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Friday, December 30, 2005


Central Jill - Adult Christmas Story


I have been thinking a long time about a way that I could get even with Mike for all of the times he has placed me a situation that has caused me a great deal of embarrassment. The only thing that I could come up with was I somehow had to get him naked out in public so he could finally feel how have I felt every time he made me do it. The only idea that I could come up with was to enter some kind of bet with him (bad idea I know) where the loser has to do a dare of the winner’s choice.

I thought that I had finally come up with a full proof plan as to how I could win. The plan I came up with play a game of poker with Mike. The winner of 3 out of five hands would be the overall winner. I thought that I had my game plan all figured out. I had purchased a deck of marked cards. By wearing a special pair of sunglasses I could see what every card Mike had was. There was no way I could lose. To make a long story short Mike figured out after the third hand that I was cheating with the special sunglasses I pronounced himself the winner because I was cheating. I started to get that oh to familiar feeling in my stomach again. Me losing was not in my plans. I don’t understand how every time I try something with Mike I end up losing. Mike told me that I was very bad for cheating and he was going to need some time to come up with an adequate punishment/dare. He told he would think it over for the next day or so and let me know for the weekend. He also told me to keep Saturday open.

As always my stomach was in knots for the entire week. By Thursday night I had already promised myself that I would never ever bet with Mike again. In fact I was even contemplating trying to find a new apartment across town and move away so that I would not be tempted again. When Saturday morning arrived I was awoke by a knock at our apartment door.
I knew who it was. I didn’t want to answer the door. Erica apparently heard the knock got out of bed and answered the door. It was Mike. He told Erica that I was expecting him. Erica came and got me out of bed. I didn’t want to go out in the living room but I had no choice a bet is a bet and it was time to take my medicine. I had a really bad feeling about this one but there was nothing that I could do.

As I entered the living room still in robe Mike smiled and told me good morning and that it was time to get ready to go. Mike went into our kitchen and started to make us breakfast while I got ready. The only problem was I still didn’t know where I was going. I was really nervous about this dare because our winter has started very early this year and the weather has been extremely cold. I was hoping that what ever he had in mind was going to at least be in doors. By the time I got ready to go Mike had breakfast ready and we all ate together. Once breakfast was done Mike told me to get my coat because it was time to leave. As we walked out the door Mike turned back to Erica and said “We will see you tomorrow night”. Tomorrow night?? What was he planning I wondered? What could be so bad that it would possibly take two days to do? I asked him if he had come up with my dare yet and he assured me that he had given it a lot of thought and had come up with an adequate punishment/dare for cheating. This comment really scared me. He has made me do some awful things for him and couldn’t imagine he coming up with something more embarrassing or worse than he has already.

As we drove out of town Mike told me that he had reserved a room for us and that we were heading to Canada for the night. In fact we were going about 30 miles north of Sault Saint Marie to a ski lodge named Searchmont. I have always loved to ski and this little bit of news made me feel happy for the first time since I lost my bet. Although I was still wondering what my exact plans were for the weekend.

We arrived at our motel Mike opened the trunk of the car and unloaded two suitcases. I instantly wondered why he needed two but then it dawned on me. He had packed one for me. I just wondered what he had packed but I figured that I would find out to quickly anyways so I just tried to put it out of my mind. As Mike was checking us into our room I wandered around the lobby and looked the facilities over. This was a very nice motel with an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, restaurant, bar, etc. There were quite a few people around and it looked to be a busy weekend. The amount of people around made me quite nervous because I was sure that I was going to end up naked sooner or later. I just hoped that it wouldn’t be in front of to many people. Our room was on the third floor so we got into the elevator and headed up to our room. The suspense of the Mike’s plans was driving me crazy. I just wished that he would tell me what I had to do. At first glance the room appeared really nice. Although in about two seconds after entering the room the first thing I noticed was ONE KING SIZE BED. This made my heart start pounding. What was he thinking? Did he think that he owned me? Did he think that I was going to be his play toy for the night? If he thought that he was surely mistaking. Mike never said one word about the bed all he said was that we should get dressed and head out to dinner. I foolishly asked him what I was suppose to wear I didn’t bring any other clothes with me. This is when it all started.

Mike told me that he had taken care of all of my “needs” for the weekend and put them all in the suitcase. As we opened the suitcase I noticed that everything in there was wrapped up like a Christmas gift. Mike took all of the “gifts” out of the suitcase and set them on the dresser. Everything was wrapped in either green or red paper. Mike told me that there was a different outfit in each gift some were nice, some were naughty, and some were very naughty. He told me to pick out one of the green gifts so we could get ready to go out to dinner. All of the boxes were the same size and he told me that he didn’t even know which outfit was in each box. It was purely luck of the draw. I slowly reached for the first box and picked it up.

I felt like a little kid at Christmas as I ripped the paper off of my “gift”. As I opened the box I slowly looked inside. To my surprise it was a cute black sundress. Mike reached into his suitcase and pulled out a pair of black high-heeled shoes for me also. I don’t really know how Mike knew my sizes and I didn’t ask. Then it sank in that there was no bra or panties in my box. Mike told me get dressed so we could go. I went into the bathroom and removed my clothes and put on the first outfit. It was a really nice. I little on the short side in fact it only came down to about 3 inches below my butt and had thin straps over my shoulders. Definitely not an outfit to bend over in but it covered everything for now. It was hard to walk through the hotel with these shoes but I managed ok. One problem I soon realized was that as I walked the dress had a tendency to ride up. I had to keep on pulling it down. The restaurant in the hotel was nice. As we arrived at our table quite a few of the guys in the place all turned to check me out. I had to be really careful because we were sitting in an elevated area of the restaurant. Anybody from the lower area could see right up my dress if I let my guard down. The first thing Mike did was to order us some drinks. After a few drinks I was starting to loosen up a bit. I know that this was Mike’s plan but I figured that I might as well ride this for all it was worth. By the time dinner was over I was feeling no pain again. Mike told me it was time to head back to the hotel and change our clothes so that we could head down to the bar in the hotel.

Once we got back to the room Mike told me to pick out another green gift. I once again reached for a new gift. As I opened this box I soon figured out what the naughty comment meant earlier. This outfit was another black dress except it was made out of a fishnet type material. There was no concealing anything in this dress. I begged Mike to let me pick up a different gift but he told me that I had to wear what I picked. I went into the bathroom to change my clothes one more time. As I stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror at my new dress or lack there of I couldn’t believe that I was actually entertaining going out in this outfit. I could see everything. My nipples were poking out though the material and my shaved beaver was clearly on display also. As I opened the bathroom door and entered Mike’s view he just told me I looked great and how much he loved the dress. Mike grabbed me by the arm and we soon left the safety of our hotel room. As we walked down the hotel corridor I could feel my face starting to turn red I was so embarrassed to be out in public in this dress and I knew it was going to we worse once we went into the bar.

We rode the elevator down to the main floor. As the doors opened in the lobby it felt like every pair on eyes in the place was staring at me.

The bar was typical of most bars luckily it was fairly dark. It didn’t take to long for the word to spread around about my outfit. Mike ordered us some drinks and found us a table. The next hour or so seemed to go by fairly quick. Mike and I just talked about our dinner and some other mindless chitchat. I was starting to get a buzz going now from all of the drinks and I was feeling pretty good. I was starting to become my loud self again as I seem to do much to often. Within a few more minutes Mike and I were on the dance floor really getting into it. Everybody in the place seemed to be staring directly at me. The DJ kept on putting the spot light on me as I danced. I was really starting to have a good time. I had completely forgot about the outfit that I was wearing. A few minutes’ later two drunk guys came over to me and started to get a little too friendly. I was quickly reminded what I was actually wearing and Mike and I decided that it would be a good time to leave.

We laughed and giggled through the hotel back up to our room. I was actually starting to enjoy this dare/punishment that Mike had come up with and it didn’t seem all that bad. Once we got to the room Mike told me it was time to head down to the pool and hot tub to go swimming. He told me to pick out one of the red gifts. He also told me his strategy that the green gifts were new outfits and the red gifts were swimwear. I reached for a red gift and started to rip the paper open. As I looked in the box my heart was again dropped. I pulled out the smallest, tiniest, skimpiest, bikini that I have ever seen. I this bikini was basically a couple pieces of string. One string and a small piece of material (about the size of a quarter) covered each breast and then came to a point over my lower half turning in a string thong up my back. I told Mike that there was no way I could ever wear this out in public and he quickly told me I didn’t have a choice and I should hurry up and get dressed so that we head down to the pool. I begged Mike to let me pick out another gift, as I was sure that next one would be better. Mike thought about it for a minute and told me to go ahead and pick another gift. I thought that this was strange. Mike has never gave into me before when ever I begged but I didn’t question it I just reached for another red gift.

As I opened this box I gave a sigh of relief. I pulled out a normal looking two-piece bikini. I looked at Mike and smiled but he had a disappointed look on his faced. I immediately wondered what could possibly be in the other red box that could have been worse than the first suit but I didn’t dwell to long on that thought. I went into the bathroom and put my new suit on. The material seemed to feel a little bit different but I couldn’t place my finger on it. Maybe it was thinner. I wasn’t quite sure what it was.

We walked down to the pool area. This pool was pretty cool. You have to be eighteen to enter the area after 9:00PM so it was pretty nice because it was about 11:00 PM right now and there were no kids in sight. The pool was fairly busy because there was also a small bar attached to the pool area. In fact you could swim right up to the bar and sit at a stool in the water if you wished. We wandered around for a while and finally grabbed a table and ordered some drinks. After about and hour or so Mike suggested that we head over to the hot tub and go for a dip. That sounded like a lot of fun so I agreed and we headed for the hot tub. The hot tub was very busy in fact we had to wait a few minutes for another couple to leave before we could get in. As we climbed in I thought to myself that the water felt very good. We weren’t in there more than a couple of minutes when a waitress came over and took everyone’s order. After about ten minutes it all started to happen. I then realized why Mike let me pick out a new suit. It was all an act. He really wanted me to wear this suit. The suit that I was wearing started to dissolve in the water. Mike must have seen the look on my face that something was wrong because he started to tell all of the guys in the hot tub that he had played a joke on me and had given me a dissolving swimsuit and I should be completely naked in a minute or two. With this comment everybody immediately looked directly at me and started to stare. The only problem was Mike was right.

My suit was completely gone. I was surrounded by complete strangers in the hot tub all sitting within a couple feet of me and I was completely naked. I was horrified. What was I suppose to do. I couldn’t get up and leave because I had nothing to wear. We didn’t even bring a towel down to the pool with us. What was I suppose to do? I just stayed under the water the best I could. Everybody kept on telling me to stand up because they didn’t believe it, but I wouldn’t do it. This refusal to stand up must have been proof enough for everyone because from that point forward none of the guys would leave the hot tub. At one point Mike got up from the hot tub to go to the bathroom. He was gone for about twenty minutes leaving me totally alone in the hot tub. I just pretended that nothing was wrong and everything was normal. When Mike finally returned the waitress came around and told us it was last call and my heart once again dropped. I knew that very shortly I was going to have to get up and leave and I also knew that I had absolutely nothing to wear not even a towel. We ordered last call and drank our drinks. Mike got up from the hot tub and said it was time for us to leave. Every single person in the hot tub was staring directly at me waiting for me to get up. I really didn’t want to move but I had no choice. I begged Mike for a towel to cover up with but he told me I didn’t need one and maybe next time I shouldn’t try to cheat him.

I figured that I had no choice so I started to get up out of the hot tub. As I slowly stood up all of the guys in the hot tub started to cheer. This cheering drew the attention of the entire pool area and soon everyone was staring at my completely naked body. I grabbed Mike’s arm and started to head for the door. I kept trying to move as fast as I could but Mike kept on stopping to say go bye to the people that he had met that evening. I was so embarrassed but there was nothing I could do. I didn’t even have a room key so I couldn’t run up to the room. I had to wait for Mike. I don’t think that he could have walked any slower if he wanted to. We finally left the bar and headed up to our room. The walk through the hotel corridors was incredibly long. Everyone was staring at me. The ride in the elevator was the worst. Mike insisted on telling everyone who would listen about out bet and how I cheated and lost and how this was my punishment. I really hated the elevator ride because we were all packed in so tight and I had nowhere to go. The walls in the elevator were covered in mirrors making it even worse. We finally arrived at our room and went in.

I was so relieved. I looked around the room and something was different. Then it dawned on me. All of our luggage was gone. All of my clothes were gone. All of the gifts were gone. When I asked Mike what was going on he told me that he had put everything in the car for safekeeping and I wouldn’t need anymore more clothes for awhile. I didn’t like this at all. I was in a strange county with no clothes or money. I was totally helpless. There was nothing I could do. I was at Mike’s mercy. Yet I was incredibly aroused.

It was getting late and I was getting tired. I looked over at the bed and once again realized that there was only one. I asked Mike why there was only one bed in our room and he told me that it was not intentional there was a mistake and this was the only room they had left. He even offered to sleep on the couch if it would make me feel better. I don’t know why but I believed him. Mike has never lied to me before and he has always protected me when I needed it. I told him that he didn’t need to sleep on the couch when there was this huge king size bed we could share. I just made him promise to behave. We climbed into bed, turned on the TV, and turned out the lights. This was the first time in the last few hours that I felt normal. As you may already know I usually sleep naked so this felt perfectly normal.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or what but I decided to make a move on Mike. I told him I was cold and wanted to snuggle for a while. Well to make a long story short and not get into to many details I finally got to see Mike naked. It was well worth the wait. I think that we were both so turned on from the entire nights activities that emotion totally overcame us and we had the most incredible sex that I have ever had. We stayed up so late enjoying each other that when we finally fell asleep it was almost morning.

By the time we got up the next day it was to late to go skiing and we had to cancel that part of our plans. After I showered and got cleaned up I told Mike that I wanted to get dressed so that we could check out. He just smiled at me and said that I didn’t need any clothes yet because I was still being punished. Although he told me that I could wear his ski coat. I guess chivalry is not dead yet. I gathered up my few possessions that I had, put on Mike’s coat, and we headed down to the lobby to check out. Mike’s coat seemed to cover everything OK but not great. I couldn’t bend over or pick my arms up or I would be exposed. As we walked out of the hotel to our car I just turned around and looked back at the hotel. I had so much fun in this place and had such an incredible time. The only problem was I couldn’t really share it with anyone. I couldn’t even tell Mike how much fun I had because it is not normal to want to be paraded around in public naked but I really seem to enjoy it.

Mike and I decided that we were hungry and wanted to go out to breakfast somewhere. I asked Mike when I would get my clothes back and he told me it depended on how good I listened and behaved. We crossed back into the USA and pulled into the first restaurant we came to. As we got inside I sat down in the booth I knew that this coat was not covering anything below my waist. I didn’t want to look down but I could feel the cold of the vinyl covered seats on my bare bottom. Breakfast went by fairly uneventful except for the fact that Mike made me unzip the zipper of the coat a little bit every few minutes. In fact by the time we left the restaurant the coat was total unzipped giving anyone who wanted to look a view of everything. As we walked across the parking lot and got to the car Mike opened the truck and told me to put the coat inside for the balance of the trip home.

I begged him not to do this to be but once again he told me a bet is a bet. I looked around and took of the coat and stood in the middle of the parking lot totally naked shivering from the cold. As soon as the doors were unlocked I jumped in the car. Many of the trucks on the highway got quite a show as we traveled down the road. Every time we needed gas Mike made sure he pulled into a full service station so that he could tell the attendant about the bet and how I lost and to show me off.

As we turned onto the off ramp in Mt. Pleasant I was still naked in the car and was starting to get nervous. It was broad daylight and now I was in my hometown where people knew me completely naked. I sank down into my seat so that nobody could see and just hoped that it would be all over soon. We pulled into our apartment complex parking lot and Mike parked the car. He told me to reach under my seat grab something for him. I reached under the seat and found my clothes. They were right underneath me the whole time. Mike just laughed. I put on my clothes and we headed up to my apartment. When we got to the door I gave Mike a big hug and thanked him for a fun time.

Central Jill - My Page

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Cassey's Bare Bum !


Hi Webmaster,

My friend Dawn stayed over last night whilst Matt was away at a work's party, basically we spent the whole evening drinking until i spilt a glass of red wine down myself. Dawn quickly took my top over my head and soaked it in the sink whilst i stood there with no top on (i wasn't wearing a bra). My mobile was on the table and Dawn took a drunken snap of me before i knew what she was doing. As the wine was also on her white jeans she dragged me into the bathroom and switched the shower on, she pulled her jeans off and threw them into the shower. Pulling her top over her head she got into the shower and started rubbing the wine out of the jeans as the water poured over her naked body. She hadn't noticed me getting the phone from the kitchen and i got my revenge picture of her naked in the shower. When i came to download the pictures onto my computer today i also found a picture of my bare bum which i hadn't seen her take - we had drunk a lot by then! Hope you like the pictures.

Cassey & Matt - our page



Phil Accepts the Challenge!

Hi Webmaster,

Cassey called today to see Sara who unfortunately was out shopping. It gave me the opportunity to thank her for taking Sara's shower picture. Cassey wanted to see how many people have taken up the banner picture challenge and then she pointed out that i hadn't even though Sara had. Out came the camera and you can see the result.I then reminded her that neither she or Matt had taken the challenge. Something makes me think that we will be seeing the pictures soon!I personally think that it is time we had more female responses to the challenge - perhaps even several posing together - come on girls!

Phil/Sara our page

Thursday, December 29, 2005


True Exhibitionist ! - Liz Answers the Challenge

Hi Webmaster,

My name is Liz and I am a true exhibitionist. I never back down from a challenge and when I saw the pic on this blog about putting your website on a paper and holding it naked. Well, I felt I needed to one-up everybody and do something unique and dareing. Here is my answer. (see full size on this page)

Beat That!~



Lost Bet = Strip Nude for the Camera

Hi Webmaster - My BF and I were alone for the first time this holiday season and decided to make it an Adult Christmas. We did alot of kinky things I won't mention but one of them involved a bet with the loser doing whatever the winner wants. Well, I didn't know what BF had in mind. To make a long story short I obviously lost and my 'punishment' was to have my nude picture taken and posted somewhere online. As soon as he said that I instantly got wet!!! I never thought about that before and now it was going to come true. Embarrassingly I striped nude and he took the picture. We are now sending it to you to put on your site. We can't wait!

Janice & Mike


Naked Outside Her House

outside naked
My friend and I played Truth or Dare over the holidays. This one was for me to be 'locked' out of the house naked. We set-up a tripod with my digital camera to go on timer and then had me locked outside my own house while my friend stayed in and had total control as to when she would open it for me. It was a rush! I hadn't done anything like this before and even though I knew she wouldn't leave me locked out it took her awhile to open it for me again. When she finally did my legs were weak from nervousness and excitement and she was on the floor laughing.



Monday, December 26, 2005


Wet Sara in the Shower Pic

naked in shower
Phil is away on business so i thought that i would surprise him by posting a picture showing how wet i get when i play Truth or Dare online. Cassey took the picture - hope you approve!

Sara - my page



Erotic Story

Hello webmaster…

Ok so my story is not really a dare but it was a lot of fun. It starts out my gf, my friend, and I, are drinking at another friends house. He was in Kuwait and was back home on leave for a week. It had been about 6 months since his last encounter with a female. I have been friends with for about 6-7 years and trust him completely. I knew my gf thought he was cute, but she had only been with one guy before. That was me. Well, I wanted to give him a welcome home gift so before he came back in town, I told my gf that it wouldn’t really bother me if she did something with him. Just to slowly ease her into it. I didn’t want her to have sex with him but at least blow him or something I thought. So that night we are all drinking and she goes into the bedroom and sits on the bed talking to him. With the alcohol getting to her I knew it was only a matter of time until she would give in. The door was open the whole time and I could see from the couch nothing was really going on yet. About an hour later the other guests had left and she came back out with him in the living room. She sat down on the floor in front of the TV with a blanket over her and was playing a video game. (Super Monkey Ball to be exact.) Well she started to get more comfortable for bed and decided she would take off her bra. She slipped it off under her shirt much to my disappointment. It was a very thin yellow cotton shirt that would show a lot of her nipples, which were quite hard by this time. I sat down next to her, my buddy just sitting on the couch behind us watching. So I told her, “Why don’t you get more comfortable and slip those pants off if you are getting ready for bed?” She looked at, me then still wrapped up in the blanket slipped her pants off. I was thinking so far so good, now I just need to get her out of her shirt and panties… I waited a minute then looked at her and said, “You know, I can see your nipples through that shirt, it seems pretty useless.” She just looked at me silently, so I finished saying, “Why don’t you just take it off?” She looked at me, then looked at me then at my friend and said, “Well if I have to take off my shirt you have to take off your guys’ shirts too.” So I said ok, and took it off. Without even a second delay my friend took his off too. So there she is, only in panties but still had a blanket around her waist. A few more minutes pass, and I am getting hard as ever and I can tell my friend is too. I tell her next, “You know, your almost naked just take off your panties and ditch the blanket.” It would be too cold she said, so I responded “Well he will keep you warm.” Pointing at my friend. She thought for a second then sure enough, took it all off but saying if she had to be naked everyone had to be naked. We both dropped our pants and boxers off, hard as a rock. This was not the first time I saw him in the buff though, we both were in the Army. He reenlisted, I got out.
She goes to him, and straddles the top of him and starts kissing him. I just sat back and watched stroking myself waiting for it to get really interesting. I knew how she loved to get eaten out, and I knew he loved doing it so it was only another matter of time. I am miles past drunk at this point and barely able to stay awake. I hear her saying how hard his penis is, and I immediately respond with there’s no way it’s harder than mine. She says come here, so I go over to her. She grabs my hand and puts it on his cock. This I was not ready for at all, surprisingly he didn’t say a word about it, she just held my hand around his cock. I waited a second then told her you are going to have to do something about that. She looked at me a little odd, and asked, how am I supposed to do that? I told her anything but sex. I have to keep something just between us I thought. To my surprise he said he didn’t want anything, he could take care of himself, but he wanted a taste.
We all head for the bedroom and she lays down on her back, I lay down near her but with plenty of room so not as to distract him. He immediately grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders diving right in. She was dripping wet by now, as I could hear the slurping sounds. She instantly starts moaning and pushing his face into her wet pussy. After a few minutes of this non-stop moaning he paused for a second lifted his head up just to say that she has the best tasting pussy he has ever eaten. I have to agree with him on that one too, it is the sweetest pussy…

Hopefully I can coerce her into letting me take a picture to submit. In the mean time, all I have is a picture of me. On a side note, he is coming back into town January 20th, and I am hoping for a repeat of this story, but with considerably more sex.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Bri Responds to the Dare Challenge.

Bri who has her own website has responded to the dare!

Who's next?



Wife Dare - Strip for Camera - Seeking Threesome

Here's pictures of my wife posing nude for me and this site. We are looking for other guys or girls for a three-some if you are interested... e-mail me **EMAIL removed at submitter request" I also have more of her if you want them.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005


First Lesbian Experience - Sort Of

I had our normal girls night the other night. I am very attracted to my friend. I do not want to ruin friendship . We have stupid sleepovers everyonce in a while and we had one Sunday. We wear pj's watch movies, drink, and let husbands watch the kids. I decided to take a chance and told Jan i would love to have her body because I am a bit overweight. She replied she would love to have my tits. She insisted I show her. She played with them and she showed me hers. This went on for over an hour. I was so turned on. I want her so bad. But I think she was really just checking them out. I do not think it was sexual to her. I have had these feelings towards women for a few years no and i am about to bust. I want her sexually but do not want to ruin friendship!! - This pic is from one of our sleepovers where we drank a bit much and got silly. Man was that a tough night for me!!



Strip Poker Couple

I am not a big poker player (only strip poker) but it really is a FINE idea. My gf is always up for something kinky as she has a shy side to her every once in awhile she needs to let off some steam. Had some guys over for football games on big screen and she always dressed for the occasion, which led to one of the guys suggesting 'strip poker' .... she did show some goodies but stayed under the covers most of the time when she lost which was now and then and was the recipient of some feels on her thighs too!


Monday, December 19, 2005


First Time Dare - A Glimpse of her Tits

We are in our early forties, I'm 43 and my wife is 42. We have three kids and by the time the youngest is out and independent, it will be another 8 years or so.

It seems like we are so busy right now that it may take 8 years until we can finally pursue this sexually fun lifestyle like on this website that we are both interested. The only option until then is some fun when we can go to a vacation without the kids.

That is also difficult as we don't have relatives to leave our kids with. Weekends we are too tired and have too much to do. I am hoping that in a few years, things will get less hectic. In the meantime we are getting a head start, here is my wife Kim giving you a glimpse of her luscious boobs!

Kim & Sam


Sunday, December 18, 2005


Dare For Everyone Reading This!!!! - from the Webmaster

Phil & Sara once again stepped up to the plate with a great dare!


I dare everyone to make a similar sign and pose with it. Or you can be original and find another way. You do not have to show your face if you don't want to. You can show as much or as little skin as you wish. You can be at home, or outside, it's up t you. I will be posting them within the next few weeks. Your sign should say what Sara's does above.

Have Fun!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Cassey Posts Her Boobs!


We were introduced to your site by our friends,Phil and Sara who have pictures on your site.We found it a big turn on seeing their naked pictures and reading their dares so we sent them a picture of my pussy. Next time we logged to truthordarepics my pussy was there for all to see!Please post my boob picture as my other half dared me to complete the set.

Love the site

Cassey - my page

Friends of Phil & Sara


Thursday, December 15, 2005


Canadian University Student Strips in the Dorm!!

college girls Stories In The News
Student's striptease posted online
UWO investigates, discipline unlikely
Student knew photos were being taken
Dec. 13, 2005. 08:23

Canadian universities have no business, it seems, in the bedrooms of the campus dorm.

Yet thanks to the Internet, everyone else can take a peek.
The University of Western Ontario is investigating an incident in which a female first-year student performed a full striptease and lap dance last week for several males in a residence bedroom, with graphic photos soon sent out over the Internet.

A Google search on 'saugeen stripper' reveals several x-rated photos.
The incident raises questions about how far a university can go in protecting students, particularly younger ones from themselves.

But because the young woman apparently performed willingly in the privacy of a residence room and no one filed a complaint, the school says it likely has no cause for discipline.
"We certainly regret this has happened; it's not something the university condones and we are very disappointed in these students, but rooms in residence are considered to be students' homes, and what goes on between consenting adults in the privacy of their homes is considered to be their business," said Susan Grindrod, Western's vice-president of housing.

"What's different in this case is that these pictures are going all over the world. With the Internet and personal blogs, pictures can be circulated very quickly, and I'm not sure how we would regulate students' blogs and websites even if we wanted to," said Grindrod.

As soon as the raunchy images came to the attention of the administration, officials approached the young woman to ask if she had been forced to strip or tricked into being photographed without her knowledge. She said she had not.

"We were immediately proactive because we wanted to know if there had been any coercion and she told us she was a consenting participant and she was aware that pictures were being taken," said Grindrod.

"If there had been any coercion, there absolutely would have been repercussions. We do plan to talk to the other (male) students involved and continue to review the situation. It's still early in the game for us to have figured out how to proceed."

University dorms have codes of conduct that forbid students from breaking the law. Many take a zero-tolerance approach to students taking drugs and underage drinking, for example.

Western has a policy that forbids the circulation of "objectionable" material such as racist, homophobic or pornographic images, either written or electronic, with extreme cases leading to the student being asked to leave residence.

Yet most universities warn today's highly involved baby boomer parents that campus dorm supervisors will not serve as party police or morality monitors for their children, but will enter a student's room only if there is reason to believe a law is being broken or someone is in danger.
"We're not the alcohol police and we're not sex police, and I'm not sure we would want to be," said Grindrod. "And we recognize that many young people in first year may try out new things that can lead to errors in judgment. I'm not sure some of these misbehaviours haven't gone on in the past. It's just that today, the images can get sent around the world.

"I actually feel badly for all the students involved in this incident. It's a very sad situation."


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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


More Dare Pictures from Phil & Sara!

Hi Webmaster,

Our friends came to stay over the weekend and during the course of the evening as the booze flowed the subject came round to Following our recent submissions, which they spent a long time studying, we were not surprised to find the attached picture emailed to us on Monday from Cara and Matt. hopefully you can include this on the site as i think it will encourage them to send more.

Phil and Sara - Our Page



Truth or Dare in a Jeep

So there I am - driving along in my Jeep, when I come across a hot little woman on the side of the road. It turns out that Hondas do break down and she needed a lift to the nearest exit from the highway. Being a gentleman, I had to assist her. Besides, when 5'6" stacked at 110 pounds with 38Ds says "Will you help me out?" all you can think of is that she should finish the sentence with "...of these clothes!"

I told her that the ride in my Jeep would mess her hair because I always ride in the Jeep topless. She said that she would hate to leave the Jeep alone like that and promptly removed her cropped t-shirt right then and there exposing two perfectly round and utterly tanned 38 D cups that should be on display in a museum!

I asked her if she was always this brazen and she said that she has always hated clothing & that she loved the idea of being seen. She then asked me if I had ever ridden in the Jeep the same way. Of course guys can ride topless but this was not what she had in mind. She used the most feared and dreaded words any naked woman can use (besides "It's my husband!"): "I dare you."


So, at the next stoplight, I set the emergency brake and pulled my Levi's down along with my underwear, thankful to release the bulging member she had given me. As we drove to her house now instead of the station I mumbled that no one would ever believe this. The picture shows me standing naked behind the Jeep in her driveway. What happened inside her house is for another time!



Saturday, December 10, 2005


Picture Received From MSN Dare Chat

For a while I've wanted to show people this picture I got because the boobs are just too good to be true, and I can verify that they are 100% real, I got the pic by trading the girl a picture of myself over MSN which is the other one. here you go enjoy.





Chastity Belt Dare

All of this begin a long time ago... A friend dare me to buy a chastity belt to encased my private. So, i buy a leather one. The next time i see her, she give me a open lock who have a engraved on it and she tell me i will received instruction by email.

3 weeks later, i received a email monday morning telling she have tell to her boyfriend she go lunch with her collegue thursday night and if i want to see her, i have to follow these simple instruction : put the belt, the lock, to take a picture of my encased cock and send the picture to her. So i do. During the weekend, she tease my with email... Thursay night, we go lunching and after that, when i drive her to her house, she ask if a want a relief... i tell her yes... she will give me a blow job if i promise to her to let her put the belt back on me after that for 2 weeks when we will met again. I tell her yes. I found a dark parking.

She produce handcuff, cuff my back in my back, unzip and drop my pant... begin to suck me... after a few minutes, i cum like never... she keep everything in her mouth... she kiss me and to my surprise, drop everything in mouth. She tell me to swallow everything or i will have to wear the belt for a very long time... So i do... After that, she put the belt back on me and take off the handcuff... Most of the time, she left me unbelted and the open lock because we does not have any idea when we will have the opportunities to meet. We play a few month before she left the country. I lost the belt when i move out from my apartment...

After a few years... Chastity miss me a lot and i buy a CB-3000. I take a few days to find the good ring, pin and spacers for myself. Early november, Someone dare me to put the belt for x days using the Yahtzee method.

** Roll five dice.. You'll get to acquaint yourself with your new toy anywhere from 5 to 30 days. Send a photo of yourself with a plastic lock in place with the serial number clearly visible along with the number you rolled.

November 11, i put the belt, lock myself and take the picture of the belt... after that i roll the dice... 23... 23 long day belted... December 4 i finally remove the belt... I have three very long week but that is another story...



Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Truth or Dare in the Dorm Room!

I have always wanted to pass on a story to your web site and I finally have the opportunity to do so. This past weekend my roommate and myself threw a small party in our dorm room. There was not to many of us at the party. There was myself, my friend, and four of the neighbor girls. It started as your normal drinking party that we got shanghaied in buying all of the booze for. This mainly happened because none of the girls were old enough. There were all around 19 or 20 years old. All of the girls were very, very, very cute so the thought of getting them all drunk with us sounded like a lot of fun.

It didn’t take to long before all of the girls were totally ripped. I decided that this would be a good time to suggest a new game. I suggested that we play a game of “Truth or Dare.” To my surprise everyone agreed. We divided up into three teams of two. Beth and Stacy, Jamaica and Kelly, Dave and myself. The game started out pretty mild. Most people went for a “truth” which was still a lot of fun. The first couple of “dares” involved a lot of drinking. By now we had the girls totally smashed and we were having a great time. Dave and I decided that it was finally time to see if the girls were up to anything story worthy so we dared Jamaica and Kelly to show us their tits.

The next dare fell on Dave and myself and we had to produce some goods to keep the girls playing so we had drop our pants and flash our peckers to the group. It was now Beth and Stacy’s turn for a dare so we dared them to flash their tits to someone in hallway.

Everybody seemed to be a little nervous to accept a dare now so the next round or two went by with only “truths” and quite a bit more drinking. Dave and I made sure the girls had all of the booze that they wanted and it didn’t take to long before Beth and Stacy agreed to another dare. We dared them to play the rest of the game with no shirt. That last dare must have been too much for Jamaica and Kelly because they would never take another dare after that one. Although they did dare Beth and Stacy so show us what color their panties were.

Things were really getting interesting now. To keep things rolling Dave and I accepted another dare and they made us flash the next girls that showed up in the hallway. After quite a few more “truths” and lots more booze we finally got Beth and Stacy to agree to another dare. We were all at the point were everything seemed hysterically funny. We couldn’t stop laughing. We dared the girls to take off all of there clothes and finish the game completely naked. Stacy played along well and removed here jeans and panties. She kept on saying that she could believe she was doing this. She also could not stop laughing. The only bummer was that Beth refused to get naked. Dave and I agreed that since Beth and Stacy were partners and Beth wouldn’t go though with it Stacy had to do another dare. “The final dare of the game”. We made Stacy spread her legs and show us her pussy. After the last dare the girls got dressed and we partied most of the night. Although no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t get any of the girls to do anymore or get naked for us again.

All in all this entire evening was one of the most fun times I have ever had and probably ever will have. Unless we can talk everyone into another game. I will keep you posted. I have attached some pictures for your enjoyment of our evening. I hope you don’t mind but I did not include the pictures of Dave or myself. They are not quite as enjoyable as the girls.

PS: I just had to share the wealth and tell everyone who would listen about my night. Thanks for listening


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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Dare Picture - She Masterbates with a Banana!

I was dared to take a picture of myself masturbating with something from around my apartment, and post it somewhere on the internet. I like to use bananas, because they're curved and hit the G-spot. My email is


Friday, December 02, 2005


Truth or Dare - Anonymous Nude Picture


I just found your site. I haven't done any of your dares, but some old friends of mine and I used to do stuff like this. We once shot a home movie of the four of us doing strange things in normal places, nude, at 4 am on Christmas. The idea of a nude pic on the internet, that no would ever know is me is kinda hot.



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