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Answered the Door Naked for my Birthday
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Sweet dare


Sudden vacation
My job relocated and i didnt go with it. My severance was 12 weeks of pay. I decided i would take the summer off and just enjoy the break from the working world. My sister inlaw who i will call Sil had been planing a trip to florida to visit family. Since i was now free, she asked if i wanted to go with her. I packed and we left the next morning. The 2 day drive was long. We got there after din..
Poster: TC | Full Story»

Ben & Vicki
Several years after P and I were married, we used to go to a local gym early every morning to work out before going to work. We were both early risers and the gym was a lot less crowded early than it was any other time of the day, especially after work. It what there we met another young couple about our age, Ben and Vicki. Like us, they worked out before going to work.

Ben was tall..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

while the Lion is away.
This happened 34 years ago, I was 30 and my boy friend and the guy i hooked up with were both 20. I had just gotten a Divorce from an 11 years marriage of bad sex. I was hungry for some real men and good sex, in 11 years i never had an Orgasm unless i gave it to myself or with another man. there were only two times that i did that. I met this guy that was really good looking strong and very Muscul..
Poster: Pookey | Full Story»

I found myslef with a job for the summer. My company relocated across the country. My sister inlaw who i will call Sil, was planing a vacation to florida to see the grand parents. She asked i wantes to come. I thought it was odd, but it was actually the wifes idea. So i packed and hit the road. After 2 days in the car we got to the gparents house. It is known that when alone they have a tendanc..
Poster: Tc | Full Story»

the squeegee guy
The Squeegee Guy

I was out in my car waiting for the light to change when I saw what looked like a homeless guy asking to clean people’s windows. He got to mine and looked in and I said I don’t need them cleaned. He smiled and laughed and asked if there was anything else he could do. He said you’re a sexy lady. After I saw him and he said I was a sexy lady I felt a ti..
Poster: linda | Full Story»

Chubby Curvy Girl
My chubby curvy neighbor girl the other day ask me to help her around her house. To mow and a few other things so I go help. Cause usually I get paid by getting a blowjob or pounding her. After I got done mowing and raking she says come in to cool off and get a drink. I go inside and true to form she is in a sexy slutty outfit. A red v neck shirt and her super skin tight leather leggings. My favo..
Poster: Andy | Full Story»

Message from Lee, P, Jack & Mandy
The four of us truly appreciate all of the email support we have received for our posts.

Mandy – As much as I was hoping Lee would get me pregnant, I have to let all of you know that I am not pregnant yet. Am I disappointed? Yes and No. Yes, because Jack and I desperately want a child that I carry and give birth to. No, because I don’t want to go to the resort in Mexico and to ..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

Party at Our Place
My wife and I enjoy throwing a good party, most of them are just get togethers with a few close, adult friends, but occasionally we like to do theme parties. The party we decided to throw last weekend was by far the best yet. You see, we have a group of “frisky” friends. Our parties can be very adult. The dancing usually becomes very suggestive and shortly after that the clothes begin to c..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

My girlfriend became a stripper
When I was dating Victoria to say the sex was fantastic would be a gross understatement
Without question she was one fantastic lover, adventuresome, fun sexually extremely talented her philosophy was on sex was try everything at least twice, because sometimes the first try doesn’t always go as planned the first time. One thing about her was that she loved to dance maybe that had something..
Poster: FastGlass427 | Full Story»

Dare at the park
A couple of months ago I posted a story about me pranking my roommate. I assumed that it would turn into a prank War, but it turned into me and her being naked around each other a lot. We are usually just naked around the apartment. But a few weeks ago she gave me a dare. The dare was to go to a nearby park wearing only a small dress with no underwear and try to flash as much as possible, but try ..
Poster: Amanda | Full Story»

1st Timein Haulover (Nude Beach)
1st Time in Haulover
I want to start off by saying this is our first post. It took some time for me to convince my wife and after reading other people's experience about the Haulover nude beach, we thought it would be nice to share our moment with what we went through.

So, what made us decided to even go through with this is more of a confidence builder. We figured one o..
Poster: Island | Full Story»

Fucking jane
Friday night

Both me and Jane were having a drink and relaxing. Janes was texting someone on her phone whilst I was watching tv. The tv was rubbish but it was just to pass the time till bed time. I had finished my drink so I asked Jane if she would like a refill. "Yes please" she replied. I took both our glasses to the kitchen to fill them. As I came back in to the living room I not..
Poster: Funlovers90 | Full Story»

A friend cums to visit (part 2)
After my crazy show for Carol, I couldn't sleep, I wanted to go to her room and see how she enjoyed it, so I waited for steve to fall asleep and I snuck out of bed. I got to Carol's room, knocked softly and whispered her name, she said, "come in" I opened the door and slipped in real fast. Carol was still naked laying on the bed. Wow, this night was getting crazy. She said, "I knew you were gonna ..
Poster: leeann | Full Story»

The air rushing past the fuselage made a muted thunder, the lights were dim.

We were two hours into the flight, Greece to Gatwick. There were lots of spare seats, I had the choice of a block of three, and decided to sit in the window seat.

In the seat in front of mine sat Hilary, an attractive 60 yr. old widow, who'd been staying in the same hotel. I'd met her only ..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Mandy’s 1st Nude Picnic
Sorry this is so long but so many of you have written and asked for all my thoughts, feelings and reactions.

The second weekend after moving into our new house was another busy one. Saturday, Lee and P helped us unpack and get settled. Most of what needed to be done was done, thanks to their help, but we were all so exhausted that nothing much happened. However, they offered to take..
Poster: Mandy via Lee J | Full Story»

My Girlfriend is an Exhibitionist
I had the thrill of discovering that my gf (25) was a latent exhibitionist after I had been with her for a few months. She was brought up in a country where female modesty is paramount, but admitted that early fantasies she had when she masturbated were about being naked or nearly naked. Either she would be in a room wearing just a towel and a man would come in and after chatting for a while would..
Poster: N & K | Full Story»

What was that?
I was having the best dream about being blown by a sweet young lady that was so realistic that it took me a minute to realize I wasn't dreaming and that my cock was being sucked for real.
I opened my eyes and sure enough there was my still sexy looking 60 year old woman sucking on me. She was buck naked as me (unusual for her) She stopped and smiled at me and said..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

Mandy's Massage
Mandy – Day 2
Thank you so very much to all of you who wrote such kind words about my first post about meeting Lee and P. Many asked me to tell them about the next day and the massage, so here it is.

When I went to bed last night, my head was spinning with everything that happened. Moving into a new house, unpacking, meeting Lee and P and then being naked in front of anothe..
Poster: Mandy via Lee J | Full Story»

Upcoming trip to vegas
This is less of a story and more looking for some suggestions. Me and the wife have an upcoming trip to vegas planned in August for our wedding anniversary. We are staying at Aria. We are looking for some suggestions on some naughty things we can do while we are there. We have read some reviews but hoping some members of the todp community have some experiences they can share with us. I guess some..
Poster: Candyapplebottom88 | Full Story»

Drunk at a bar...
Say friday I was bummed my plans were cancelled so I decided to go to a bar... I wanted to feel better by guys buying me drinks, talking to me andof course flirting with me... so I wore a really short dress without any panties and no bra... it seemed like every guys was talking to me and buying me drinks and I had so much fun dancing with them...

After I was drunk I started to tease..
Poster: Holly | Full Story»

Sissy training
When I first met Barry, I was attracted to his amazingly gorgeous butt. I had noticed him standing in line at Starbucks in a pair of jeans that he
was poured into. It wasn't just me either. The girl directly in front of me was looking at her phone and glancing at Barry's butt intermittently. I
have to admit, watching his ass made me think of spanking him. Anywho...

I w..
Poster: Brittany | Full Story»

Best Friend With My Wife, Our First MFM
Our First MFM Fuck Party

Danny was a guy I met on a jobsite " we both worked construction " He was a master electrician which is what I desired to be. As we became friends he offered to come by my house evenings to start tutoring me on all the things needed to become an electrician. I jumped at the chance as a real school would cost way more than I could afford at the time.<..
Poster: Ron | Full Story»

Mandy’s Version of Meeting New Neighbors
Enough of you wrote to Lee saying you wanted to read or hear what I thought about what’s happened over the past couple of weekends. I’m not the writer that Lee is, but he has promised to help edit this before sending it in for posting.

Jack, my husband is sterile due to an injury to his testicles and groin. The doctors said he was lucky to have kept his testicles as they almost..
Poster: Mandy - via Lee J | Full Story»

Not proud of myself...

My name is Amy. In May I posted a story called Boudoir Photos.
I didn't intend this to be an on going saga, but I am still getting emails from that post (most of which I appreciate), and there is more to tell.

Just to recap, I am a 41 year old wife and mom, my birthday just passed. Last year I had posed for some Budoir photos as a gift to my husband CJ an..
Poster: Amy | Full Story»

Work Experience of my life
so this happened while I was 18 and in high school. we had to do work experience as part of our curriculum to understand the real world... well mine turned out to be scenes from a porno.

ok well it all started when I had to look for a job for the break as part of our high school assignment. I decided I would do anything as long as it paid and as long as I didn't have t do much. so m..
Poster: bbc | Full Story»

New Neighbors, 2nd Weekend, Sunday
Sunday morning, P and I packed up the food, ice chest with beer and soda, and everything else we needed for our picnic to the mountains and then we picked Jack and Mandy up and hit road. Jack rode up front with me as I drove and the two wives rode in the back.

I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and Jack was dressed the same. P was wearing a sky-blue halter top and shorts that reall..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

Party Every Weekend
When I was 21, after work me and a buddy would get a case of beer and play nickle dime poker in his single wide mobile home he shared with a live in girlfriend. My brother had told me my buddy's girl would do anybody. Since I had only had sex once before and scared of diseases and pregnancy, I stayed clear of her.

One weekend a skinny hot blonde showed up. She was in her mid twenti..
Poster: Descreetangel | Full Story»

after dinner surprise
I have been married for over 25 years and my wife occasionally spends the weekends with our grown children taking care of the grandkids. Since we only have two vehicles it is pretty easy for our neighbor to know when she is gone for the weekend. Jim and I talk a lot and his sexy little girlfriend, Karen, comes out and talks too. They had mentioned several times that they would like for us or me..
Poster: Robert (Bob) | Full Story»