then all three of us get together and tell stories of our experiences with guys. My first time being fingered was with an older guy. I was 18 years old and in my senior year of high school and my boyfriend was 23. He would come see me at the school at lunch time and we would just sit in his car. Secretly I had another boy who really liked me at school and I kin..
Poster: Linda | Full Story»

storm benefits
My name is Jim and my wife is Mary. The recent storm in the northeast triggered power outages in our area. I have a backup generator in the house and it provides full power in our house, including tv as long as cable is working.
I'm 47 and my wife is 45. We have two sons who are away in college and therefore it's an empty nest. Our next door neighbor of the past 20 years we've been here i..
Poster: Jim & Mary | Full Story»

My sexy lusty wife being humped by her boss
It was an evening when my wife had invited her boss for dinner. Her boss was 50 plus and my wife Seema was 33. She is a damn sexy woman with big milky boobs. We were enjoying drinks together and Seema was wearing a black flimsy t shirt with deep cut in front. I saw her Boss was gasping at her. Seema had told me that her Boss is highly interested about her . When she went to the washroom, i asked h..
Poster: heckdreamer | Full Story»

Elle discovers her purpose
I know that there is not of lot of writing up here, but this is one of the most surprising things that ever happened to me. I just couldn’t think of anyone who might understand, just who I could share it with? Then I thought of maybe you all here. And that led to some interesting developments. See, I come up here all the time, and even feel like I know some of you.
My wife, Elle, whom ..
Poster: arney | Full Story»

Wife Said No Black Would Ever Touch Her!
My wife/ex wife always told me she would never let a black man touch her, since we came from a small midwest rural area not much chance. Then after we got married we moved to bigger town for my job and it had more job opprotunities for her too, and with a bigger town more blacks. Even after being there a while she was still against them where I dealt with them in my job daily so I had no problem.<..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

The Patient
When Becky told me there was a 58 year-old married man on the phone looking for a new doctor I hesitated only momentarily. You see, as a 35-year old female MD, the vast majority of my patients are children and women. I can count on one hand the number of male patients I have had, and most were the sons of my female patients who came through every now and again for a sports physical.

Poster: WVHunter | Full Story»

Hot Tub with Sister-in-Law
Before my sister-in-law got married, she was an interior decorator for very high-end suburban clients. One client asked her to house-sit their sizeable house while they went on vacation. She asked my wife if we would be interested in coming over one evening and having beers in the hot tub on the back deck. My wife said she was busy, but said that I could go if I wanted to. Of course I said yes..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

Wife at the Sports bar
My wife and I decided to go out to a sports bar last night to watch some football. She was in a good mood and put on a very short skirt with sheer panties. We sat down at the U shaped bar and had some drinks. She got to talking to a couple of younger guys who were eying her but could only see a lot of legs. After while they invited us to come around to their side of the bar. My wife moved over..
Poster: randy | Full Story»

Sex with strangers
My last story told of my experience with Bob who was 35 years older. Up until a few weeks ago I had only had sex with my husband, Bob and another one night stand in London. This story is about a recent experience. As I said my husband loves the story of me being fucked by Bob and we relive it and other fantasies a lot. One of mine has been to have sex with a complete stranger. Three weeks ago it h..
Poster: Natalie | Full Story»

Older Man
My husband finds this the most erotic story I can tell him and likes to role play it over again. Recently I did it for him with someone else but that is another story. First of all some background, when I was 19 (I am now 38 and in pretty good shape)I went to live in England for a year before starting University. My grandmother was in Australia with my mum so my best girlfriend and I had free acco..
Poster: Natalie | Full Story»

My Man
I have created a monster lol. This morning he really wore me out. He started to pleasure me while I was still half asleep. As his fingers moved inside of me, I began to shake uncontrollably. He then tells me to stay in the position I was in and not to move. Mind racing from the anticipation of what was to come next; he slowly slid a vibrator into me. He closed me legs and turned it on. A litt..
Poster: KC | Full Story»

Near nympho Wife
It's Ray again. I posted Cynthia's story because she doesn't have a computer. I also posted a story of myself and a girlfriend, Nora, a few days back. Now I'd like to tell you the story of me and my first Wife, Virginia. For some reason, I seem to be attractive to women. I don't really understand it, I'm not a handsome man and I'm certainly not rich.

I met my first Wife, Virginia, w..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

Flirting With My Son's Friends
Ever since I can remember, my son has had friends over for sleepovers and swim parties and such. I have gotten to know his friends very well over the years. I was known as the cool mom as they were growing up, because I spent time with them and didn't talk down to them. I let them be themselves. I was one of them, a friend and sometimes counselor. And I'm sure wearing very little around the house ..
Poster: Milf Next Door | Full Story»

Mom-in-law Part 2
Val finished the curtains that evening and went home. I carried her sewing machine to her car and she kissed me on the lips big time then left. Nothing much happened until that next summer when my father-in-law got me a job on the railroad as switchman. My wife didn't want to quit her state job or give up our married student housing, so she stayed at school and worked and I stayed with my in-laws...
Poster: Bob | Full Story»