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I think they left their door open on purpose...
2 more public walks
My wife is sharing pictures with my friends
After a night out
My open fly true story. Do you tell the man his fly's wide open or not?
wife swapping
Nudist friends
Barter Sex
A Tip for Two Weeks in the Office

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Sweet dare


My husband Carl and i have shared many exciting experiences with several of his friends, and some complete strangers. But i had always drew the line at someone in particular. My sister Tina's husband Greg.
They live just across an open field from us and have a swimming pool. We are welcome to walk down and swim or sun whenever we like.
Carl had often hinted around for me to subtly..
Poster: Rhonda | Full Story»

I think they left their door open on purpose...
But I'll never know.

An old roommate had her boyfriend spend the night. Normally they were pretty discreet.

This night they said goodnight and we went to our respective rooms. I was sitting back reading when I heard muffled giggles and the sound of skin on skin.

A sudden wet slapping sound, repeating over and over, helped me realize what I was hearing. ..
Poster: qualtagh | Full Story»

2 more public walks
A few weeks had gone by and even though I was taking walks, none of the women I have been naked with have been there. Then I was walking along when I hear sirens coming towards me from the grocery side and being that it was at dusk I could see the light and car but not much else. I kept walking closer and as I am getting to where I can see, they are arresting and handcuffing a guy who was complete..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

My wife is sharing pictures with my friends

This is my first post on here (or anywhere like this to be honest).

My wife Karen and myself are in our early 40s and we have been married for 20 years. We have always had a fantastic sex life and we have always enjoyed pushing the boundaries with each other. We have always kept it to just the 2 of us and it has worked well for us.

One of the things..
Poster: Barry | Full Story»

After a night out
I met them at a bar, it was one of those nights. I had been drinking by myself and I just started talking to her at the bar while we both waited to order a drink. She was friendly and a little flirty. We talked and she told me her name was Lisa. Lisa invited me back to her table where she was drinking with some older friends and her boyfriend. I was a little taken back but they were all really fri..
Poster: John | Full Story»

My open fly true story. Do you tell the man his fly's wide open or not?
I wished that someone told me my fly was open before this happened to me back in 1980!

In 1980 I was a 25 year-old aspiring stand-up comic who had spent months of performing "open mike" unpaid gigs in comedy clubs. I had also canvased the area's nicer restaurants with my flyers and business cards in hopes of getting any private function emcee work. This paid off as I did get a call ..
Poster: Kenny | Full Story»

wife swapping
We had an invitation go to away at a friends cottage and on the Friday night drove

the fifty miles and arrived for supper. Tim and Sue welcomed us and after small talk we sat down for dinner which was good after a few glasses of wine everyone was relaxed except myself as I had just started some tablets which was not a problem but i was strictly no alcohol whilst taking them.
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Nudist friends
I met up with a couple I'd chatted to on a nudist site.
We met at the beach, they were already naked when i arrivrd. She was gorgeous. Late 40's, blond and slim. Her bush was trimmed and almost transparent through the thin, blond hair.
I striped naked and lay beside her. Her husband the other side. We chatted and as we did I'd steal glances at her wonderful body.
Later t..
Poster: NudistM | Full Story»

Barter Sex
My main profession was being an auto mechanic, but I had other skills. I was consider as a 'Jack Of All Trades'. My lady friend that I lived with for ten years had good neighbors, Dale and Barbara. Suddenly they had hard times. My lady friend would buy some food for them.

I was out in the yard and Dale approached me. "Jon I need a very big favor", he said. "Barb's car needs repair..
Poster: Bogdan | Full Story»

A Tip for Two Weeks in the Office
I started my new job a few months ago. When I was first interviewed for my new position, I found myself extremely attracted to my future boss. I was normally well rehearsed for other interviews in the past, but I found myself tongue tied and stumbling over my words during this particular interview. I could feel my face was flushed the entire time too. I was so relieved to hear I had gotten the job..
Poster: OfficeFlirt960 | Full Story»

Watching Wife Get Felt Up
My wife and I were going out for dinner and drinks. We often like to play in public, so she goes both bra- and panty-less. During dinner, I reach under the table and put my hands between her thighs. Once we migrated to the bar and had a couple of drinks, I went to get another round. The line took a few minutes and when heading back noticed a gentleman stopping to talk to her. I nonchalantly said a..
Poster: Mark Herron | Full Story»

T or D P promotion party
So that night Carlos banged our two wives most of the night and again the next morning. We got stuck with his wife and while he got a nice blow job I ended up fucking her from behind. The only thing that kept me hard was hearing our wives getting banged through the walls. I didn't cum in her. It took Jack 20 minutes to finally cum. So, I pulled out and let her suck me off while I closed my eyes an..
Poster: Retired military | Full Story»

Party Favor
I'm still pretty young, but in my late teens I had a lot of adventures. My most exciting one was in the late summer just before college. Dating sites were a thing and I chatted with a couple that wanted to film me being pegged. I agreed, as long as it wasn't going to be distributed etc. They were professionals with a reputation to lose, so I felt like it was a safe bet. The day before they as..
Poster: Jaimelesex | Full Story»

business trip
i had to go to head office for two days and my boss then said to me would I take Sue the accounts clerk to be trained by head office.

We set of and on arrival checked into the hotel where we had been given adjoining rooms I then head for the office introduced Sue to the team and then carried on with my work meeting Sue back at the hotel. She said would we eat together and I knocked ..
Poster: stewart | Full Story»

Party wife, 4th time.
Karen went for the usual Friday night post work drink, but bought her round and went. She had to
go to her mothers and sign some papers, then see a friend in a play with an amateur players group. All by bus.

After the play I was meant to collect her but my mother was running late to collect the kids due to Dad getting held up at work. Shame, I really wanted to see the play! ..
Poster: Ivan | Full Story»

Wife friend
I was surprised to find my wife best friend at the door as my wife was away for two days she said sorry she had forgotten. Sally was hot looking but did not appear to want sex with men anymore and I had never tried.

We had a drink and she started asking me about my wife sexual needs which she well knew had been considerable as my wife is a nympho of the top order unable to turn away..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

The beach trip!
We had been playing for a couple of years but it had only been with my best friend. She was twenty five and a gorgeous young lady. he had been wanting to go to the beach for a while so I surprised her one weekend with a three day weekend to Panama City.

We stayed at one of the popular motels right on the beach and as soon as we got settle in she wanted to go down to the beach. We h..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

wild evening
After we started swinging I suggested to my wife she should try more than one guy at a time. After thinking about it for awhile, she decided to try that. We went to a friends place who we got together with now and then and I had invited two other men to meet with us.She dressed in a full length net outfit and was laying on the bed when they arrived. It didn't take too long until the guys were nak..
Poster: art Boucher | Full Story»

Wife cuckold me because she was pissed!
So, it's took me a while to to get over this, but I love her so much I had to.
We first met though one of my friends, she was his much younger sister. There was no romantic pull between us,at least not on my side, she was just his little sister. Our family was working middle class, so they couldn't really afford to send me to college, I had above average grades, but couldn't get enough sc..
Poster: Kastel 1 | Full Story»

Birthday Gifts for my "Babe"
My wife's 50th Birthday was coming up and I asked her what she would like to have for a gift to mark the occasion. She said to me "You must be psychic, I was just thinking about that." I said, "No I'm not a mind reader, I just thought you would like something different, something special." She smiled at me and said "I do have a couple of ideas running around in my head but you probably wouldn't wa..
Poster: Gray Wolf | Full Story»

Secret Affair with Anita Mexican Wife
I was sitting on my porch when Anita, the Mexican wife across the street, came up and asked if I drink tequila. I told her I did and she went back to her house and brought a bottle over. "We drink, Ok", she said in broken English. "Mr. Bo, I see different women come and go from house here," as I filled the glasses, "Family?" asked Anita. I answered "No." I thought to myself, nosey person. "Oh, you..
Poster: Bogdan | Full Story»

A Very Special Birthday
I was 25. It was my birthday. I'd been seeing my boyfriend for about a year. I didn't start out intending to have sex, but I must admit that I had thought about it. I had wanted him for a while, but I was raised to wait for marriage. Still, on this particular day my desire for him was especially strong.

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to h..
Poster: RebeccaSJ | Full Story»

naked and the restaurant
With the hold harmless agreement in place going to work was always more interesting. The very next day I had gone in at 8am so I could get the drawer counted, the deposit ready for the bank and the standing order we had for subs and pizza for a local school cafeteria. To my surprise the phone rang at 8:15 and it was Christine asking me to let her in that she had forgot her keys and was coming in e..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Naked walk, viewed and fucked
If you read my nature walk story you know that I ended up naked out in public on the walk way through our town. The day after at work Dorothy told several of the girls. They came by me and they kept telling me, I was going to have to go for a walk with them too. We were closed of Saturday so I figured if I took a walk then I would be safe. I was wrong. I got about half way from the mall side towar..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Open fly? Do you tell the man his fly's wide open or not?
Should a lady tell a guy his fly is open if she doesn't know him?
I say No Way! I never inform an absent-minded male that his fly is open. Let him find out on his own. I still can't understand why so many males forget this simple task. You unzip, whip it out, do your business, shake it and put it away, then you ZIP UP! Duh! It's pretty funny seeing so many men leaving the men's room talking..
Poster: Kris | Full Story»