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Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink
While my Wife's Friend was Asleep
Friend Walks In on mY Roomate and I
Bahamas Joy third encounter
The Awakening of Desire
Fingerin in a Car
Cover Band
Bahamas Joy next encounter
Surprise July 4th Party
Normal wife to BBC slut

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Sweet dare


Wife at training
So, my wife is away for training, she's going to be gone for a month. She does this every year, normally it's 3 to 4 weeks, so there's nothing different about it this year. I have been suspecting she could be seeing someone on the side, but had no proof. So I hacked her phone account and can see everything from my computer. After nearly 8 months, there was nothing to indicate she was fooling aroun..
Poster: Rx | Full Story»

The next clue on who she really was
We were married about ten years. My hopes of having a slut for a wife were diminishing. I had a client of mine over to our house for dinner. We drank a lot and I asked him to spend the night. A few weeks later he was back in town and I invited him for dinner again. WE drank and had fun. That week I received an email from him stating that he really enjoyed my wife's company and that it was very uns..
Poster: Marknaughty | Full Story»

The Teasing Teacher
She was taunting me with that big ass. Tall blonde with a tight skirt, her ass would move every step she took. In the middle of the hall way she caught me staring. I went to go get a drink, but she came up to me and said, “ why don’t you meet me after class, so you can get a better look. After class, nobody was there. I went out it the hall way and saw her standing there. She had her hip to th..
Poster: Bigboy | Full Story»

My bday party
It was my bday and I didn’t have any plans so I started to drink at 2. It was 5 when I got a text that said happy bday and come over we have a surprise for you. I asked where do I go and asked do I need to wear anything special. It said it’s a pool party and park at the corner house and come in through the back gate so I did.

I looked up the address and got into my thong bikini..
Poster: Tiffany | Full Story»

Sex club
I’ve gone to this sex club a hand full of times and this time I wanted to bring my sister. By this time we’ve hooked up a lot and had a lot of group play so I knew she was ready and she really wanted to go with me. We both wore matching short skirts with a see through white top. We check in and then we walk in and we mingle meeting couples and swingers. We’re having drinks and then we tell t..
Poster: Mandy | Full Story»

Away on business
We were married a few years. I had known my wife had cheated on me in school and wanted it to continue in to our marriage. In spite of repeated attempts asking her to have sex with other men she refused. I had a few suspicions about a couple men but no proof and really didn't think she would do it anymore. I was away on business and she called me to tell me that the water heater was leaking. I cal..
Poster: Marknaughty | Full Story»

My neighbor and his friends
Hi idk if you guys remember me from 2 years ago but I dealt with a bad brake up and my neighbor and his friends helped me feel better and started to feel comfortable being naked in public and having sex in the front yard. So in time I started to go to the park and random parties with them naked with my hands tied behind me and a dog leash on me. So we walked up to this party late at night and thi..
Poster: Joshlyn | Full Story»

Cowbor Buck Mathews
Buck Mathews was a cowboy and a good one when I met him. We were riding herd on the Bar B herd, deep in the mountain of Montana. Buck was a happy, contented man and a fun partner to work with. For some reason, we were drawn to become friends and confidante’s alone together in a small cabin with only the herd for company, we shared stories.

I had been raised on a ranch in the va..
Poster: BobJJ123 | Full Story»

Wet Panties
My wife cums back home from work with her panties wet, and I suspected that that wetness is not pussy juices only at all, when I noticed it was by accident. Okay my wife works second shift at a company that does all kinds of things for electronics devices, you name it they do it. Her schedule shift ends at eleven, and their overtime they work it after eleven, one hour or two hours depends the wor..
Poster: Donkey | Full Story»

Just being me
I send him pictures every day but he wanted me to post here and let the world see what is his. He is my master, my sensei, the ultimate lover. The sensations he creates when he’s deep inside......there are no words to describe how he makes me feel when he touches me, kisses me. I was lost til he found me, wilting like a dying flower. But now he’s teaching me to live and love. To embrace who I..
Poster: Dani | Full Story»

Hi Guys,

I am going to help you to get your rocks off today so sit back and relax! First, I want you to rub coco butter all over your cock and lubricated well. Then I want you to stroke it slowly to start and when it feels as though it's going to burst I want you to pump it hard.

I want you to close your eyes and think of my hot wet Latin cunt right above your swolle..
Poster: Lynn Shell | Full Story»

My Husband Agreed To Share Me With Other Men
My name is Anne and my husband’s name is James. We have been married for two years. We dated in college. He didn’t know I was a a party girl. I partied in high school. My mother put me on birth control pills as she was a single Mom and she couldn’t control my overactive libido.

My husband James sensed I am frustrated and not sexually satisfied by him. James travels a lot ..
Poster: Anne Buckley | Full Story»

Work fling part 3
Hey all! Sorry for the delay in getting part 3 out.

I left work and went home knowing that the next day would be the first time I would have sex with my work fling the doctor. Needless to say I could not focus on anything. I remember getting home and greeting my hubby with a huge kiss. It was a rush knowing that I had plans to fuck someone else. After our kiss hubby asked what had m..
Poster: TJ | Full Story»

Confessions: Female addicted to masturbating
I'm a woman who is addicted to masturbating. Buying a vibrator made it worse (good for me)and I use it a few times a day, including between my legs under my dress while I eat lunch on a work break in my car. No one knows cause I'm just munching on my food acting normal. I carry my silent vibrator at all times in my purse. So when I have to use the restroom while out I get off in there. This is not..
Poster: Itsonelove12 | Full Story»

Nightclub Pickup
It was Halloween and my friend Anthony and I were at a club in Hollywood, enjoying the festive mood and of course the sexy costumes that all the ladies were wearing. We were duds I guess since we didn't wear a costume, but that didn't stop us from trying to hit on girls. It was getting close to closing and we were bummed that we didn't have a girl on our arms to enjoy for the night, but then two..
Poster: Tim | Full Story»

Dirt road walk
Wife and I used to live out in the country on a dirt road with about 10 houses. After folks left for work in the morning, you wouldn't see a car all day. One day in July, we both had the day off and decided to go for a morning jog. We rolled out of bed (we both sleep nude) and checked our phones. We decided to start the jog around 9am. I'm always trying to get the wife to go nude in public, so she..
Poster: flcup2020 | Full Story»

Flashing in public
After our dancing for Torin a few weeks ago Jill and I got together to go shopping in a big city a few hours from our hometown and decided to do some flashing when we could. We talked about some of the dares on this site for inspiration. Jill was driving her little Miata convertible and it was a beautiful day so we had the top down. We had to take the interstate so with all the traffic there we..
Poster: Red | Full Story»

My first time
This is an absolutely true story.It happened over 40 years ago. I had just turned 18 and still hadn't had my first fuck. I had felt a few boobs and rubbed a few crotches, but that elusive first time had yet to occur. This is how it went........

I was at a party at a friend's house with about 30 people hangin' around. My buddy, Dave and his wife Heather were there . We were talking..
Poster: grey wolf | Full Story»

Dancing in the moonlight
Jill and I had gotten together for lunch and she invited a friend named Julie who was a caregiver for old folks in their homes. She seemed really nice and we got to talking. Jill broached the subject of our little lake escape which made Julie laugh. She said she was a bit of a closet exhibitionist but chose her times and places to be naked very carefully as she wasn't that bold. She said she lo..
Poster: Red | Full Story»

Happy Hiking
We were off on another hike with our out of town hiking partners - a fit, retired couple like us (we will call her J and him E). The day started off well, sunny and cool. As we gained elevation and the temperatures warmed, we were soon down to t-shirts and shorts. Both ladies have great legs and asses so it’s always pleasurable to take in all of the views walking behind either of them.
Poster: Pat | Full Story»

Game Night
About once a month my husband and I would sponsor a game night in the middle of the week. It would be with husbands of couples we swing with. Maybe one or two singles would be there also. The evening would start out with the men playing poker. I would be braless with my big tits hanging low and swaying under my oversize tee shirt. I would also be bottomless. The guys would feel my breast and flick..
Poster: Betty R. | Full Story»

Submerging into fun activities
My bf and I kept having sex more and more. It was amazing he was my first and I loved him and I loved him inside me. We would have sex in his bed my bed his truck my car and then I wanted things to be more risky. He use to play baseball and football so we would meet up late at night at our old high school and I would strip naked and leave my clothes in his truck and we would sneak onto the footbal..
Poster: Mandy | Full Story»

European nude beach tour
Dear TODP Friends – this is PJW along with Jack and Mandy. We want to let you all know that this will be our last post for an indefinite time. One reason is that we have been getting feedback from just the same 2-3 people, but the main reason is that we are all toning things down.

PJW – Denny has asked that we tone things down and at 68, I gladly agreed with him.

Poster: PJW-Jack-Mandy | Full Story»

Re-uniting continued
Last post 5/25. After my re-uniting and "for old times" sex with Dr. Ron, once I returned to our hotel after I dropped Ron off, my boyfriend Dave and I had some really intense sex, and after the several hours of incredible sex with 2 very big, strong and virile men, I was feeling fantastic. Other than a swollen pussy from all the evening's action, I was pretty proud that I'd more than held my own ..
Poster: Kelly | Full Story»

My first time
I just turned 18 and my bf and I were really in love or I thought. He knew I was a Virgin and that I was extremely innocent. He was two years older than me and we would always make out but I never let him do anything more than that.

Until one day at the park it was between 11 to noon and we were kissing until he picked me up and laid me down on my back and my legs were wrapped arou..
Poster: Mandy | Full Story»