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One of Her Breasts was Visible
Unusual Photoshoot
Partytime with Bob
Work and play...
wife dare
I Wanted Too Watch
I Wanted Too Watch
had to bust a nut and roomate saw me
My last two years of college...
Tina Marie

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Sweet dare


The Maid Part 6
In case you forgot were I left of Jordan walked in on Corbin having sex with Holly. Now on to the story. There was a strange moment of silence. Jordan just stared at her husband's dick which was in Holly's Pussy. Jordan then ran out of the room. Corbin wanted to go talk to her, but I told him I would calm her down. I went out on the porch were Jordan was. "Are you ok," I asked. She said yes and th..
Poster: Evan | Full Story»

New Boss
Ergh! Sharing an office with Andrew Coleman. I'd rather be jobless! It was bad enough I lost my own office, now this. I can't believe this new manager thinks she can just waltz in here and demand more office space.

I was infuriated. I grabbed a cardboard box they gave me to move my stuff with. I chucked in the frame of my husband, Matt and I on honeymoon, my matt black pencil pot ho..
Poster: Indigo | Full Story»

Last year, without me knowing, my husband sent a set of pictures of me totally naked to a magazine requesting nude models who wanted to earn extra money posing for stories of this magazine. They were accepted for surely my dark-skinned body turned attractive to the blond Danish who made the choice.
Upon reception of the acceptance mail, hubby confessed me what he had done. A part of me fel..
Poster: Sylvia | Full Story»

sex with a maid
It was on 19 january. My parents went outside the country. So in our house there was no one except me and the servant. So at one morning I was wearing my school uniform and suddenly the maid came into my room and saw me naked. She went from there with smiling face. After that incident she was trying to attract me by someways. Sometimes when she swipes the floor she removes hes dopatta from her sho..
Poster: ddd | Full Story»

Birthday Suprise... TRUE STORY.
It was Trixie's birthday and money was tight. I needed to come up with a great plan to blow her mind with very little money. With a little bit of secret text messaging to a friend of mine, I was able to give her a night to remember.It was a Friday night, We were all alone. The kids were away! She had said, She was looking forward to spending some quality time with me. So at about 3 oclock, I got o..
Poster: trixie lishious | Full Story»

A Shower with My Neighbor
Zac came over last Friday. He lived in apartment 27. Just 30mins earlier we where flirting in the court yard. It got to the point where he and I where basically tellin each other that we don't know what each other could do to them. but I had friends over and his room mate was home. He asked me if I was going to be entertaining much longer.I told him for about 30 more mins., or so. He walks home an..
Poster: Allie | Full Story»

wife eats pussy while i watch
we went over to a friends house for a party and we were drinkin my wife got pretty wasted and asked everyone to play truth or dare and we all agreed there was me my brother a friend of ours (who is female) her husband was was out of town so it was just the 4 of us.
so the first dare was for my wife she was dared to kiss our female friend she said ok no big deal she went and kissed her dee..
Poster: jm | Full Story»

Back with my bf
so my boyfriend had recently dumped me (like two weeks before) and we decided to just hang out. he was cleaning through some stuff and i offered to help. it was mostly just boxes and stuff. he said that if we didnt do anything (like cleaning and stuff) he wouldnt be able to keep his hands off of me (hence the cleaning) so i was helping. i had gotten on hour of sleep the night before. so were clean..
Poster: Anna | Full Story»

Stepmom 3
Continuing the story of my burgeoning relationship with my stepmom, Jessica.
I finished my last episode with my encounter with Maia, Jessicas college friend. Maia was careful(condoms were used) and hesitant at first. We ended up having a fantastic night and had a lovely morning, before she left to drive home.
"Maia had a great too, by the sound of things? I have to say, I..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

Stepmom 2
This is the tale of when I went to stay with my stepmom, Jessica, while my dad was away on work business. These events have stayed with me as vividly as when they happened. The sights, sounds and smells are like it was yesterday.
It had been arranged for me to travel the two hour train journey to my dads house to stay with Jessica while he was away. When we got to the train station though, ..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

Hot Wife 5
Chapter 5
The Town Park

Well it had been a very eventful few months for us. Lu had fun once a week at least at the hardware store and at home when she was there for the postman. We decided to take in a cool fall afternoon at the park. It was more a reserve with a mile long circular track that went around the entire area. On the backside of the walk was a lookout deck. Y..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Hot wife 4
Chapter 4
Double Teamed at Hardware Store

Well the wife and I had a great sex life for the next few months just living off the experiences we had in a matter of a few weeks. It came up a few times a month how exciting it had been for her and for me to hear about after. Her sexual drive was off the charts. We’d no sooner get in the house sometimes and we’d be on the..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

Hot Wife 3
Chapter 3
The Hardware Store

Well we have told you about the Mailman and the great time we had with him. Now we want to tell you about the local shop owner here in our town. It was the first summer here and it was hot. The wife had her jeans on with a halter top no bra. I was working in the garage building something for the man cave and needed a drill bit. The wife had..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

The Hot Wife 2
Chapter 2
The Mailman Returns

Well after a long and wild sex session with the wife on the living room floor and couch we showered and got ourselves relaxed and talked the rest of the night along with more incredible sex the rest of the evening. The wife and I discussed what had happened with the mailman. She said he was looking at her pussy and that’s when he put his hand o..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

My mom and dad divorced when I was 15. Two years later my dad married Jessica. She was a stunning, young 36 year old, with an 18 year old daughter, Kate. For my 18th birthday dad rented a villa in Italy and all four of us went there for a month. On about the third day, Kate and I were at the pool. Kate took a swim and when she came out, everything was visible through her wet swimsuit. She asked me..
Poster: Kev | Full Story»

The Hot Wife
The Hot Wife
Chapter 1, The Mailman

A few years ago we moved to a small Illinois town just outside of Scott Air Force Base. Everyone in town was friendly and the wife seemed to enjoy it. My wife and I were in our late 40’s at the time. She had met the mail man a few times as he put the mail in the box outside our front door. She told me he was a good looking younger guy and..
Poster: Mike | Full Story»

My 21st
I told my friends that I wanted to have the bestbirthday ever so everything was brilliant and then I ran into an ex who I hadn't seen for years and I was now dating someone else. We started talking and I hit very drunk by the time I realised I was in bed with him I couldn't believe I had cheated on my bf but I couldn't resise . I started to cup his balls in one hand and use my other to suck. I had..
Poster: D | Full Story»

Sex at work
It was late at night, and I was reading a book that got me so horny. I use one of those fake dick playtoys and went into my crush (manager) office. He's married. I wad sure that no one was there, but me .I went on his desk and fuck myself. I was moaning and yelling "why can't you love me instead of your wife!". Out of nowhere my co-worker, Travis sits on he chair and says "continue, I like it and ..
Poster: Jennifer | Full Story»

Felt so good I couldn't care who saw...
My boyfriend and I were driving just for the sake of being together and had been on the road for a while. I was wearing a little halter top and button up shorts and we were in his mustang convertable with the top down as it was sunny and warm... he kept teasing me about taking my top down too but I kept telling him no way anyone could see me... we were just leaving San Diego and headed for Ventur..
Poster: Red | Full Story»

I cheated on my girlfriend -Sliding doors
I must apologise for the layout of this. I've been working on it all week but time has gotten the best of me so it's going to be posted more like a brain dump. Since I needed to get this off my chest I've posted it in 1 go with no edditing or proof reading (and so I'm sure it's littered with spelling mistakes) and references to things that don't make full sense. Thank you for taking the time to re..
Poster: GettingItOffMyChest | Full Story»

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