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Gave my Ass to my Husband last Night
Wife's French Delight
Making it Even
Masturbating with others at a Hostel
My GF and my Ex Wife on the same Day
Nurse without Panties
Horny Wife
Not sure what to Do
I almost Fucked my Boss' Wife Part 2

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Sweet dare


Make my fantasy come true
I have never posted before and not the greatest writer so please be fair and not to judgemental.

I served many years in the military and got to visit many countries. I got to see some very beautiful ladies. I even got to visit some interesting beaches the "Land Down Under".
I have been to many nice clubs and swanky clubs. I have had a few interesting "meetings" with some se..
Poster: Whizzard | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled 7
Miya and I continued meeting up with our friends and also getting together at Duke and Launas party house once or twice a year for the next few years. We traveled to England with Duke and Launa and Tonya and Marcus. We went on a cruise with Tom and Maddy. Spent a week in Cancun with Eric and Julie and more. Through these years couples came and went from our circle.

Marcus and To..
Poster: Kyle M. | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled 6
After Miya's experience with Eric she was open to hearing more about my other friends and what goes on at the party house. She soon started asking me random questions more often than not while we had sex. Was their girl on girl? Which couples clicked the best? Which women turned me on the most? The questions trailed off the closer we got to our planned visit. We were going to stay with my be..
Poster: DJ | Full Story»

My First Time Having Anal Sex With A Sexy Mom
So it's been a good year or two since when we both had sex with each other and those times were nothing but an amazing time for both of us and I've finally fulfilled one of my fantasys and I wouldn't of done it with anyone but you because we know each other so well and get along with each other so well. And know what we like in bed. And nobody knew our secret but us.
It was October and ri..
Poster: Jake D | Full Story»

Watched anal
My second husband and I have had an open marriage for the last few years, it's worked well as we keep it mostly discreet, every now and then we might share a story or two.

Recently I was anything but discreet with an encounter I had. I have a few friends I hang out with separate to my husband, he knows them but they are my equivalent to his drinking buddies. Every once in a while ..
Poster: Jody | Full Story»

My new favourite thing
My husband and I split up almost a year ago, more my decision than his, but within a month he was seeing on old work colleague of mine, apparently she heard he was separated and made contact. Good luck to him as she is a tramp but it annoyed me.

I had a few offers since the split but wasn't interested, until about 3 months later I was out with a group of friends. A younger guy (ab..
Poster: Annie | Full Story»

Round 2 with the same guys....
So these guys knew I was a second grade teacher and they had all these pictures and videos of me from the gangbang... they told me I have to do a few things so they won't tell the district about my activities I do outside of work... so I agreed to that and met up with two of the boys... they told me I had to walk up naked and I did and they walked me up stairs to the bedroom and I laid on my back ..
Poster: Holly | Full Story»

girls these days have all the fun
There are some crazy stories on this site and while some are totally believable while others need to be posted on some romantic fiction website.

After graduating with masters in physical education I am started teaching ballet in my spare time. I have had some fun and interesting sexual experiences over the years but some of the girls who come in the studio are obviously having mo..
Poster: San Diego Hotti | Full Story»

An unexpected encounter; true story!!
I was driving north, alone, on I81 from Roanoke VA to Harrisburg PA. The weather was hot and sultry as it was July of this year. I was cruising in the right lane and saw a Toyota Corolla coming up fast on my left. As it got closer I could see flowing blonde hair in the driver seat. She passed and our eyes locked. Very pretty, very tan and with her slim face I imagined she had a nice body! Now I'..
Poster: Pete | Full Story»

sexual harassment
When I was finishing high school I found a summer job working construction. It was a small family company with about 30 people. I was hired to help out driving, delivering materials and when there was nothing to do I helped in the office.

The office was just the owner guy who was always out on job sites, his wife the manager and their daughter who ordered all the materials. The o..
Poster: cowboy | Full Story»

dat sugar daddy thing
Having dated some attractive women I have come to the realization that regardless of how good a girl looks if she has no personality I am moving on to someone who does.

That's where Barbie comes in. (That's not her real name but she looks like Barbie) Barbie and I went out off an on for a few months, she was not my type and I was probably not her type but we did hook up once and f..
Poster: SOHOboy | Full Story»

trucking in florida
Long haul trucker here with my second contribution to the website.

My current wife and I used to stop at different swingers clubs around the country. We were never into swapping partners but always had a great time meeting people to watch fuck or to watch us fucking.

A while back I had a trailer going to Orlando and the wife used her connections to get an invite t..
Poster: jimbean_2007 | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled 5
After Miya's experience with Eric she was open to hearing more about my otherfriwnds and what goes on at the party house. She soon started asking me random questions more often than not while we had sex. Was their girl on girl? Which couples clicked the best? Which women turned me on the most? The questions trailed off the closer we got to our planned visit. We were going to stay with my bes..
Poster: DJ | Full Story»

For Her Pleasure
I know all men want their women too be completely satisfied sexually. I've always been open too try most anything my wife desires and most times it has been my idea too do these things. We've watched porn together, used dildo's and vibrator's. I've even watched her with other men, that was also my idea and took some encouraging for her too do so. I've had her film herself masturbating so I could w..
Poster: Rick | Full Story»

the truckers life
Long haul trucker here with my contribution to the website.

My current wife and I actually met when we were married to different people as swinger's.

Now my last wife (#2) was also married when we met and she had three grown daughters all of which were down right hot. During the years I was married to her it was a privilege to see those girls running around the house..
Poster: Kenworth | Full Story»

the neighbors complained
I worked as a GS supervisor at a beach front hotel in California. With the beach and girls in bikinis it was a nice place to work.

My job put me all over the property visiting with a bunch of the guests. I had many interesting experiences so I will tell about one them.

One afternoon a guest called from one of our suites on the reporting a smell of weed inside their ..
Poster: jimbean_2007 | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled part 5
So two years after V's passing I returned to the fold. I even eventually started going back to the party house. But I still could not bring myself to date or enter into a relationship. I soon afterwards received a new assignment that would take me east to sunny Florida. I was sad to be leaving my friends but also happy for the change of scenery and a chance to start anew.

I se..
Poster: Kyle M | Full Story»

Caught on the beach in Cancun
My wife is currently dying of cancer and i have been reflecting on some of our escapades. This is my first time writing or posting anywhere on the web. Feedback is welcome, but Please be gentle.I will start off with the fact that my wife (Julie) and I(Steve) have been married for 19 years. She is a petite woman, 5'2" and 105 lbs, with perfect little A cup boobs and the tightest ass anyone could wa..
Poster: Scuba steve | Full Story»

Anna 2
Anna and I made full use of the couple of days until Susan got home,- we spent 90% of the time in bed, fucking like rabbits..we were both sexually starved, and the lust that we experienced for each other was transcendental,-

We went to bed early, and despite the almost non-stop feeling and kissing during the day (Anna was a graphic designer, and worked from home)- we couldn't get en..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

My girls night turned into a gangbang...
One night I went out with an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time because she's married with kids. (We use to have wild and crazy nights and I've been feeling a little lonely because of work). So I wore a short skirt without any panties and a tight top without a bra. We started drinking and catching up with old stories but she had to leave. During this time my cousins friends kept texting..
Poster: Holly | Full Story»

I was lucky and got accepted to a prestige University on a scholarship. The school was about 40 miles away and I commuted the first semester until I decided to look for an apartment. A friend of mine told me she had a classmate who's roommate had dropped out of school and was looking for a new roommate quick to help pay half the rent.

That's when I met Kristen, she was really nice..
Poster: Bridgeportgirl | Full Story»

a photo class nude model story
A few years back (I was 42 at the time), I was talked into teaching a class on model photography. I had won mode than a dozen awards at your local art gallery competitions, so I said what the heck, it's only a day. So we built an Advert and a small fee. 30 days latter it was time to begin the class. as I suspected, it was mostly Soccer Moms, with the exception of 2 young ladies in their mid 20s. T..
Poster: Butch davis | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled 4
For the next few years V and I participated in the lifestyle. We would meet the other couples collectively at Duke and Launa's party house once a month. Or we would hook up with some of the other couples separately. Another memorable first was when V and I hooked up with the only black couple in our group for the first time. I had a nice boat and Marcus and Tonya had never been boating before...
Poster: Kyle M | Full Story»

Anal good for me & you
We're a mid 30's professional couple. We're both blond & good looking but we got into a little rut. A few weeks ago hubby asked about trying anal to spice things up. I told him he could fuck my ass if I could fuck his! He was a little shocked but said he'd, "take it under advisement."
Much to my surprise he told me yes after going down on my one night! Nervously, got out my 7" vibe an..
Poster: K & C | Full Story»

free entertainment
My husband and I stayed at a beach resort in France last year.

We stayed for 3 days at a cozy little beach house just adjacent to nude beach at a large resort. The house looks a little weathered and run-down from the outside but was 5 star inside with a small pool right outside our back door surrounded by a privacy fence with a gate that leads out to the beach.

The ..
Poster: Chanda | Full Story»

I have always wanted to try out a threesome with my wife but never had the chance to tell her. Everytime we were making love I would throw comments to her about spicing our sexual life after been married for 6 years. My wife always talked dirty to me while we were fucking like, could you fuck me hard or could you bend me over and smash my box. Lately our sex has been good and she has been hinting ..
Poster: Leo | Full Story»

Its just sex honey
Hi everyone this is a true story. Its my first attempt at writing, and most of it is from a hot memory stored in the back of my head. Please read and enjoy.

I am a married woman with an awesome husband, in the sense that he fulfils all my wishes and fantasies. This dates almost a year back and during that time I had been receiving less attention from my husband due to our hectic wor..
Poster: aprilsweet2016 | Full Story»

Birthday gift
My wife and I had been together for a long time, and recently for my 47th birthday she arranged a special gift. We aren't swingers and don't have an open marriage (yet?) so this was a big shock.

She has a recently divorced friend Ally who has been making the most of single life, partying and screwing around. I don't know her too well, but I will admit thinking she was a nice piece..
Poster: Leo | Full Story»

the pool house
I moved into an apartment last year when I divorced my husband and that's when I met my downstairs neighbors Liz and Brad. A few weeks after I moved in they moved and went to work as live-in maintenance and household help at a large estate out in the country.

I keep in contact with Liz and last summer she arranged for me to come out to the estate and help her with parties or lun..
Poster: Amanda | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled 3
So V and I continued to have sex with our friends Tom and Maddy over the next few months. Often as a foursome in the same room or swapping partners in different rooms. On some occasions there would be threesomes in different combinations.

Eventually Tom and Maddy asked if we wanted to meet other couples with them. We aggreed but we're tentative. They told us about a couple tha..
Poster: Kyle M | Full Story»

my first time with an audience
I live in a neighborhood filled with artists, musicians and creative people. These people know how to throw parties and a party in the hills is not a party unless there is a bunch of beautiful girls there.

My friends are for lack of a better word HOT. We get invited to all the good parties whether it's someone's parents, boss, friends, neighbors if it's a party with the right peop..
Poster: The girl in the mansion | Full Story»

Overnight trip
My wife Carousand I were a bit bored with just hanging out at home most every weekend and decided one Friday after work to drive to the mountains a few hours drive from our home and get a hotel and spend the next day up there then come home Saturday evening. Doing something spontaneously is just kind of fun! So we packed a few clothes and took off. I drove and Carol napped most of the way up.I cou..
Poster: Lonewolf | Full Story»

the basement is full of steam
I babysit in the neighborhood and a lady who lives down the street asked if I would like to house sit while she and her husband went to Las Vegas. They needed someone to feed the animals and let the maid in during the day. It was for 5 nights, they had a big bad-ass house and were paying me two hundred dollars.

When I got there they told me that their daughter who lives in a nearb..
Poster: Maria | Full Story»

The boy who had a girlfriend
There was a boy that I met online, his name was Marcus. We started talking. We exchanged numbers and stayed on chat the whole entire night. We laughed and joked the whole time. We stared to grow feelings for each other. One day he probably picked me up and we were gonna have sex in the car but it didn't work out because for some reason he couldn't get hard because he was nervous.... because he had..
Poster: Alicia | Full Story»

Long Road Travel part 2
So V and I had entered the lifestyle. We eventually had a foursome with Tom and Maddy. Maddy is the complete opposite of V. She's short about 5'6" long blonde hair huge tits tiny waist and big ass. We went to dinner and Maddy brought up how much Tom talked about his night with V. V immediately blushed and we all laughed. A short while latre the girls went to the rest room and upon returning M..
Poster: Kyle M | Full Story»

Long Road Traveled
Many years ago mid 80s. I was 22 stationed over in Germany and worked with a sergeant who was recently divorced. She was 4 years older than I and just got out of sry controlling relationship. V. was very attractive slender build long legs and b cup breast. Her brunette hair was cut short which accentuated her peircing blue eyes. She actually modeled on the side.

Her ex was s..
Poster: Kyle M. | Full Story»

on a boring evening
I bought my wife a clothing store and when she took over as the owner she kept the current employees which was just fine with me because a couple of the girls were smoking hot and cute as can be!

There was a day manager and my wife worked in the afternoon to closing time. That worked for a while but she wanted one night off a week to I volunteered to work at the store those nights ..
Poster: jimbean_2007 | Full Story»

The older woman and how it began
I just recently graduated from College, and begun a job with a large box store as an assistant manager. I'm not your typical college grad, meaning that I'm in my 40's and not in my 20's. Having taken full advantage of college I did an internship earlier this year and completed an MIT program. After the successful MIT I was assigned to a new store in the Central Texas area which makes my commute to..
Poster: TSA | Full Story»

The Paper
Some people may not find this exceptionally interesting but I had sex event that I thought was cool.

It was my first year of college at a school that I barely qualified to get in. I had a big paper due and needed someone to help me organize the stuff so it made sense and type all this into my computer.

I was aware there were other students that would help out for a r..
Poster: longislandguy | Full Story»

stripped on down
So I’m a college student who frequents fraternity parties since those are the best. Anyway Frats aren’t all parties and getting drunk and all that movie stuff, well they are but also a lot more stuff goes on there. Well they throw fund raisers for good causes at least once a year such as the famous naked mile which raises a lot of money and gives people a reason to strip down and go for a jog...
Poster: Julia | Full Story»

Work Friend Amy
About 10 years ago, I had this co-worker named Amy who I really found attractive. She was about 5'6", slightly darker complexion, a brunette and also the All-American girl you hear them talk about in country songs. She enjoyed drinking beer, doing shots and watching sports. Ugh...she had me the first time we met. The only problem? She was engaged.

I was 23, and she was 24. F..
Poster: BA1015 | Full Story»

four on the floor
I grew up in a neighborhood where music and counter-culture was our life. My parents both worked as promoters in the music industry and with easy access to these new bands I became a big time groupie following whatever or whoever my favorite band was just about everywhere they went.

Some of the bands did not stick together very long so if I liked a certain guy I might follow him w..
Poster: The girl in the mansion | Full Story»

first time doing it on camera
When I work at Hooters and for a while dated a British guy that had been dating one of the other Hooters waitresses. She already had another boyfriend and was totally cool with us going out. After a few weeks she asked me if I had made any videos with him and I said no, why do you ask?

She said when she was dating him they had sex on video and on the webcam so his friends could wa..
Poster: Callnorthside777 | Full Story»

Jerking of with my Sister-in-law
My sister in law Tina is in her late thirties and very sexy, I've known her for a long time and have fantasised about her plenty, but never did anything as I was faithful to my wife. There has never been anything remotely sexual go on between us, until last week.

She was at our house with the kids and we were all in the pool, except my wife who was at work. Tina looked awesome in..
Poster: Warren | Full Story»

The party in the country
I am not using these peoples real names.. just in case.

My friend Carla's family has a nice ranch house about 30 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere. It's a cool place to hang out with big outside TVs on the patio and a hot tub next to the pool. We used to invite school friends out there and I took a boyfriend with me a couple years ago.

Carla's parents got d..
Poster: Jennifer8 | Full Story»

friends sisters boyfriend

There are stories here about some interesting sexual experiences, most of which are a bunch more interesting than anything I have done so far.

I will tell about something that was my first really exciting sex situation!!

I was staying over at my friend Veronica's house for the first time. Her sister was recently divorced and moved back in with Aman..
Poster: Gena | Full Story»

the no-tell hotel
I dated a beautiful Asian girl who is a dancer with of girl dancer teams who work in Las Vegas.

Every once in a while the dance team would travel to a different city for one or two night events and since my girlfriend was going sometimes I went along.

We always shared a 2 bed hotel room with two of the dancers so out of courtesy we did not do anything much sexually th..
Poster: vince vegas | Full Story»

boy toy play
My husband and I used to go to swinger's clubs. We never really did much even though some of the clubs were "on premises" but we did meet up with a few people later.

We went to a club in Austin that allowed a few single guys in on certain nights. They were selective about what single guys got in along with the couples who attended.

We were there one night when I spo..
Poster: jenniferEIGHT | Full Story»

Back to my gangbang past
I'm now in my mid thirties and a recent event has caused me to recall some of my dirty little secrets from when I was 20. I won't tell my husband Rob what I got up to back then, but he has finally seen my slutty side after 12 years of sex only with him. This is a brief rundown of what I got up to.

The recent event happened on a relaxing resort holiday. We got friendly ..
Poster: Shelley | Full Story»

fucking those people
Last summer I took a job at a small resort that has about 20 little cottages right on the beach. My job was to check on the guests or whenever they call to see if they needed anything like drinks, food, transportation, reservations and so on.

This place is high end and the people staying there were super rich including some celebrities. I am originally from the Philippines where w..
Poster: Kim from Hawaii | Full Story»

I didn't even like him much
When I was in high school my friends and I were out cruising main street when we picked up my friends older brother. It thought he was kind of a dick. Anyways we drove out to the lake and he said he needed to talk to me in private. Turns out he wanted to fuck. I didn't like him but decided what the hell.We walked out into a wooded area. I pulled my shorts and panties down around my ankles. We didn..
Poster: Arabella | Full Story»

apartment management
I quit my job and moved to a small college town where my husband would be managing a big construction project for several years.

I needed to find something to do and because I had property management experience I interviewed and got hired at some nice apartments before we made to move.

The last apartment building I managed was full of older people and couples, this pl..
Poster: mrs good cookie | Full Story»

ballet lessons
My friend and I signed up for lessons at a dance / ballet studio that's been downtown for years. The studio has a good reputation and some of the people who have danced here went on to do music videos and dance professionally.

We were not too impressed with the day teacher and getting ready to go to a different dance place when we switched to the evening classes. The night..
Poster: Army Brat Chic | Full Story»