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Bottomless Zoom Meeting
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Wife and her Co-worker
Answered the Door Naked for my Birthday

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Sweet dare


Best Poker Night Ever
I was reading a post about a poker game and how the guy’s wife surprised him by her sudden brazenness and it reminded me of an incident that happened many years ago.

We decided to hold a bar-b-que for some of our friends. The feast would be followed by a night of poker with the guys and the ladies were free to go and have their own fun. I did ask my wife P to arrange to have a ca..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

I can't help but wish I was female sometimes
I am as male as you can get. I love women of all descriptions and could eat pussy all night long. I absolutely love boobs and think pussy is beautiful and mystical. I can't believe what a great pussy can do for a guy! And, like most men, just seeing beautiful boobs drives all of us men wild.
But I am also a voyer and and exhibitionist. I would love to get the attention and "approval" tha..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

first video camera on the block
I grew up in the 1980s back when video was on tape and if you had some money you may have owned a video recorder for your TV but not too many people had a video camera.

My girlfriend lived in a rental house and the owner of her house who lived next door had bought one of those video cameras. He was always around and occasionally asking us to come over and make a video. A that time..
Poster: SOCAL Bandiito | Full Story»

our neighbors airbnb
I live with my sister while I am getting my master's degree. She's married and they own really nice condominium that overlooks the beach in Florida.

A doctor and his wife have owned the condo next door for at least six years and rarely use the place. We were surprised one day when we heard some people next door and looked out to see a cute couple with suitcases headed up the stai..
Poster: Heather | Full Story»

Interior Decorator
I was in my early 40s when I married my second husband who had more money than he knew what to do with. He had just sold his smartphone app company and made a bundle of money.
His last wife had decorated the giant house he still owned and the first thing I wanted to do is change everything to remove any trace of his ex wife's decorating style. That's when I met Amber.

Poster: Dallasgirlcoyboys | Full Story»

Girlfriends Revenge
I decided to get my CHL and on the day of class I showed up early and grabbed a seat in the front row. As people started to arrive I noticed a group two guys and 3 girls appeared to be together. John the unofficial leader of the group was about 23 or 24 years old with his girlfriend Sarah who appeared to be 19 or 20, and even though her hair was dyed a bright purple color she was stunningly beauti..
Poster: TSA | Full Story»

black light room
If you every wanted to try doing a fuck show with your web cam but not too sure who might record it here is what my husband and I did after some experimenting.

We have a good HD webcam, its a GoPro Hero 5 that works great in low light.

We purchased a bunch of black lights off Amazon and set them up in a spare room down in the basement. That room would be unrecogniza..
Poster: GinGin | Full Story»

sort of a sex story
Prior to finding my career in advertising I was a fitness model when I was in my early 20s. I did a bunch of magazines and some commercials and was even in a movie that was made by HBO.

I was doing a photo shoot in Paris and while my boyfriend and I were traveling in France we visited a public pool that not only allowed nude bathing one day a week but you had to be naked that day..
Poster: thatgirl | Full Story»

golf party
I was working as a waitress when I tried out for a job working as a promotional model. This was a bunch of girls that worked in bikinis doing events like golf club parties, trade shows and sometimes we promoted a specific product like beer or vodka.

I was with two other girls working a golf outing at a really fancy resort and there were a bunch of guys there talking smack as usual..
Poster: Amanda | Full Story»

camping trip
I had been invited to go camping in the past and politely declined because staying in a tent with no TV or bathroom was not something I needed just to be enjoy the great outdoors.

That was until a guy friend asked me if I wanted to go hiking over at Desert View in the Grand Canyon because his boss had invited us and we would be staying in the motor home he was taking. So I said OK ...
Poster: newgirlintown | Full Story»

the computer guy
When I was starting college last year my mom decided to buy a new laptop for me and she also got a new computer for herself.

She works at a law office and she asked the guy that takes care of the office computers to come over to our house and get the new laptops set up. I needed all my school stuff and he she said he would and transfer anything I needed to keep to the new comput..
Poster: BrendaBee | Full Story»

Girlfriend accepts the challenge
Unexpected things happen when you drink. At least in my experience. Some years ago I was teasing my girlfriend about being too reserved sexually. We'd had some drinks at dinner, and had continued afterwards, so she was willing to stick up for herself.

She was not too shy, she said. I challenged her to prove it. But I have to choose the challenge, I said. "Oh, no, no way, " s..
Poster: Charlie | Full Story»

a quick sex lesson
When I was in college I had a girlfriend who lived in a studio apartment. She had a younger sister that had invited a bunch of friends from school over to watch TV and order pizza and convinced my girlfriend to let them into the liquor.

The girls all showed up at a bad time, the only evening I could get off work for a few weeks..

We were getting comfortable laying..
Poster: SurferDudeDan | Full Story»

Oh yikes ... the people next door VOTE!
I am a California girl, always have been always will be.

After finishing four years in the military I found a good job in the medical field. The new job paid well eniugh it was worth the move to Louisiana and I took the job knowing the experience would help me get even better job back on the west coast.

I rented a corner house in a nice subdivision so the only neigh..
Poster: EllieMae | Full Story»

Communal Showers at the Pool
I’ve just come back from travelling the UK and one evening I joined an adults only swim session to burn off a little steam. The exit from the changing room led out into an open communal shower area, walled off from the main pool.

At the time there was nobody around so after I had quickly showered I walked out to the pool area and casually completed my laps. I’d been chatting wit..
Poster: Alice Fisher | Full Story»

roller girl
Has anyone been to Sonic lately? I never see the girls wearing roller skates anymore so i was not sure if it's no longer allowed or what?

When I worked at Sonic we all had roller skates and it was fun! The Sonic I worked at stayed open 24 hours in the summers and I worked early evening until 2am because it was the best shift for tips and it was busy. One night my manager asked if..
Poster: Shadow K | Full Story»

I am a professional photographer from Miami, Florida. About 5 years ago I got a job to take photographs for a city department of tourism. This city is northeast of Boston. This city has a lot of great history. On my first day in town, I had a meeting with the mayor and the director of tourism. I will call her Ms. Smith. The city was wanting to print brochure for visitors to this great city. They w..
Poster: Joseph | Full Story»

Swinging and swapping for first time
My ex-wife Linda and I had a wonderful sex life, and fantasy play was a big part of that. We had one reoccurring fantasy that always seemed to get her super hot. It was always talk or sex stories about a three-way with another guy. She knew about my past, and even knew the people involved, and the three-ways I had been involved in with my best friend Bob and ex-girlfriend Wendy. My best friend, Bo..
Poster: shellpelt03 | Full Story»

First threesome for all of us
Years ago, before I was married, I was dating a girl named Wendy. Our sex life was great, and one night, I found a copy of Penthouse Letters tucked under her bed. Pages were folded over to mark a number of different stories, and they all involved three-ways with another guy.

I asked her if this was her biggest fantasy, and she said. "Sure, wouldn't you like to be with two women?" <..
Poster: shellpelt03 | Full Story»

A Trip to France and Greece
Last summer I did the low budget European travel thing with some friends from school. We stayed in hostels occasionally which were not really cool but kept our expenses down until we got to the beach in Greece where we splurged and got a nice hotel for a week.

I live in the midwest USA and I can tell ya Europeans have such a different attitude about nudity and sex than what we do. ..
Poster: Barbie | Full Story»

that chair
OK I see some stories on this site that are really good but some are just so "erotic fiction novel" sounding it's just totally unbelievable and fake sounding.

I will tell a crazy sex thing that happened to me when I was sharing an apartment with 3 other girls.

One of roommates had a guy that came over all the time and they were into bondage and things like. They were..
Poster: Jana H. | Full Story»

The cop
So I just found this website and I'm intrigued. This happened to me last night. But I have other stories to share. So last night I dropped my husband off at the airport for a red eye flight. On my way home I was pulled over for going 30 over the speed limit. My husband and I are really well off, I drive a Tesla and live off the street a ways on a large property. So I offered the cop 1000$ to..
Poster: Christine | Full Story»

the catering company
I worked as a hostess for a small restaurant and we some catering for parties in peoples homes. I went along to greet people as they headed to the food and bar and to just stand around and looked good.

We were a high priced restaurant and the clients were rich and I always banked with tips every time I worked. Most of the parties we worked were lame but sometimes they got wil..
Poster: TrackRunnerJeni | Full Story»

my adventure at a resort
I attended a company meeting at a resort for 6 days because our company had a good year and everyone got to meet employees from other company locations.

I was sharing a room with a coworker who surprisingly did not bring her husband along. We were cool the first couple of nights just watching TV and talking. The third day she told me that her husband was delayed joining her the re..
Poster: mDelicious | Full Story»

hippi hollow
My husband and I lived in Austin Texas back in the mid 1990s and visited a nude beach on Lake Travis called Hippi Hollow that has been there for many years and is still there.

We were primarily interested in tanning nude and the first few years we went the park was packed with college people, local celebrities etc with a nice mix of visitors. We went back a few years ago and wow ..
Poster: louriedowntown | Full Story»

music lessons
I grew up in a small town where there was not a whole lot of things to do. I played girls basketball, ran track and did really good in sports. There was a piano in our house and I tried some piano lessons but it was just not for me but when I was offered guitar lessons I jumped at the chance. I was becoming sort of a band groupie and I liked the idea of knowing something about playing the guitar..
Poster: Yvette | Full Story»

Married Coworkers Hit the Back Seat
Phyllis and I were coworkers. We worked the alarm room for a national security alarm company. The work alternated from busy to "time to do the paperwork." You had to be part of the team and trust each other to do your job when a hot alarm came through. Working together in life and death situations builds closeness.

Our team fell into the habit of going out after work on Wednesd..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Those drug dealers next door!
I thought we moved into a nice neighborhood when my husband and I rented a house in the Hollywood Hills. It was a multi-level townhouse with close neighbors on one side.

After living there a couple weeks it became obvious our neighbors were drug dealers. There were visitors stopping by day and night that would stay a few minutes, exchange a few words and off they would go...
Poster: Laurel Canyon | Full Story»

working at photo lab
Not everyone is old enough to remember that before there was digital photos everyone took pictures on film and had to send them to a photo processing place to be printed.

I was a college girl at the time and had a friend who's uncle owned a photo lab. She worked there and helped me get hired during the summer when school was out. It was a Ok place to work and there were a bunch of..
Poster: TinaandRob | Full Story»

My manager was an asshole
I worked in Las Vegas as a pool waitress for a while. The waitresses all wore bikinis which I have the figure for and it was a fun place to work.

While I was working there I met a guy who worked way over in another part of he hotel and we started dating.

I had a boss who was an asshole to work for, getting on my case about being late and making mistakes with orders..
Poster: LVDanni | Full Story»

the hotel sauna .. back in the day
This site posted a good write up from some people who lived in a hotel. I also grew up om a hotel my family managed and I will tell about an event I had.

Our hotel (I think it's been torn down) was in El Paso Texas along the highway so we got allot of guests passing through on I-10. We had a great pool in the summer and a nice sauna and steam room. I was (still am) a good looking..
Poster: Clark | Full Story»

After the Party
Kris and I were going to my job's formal Christmas party about 14 years ago. My buddy Rob came by so we could smoke before we went. Rob and I started at the job out of our respective colleges about 5 years earlier, and we're good friends. Since Kris rarely smoked, she drove everyone from our home to the party. Kris wore the typical sexy red Christmas dress, and we were in suits.
The party w..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Anna 2
Anna and I made full use of the couple of days until Susan got home,- we spent 90% of the time in bed, fucking like rabbits..we were both sexually starved, and the lust that we experienced for each other was transcendental.

We went to bed early, and despite the almost non-stop feeling, sucking and kissing during the day (Anna was a graphic designer, and worked from home)- we couldn'..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

trailer trash
My friend Kari's parents bought her a mobile home to live in during her college years. It was set up like a duplex so she could rent the other half, actually a good idea because the rent from my half paid a bunch of her bills.

Unlike myself Kari did not have to work during her college years and that gave her plenty of time to work on her favorite subject which was guys. Kari is a ..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

Strap-on Surprise for Wife
My wife and I were about to go on a trip Texas. We go on these business trips a few times a year and each time we've been I've bought something for our enjoyment. Things like vibrators, dildo's and stuff like that. This time I bought a dildo that can be used with a harness. The harness is actually a pair of real tight shorts that has a hole in front that the dildo slides into. The dildo is made of..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

hotel staff
I lived in a very nice hotel in Miami the summer of 2016 while looking for a condo and trying to decide if I wanted to stay at a job I found and move permanently.

This hotel had 24 hour workout room and since my girlfriend and I worked in the evenings we would get home around 3am and head down to gym. On occasion there were a few people in the gym and one of the girls who was regula..
Poster: JR | Full Story»

Making Wife and Neighbor's Fantasies Come True Pt 2
Part 2

After Caddie disappeared to the bedroom, Jeff and Mitch went through the motions and words of Mitch leaving like normal. Only instead of leaving, he quietly followed Mitch to her spare bedroom.

Jeff went into the bedroom, complimented Caddie on her outfit and then blindfolded her and left the bedroom. He went to the spare room and gave his clothes to Mitch so ..
Poster: Jeff and Caddie via Lee J | Full Story»

The professor or whatever
When I was in college I met a classmate who was also working on her master's degree. She told me that last semester she got an entire class credit just for participating in study one of her professors PHD husband was doing who and they only asked 6 couples a semester to participate.

My friend said it was study in "modern sexuality" with couples doing a few questionnaires and intervi..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

Making Wife and Neighbor's Fantasies Come True
This is a true story that was told to me by a friend whose wife verified it to be true.

His name is Jeff and hers in Caddie. Jeff is just under 6-foot-tall, well-toned (8-pack abs) and good looking. On a scale of 1-10, Caddie is a 20. No typo – she is a TWENTY!. She stands about 5’4”, weighs 100 pounds, long strawberry blonde hair and green eyes and 34B boobs Her face is the m..
Poster: Jeff vi Lee J | Full Story»

When we were married my wife's younger sister, Anna,came to live with us, our parents were dead, and we'd inherited a 4-bedroomed house in Norfolk, with room for us all.My wife, Susan, was 26, and Anna was 22.

Time passed. Anna married (badly, as it turned out) at 25, - the marriage lasted three years, and ended with her husband walking out on her for another woman,leaving £20,000 ..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

when I worked at a tanning salon
When I was in college I worked at a tanning salon right next to the campus.

The lady that owned the salon was super cool and let the employees tan for free and even allowed us to "comp" a few tans for our friends.

Although most of the customers were girls we had some guy customers. My second week working there and the last customer for the night was a nice looking ..
Poster: Gina | Full Story»

GR8 Vape
I have been going to my local Vape shop for a year now. From time to time, there is a girl working there, who is cute, but has a lazy eye that everyone makes fun of. I always talk to her and joke around everytime I'm in the store. i went in one evening, about 5 minutes till closing. I walked in and did'nt see anyone, so i made my presence known. The girl walked out wearing this short, tight leathe..
Poster: Alex | Full Story»