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Sweet dare


Local Nudist Lake
My wife and i enjoy going to a local nudist lake as much as our schedules allow. Its great to be able to lie around nude and enjoy the warm sun, and a big plus, are the views! I love to show off my wife as well so its a big turn on for me to see her laying out with all the passer-by's checking her out. Its very rare for anything to get sexual, as it is for just enjoying the nudism lifestyle and pe..
Poster: Ladwig | Full Story»

Carolyn's Lingerie Store Sexcapade
This story is about a fun time that my husband Mark and I had many years ago at an exotic lingerie store, in which my tits played a key role. Mark is crazy about my tits, and though I don’t mean to boast, most guys seem to really love them, especially my big, dark nipples. Mark is always trying to pull my top down when we’re out and about, and he loves it when I flash my tits in public places...
Poster: Carolyncumlover | Full Story»

From the past
A few weeks ago I was working in the South and was staying in a hotel near a busy centre. One evening I had my meal and decided to pop and to see a few local pubs. I was in the second one enjoying a pint of ale when the door opened a five girls came in. I couldn't beleave my eyes as I looked at the girls, one of them was an old girlfriend of mine from years ago. Jackie and I had lived together for..
Poster: Zac Clifford | Full Story»

A Normal night turns into Gangbang
So one day I met this guy that went to University in the same place as me. he asked me for my number and he offered to take me out for dinner. On the day when he took me out for dinner he asked if I wanted to go back to his place that he shared with his friends (It was like an apartment for University students). When we got there he instantly slammed me up against the wall and started to kiss me a..
Poster: Ashley Jones | Full Story»

On her face
My wife likes to dress sexy/slutty when we go out to dinner or to club. We when out recently and she asked me what I wanted her to wear and I said you know what I like baby, surprise me. So I wait in the family room for her and get ready to go. She comes out and walks into where I am, wearing heeled boots up to her calf, skin tight leather jeggings, low cut v neck shirt and a mini leather jacket...
Poster: Andy | Full Story»

After my breakup because my man cheated again
I hoped you guys liked my last story.

So my neighbor kept hanging out with me and trying to make me feel better. He knows now when I'm really drunk I'm braver and we liked drinking in the front yard until 2 am. Every time it's 12am he would talk me into taking off my shirt and shorts and we'd hangout and drink while I'm in my bra and panties. Until he keeps popping off my bra and p..
Poster: Joshlyn | Full Story»

My husband lost a bet
My husband and my younger sisters always are always having fun and giving each other a hard time. A few weeks ago my sister lost a bet on a basketball game and my sister had to clean our house in her bra and underwear. A few days after that she lost another bet and she had to let him feel her boobs under her shirt and bra. She was going to give it one more try. So they made a bet on another bas..
Poster: Chrissy | Full Story»

You just havent had it done right
Around 15 years ago my wife Tracy and i had a couple that were more than our best friends i was 30 Tracy was 29 Russ who we met 5 years earlier was only 24 and Jenn his wife was only 19 when we met she was just a shy 16 year old girl we hung out in a small pool hall type bar thats where wr met Russ for the first couple of months he talked about Jenn but she always had to be home per her parents be..
Poster: Mark | Full Story»

Another New Neighbor
Nearly six months ago, I had new neighbors move in across the street from me. It looked like there were two men and one woman in their thirties. The guys come and go every day for work ( I guess). I have waved at them a few times when I've been cutting lawns etc., but they never return the gesture. The odd time when I've seen her out washing her car or some other chore, she has waved to me but nei..
Poster: Greywolf | Full Story»

Wow thanks
Last year on my birthday my wife told me she made special plans so we got dressed went out and had a nice romantic dinner on the way home she said remember this unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick after 25 years of marriage i felt like a teenager again and my wife tracy turns me on as much or more than ever. So we get home i can hardly walk in my dick is so hard she tells me head to the ..
Poster: Kevin | Full Story»

2 women longing for each other
This story is a little different, it's written by two of us. My name is Joanne, and my co-author is Anna. I'll write the first half of this story, and Anna will write the second half. We met from a story I posted a while ago. My original story was about how I had sex for the first time with another woman. The story got me a response from my new friend Anna. Anna and I started emailing back and for..
Poster: joanne | Full Story»

Leather Spandex wife tease
My wife loves to tease me with her big butt. She wears spandex leather leggings and rubs her ass on my cock. And she gets me rock hard and makes my balls ache. I can feel my balls build up with more and more cum and my cock feels like it will explode. The other day she wore my favorite outfit. Leather spandex leggings, leather jacket, high heel boots and a button up cleavage shirt. After going out..
Poster: andy | Full Story»

Teasing my friend with my wifes photos led to more in the 80s
My sexy wife Karen and I met as teenagers and were married in our early 20s. As teenagers with a car we spent a lot of time in Carparks. As is usual we eventually had to get married because when I was starting to cum one night she wouldnt let me pull out so I made her pregnant. We'd have got married anyway and it just hurried us up. We must have the record for fucking because we were like rabbits ..
Poster: John M | Full Story»

So I met Julie when she was still in high school, and I was finishing up college. We were working at the same restaurant. I was a waiter, and she was the new hostess. She was a cute kid, but too young, and I had a girlfriend anyway.

Fast forward a couple years. I'm was the bartender and she was a waitress at the restaurant. She had definitely grown up and filled out. She had become..
Poster: Brian | Full Story»

My Currant BF
I'm a 46 year old woman and I love to fuck! I'm a redhead of German descent, raised in the Midwest. My currant BF is the best cock I've ever had. Like myself he is of German descent also. He, like my Father was raised in the Texas Hill Country. Many Germans settled there in the 1840's.
I don't own a computer, so I post on a friend's. This will likely be my last posting!

Poster: Joan | Full Story»

Windy Bathrobe
It was around 7:00 P.M when I had finished taking a shower. When I got out I put on my bathrobe and went downstairs. The bathrobe that I put on didn't have its outer tie because I had lost it so I tied the inner ties, which are 2 small strings on the inside of the robe. It was still nice outside so i decided that I would go out onto my back deck. There was a road way out behind my house so I was v..
Poster: Emma | Full Story»

Good friends
Several years ago i was out of town visiting my married couple friends gary and jennifer my wife and i had been practically joined to gary and Jennifer at the hip closer than best friends but never anything sexual. Well this weekend my wife had to stay home so i went alone and the second night got really interesting i went to bed in the guest bedroom of their apartment and a few minutes later i co..
Poster: Kevin | Full Story»

Long way around
Astrid and I have been married going on fourteen years and we work in the same hospital in East Tennessee so that makes for some convenience except when our schedules clash, which isn't very often. And we work in a high stress trauma unit to boot, and that means we relieve our stressors just about anyway we can without indulging in alcohol or illicit chemical combinations. Anyway, Astrid and I h..
Poster: Jack Mehauf | Full Story»

Truro Dunes
Back in the 70's, I lived and worked summers on Cape Cod. Truro, to be exact.

Truro and other nearby areas are known for their nude beaches.

One thing I did, after finishing my summer job each day, was to check out the 'action' on the ocean-side nude beaches there. Sometimes, I'd take my clothes off (sans sneakers), stash my clothes, and walk the trail at the top of t..
Poster: Jim | Full Story»

Post work shenanigans
I was 18 and had just got my first real job in a pub, I loved every second of the time I spent there, mostly because I was really into my supervisor and he was into me.

It was often both me and (I'm gonna call him Luke) were left alone to close up the pub only this time was different. It was my birthday so when we closed I had a few drinks that had been bought for me from customers..
Poster: M | Full Story»

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