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One of Her Breasts was Visible
Unusual Photoshoot
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Work and play...
wife dare
I Wanted Too Watch
I Wanted Too Watch
had to bust a nut and roomate saw me
My last two years of college...
Tina Marie

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Sweet dare


My sexy lusty wife being humped by her boss
It was an evening when my wife had invited her boss for dinner. Her boss was 50 plus and my wife Seema was 33. She is a damn sexy woman with big milky boobs. We were enjoying drinks together and Seema was wearing a black flimsy t shirt with deep cut in front. I saw her Boss was gasping at her. Seema had told me that her Boss is highly interested about her . When she went to the washroom, i asked h..
Poster: heckdreamer | Full Story»

Elle discovers her purpose
I know that there is not of lot of writing up here, but this is one of the most surprising things that ever happened to me. I just couldn’t think of anyone who might understand, just who I could share it with? Then I thought of maybe you all here. And that led to some interesting developments. See, I come up here all the time, and even feel like I know some of you.
My wife, Elle, whom ..
Poster: arney | Full Story»

Wife Said No Black Would Ever Touch Her!
My wife/ex wife always told me she would never let a black man touch her, since we came from a small midwest rural area not much chance. Then after we got married we moved to bigger town for my job and it had more job opprotunities for her too, and with a bigger town more blacks. Even after being there a while she was still against them where I dealt with them in my job daily so I had no problem.<..
Poster: 1stexhub | Full Story»

The Patient
When Becky told me there was a 58 year-old married man on the phone looking for a new doctor I hesitated only momentarily. You see, as a 35-year old female MD, the vast majority of my patients are children and women. I can count on one hand the number of male patients I have had, and most were the sons of my female patients who came through every now and again for a sports physical.

Poster: WVHunter | Full Story»

Hot Tub with Sister-in-Law
Before my sister-in-law got married, she was an interior decorator for very high-end suburban clients. One client asked her to house-sit their sizeable house while they went on vacation. She asked my wife if we would be interested in coming over one evening and having beers in the hot tub on the back deck. My wife said she was busy, but said that I could go if I wanted to. Of course I said yes..
Poster: Bill | Full Story»

Wife at the Sports bar
My wife and I decided to go out to a sports bar last night to watch some football. She was in a good mood and put on a very short skirt with sheer panties. We sat down at the U shaped bar and had some drinks. She got to talking to a couple of younger guys who were eying her but could only see a lot of legs. After while they invited us to come around to their side of the bar. My wife moved over..
Poster: randy | Full Story»

Sex with strangers
My last story told of my experience with Bob who was 35 years older. Up until a few weeks ago I had only had sex with my husband, Bob and another one night stand in London. This story is about a recent experience. As I said my husband loves the story of me being fucked by Bob and we relive it and other fantasies a lot. One of mine has been to have sex with a complete stranger. Three weeks ago it h..
Poster: Natalie | Full Story»

Older Man
My husband finds this the most erotic story I can tell him and likes to role play it over again. Recently I did it for him with someone else but that is another story. First of all some background, when I was 19 (I am now 38 and in pretty good shape)I went to live in England for a year before starting University. My grandmother was in Australia with my mum so my best girlfriend and I had free acco..
Poster: Natalie | Full Story»

My Man
I have created a monster lol. This morning he really wore me out. He started to pleasure me while I was still half asleep. As his fingers moved inside of me, I began to shake uncontrollably. He then tells me to stay in the position I was in and not to move. Mind racing from the anticipation of what was to come next; he slowly slid a vibrator into me. He closed me legs and turned it on. A litt..
Poster: KC | Full Story»

Near nympho Wife
It's Ray again. I posted Cynthia's story because she doesn't have a computer. I also posted a story of myself and a girlfriend, Nora, a few days back. Now I'd like to tell you the story of me and my first Wife, Virginia. For some reason, I seem to be attractive to women. I don't really understand it, I'm not a handsome man and I'm certainly not rich.

I met my first Wife, Virginia, w..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

Flirting With My Son's Friends
Ever since I can remember, my son has had friends over for sleepovers and swim parties and such. I have gotten to know his friends very well over the years. I was known as the cool mom as they were growing up, because I spent time with them and didn't talk down to them. I let them be themselves. I was one of them, a friend and sometimes counselor. And I'm sure wearing very little around the house ..
Poster: Milf Next Door | Full Story»

Mom-in-law Part 2
Val finished the curtains that evening and went home. I carried her sewing machine to her car and she kissed me on the lips big time then left. Nothing much happened until that next summer when my father-in-law got me a job on the railroad as switchman. My wife didn't want to quit her state job or give up our married student housing, so she stayed at school and worked and I stayed with my in-laws...
Poster: Bob | Full Story»

Pregnant and sex craving.
I was married when I was 18. I had many sexual experiences before then. I had done groups of guys at all guy parties. It was pre-arranged for me to attend these parties by a male relative. He took me to most of these parties and came and picked me up from these parties at a arranged time. He never attended a party I was at. Every time we had sex I orgasmed with him almost instantly. After I got ma..
Poster: SUSSIE | Full Story»

Sex with the In-Laws Part 2
Here's the second part of my adventures with my BIL:

My sister is pretty open to many things, as long as she doesn't have to participate. She knew "Randy" liked me and might have suspected our beach fling, but he came home to her every day and gave her what she needed. He wanted more, though, and one day after our vacation, when she and I were having a rather frank discussion, the t..
Poster: Cindy | Full Story»

Sex with My In-Law
Here's my brother-in-law story. All you guys who fantasize about your wife's sister can just eat your heart out!

My sister, brother-in-law, husband and I lived in the same town and were all pretty close. A few years ago we all vacationed together in Hawaii. Well, I had been topless and nude on beaches on the Mediterranean and in Hawaii before, so a couple days into our vacation, whi..
Poster: Cindy | Full Story»

Friend's wife
Was one Sunday after (CHURCH) and was bragging about being off of work the next day when a good friend over heard and asked if i could come over and house-sit for the cable guy coming over since him and his wife both had to work. I said yes no problem since i wasnt doing anything anyway. On my way to his house he called and said he had already left and wife was still home about to leave. When i go..
Poster: Chad | Full Story»

me and Nora
I posted Cynthia's story awhile back, because Cynthia doesn't have a computer. Now, I'd like to tell you one of my own stories.

After my first Wife died of cancer, I moved into an apartment with a friend from the campany. I didn't date for awhile until the friend asked me to take his gilfried's Aunt out. I went reluctantly, I really didn't want to, but the Aunt turned out to be an a..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

Summer Afternoon
It was one of those dog days of summer in late August. The temperature was in the low 90s and humidity was pretty high as well. There was virtually no breeze to be found and the air just kind of hung there.
The old house didn’t have air conditioning, so I had all of the windows open, trying to sweet-talk in any faint breeze I could. One lone fan was placed in front of the shady side of..
Poster: Elias | Full Story»

After having to leave home 4 Going Bi
I stopped in the office the other day to drop off the money from the night before and see what was going on if anything. They had hired a new girl, Stephanie. She was 38 and had been in the business before. Steph took a few years off when, as she put it “Married Captain Save-A-ho”. She told me the story of this guy that wanted to get her out of the business and so on.
The boss asked me..
Poster: TaylorD | Full Story»

Cyntia and Bob
My name is Ray and this is a story told to me by a female friend, Cynthia. She says the story is true and I believe her. I am posting the story because Cynthia doesn't have a computer and therefore no e-mail address. If she needs to be contacted, it can be done through me at the e-mail address I have posted. She has my permission to use my e-mail address. Her story:

Right after my 1..
Poster: Ray | Full Story»

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