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Gave my Ass to my Husband last Night
Wife's French Delight
Making it Even
Masturbating with others at a Hostel
My GF and my Ex Wife on the same Day
Nurse without Panties
Horny Wife
Not sure what to Do
I almost Fucked my Boss' Wife Part 2

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Sweet dare


My Wife Ate Out her Female Friend
My wife came out as bisexual this year. I've known for a while she had some bi tendencies, but now she's admitted to me that she has a crush on a girlfriend of hers.

The friend is a former coworker of hers, and is super hot in my opinion.

My wife has started bringing up her friend up during sex, telling me stuff she'd like to do with her. I told her to tell me what a..
Poster: Viper | Full Story»

Lynne's Polaroid
When we lym and I first got together about 13 yrs ago she used to have a small Polaroid camera that took tiny instant photos.

Anyway cut to a couple of months ago I was clearing out old boxes etc when I came across a small wooden box full of these Polaroid pics, now some of these I'd seen before some I'd taken or was in they were parties some risky ones we'd taken stuff like that.....
Poster: Brian Murphy | Full Story»

An email from my lover
My dearest friend and lover

Hi Carol, I started writing this story you as I find it easier to express my feeling to you this way, I'm sure I would sound stupid telling you this to your face.
Will Bob be reading this? as my feelings for you are included, not that it really matters I'm sure he knows them anyway.”
First of all, I am lying naked on top of my bed as I ..
Poster: Carol Ward | Full Story»

Will A Blowjob Make the Stress Go Away
It had been a long day. Richard, my boss, and I worked late to finish a project that he needed to present the next day. We had been working on it for the past couple of days and finally completed it. Richard was appreciative of my helping out and staying late. I have only been working for him for the past couple of weeks and my helping and staying late had to convince him he made the right choice ..
Poster: MB | Full Story»

Boyfriend's Birthday Sex in the Car
We organized a birthday dinner secretly for my boyfriend which went well. Afterwards, we left home and after a while we arrived at our department complex.

My boyfriend parked the car and he thanked me for organizing a dinner for me and I kissed him and told him that he never had to thank me for that because he deserves much better.

We kissed and quickly our kisses b..
Poster: Alexa | Full Story»

Debbie and Naomi
It all began when Debbie sneaked to the doorway to watch Naomi and I fucking.

We had been out on the town and a group of us decided to crash at Naomi’s place.

Naomi and I got up and I sat on a chair, in the dining room in just my underpants. Naomi went to the bathroom and then came back. As she walked up to me she whispered,

“Take off your pants..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Sex at my BF's Family's Beach House
This is another story happened last year in December, me and my boyfriend’s family (including aunts, uncles and cousins were staying in the family beach house which is this big beach house that the entire family shares.

My boyfriend’s family was going to celebrate Christmas at the beach house and they invited me to come along, obviously I accepted and I came to the beach house ..
Poster: Alexa | Full Story»

Morning Sex on my Boyfriend's Birthday
Since today is my boyfriend’s birthday I thought I would tell this story. Last year this same day before I had moved in with my boyfriend, I came to his place on the morning and opened his door of his apartment with the key he had given me, and locked it behind me.

I went to his room and slowly opened the door and closed it behind me to make sure I didn’t do any noose. As soon ..
Poster: Alexa | Full Story»

Photoshoot leads to More
In the picturesque landscapes of California, where military installations stood tall, and the allure of forbidden desires lingered in the air, my captivating story unfolded. At 30 years old, married, and working for an Army contractor, my world revolved around a predominantly male coworker environment. The familiarity of military bases, having grown up as a “brat,” now defined my daily routine..
Poster: TexasSteph | Full Story»

My wife fucked my best buddy for his birthday present!
This whole experience just kind of happened; neither of us had ever been with anyone else in our 8-year marriage.

The story is pretty long, but I think it will be worth reading. I’ll give the back story first so you can understand the whole context. 

I’ve always been faithful to my wife, and she to me; I trust her. She’s only 29, me and my buddy that she was with are in ..
Poster: Steve | Full Story»

Trophy Wife
My wife always like to wear sexy outfits. Always has. When we go out she's always looking hot and wearing perfect makeup. And jewelry. She wears the tightest latex and leather. Knowing she'll get what she wants plus she likes to tease me. And keeps me rock hard the entire time. But she always satisfies her daddy when we get home.
Poster: Andy | Full Story»

Secrets out
We should have known friends never keep secrets.

After months of Sammy enjoying the benefits that Sherri had been providing him, their secret was exposed. Last week Sammy in a drunken state braggingly confessed to Jimmy and Tj that Sherri was pretty much blowing him any time he wanted.

They thought he was lying so they had Sammy call her and ask her if he could dro..
Poster: Josh and Sherri | Full Story»

Spying Neighbor
It was a Saturday morning, my wife at work, so I was doing some work around the house. I was putting some things away in the attic.

We owned an old duplex and had a young couple renting the other side. Our bathroom exhaust fans just were open into the attic. No fire walls.

I happened to hear the neighbors fan come on, didn’t really think anything. Went on about m..
Poster: Stroker63hrd4u | Full Story»

Screaming out another's Name
Years ago my high school ex moved into my house for a while. She was having some trouble finding a place that she liked/could afford and I had an entire basement that I wasn’t using at the time.

It had been about 10 years since we had been in high school but, we had remained in touch and would get together for drinks and dinner fairly often. Sometimes after a few drinks, we would ..
Poster: Gary | Full Story»

Leather Blonde
My girl is a total leather slut. She wears latex, leather almost everyday.

She likes to make every dick hard everywhere she goes.

She wears them when we go out and rubs her tight butt all over my bulge.

And sometimes she rubs up on my buddy's or a stranger. She loves to get me all hard and ready to bust as she teases.

The more she te..
Poster: Andy | Full Story»

Sex with 2 of my Guy Friends
I'm happily in a relationship now, but have some very wild stories I'd love to share here from when I was younger (I'm 22 now). This one happened a while ago and I still think about it now and then...

So I went over to my friends house for some drinks. When I got there I realized that he had invited his friend over to hangout with us, too.

We had a few drinks and wer..
Poster: Maddy | Full Story»

Sexy Surprise for my Girlfriend on her Birthday
I was supposed to be going out of town for the weekend and getting back "Tuesday morning". Acted like I didn't know it was her b-day at all and could tell she felt some type of way but didn't really want to show it.

I come back Monday morning (her B-day) and come thru the door with a couple gifts, cake and balloons. I don't see her. I kick off my shoes set the gifts down in the kit..
Poster: JJ | Full Story»

Creative TorD Dares
I have played TorD during & since college, but have grown a bit tired of the same old classic dares over & over. Stripping, spanking, streaking, ice bath, etc., etc.

However I recently encountered a creative, off beat dare & thought you out there might have some unusual, unique, juicy dare to share...if so please post it or email me.

My dare was to strip naked & have..
Poster: Angie | Full Story»

A new Swim Suit - Girl on Girl Eroticism
My name is Jen and have been married for 26yrs. My sex life is ok but getting slow. We had a new couple move into next door and finally met them after a couple of weeks. I met Kerry 1st when she came out to check her mail. I was doing the same. I noticed Kerry was wearing a brief 2 piece swim suit and had small boobs. We chatted for a while and then went back into our own places.

I ..
Poster: jen | Full Story»

7 Years in Waiting (Sexual Tension Sex)
I was at a wedding reception. I was 21 years old, size 8, black curly hair tanned skin (bashed the sun bed) and most of all recently single. I get a text from let say a certain person I’ve know for years, we both have always wanted each other. In the past I’ve been caught starring at him and caught a cheeky smiles off him. Oh and also the constant ‘so when are we going to….’ line I’ve..
Poster: Kel | Full Story»

Nude Beach
My wife is for sure an exhibitionist but she does not really admit it or talk about it.  The main time she will show off is when we are out of town.  We were in Florida on vacation a while back and there was a nude beach about 20 minutes away.  So we decided we would go to the beach there one day.  She said she will likely only do topless though, which was fine with me.  Me getting to show of..
Poster: Anonyms | Full Story»

Panties off at Work
Husband always encourages me to not wear panties or to remove them at work, it’s the thrill and excitement that I enjoy about his requests and then the feeling of nakedness under my skirt!

This day, I added a fake tattoo and toe ring to bring on more excitement and didn’t tell him I had worn a shorter skirt. I was excited wearing the shorter skirt to work this day and quickl..
Poster: Lucy | Full Story»

Pantyhose Wrestling Candy
I live in a senior only community, in Southern California. We have a gym and two Olympic pools as well. When I swim, I wear swim cammo nylon/spandex tights.

They are very snug and help with circulation which allows me to complete two miles. I noticed this slim blonde lady, 5'6", about 68 or so (I was 60 at the time) watching me from the windows facing the pool while she was on the ..
Poster: Phguy | Full Story»