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Saw my Girlfriend's Sister Wearing a Butt Plug
The Store Clerk Stared at my Nipples
Our 1st threesome
My BF had Sex with another Woman while I Listened
Kissing Cousins
Bottomless Zoom Meeting
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Wife and her Co-worker
Answered the Door Naked for my Birthday
Reasons Women Cheat

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Sweet dare


Hot Hen Night
Well i finally plucked up the courage to post about what happened to my wife on a hen night last year, only just over 7 months ago to be precise. Just let me say we have been married for 25 years now and things had got a bit stale, the sex got less and was only usually when we had got a bit drunk, birthdays etc, we had done many things over the years like most people do in the early days of marria..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Tribute to 'Heidi Has To Walk Naked Outside' Part 4
Intro: Part 4. Heidi's spirits are lifted by a reunion and a new challenge. Read parts 1-3 first.

Chapter Eight - The Grey Fog.

My suspension from work continued, past the second week and into the third. The trauma of my exposure and its aftermath had subsided significantly, and like Barbara LeFleur, I was sliding into a greater level of obscurity. The secret to copi..
Poster: Heidi Green | Full Story»

Odd conversation
I was having a conversation with my sister in-law the other day that went to a crazy place. Here is what happened:

I asked her if she wanted to here a crazy story. She said sure. I told her how the previous day I was bored and did what everyone does when they are bored. I was looking around at the dares and started to chat. I was completely thrown off because the girl looked just li..
Poster: T | Full Story»

Fantasy finally came true
True story. When me and my wife have sex I would bring up my fantasy about her having sex with a guy while i was at work and they would make out and send me pics of them going at it. I texted her that he needs to cum in her so when I came home for lunch I could fill her up the second time. It was 11:30 and started to receive pics of his cock in her mouth and then she is on top of him with balls de..
Poster: Randy | Full Story»

Casino night
My wife and I take what we like to call "sexcations". These are where we just get a hotel room for a couple nights and have a bunch of sex, and I do mean a bunch. We do our best acting like we are 18 again.

On this particular sexcation we went to a casino for a couple nights. On our arrival, we made our way to our room to get ready to have some drinks and donate some money. She got..
Poster: Adventurecouple67 | Full Story»

Shared Wife Anne Is Never Home
My name is Anne. My husband Frank and I have been married 3 years. He is 40 years old and I am 22. He works evening shift and sometimes all nighters. I am alone a lot. I don't like being alone. Frank has agreed to share me with other men as long as he knows where I am. He doesn't want me to leave him. He allows me to date men.

I work in the computer technology department at t..
Poster: Anne Buckley | Full Story»

My Husband Still Shares Me
In my last story I had to convince my husband to share me with other men. He met the guys he would share me with at our home barbeque picnic. They were accepted and approved by Frank that night.

My life has changed considerably. Frank works as security supervisor on the 3-11 evening shift at the University. Sometimes he gets overtime. I had spent many evenings alone. When he ..
Poster: Anne Buckley | Full Story»

Tribute to 'Heidi Has To Walk Naked Outside' Part 3
Intro:Heidi deals with the consequences of her exposure and faces a new challenge.Read parts 1&2 to make sense!

Chapter Five : Aftermath 2

I awoke in bed, feeling as if I had been kicked in the head. I had terrific pains in both forearms and pulled them from under the covers to discover a four inch purple bruise had risen on each. I remembered thrashing at the wall ea..
Poster: Heidi Green | Full Story»

Seen by people walking by
We were away at B&B where our slider opened up to a pathway on the property. Although i pulled the curtain over i realized afterwards the part of the king bed we ended up lying was totally visible. Any couples or staff walking by had full view of me drilling my wife's lovely pussy as her legs were up wrapped around me. I'm guessing at least 3-4 people/ couples had walked by during our fun. 
Poster: 45 Milf | Full Story»

Wild Shower Turns Hotter After
This is a recent event that happened with my girlfriend that kind of continues exploration from the first story I posted about our morning fun.

A few weeks ago on Friday my girlfriend and I got back from dinner both a little buzzed and horny. She wore a blouse which showed off her cleavage (she has massive 34 DDs with nice big nipples that poke out without a bra) and those legging y..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

My Husband Agreed To Share Me With Other Men
My name is Anne. My husband Frank and I have been married for three years. We dated a year before we married. We don’t have kids. I am paying off my education loan. I work in the Computer Information Research Department of a large manufacturer. I do make great money. Frank has worked 5 years for a state university in the campus security department. He is a supervisor on the 3PM to IIPM shi..
Poster: Anne Buckley | Full Story»

Playing hooky from work to go boating..
It was a hot day (temps in the 80's) and I was asked if I'd be interested in playing hooky and leaving work early to go boating. Normally, I would say no, but I was in an unusual mood and bored because there was nothing to do at work again and honestly it's been awhile since I've had some fun on the water. I was a little nervous about going boating but figured why not. I left work a few hours ear..
Poster: Jarsha | Full Story»

Past revisited part 2
Judging from the mail we got our last past revisited story was very popular with readers. We thought you might enjoy a follow up. A few months later we were planning a trip to Charleston, SC and I mentioned to my wife that we should stop and see Dennis and his wife who live just outside the city.
At first she was hesitant at the thought of being there with Dennis’ wife after what had gon..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

oh what a night
New Years Eve Swing :
After attending the Couples Club three times during the
year we qualified for an invitation to the clubs New Years
Eve Party.
We decide to spend the weekend. So drove the 100 miles to
the nearby city with eager excitement.
We checked in to a nice hotel and had a refreshing shower,
changed and had a romantic dinner in the..
Poster: Ron Evans | Full Story»

Kelly my Woman
I met Kelly online a few years back. We were both divorced and looking for a fuck buddy. I was not looking for a relationship at this time as I was having to much fun dating a bunch of different women.

I was 59 years old at the time but most took me for 10 years younger or so. I am 6' tall with a athletic build. I hit the gym almost daily. I am not a hardcore muscle head by no mea..
Poster: james | Full Story»

At the mall with Jill
Life has been busy around here and I haven't had time to share with you the rest of our day back in June when Jill and I had been on our shopping trip to the big city.

Flashing the truckers and fingering Jill until she came was certainly a turn on but when she got me off in the park that was something I had never experienced with a woman and it was wonderful, especially when we re..
Poster: Red | Full Story»

Tribute to 'Heidi has to Walk naked Outside' Part 2
Intro: Heidi consents to total exposure. Read part one first!

Chapter Three - Aftermath 1

I awoke the next morning to a cocktail of emotions. The guilt and feelings of shame at the way I had behaved were made worse by the dread fear of consequences, For the next week my heart was in my throat every time I left the house. I was convinced the next person who passed woul..
Poster: Heidi | Full Story»

The Hind and Her Hart Begin


The Hind and Her Hart Begin

True story, really.

Sounds almost like some kind of dynamic duo now that I look at that title. Fair enough, in many ways it already was one before that evening 20ish years ago (yes I said 20) I'm about to describe occurred and perhaps became more so afterwar..
Poster: Stag Spice | Full Story»

Hysterectomy & Twin Sister
This Mandy, friend of PJ and her later husband Lee J (see past posts).

I know I told you that I wouldn't be posting again, but I had to share what recently happened.

I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer and underwent an emergency hysterectomy. The good news is that the cancer had not spread and my prognosis is excellent. However, I was told that I couldn't h..
Poster: Mandy (friend of PJ & Lee J) | Full Story»

Spanish surprise
So, my man, Callum, has a well-documented desire to watch me get cock, but a holiday to the Costa’s gave him more than he’d been expecting. Me too, incidentally, but let me paint the picture for you...
A week in the sun alone together, after a very long and challenging year. We’d been relaxing for a few days, doing the usual touristy things, and had taken a hint of colour from the sun..
Poster: Zoe | Full Story»

How this Hind and Hart get it done. Safety/Instructions

So this is not a story so much as it is a byproduct of my very first ever blog post (StagSpice Aug 13 2019). Some of the wonderful feedback I received indicated others might take the dare and try what they see in the pictures, which is fine because that's part of why they're there but the devil is in the details.

The other reason is more per..
Poster: Stag Spice | Full Story»

Dream Woman
Last post 7/28/19. For anyone who has read any of my girl Kelly's posts, it's pretty clear she is a very confident and sexy woman and I'm an incredibly lucky guy to have her. I love seeing her in her short miniskirts and sexy blouses, many times with absolutely nothing underneath, and her previous adventure was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen any woman do. We had already planned her meetin..
Poster: Kelly (by boyfriend Dave) | Full Story»

I'm an open-minded female that loves the joys of sex. Age and race doesn't matter, having fun and getting satisfied is.

Recently at my place of work, they hired a dwarf person. I never been around a so called small people before. Her name is Bridget. She's somewhere around four foot tall with a decent body on her. Has shoulder length dark hair and a lovely smile. I could see oth..
Poster: Linda H. | Full Story»

Cosmo and caught by partners wife
We had several other events happen at the restaurant, including a couple more “no fix days”. The teacher at the cosmo school came over and told us that they were all coming over but this time she would be there and a couple other area teachers. They would be coming over around 2 and expected us to all stay and wait on them and expected us all to be in the outfits we ended with during the stude..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Hypnosis lead to bachelorette party
This is a follow up to the hypnosis story from a couple weeks ago. As I had said Jamie, Lynn and Amanda knew the secret phrase was eliminated but the cleaning lady did not. I was working late on a Friday when she came in to clean and I could tell she wasn’t expecting any company at she was wearing a skimpy top with no bra and really short shorts. She walked in and out of my office several times ..
Poster: crazyjoe1073 | Full Story»

Tribute to 'Heidi has to Walk naked Outside'
What follows is my tribute to my favourite post on
the T&D blog. 'Heidi has to Walk Naked Outside' from September 2005. I have reread this fantastic story countless times and the only problem with it is that it is too short!
I have taken the liberty of rewriting and expanding the original story. The first two chapters below are my attempt to keep the flavour and great ..
Poster: Heidi Green | Full Story»

Happy wife, happy life so I found out. My proper wife was not so proper.
My wife, Sam & I are a happily married couple in our early 50's. Sam is a larger, very curvy girl with large breasts & is very attractive. We've been married 20 yrs & are very faithful to each other.
We were organising our upcoming camping trip when my mate, Wayne dropped in for a few beers. Now Wayne & I have been mates forever & he's newly divorced & has hit the bottle hard to aid his so..
Poster: Lyle Jones | Full Story»

True story of exhibiting my wife
My wife and I have a great sex life but I was always wanting more. I would urge her to dress up slutty and take her out to bars and dancing then let her dance with guys. I wanted to watch her fuck a guy but always got cold feet and stopped things before it went that far. I also enjoyed having her pose for nude photos and in the days of 1 hr photolabs I would bring them to the lab when I knew th..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Past revisited
So a few weeks back an old friend of both of ours was in town and called to ask if he could stop by. I said sure we’d love to see him. My wife seemed to get a little agitated and when I asked why she said she needed to tell me something. I told her he had probably already told me if it was about when he helped her move.
Back before we were married she had asked Dennis to help her move and..
Poster: Jay | Full Story»

Many, many moons before I met my man, I had a friend – let’s call him Arnold. And I do mean a friend. Arnold was gay, or so my innocent self believed. I was about 18 at the time, and thought I was a worldly woman. A fumble at 15 made me believe I wasn’t so innocent, but turns out the cherry was still there, but that’s another, much more boring, story.
So anyway, Arnold and I would h..
Poster: Zoe | Full Story»

Morning wake up fun
Last fall my girlfriend and I ended up having one heck of a wake up call. It was a Saturday morning in October and we had to be up by 6:30 to get ready for our local college football teams game and tailgate.

My girlfriend is a sexy petite girl around 5-5 and 148 lbs. She has beautiful 34 Ds with large nipples. Her hips are wide so while her butt itself isn’t huge the hips basicall..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

Mew collge intern w/ BBW - Part 2
It had been about 2 weeks since my first experience with Kayla and we kept that weekend a secret from everyone and remained professional. During conversations with co-workers when her name came I would try and act like I was not sure who she was. Kayla would sometimes look at me with a smile and blush a little. I still kept my contact with Anna, she’s come by house twice since then and fucked, n..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Office fling with the nerdy collage intern
The stories I share are 100% true with some names changed and I hope they never come across them, if so it will just be a reminder of the fun we had. I’ll share my story about Kim, she was not the type girl most guys would really ever take notice of and it would probably be because her big black rimmed eye glasses. She had a great personality and was about 5’ tall, long red hair, somewhat pale..
Poster: Dave | Full Story»

Started sharing wife early
My wife and I got married at 18-yo in the late 70's. Within a couple of months we'd started taking nude photos and swapping them through the mail with other couples. It turned us both on knowing these people were seeing her nude. At 5-8, 110 lb and a firm 34D-24-35 with long red hair she was so damn hot.
After a few months she started exposing herself to strangers when we were out of town a..
Poster: like2watch1576 | Full Story»

Wife loves fucking
My wife can’t say no to sex and loves teasing at parties. We had been at this party until the early hours and most couples had gone home she was dancing with the host Tim.

I had been helping his wife Sue clear up and she was looking good with her nice nipples looking hard under her tight top. She put her hands around me and gave me a kiss saying thanks. She then said did I think t..
Poster: Stewart | Full Story»

Good Wife is better
Good wife was feeling like a super hero since her recent encounters. She loved being the center of attention. One day we were having some friends over for a pool party and bbq. We were all sitting around having a few drinks and just having a good time. When everyone arrived they headed back to the pool and me and my wife headed to the bedroom as we hadn’t put on our suits yet. I throw on my trun..
Poster: Good Wife’s Husband | Full Story»

Ex bf's best friend
A few months ago I got out of a 7 year relationship. Even though we broke up on good terms, there was still a little part of me that resented him. I guess it's more about being in my mid 30s, and seeing most of my friends were married and here I was single. About 3 months later I went to a local outdoor music festival with a couple of friends on mine. While we there, I ran into my ex's best friend..
Poster: Nicky | Full Story»

working hard for an orgasm
I am a 39 year old female. Not very social so I masturbated a lot. Lately my favorite fun is using a larger dildo. I love it so much I cum very quickly. So I tried something else. I use a very large dildo. When I feel I am about to cum I stop. I continue this for a while. When I cannot stand it I grab this very small dildo and use it. I can't hardly feel it. I have to work so hard to cum. ..
Poster: LisaJ | Full Story»

Wet Panties 2
Once again another story about my wife and her wet panties, I don't know if she knows that I know when she cums home with sloppy pussy and soaking wet panties, what I don't know is if she is only messing around with one guy or she is fucking with several guys, but one thing is for sure that every time she cums with new this that she never did before, for instance the other day a few weeks ago she..
Poster: Mr. D. | Full Story»


We order from amazon a lot and we are lucky to have a hot young guy that delivers to us most of the time, I always had a little flirt with him when accepting a parcel.

If told James how cut I thought the amazon guy was & James encouraged me to flirt and be my teasing self.

One morning last week James was at work someone knocked on the door - it..
Poster: James & Megan | Full Story»

Party wife, the return of Fez.
Since our last outing Karen and I have had a little fun with the remote vibrator, making her cum in front of people being my favourite. No parties until recently.

We managed some holiday time while the kids are off and went away for a week with them and had a great time. The kids were then more than happy to have several days away with the grand parents as well, an excuse for Mum ..
Poster: Ivan | Full Story»

Horny holiday
Finally it was time for a much needed holiday for us both in my favourite destination, so far, the Algarve in Portugal. It would be my first trip back there for 10 years so I was looking forward to it immensely, as was Zoe who hadn’t been before.
Arriving at our destination in the early evening the hotel was a sight for sore eyes and despite our weariness from the travelling we headed out..
Poster: Zoe | Full Story»