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I Wanted Too Watch
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Sweet dare


Several years back I was using the home office of some friends across the street. They both worked, and the quiet of their home office enabled me to be much more productive than in my own home office where my wife and kids were constantly in and out that summer.

I never realized how much merchandise they got delivered to their home until then. 2 or 3 times a week, there was a UPS de..
Poster: Lickum | Full Story»

Wife Fucks Friend
We had been married for about a year when the idea of my wife getting fucked by other men started to turn me on. The first time was when we had a friend over and had done some light drinking. I told her I was going into the kitchen and make some more drinks. When I returned I found her on her back getting her sweet pussy eaten out by my friend. We went into the bedroom and continued to fuck her. I..
Poster: Jack | Full Story»

Friends Going a Step Further
One of my good friends had a female friend (actually they knew each other since being kids), and honestly, there never were any signs of sexual tension between them. Just a couple of buddies, telling each other about everything.

But one time, she came to his house, quite upset. After a while she revealed that she wanted to have her pussy eaten (she had regular boyfriend then), and ..
Poster: Zack | Full Story»

A College Party
This is a story from my third week of college. I was a freshman, and thinking how I guess a freshman girl does (or i guess a freshman guy too, you know what i mean). My roommate, Lindsay, was invited to a party at the baseball team’s house off campus and we went a little bit after midnight.

It took us forever to get ready because Lindsay kept changing her outfit, first a couple dr..
Poster: RambleRunt | Full Story»

She Took a Big Step
Well it finally happened. I have been trying to get my wife to let loose and give in to her desire to be my hot little hotwife. This was a small but amazing step. I made a profile on an adult site asking if there was anybody that could write some erotica that involved my wife.

We did get a few replies, but then one came in from a couple. They said that they saw the post and thought..
Poster: Max/Ruby | Full Story»

Hit on as a Waitress
I have been working as a waitress in a downtown hotel restaurant for almost a month now and it's already led to crazy sexual opportunities twice now. Most of the guys sit at the bar and I don't get to interact with them, but some will eat dinner at a table alone.

The first thing was a cute guy from out of town who hit on me while I was serving him. He said he was glad he didn't eat..
Poster: Elin | Full Story»

Dreaming About this a Long Time
So, to preface, this is something I had dreamed about for a lonnnng long time. I've been a long time festival goer, but always in a relationship, and in the beginning of going to them I was just very tame. Festivals have always been so amazing to me because they never seem like real life. The drugs, the lights, the music, and the fucking beauty everywhere. Amazingly hot girls, wearing costumes out..
Poster: Jenn | Full Story»

Fucking My Age
She was my 63rd lover at age 63. She was 50. We met at a destination hotel for business conferences. Both professionals we were there for training to maintain our licenses with about 600 others. She happened to sit next to me for the first session. We began chatting. As the day evolved she became flirtatious...then notes passed during the session turned down right raunchy and direct - "lets ..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Gangbang with with
Well I'm going to fill u guys in on little secret about my wife. She's a really hot 36 year old. She is a church going woman and I'm so much different. I like to watch porn alot and she don't. Well the other night after she came home from work I was u know doing my thing. Laying on the bed watching little porn she walks over and grabs the iPad from me. I jump up out of bed and say what's going on ..
Poster: Chris | Full Story»

Too Big for Me
I lost my big dick virginity with this guy I met through a dating/hookup site. Suffice to say, it hurt like a motherfucker; honestly it felt like I was being stabbed in the pussy.

It also didn’t help that his cock is pretty big and I’m a tiny person. It took a couple of tries to get it in no joke and it was burning and quite uncomfortable.

I was grateful he was ..
Poster: Mia | Full Story»

Porn star dildo for my wife
My wife before the present one had never used a dildo. I decided to buy her one and bought a porn star sized one at that. She drank a lot and would really do anything if I bought her a bottle of Jack Daniels. I came home from work and she was soaking in the tub. She asked if I would get her a bottle and I said ok I'll be right back. Just wait on the bed naked. I returned home and there she was co..
Poster: Greg | Full Story»

After Years of Tease Finally Get to Enjoy Those Big Nipples
Vicki and her husband were members of the same skinnydipping groups I was. Being nude around each other was most normal. Vicki has huge nipples that I just can't stop staring at. And she's a beautiful lady with a huge smile that loves to flirt and use innuendo.

I often took my massage table to skinnydipping parties to practice. Never a shortage of volunteers and always Vicki...m..
Poster: jojoba | Full Story»

Dildo Dare Right Now! 8:00pm at Night
I was at work all by myself tonight, bored and looking through todp like I usually do. Inspired by all the dares and also that I didn't really have anything to do, I went and grabbed my dildo out of my car. I locked myself in the staff closet, which had a chair in it. I sat down and put the dildo inside me, my pants still on. I started going to town, knowing that I would have to go back to work so..
Poster: Leila | Full Story»

New Positions in Bed ... I like the way he Takes Me
Lately me and my bf have been getting a little more adventurous. Usually it’s just missionary then maybe on the side like in a spoon position.

But a few nights ago we were both super horny and into it. He ate me out and then started to fuck me missionary style. But then he moved my legs so they were over his shoulders and he put his hand around my neck while still fucking me, I i..
Poster: GF Michelle | Full Story»

Hubby's Home; Surprise
Hubby arrived home. I was in the kitchen at the sink looking out the window when he came in. He came up behind me and put his arms around me and started kissing my neck, telling me how much he missed me. I was wearing the short, short skirt that Jerry and bought me and the very low cut blouse.

I turned around and we kissed deep a passionately. When we came up for air I told him I m..
Poster: Monica | Full Story»

A Question For All The Ladies... And Other Varieties Of Female... Out There...
There are two types of (straight) guys out there... Those that have fantasized about being with two women, and liars... That said, a prerequisite for that scenario is two women getting together.

There are a lot of contrived scenarios in porno and erotic fiction how two females come together from breaking a long time sexual tension to an instant opportunity. If nothing else, it wo..
Poster: JeffB | Full Story»

Nurse P
P is a petite little thing standing a mere 5 foot tall. Her reddish brown hair cascades off her shoulders but not long enough to cover her boobs. Her waist at the time was only 16 inches which set off her 32 B boobs. It wasn’t unusual for other people to think she was a teenager because of her small size and young look. It also wasn’t unusual for guys to hit on her even when I was her because ..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

Young wife pleases
Louise and I were married at nineteen, no money but happy we set off on a holiday trip. No real idea where we would end up we tried hitching lifts without much success. As the evening drew in a van stopped and three men in their late thirties early forties offered to drop us at the next large town. They soon got our story out of us and offered us a place for the night which we accepted of course. ..
Poster: James | Full Story»

My Wife Tried a Woman
The first time I saw my wife with a woman it was exciting but they were both pretty nervous. It was a woman we met online. We are in our early 40's and this gal said she was 36. It took a while to break the ice but eventually they kissed and felt each other's tits through their clothes.

Their kissing got pretty intense and their tops came off. Watching my wife kiss and suck another..
Poster: He and She | Full Story»

Jealous of my friend
When I was 20 i went out with a guy Roger for a few weeks, but I dumped him and starting fooling around with a few of his friends. He pursued me, but gave up after several weeks, and eventually dated another girl, but we stayed friends. They were together for about a year, in that time I decided I wanted him back. I had the opportunity one weekend, when my flat mate moved out leaving me home al..
Poster: Georgie70 | Full Story»

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