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The way Oral Goes
First time at the Nudist Club.
Two Sides
I have a Secret identity Online (38 yo F)
Morning Routine: Run, Swin, Fuck
Helping out at Car Wash
Bahamas Joy fourth encounter
Finally gave in to my Husband's Kink

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Sweet dare


Strange Stuff
I have a very large member. Took a ad out at a sex site.

Found a woman who was interested in trying me on for size. So when we met, she was like no way is that going to work. So I replied saying we can make it work.

She let me put it in a little and I just worked it. She was wet. I just worked it away from her cervix and eventually it stretched her out and got it al..
Poster: dave | Full Story»

I’d been with my soon to be wife for a few months, she was 8 years younger than me and barely 18. She wasn’t very experienced but we had fantastic sex at every opportunity.

J had a gorgeous body, not skinny but soft and round in all the right places. Late one night as we began to undress each other she asked me if I wanted her to fuck someone else while I watched.

Poster: Steve | Full Story»

The Stunners 2
Part 1 - http://www.truthordarepics.com/post/erotic-story/8855-finall y-seeing-the-stunners

After the four of us were buffed, sorry Yanks, I mean stripped or naked, we just stood and stared at the stunning beauties in front of us.

Never has there been two more beautiful and sensuous lasses ever to be seen and there they stood before Sean and me. They are so stunning t..
Poster: Tavish | Full Story»

An Amazing Evening
Thinking about this always makes me so hard. My bro in law Dick told me about it after we started sharing pix. Our wives are sisters.

This was back before we met. She was divorced and spent a lot of time at her sister’s house. She had known her bro in law since they were teenagers.

He always had a thing for her and she knew it. One Saturday afternoon, she and a fr..
Poster: Rick Terry | Full Story»

His Best Buddy
My boyfriend Joe and I like to play around during sex with fantasies and play with toys. He would liked to pretend he was another guy, a friend or an ex of mine and said it turned me on.

I told him after a while that it did turn me on but I thought it turned him on just as much, and that he liked the idea of me being with other guys.

I started to tell him stories..
Poster: Maxi | Full Story»

My stent as a massage therapist
Back when I was barely 30 years old, things went all fubar in the economy. Some of you will remember, economy in the toilet, gas lines sometimes dozens of cars long, things were hopeless, and I was out of work.

I spotted an ad for a college that trained massage therapists, and I figured that was something I could do. Back then, the course was 75 hours, then take the exams, run som..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

Fun w/ FWB
Woo hoo. It's been a long time and she is kinda fickle.

Fwb had reason to have me in this morning when I took her paper over and took her trash can back in the attached garage.

She opened the garage walking door and I said I wanted to com in. Ok. She had already tol me what she wanted to tell me, but she let me in anyhow.

She had on lounge/jammy..
Poster: Naddy | Full Story»

Will she let Loose Again
Cindy’s choices

So an assessment of Cindy’s adventures seem to indicate she is more than willing to be the recipient of attentions.

Her very first time of being explicitly exposed in front of a stranger was innocent enough. Her reaction although, was priceless.

Her pussy reacted in excessive dripping at the thought of her being so intently being w..
Poster: T&C | Full Story»

All Tied Up
My name is Brian and my wife is Jen.

We have been married 25 years, our sex life was great but has tapered off. For a long time I have asked Jen if I could watch her with another guy but just keeps saying no.

We have new neighbors Dan and Bec. We have become friends and quite often they will come over for a swim and BBQ. When they come for a swim they wear brief swim..
Poster: Brian and Jen | Full Story»

Finally Seeing the Stunners
I am new here so be patient with me. First I need to describe the objects of desire.

1. Tyrn (pronounced teern) – slightly tall, slender, long natural blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, very stunning face and smile. She wears a 32C, waist is 13 and hips 30.

2. Colleen – a couple inches taller than Tyrn, slender, long natural red hair, stunning green eyes, very stun..
Poster: Tavish | Full Story»

Jason fucks Audrey M.
It all started out when I visited a chat room. I was messaged by a girl named Audrey. Audrey was 18 and wanted to lose her virginity.

We made plans to meet up a few days later. When the day to meet up came, I drove to her house in Rosemount. I waited outside her house at midnight. Awhile later she came sneaking out her back door to avoid detection by her parents. I was a bit nervou..
Poster: Jason | Full Story»

Down Mexico Way, Part 2
So there I was sitting out by the showers with a good looking Senorita fully undressed in the shower in front of me asking If I liked what I saw. If I was naked she would have known in a second that answer.

Oh that cutie soaped up her breasts and handled them just the way I was thinking👉😃. I could imagine my hands running over those nice firm brown jugs. Well, I thought this ..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Down Mexico Way
I was young, single, in good shape, working at an lumber mill at night with the millwright, in Oregon. I'd been called handsome by some, lived playing sports with friend's. Liked to get high on pot. Played guitar enough to recognize the tune. Had a yearn to travel without any means.

Hitchhiker a lot even though I had a car.

Grabbed my backpack and some travelers che..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Cum Worth It
At a meeting I met a guy whom I liked right a way. Well as time went on he wanted to know if I mess around.

I said no, not really but my pussy had other ideas. So we met at his work at evening instead of the meeting. I let him know right away that I was not using Birth Control.

We still made out though. He was really my type and found out a big cock. I said I can re..
Poster: ds | Full Story»

Party wife 16 Dec 22
My friend Paul contacted me with a proposition. A dirty one of course. I liked the sound of it and spoke to Karen about it. She thought it would be exiting, if a little risky.

We swapped partners for the escapade for security reasons. One of Paul's little sidelines is arranging stag parties and the like. He had one near where we lived coming up and this gave him the idea. Mobil..
Poster: Ivan | Full Story»

My Naughty Diary Entry from 20 Years Ago
This is diary entry from 2002 when I was 21 and writing down my thoughts and dreams. I had forgotten about it until we moved and I finally found the time to go through my old files. Thought it would be interesting reading material for the story section.


Last night when I went to bed I just couldn’t sleep at all, I felt really tired but I kept being ..
Poster: Nancy | Full Story»

Regular Sex with my Husband
This happened recently with my Hubby and isn't as crazy as any of the great stories here but I thought I would share in hopes some of you are interested.

Well, I was playing video games in bed when my hubby takes off his shirt and crawls over to me and starts kissing my neck then says "play with me" all husky like.

I instantly gush and drop my game controller; we make..
Poster: Lorrie | Full Story»

Letting Loose ... more
So after she digested the thoughts that she had been watched so closely, exposed completely to my friend, it really excited her.

http://www.truthordarepics.com/post/erotic-story/8840-lettin g-loose

She was literally dripping with excitement. She was excited also to know how much he enjoyed watching and that he loved her sexy show.

This lead to doing a ..
Poster: T&C | Full Story»

My Friend's Husband Jerks off to Me
Occasionally I will send nudes to one of my girlfriends so I can get a second opinion on poses, outfits, etc. She used to be a model and has a really good eye. Last night she told me that a few weeks ago she had dropped by the house unexpectedly in the middle of the day and caught her husband jerking off to my pictures. He had seen them on her phone one day and then secretly sent them to himself. ..
Poster: Silky | Full Story»

My BF Cheated, so I did Too
So I recently found out that my boyfriend had been cheating on me for more than a month.

I was so furious that I immediately created a profile to find a quick hookup, uploaded my naughtiest pics, and decided to look for a quick fuck.

I found a match with this 49-year-old man, and we immediately began flirting. I accepted his invitation to visit, and an hour later I wa..
Poster: LT | Full Story»

Posted lots of Stories Here.
I have had a pretty sexual life and have put some of it on here.

My days started just before the Sexual revolution and the pill.

It has continued up to today. I have had numerous partners and some live ins. I only wish I could see my stories so I don't repeat myself.

I started posting about 3 years ago. I have been very lucky with women that like to ..
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Party Wife, 3 Dec 22
So, I took Karen out recently and she looked hot. Short black pleated skirt, Black bustier and a soft denim jacket. High cut pants looking really good. Small black heels, at six feet of course they are enough.

Karen knew I was intending to get her fucked and was happy enough with it. It would cost me a few drinks though.

I drove out of town to a pub for a small meal a..
Poster: Ivan | Full Story»

Nerf Target Couples Extreme Dare (real story)
My husband and I alternate between romantic weeks, and kinky plan time. I love romantic evenings, and bubble baths. My husband likes pushing his limits and trusts me as his dominant wife in bed, and also playing games with me.

I was cleaning up the kids toys and came accross one of the nerf guns, you know the ones with the little balls that actually hurt! I don't know what came over..
Poster: Mistress2020 | Full Story»

Letting Loose
Our lives were changed in amazing ways with just one significant response to a post we made on TODP.
It all started when my wife was exposed, nude, taking a shower and being watched through the bathroom window, by my long time friend.

He and I had smoked a joint and were really high. My wife went back to our bedroom to talk on the phone, or so I thought.

Poster: T&C | Full Story»

Three in a night
Married, wife at the stage of only wanting sex once every other month. “I’ll give you the signal” she said. The “signal” was her dropping her M&S knickers as she got into bed. It didn’t happen often.

For four years I had been shagging a lady I had worked with. Married too, but her husband worked in the US three months at a time and her marriage was only just surviving. S..
Poster: Robbo18 | Full Story»

Wife's Mothers day Massage
It was a cold Sunday night (actually Mothers Day) and there wasn’t much to watch on the TV and a couple of friends of ours were over for a coffee.

Well Emma (my wife) started to drink a bottle of wine while myself and James (our male friend) proceeded to hit a flagon of port, Helen (a blond bimbo) refused to drink any alcohol.

After a while Emma started to compl..
Poster: Karl | Full Story»