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Sweet dare


I used to work in an office, where we would answer phones and answer customer questions. i used to like this one guy who worked with us but he was married. he came onto to me once and i told him be careful he might get his wish. i told him drink pineapple juice for two weeks and come and see me. I know he did not know why? after the two weeks he said ok i have been drinking pineaaple juice everyda..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

A simple strip poker game
This weekend we went away with three other couples and ended up sitting around drinking and flirting and finally talking about strip poker. A couple of the girls were reluctant, but we eventually decided to play. (At this point, we are not college kids any longer, and they thought they had outgrown this sort of thing, but we encouraged them to feel young again!)

We had played a pr..
Poster: Sarah (34b) | Full Story»

Making a withdrawal
I used to work at a answer center for a major bank. I would wear some really short skirts and my manager noticed one day that I had no undies on. He asked to see me when I logged of my system we met in a room. He politely stated that underwear was a requirement while working. I didn't know what to say, I was sort of embarrassed. I asked how he knew I had no underwear on. He told me he caught a gli..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

Red-Hot Redhead 2
This occurred some years after a steaming afternoon with my redheaded lover.('Red Hot Redhead'-Isee the story on this site.) I was attending a charity supper at a community centre. After the meal I was sitting at the table drinking a coffee when a lady's voice spoke behind me,-'Would you like to buy a raffle ticket, kind sir?'

I turned in my seat and there behind me was the very red..
Poster: Colin | Full Story»

My Masters Degree
I posted a story about my first time masterbating and I thought I would tell what happened later.
After I got my BA degree in business, my dad was offered a better position and asked me if I wanted to go for an MBA. I was thrilled. That would give me a leg up on life.

I wanted to go to California and attend UCLA. I had read a lot about the university and it sounded great. I a..
Poster: Francine Bakker | Full Story»

Married Joe
I worked at a stop and shop years ago as a cashier. Joe was working there going to school during the day. We would exchange glances during the day I knew he was into me. One night I decided to lie to him and tell him I needed a ride home. He said sure. He called his wife and told her he was bringing a friend home. On the way home I asked him to stop near a park because I loved the swings. I sat o..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

First time
I grew up in a Catholic home. My parents wanted me to become a nun. I was sent to the local Catholic elementry school and went on to high school. Two of my sisters went also, but not my brothers. They went to public school.

When I graduated at age 18, my dad was promoted. He decided he could afford to send me to college. I went to a small Catholic college in Mich.

It ..
Poster: Francine | Full Story»

More than I bargained for
I posted a true story a few weeks ago about how my sister's husband had seen me naked.

This had really turned my husband on when I had told him about it. Ever since he has been daring me to expose myself to other men or wear revealing clothing.

The idea of men seeing my body does really turn me on but I am also quite shy so I have ignored all of my husbands dares unt..
Poster: Jane West | Full Story»

Valentines Gift
Well valentines day was quickly approaching and I had yet made any plans with my companion. As I started to believe that he might not be planning anything out of the blue he called to make arraingements for us. Now he lives a little far away and we see each other as often as possible but with a 45 minute drive each way it isn't nearly ehough ,so we share quite a few evenings on the phone while ha..
Poster: party girl | Full Story»

neighbor (remember me?)
thanks everyone for all the great stuff on this site. most of the others are too hard core for me -- i am just a good basic all-American girl! well, maybe not completely basic, but my stuff is pretty tame. my sister and i had a bet, though, and since i lost i had my choice of a few dares and i picked this one.

I have to write and tell you about getting caught spying on my neigh..
Poster: April | Full Story»

Wife and I like to play, but are too shy for posting pictures
My wife and I have been married about ten years, and like some of the other people on here we like to spice up our sex life with some playing around with dares and doing things in public places. We also play around some with bondage, and like to do things with other couples, but we have so far limited that to playing games like strippoker or skinny dipping, etc., though sometimes we've gotten kin..
Poster: Call me Bob | Full Story»

Hidden hand job
For Kat :-)

This happened years back, but I think about it quite often...

At the time I was living in The Netherlands (I emigrated since).
It was summer and I was 21. My (ex) girlfriend was 22.

She went to Uni in Rotterdam where she lived in a dorm and she had two roommates. (no, the story doesn't end in a foursome... :-))
I lived in a sma..
Poster: Hein | Full Story»

College double or nothing
When I was in college my friends and I used to enjoy hanging out at one of the bars near school that catered to more of a business crowd. They were not as concerned about checking ID's, and we often found ourselves talking to businessmen with expense accounts who were very happy to buy us drinks. There were five of us in our group, and there would usually be one or two of my friends willing to c..
Poster: Lauren | Full Story»

Sweet surprise
As I said in my last story, I could tell that my best friend was hot for my hubby. So as payback for letting me fuck my first black man, I decide to arrange for a three way. My hubby, my best friend and me. I called my hubby to his office and told him to meet me at a nearby hotel. I hid my best friend in the closet where she could clearly see what was going on. When my hubby walked in I immediatel..
Poster: Lusty Liz | Full Story»

Trucker Show
When my wife went along on my road trips, she always went without bra or panties. A blouse and skirt she could unbutton. We enjoyed giving the truckers a show, some times she would be completely naked. I would play with her pussy as we cruised along side the truck for a few miles. on a few trips my buddy was along with us so he could be doing loads of things to her , from eating her pussy , gettin..
Poster: hotal | Full Story»

About a month ago, I went on vacation to the Caribbean with my wife. Before going she convinced me to go for a pedicure with her. I had always resisted because its not manly, etc. She insisted that plenty of men to it and indeed there was a guy in there, which made it a bit easier.

Like anything else, a wife is always able to convince a husband if she uses her special charm. Nam..
Poster: Dan | Full Story»

Fox in the woods
Me and the ex use to like hitting the casinos. One night after we finished gambling I was feeling frisky. Once we were in our car my ex started the vehicle and opened his window. I told him what's your hurry Hun. I unzipped his pants and reached in and started massaging his cock. After a few seconds I pulled it out and began sucking his cock in the parking lot. It was dark and we were the only one..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

Horny Asian Miffy
Hi I am Miffy and I would love to see you on camera I am very horny

Email me

My name is Miffy and I am a Chinese girl born here in California to a sheltered family. Today is my 21st birthday! So I'm very excited and will spend this evening with my sexy boyfriend celebrating. It feels so good to be legal at last to drink alcohol. I also can't ..
Poster: Miffy | Full Story»

Birthday Present Vegas Style
it was my 33rd birthday. me and my exhubby went to vegas for a week. We were gambling on slots when my ex asked what time is it. I told him it was 3pm. He insisted we went to our room and freshened up a bit. I said ok. we went to our room and i began to undress and suddenly a knock on the door. I told my ex to get it as i was in my undies. He answered the door and I asked him who was it. He said y..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

Dominican Orgy
I was 24 yrs old and my friends and I decided to vacation to the DR. One night I headed back to our room to freshen up a bit when I caught up with some guys we met earlier at the bar. We all walked toward our rooms when they reached their room. One of the guys asked if I wanted to come in for a while. I wasn't about to come in a room with three black guys all alone. I said no I went to my room an..
Poster: Arianna | Full Story»

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