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Sweet dare


first time doing it on camera
When I work at Hooters and for a while dated a British guy that had been dating one of the other Hooters waitresses. She already had another boyfriend and was totally cool with us going out. After a few weeks she asked me if I had made any videos with him and I said no, why do you ask?

She said when she was dating him they had sex on video and on the webcam so his friends could wa..
Poster: Callnorthside777 | Full Story»

Jerking of with my Sister-in-law
My sister in law Tina is in her late thirties and very sexy, I've known her for a long time and have fantasised about her plenty, but never did anything as I was faithful to my wife. There has never been anything remotely sexual go on between us, until last week.

She was at our house with the kids and we were all in the pool, except my wife who was at work. Tina looked awesome in..
Poster: Warren | Full Story»

The party in the country
I am not using these peoples real names.. just in case.

My friend Carla's family has a nice ranch house about 30 miles out of town in the middle of nowhere. It's a cool place to hang out with big outside TVs on the patio and a hot tub next to the pool. We used to invite school friends out there and I took a boyfriend with me a couple years ago.

Carla's parents got d..
Poster: Jennifer8 | Full Story»

friends sisters boyfriend

There are stories here about some interesting sexual experiences, most of which are a bunch more interesting than anything I have done so far.

I will tell about something that was my first really exciting sex situation!!

I was staying over at my friend Veronica's house for the first time. Her sister was recently divorced and moved back in with Aman..
Poster: Gena | Full Story»

the no-tell hotel
I dated a beautiful Asian girl who is a dancer with of girl dancer teams who work in Las Vegas.

Every once in a while the dance team would travel to a different city for one or two night events and since my girlfriend was going sometimes I went along.

We always shared a 2 bed hotel room with two of the dancers so out of courtesy we did not do anything much sexually th..
Poster: vince vegas | Full Story»

boy toy play
My husband and I used to go to swinger's clubs. We never really did much even though some of the clubs were "on premises" but we did meet up with a few people later.

We went to a club in Austin that allowed a few single guys in on certain nights. They were selective about what single guys got in along with the couples who attended.

We were there one night when I spo..
Poster: jenniferEIGHT | Full Story»

Back to my gangbang past
I'm now in my mid thirties and a recent event has caused me to recall some of my dirty little secrets from when I was 20. I won't tell my husband Rob what I got up to back then, but he has finally seen my slutty side after 12 years of sex only with him. This is a brief rundown of what I got up to.

The recent event happened on a relaxing resort holiday. We got friendly ..
Poster: Shelley | Full Story»

fucking those people
Last summer I took a job at a small resort that has about 20 little cottages right on the beach. My job was to check on the guests or whenever they call to see if they needed anything like drinks, food, transportation, reservations and so on.

This place is high end and the people staying there were super rich including some celebrities. I am originally from the Philippines where w..
Poster: Kim from Hawaii | Full Story»

I didn't even like him much
When I was in high school my friends and I were out cruising main street when we picked up my friends older brother. It thought he was kind of a dick. Anyways we drove out to the lake and he said he needed to talk to me in private. Turns out he wanted to fuck. I didn't like him but decided what the hell.We walked out into a wooded area. I pulled my shorts and panties down around my ankles. We didn..
Poster: Arabella | Full Story»

apartment management
I quit my job and moved to a small college town where my husband would be managing a big construction project for several years.

I needed to find something to do and because I had property management experience I interviewed and got hired at some nice apartments before we made to move.

The last apartment building I managed was full of older people and couples, this pl..
Poster: mrs good cookie | Full Story»

ballet lessons
My friend and I signed up for lessons at a dance / ballet studio that's been downtown for years. The studio has a good reputation and some of the people who have danced here went on to do music videos and dance professionally.

We were not too impressed with the day teacher and getting ready to go to a different dance place when we switched to the evening classes. The night..
Poster: Army Brat Chic | Full Story»

Best Poker Night Ever
I was reading a post about a poker game and how the guy’s wife surprised him by her sudden brazenness and it reminded me of an incident that happened many years ago.

We decided to hold a bar-b-que for some of our friends. The feast would be followed by a night of poker with the guys and the ladies were free to go and have their own fun. I did ask my wife P to arrange to have a ca..
Poster: Lee J | Full Story»

I can't help but wish I was female sometimes
I am as male as you can get. I love women of all descriptions and could eat pussy all night long. I absolutely love boobs and think pussy is beautiful and mystical. I can't believe what a great pussy can do for a guy! And, like most men, just seeing beautiful boobs drives all of us men wild.
But I am also a voyer and and exhibitionist. I would love to get the attention and "approval" tha..
Poster: Lee | Full Story»

first video camera on the block
I grew up in the 1980s back when video was on tape and if you had some money you may have owned a video recorder for your TV but not too many people had a video camera.

My girlfriend lived in a rental house and the owner of her house who lived next door had bought one of those video cameras. He was always around and occasionally asking us to come over and make a video. A that time..
Poster: SOCAL Bandiito | Full Story»

our neighbors airbnb
I live with my sister while I am getting my master's degree. She's married and they own really nice condominium that overlooks the beach in Florida.

A doctor and his wife have owned the condo next door for at least six years and rarely use the place. We were surprised one day when we heard some people next door and looked out to see a cute couple with suitcases headed up the stai..
Poster: Heather | Full Story»

Interior Decorator
I was in my early 40s when I married my second husband who had more money than he knew what to do with. He had just sold his smartphone app company and made a bundle of money.
His last wife had decorated the giant house he still owned and the first thing I wanted to do is change everything to remove any trace of his ex wife's decorating style. That's when I met Amber.

Poster: Dallasgirlcoyboys | Full Story»

Girlfriends Revenge
I decided to get my CHL and on the day of class I showed up early and grabbed a seat in the front row. As people started to arrive I noticed a group two guys and 3 girls appeared to be together. John the unofficial leader of the group was about 23 or 24 years old with his girlfriend Sarah who appeared to be 19 or 20, and even though her hair was dyed a bright purple color she was stunningly beauti..
Poster: TSA | Full Story»

black light room
If you every wanted to try doing a fuck show with your web cam but not too sure who might record it here is what my husband and I did after some experimenting.

We have a good HD webcam, its a GoPro Hero 5 that works great in low light.

We purchased a bunch of black lights off Amazon and set them up in a spare room down in the basement. That room would be unrecogniza..
Poster: GinGin | Full Story»

sort of a sex story
Prior to finding my career in advertising I was a fitness model when I was in my early 20s. I did a bunch of magazines and some commercials and was even in a movie that was made by HBO.

I was doing a photo shoot in Paris and while my boyfriend and I were traveling in France we visited a public pool that not only allowed nude bathing one day a week but you had to be naked that day..
Poster: thatgirl | Full Story»

golf party
I was working as a waitress when I tried out for a job working as a promotional model. This was a bunch of girls that worked in bikinis doing events like golf club parties, trade shows and sometimes we promoted a specific product like beer or vodka.

I was with two other girls working a golf outing at a really fancy resort and there were a bunch of guys there talking smack as usual..
Poster: Amanda | Full Story»

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