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Tommy And Kellie Have A Fun Jamaican Honeymoon
Hot Ride
I Promise
Tribute to 'Heidi Has To Walk Naked Outside' Part 6
UK Massage Therapists Get Horny Too! But Not Formally!
Continued from 9/5/19
Pizza dare with a hot twist
The Neighbor
Sex with an ex

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Sweet dare


Desert Heat - Pt 19
Desert Heat – Part 19
Friday, Aug. 3, 1985
Like normal, I was awake about half an hour before Pepper’s alarm went off. After going to the bathroom, I just sat in a chair across the room and watched the two sisters sleeping naked. They had turned during the night and the Pepper was cuddled up behind Ginger with her arm over her. They truly looked like identical twins and I coul..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

The Maid
I was recently in a Southern European country on business and stayed in an executive suite at a 5 star hotel, a lot more affordable then I was used to. Anyway, I had breakfast in the restaurant on the main floor and made my way up to my room to continue some paperwork for my afternoon meetings.

When I got back to the room, the cleaning lady was there in a sexy black and white mai..
Poster: Horny Bob | Full Story»

Fucked by Friend
I have to share a story about how a single fuck can change your life.You think it is for the worse b ut turns out for the better. I found out just before my wife and I got married she had fucked a friend of mine. Let me explain,we had all met at a club one night. My wife,Penny,was with her sister and I was with the friend Daryl. I guess Penny and Daryl had a physical attraction,I found out that 6..
Poster: Anonymous | Full Story»

First threesom
Dana and I have been married about 10 years. She's 37 and I'm 39. She is in great shape nice ass, blonde hair, green eyes and perky breasts. We have always had a decent sex life. Maybe not as often as I would like, but sex is always great. Dana is always willing to try new things to please me. We've fooled around in risky public places and have been to strip bars together. We always talk dirty dur..
Poster: Dana and I | Full Story»

Vacation, my birthday gift. Part 1.
Last March, Joe told me he had booked a special vacation trip for me. My 20th birthday is on September 25th. All he would tell me, We will leave on September 21th and will return on September 29th. Make sure your passport is up to date, and there a public nude beach there. I am a nudest and exhibitionist what more can I ask for.
During that 6 months tryed to find out where we were going...
Poster: Susan | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 18
Desert Heat – Part 18
Wednesday – Thursday, Aug. 1-2, 1085
We arrived home late, after 11:30pm. There was one light on and a note on the table telling us they were looking forward to seeing us tomorrow. Ginger and I were quite tried and decide to unpack the cold food only and get the rest in the morning. It was after midnight when we headed for bed and found Pepper sound aslee..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Exploring new horizons
This is a long story that I really wanted to share, but I couldn't stop thinking about it in the car today. When I was younger, a girl and I were texting I was very much sexually attracted to her but I mean what girl didn't turn me on back then. anyways I asked her "what should I send you a picture of?" obviously asking for her to see my dick. Instantly she asked for a picture of my dick... I froz..
Poster: John | Full Story»

Hey this is Berry again, this is the third story I have written about Janis. The first two, New Ball Game, and Second Down And Goal To Go, you need to read first so you will understand where I’m going with this. I have a couple of more in mind right now, but before I go further, I should reminisce a bit. We were married in the early eighties..
Poster: Berry White | Full Story»

Wish I Could Share
My wife made a video for me about a month ago that I wish I could share with all the readers. I'd love to send in the video for others to view, but my wife would kill me because her face is in the video. I thought I would share it with you by just writing about it. The video was filmed with my wife sitting in our recliner and the camera setup in front of her. My wife is a very pretty woman. She ca..
Poster: rick | Full Story»

The Visit
When I visit Alice, my lover, I meet her about a mile from her house, in woodland, either before or after calling at her house,(she lives with her husband,who is about 15 years older than her.)
I also call when Alice is at home,so that her husband won't get suspicious.

This involves careful meetings around the house, so that A. and I can have some gropes and kisses...she, do..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 17
Desert Heat – Part 17
Sunday – Wednesday, July 21 – Aug 1, 1985
Sunday morning nearly came and went without anyone in the house waking up. When I did finally open my eyes and focused on the clock, it was almost 12 noon. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and then back to wake Ginger up without waking Pepper. However, I got Pepper to respond before Ginger and the three of..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Worlds - Resubmitted
Hey, last time I submitted it, it cut off like 90% of the story. Here's the whole thing!


Well I managed to get myself into the ‘I lost a bet’ club rather quickly, unfortunately as I’ve been informed membership doesn’t come with a t-shirt. I’ll spare the details of the bet as I’m certain a bunch of statistics and personal opinions about the teams at the..
Poster: Amy | Full Story»

Pregnancy Risk Sex In Thailand Is A Pleasurable Guilty Norm
To refer to it as "Pregnancy Risk Sex" in Thailand is something of a joke. As there is "No Risking" there for the most part. It's just a granted that most naughty minded teens and twentysomethings accept as a granted.

Us Americans are way too conservative about sex and out of wedlock kids. The Thai have no such restraints and actually take it to the other extreme. So what're you go..
Poster: Baby Maker In Bib Overalls | Full Story»

Barn Party
We went over to the neighbors for a barn party I decided to wear a dress, panties stockings and cowboy boots. It was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra. All of the other neighbors and people at the barn party pretty much were wearing shirts and jeans. I only saw one woman who was wearing a skirt and top. The dress I was wearing was fairly short. If I was standing with my hands at my side it w..
Poster: Laura | Full Story»

One Hot Night
Okay well it started be me flirting with a friends wife on chat, at first I did the casual telling her how sexy I thought she was, and that I was extremely turned on by her body, and she said the same about me as she was scared about it because she had never been with a female before, but then it went to talking of how we would love to passionately kiss each other and caress each others bodies, Th..
Poster: Crissy | Full Story»

Hey this is Berry again, we’re not foot ball fans, but Janis getting balled is the goal that I’m talking about. This new prick teaser thing is getting good, Janis is getting very brave when she’s horny, and I love to see her get brave. I don’t think it will be long till she open s her legs for some ..
Poster: Berry White | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 16
Desert Heat – Part 16
Saturday, July 20, 1985
While the two girls left to pick up the young shoe clerk, we straightened up and then headed back to the bedrooms. Not long after, we heard the girls drive up and peeked out the bedroom window to see if they had the lad with them and yes, they did.
Helen and Rosemary showed the teenager into the house and offered him a drink. ..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Halloween special part 1
This is my first post so please no negative comments

I stood in the doorway of the house in my short car Halloween outfit
My boobs were pushed up and my but looked good but let's just say that there was
A lot of skin showing;). So I open the door and walk inside, the room is filled with skimpy girls and buff guys so I slowly started to mingle! I wasn't even ..
Poster: Amber | Full Story»

Threesome Affair with My GF & Our Housemate
Here me again want to share with bros here yet another story of mine with a FUBU...In fact this is actually an untold story...I've kept it as a secret for so long until today..It was a sweet secret that until this present day, I still couldn’t believed what had actually happened..I’ve been keeping it as a secret from my friends ever since. Well here's how the story goes..This happened somewher..
Poster: FAZZY | Full Story»

Unexpected Threesome
This story happened last night at one of the 4 stars hotel in downtown KL..Actually it all started at work when one of my colleague, whom quite close to me came and joined me for a coffee at the lounge. We haven't met for quite a while since our duty roster has our working time opposite of each other. We always had our time clashed that we all the time missed each other by a few minutes only besid..
Poster: FAZZY | Full Story»

Desert Heat - Part 15
Desert Heat – Part 15
We drove about 20 minutes when Jerry slowed down and pulled into a bar. From the outside, it didn’t look like much. The girls asked about the place and Jerry said that he came here a couple of times with some friends and that he thought it might give the girls an opportunity to do some flashing. They shrugged their shoulders and followed him inside. At first it..
Poster: JD Whitings | Full Story»

Hey my name is Berry; my wife’s is Janis. We had a very interesting experience a few months ago, one that has forever changed our sex life. I will start off by telling you we have a great sex life, Janis is a fun fuck with a tight pussy that loves to experiment with lots of things and we’re ope..
Poster: Berry White | Full Story»