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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I lost a bet and my Dare was to Dance Nude

I was 19 at the time & went to a party with a girlfriend. I had not drank very much, more that one or two drinks at any other parties I had gone to prior to this evening and typically it was only beer. Once we walked in the door someone asked us if we wanted sometihing to drink & we said sure.

We had a choice of beer or a tropical drink they were making. My friend took the beer & I decided to try the mixed drink. This guy handed me a kinda small glass and it tasted pretty good. It seemed like everytime I turned this guy was there asking if I wanted another one and over the next hour I ended up having several. My friend and I ended up getting split up & I found myself talking to several guys near the bar. The conversation started going towards who could drink the most. I still had enough sense to say I wasn't much of a drinker. I had already drank more than ever before. One other guy said he didn't hold much but he could chug a glass down faster than anyone. He went on to say that he could chug down his full 16+ ounce glass of beer faster than I could finish what was left of my 6 ounce mix drink.

I honestly really didn't care but I guess the alcohol already in my system got the best of me. I responded that I see see how he could do that. One of the other guys said it looks like we have a drinking challenge. The next thing I know their talking about what the bet should be. We were close to a coffee table & one of the guy's said that the loser had to strip down to their underwear & dance on the coffee table for 15 minutes. I imediately said no way. All the guys started telling me that there was no way the guy could beat me. My glass was already almost half empty. Another one said that this guy always brags about how fast he can drink & that it was about time he was put in his place. Then the guy I was to drink against said she's right, we shouldn't do this. Instantly the other guys tell me that I have to do this, he's getting chicken, he knows he is going to lose. Everyone is assuring me that I won't lose & just about begging me to put this guy in his place. After a few minutes, I finally gave in. I didn't see how I could lose.

They filed this guys glass to the top. We faced one another & on the count of three we drank. I couldn't believe it. The minute this guys glass hit his lips it was empty & he is all smiles along with all the other guys standing around us. the next thing I know several of these guys are telling me to take it off. The guy who had ben getting my drinks for me put his arm around my shoulders & told them to back off. He told me to relax. I didn't have to do it this second and he hands me another drink. I was pretty nervous & I drank that one pretty fast & was given yet another. This guy still had his arm around me and by now the alcohol was really starting to get to me. A few of the other guys kept saying it was time. I wondered where my friend was but I couldn't see her. My leg bumped something and I looked down & it was the coffee table. I'm surrounded by the guys & the one with his arm around me whispers in my ear that he will make sure nothing happens & to just get it over with. At this point I didn't know what to do but get it over with. I took my shirt off & all the guys started cheering. I then took off my pants & started to step onto the coffee table. One of the guys grabbed my arm & said underwear only, no bras. By now whoever wasn't in the room came into it to see what was going on.

I reached back unfastened my bra, let it slide down to the floor & with some help, stepped up on the coffee table. By now the room is full & both the guys & girls were cheering. They started to chant take it off, take it off. Someone handed me a drink and I stopped dancing for a minute to drink it. When I got the glass to my mouth someone grabbed the back of my panties & pulled them down to my knees. I let them fall the rest of the way & when I bent over to slip them off of my ankles, the guys behind me cheered once more. (I have to go for awhile. I'll finish later if you want} Here I am drunk and totally naked in a room full of people and most of them are guys. I nervously finished my drink. Someone shouted for me to shake that ass so I started to dance. The alcohol was really kicking in. I was kinda in a daze. Someone else shouted for me to squeeze my tits so I slowly ran my hands up my stomach and started to gently fondle them. Someone else shouted for me to pull my nipples so I took the forefinger & thumb on ecah hand and moistening them with my tongue and started to rub my nipples betweem my thumb and finger. They were already kinda hard from the coolness of the room but the stimulation made them harder yet. I stopped and said I needed to set down, Isn't the 15 minutes up? Several guys shouted no & someone set a chair up on the table, The minute I set down someone shouted for me to spread my legs. I keep my legs together and laid my hands over lap to cover up. I looked over to the guys who had been giving me the drinks earlier and said my time is up, where are my clothes? He gave me his hand and helped me down. While he had his arm around my shoulders, several other hands were grabbing at my butt.

I again asked for my clothes and was told they were in the other room where we were headed. We get into this big utility room in the back of the house a several guys are holding my clothes. I reach out for them and the guys with his arm around my shoulder turns me facing him and tells me I can have my clothes but I will need to earn each piece and after I've earned them all, I can get dressed....


Monday, June 13, 2005


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Monday, June 06, 2005


Redhead gets dared to be Naked Outdoors

My name is janice and I was dared by my best friend to get naked in my backyard and post the pic online somewhere. The reason it is a daring dare is because my yard is in view of a public golf course and there are always a few people playing golf throughout the day. Only 1 woman saw me and laughed. Janice took the pic and laughed afterwards too...


Friday, June 03, 2005


Online Truth or Dare

My friends and I play various "adult" games over the net. Usually by MSN messanger and one of them found this site and we started reading through the dares and getting our own ideas ... well since it was my turn that night, they wanted me to post my nude pic here. Up untl now they have never seen me. We have always just chatted and teased each other that way and I kept teasing them telling them that I'd post a nudie but never did (some of them are guys - go figure LOL) . Well, this is a first and MAN does it turn me on just sending it to you. I still am not showing my face... maybe next time but for now, enjoy...


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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Wife Fucks other Men

My Wife Fucks other men while I am only allowed to watch.....We are a MWCucold Couple...We enjoy all forms of Kink... The pics enclosed are of her with some of her lovers..Thanks Chuck


Oh ...Please use for feed back...more pics to come soon...Thanks Chuck and Jackie


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