Hot Wife - Gear-Shift Challenge

Hot Wife

Hi Webmaster and TruthorDare fans,

I stumbled onto your site a few weeks ago and have been hooked. Other sites have pics, but the stories add a vicarious thrill.

The dares have been a great source of inspiration for my wife who is just staring to explore the boundaries of her sexuality. These pictures show one of those episodes.

Her challenge was to ride the gear-shift in the car. She saw a pic and to my surprise said, “I can do that…” So to get her ready I took the opportunity to incorporate one of my fantasies (not for me of course just to get her ready… lol)

What I have wanted for a long time was to have sex on the hood of a car. Outside was too risky, neighbors were out and about, so we decided to get naked and go for it in the garage with the door open. First, I started at her breast which always gets her going, then went down on her as she had one foot up on the bumper. After getting her dripping wet, I laid her down on the hood and went in slow and deep. It was great to see her getting so excited. All of a sudden the security light turns on, she looks in my eyes with a sexy grin and gets even more wound up. What a rush! After I checked to see that no one was coming to visit, we kept going until she had a great orgasm and laid out on the car hood. That wasn’t the end!

Now it was time for her part. So we climbed into the car. We had already gotten out the lube, just in case, but she was sooo wet (as you can see from the pics) that it wasn’t needed. I get hard just thinking about it. She rubbed the knob against her lips for a bit and then slid it all the way in. Now she wants her pics posted as a tribute to her conquering her fears.

Thanks for the great site! Lets keep life daring!

From: sunshinedares @

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Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife

Hot Wife



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