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Friday, November 30, 2007


In the Butt!

butt Hi Gang,

My name is Tracy and I work as a secretary in a hospital, in the Emergency dept. I Get to meet a lot of cute interns and residents as part of my job. yay!

One of those interns asked me ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Triple Orgasm

ORGASM Hi truthordarepics,

Great site. I startd reading the daes about 3 months ago and have been following ever since. It has lead me to start chatting with like minded people and playing some mild truth or dare over the net. I met someone doing that ... READ THE REST HERE.




sue Hi truthordarepics,

My girfriend and I often dare each other and have said that someday we would post on the dare site, as part of my payment for losing a wager I have to post my dare here for all to read. The dare was to wear a tank top and go a party with a name tag on that said "hello my name is Sue, please squeeze my tits" I was to allow anyone who ... READ THE REST HERE.



Wife L

wife topless Hi Webmaster,

Funny we just noticed you site now? It's been up I see since 2004 and that's about the time that my wife "L" has started flashing and opening up sexually. We have lots of pics of her to give you from that time but first what started it all:

In 04 we had been fantasizing about different scenarios and had been looking ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, November 29, 2007


A Sexy Surprise

SEXY Hi Webmaster,

Since my webcam purchase I haven't been able to tear myself away from my computer. I am addicted to chat rooms and talk to at least 4 different people a day usually with me ending up stripping and cybering with them. It has lead me to a few meetings with people but las wek was a HOT one!

I met a couple online and we had been building a rapport for some time now and the seemed like a lot of fun. One day he contacted me and asked ... READ THE REST HERE.



Pixie Girl Responds to Your Dare Suggestions

pixie boobs Hi again Truth or Dare pics,

Pixie Here! Almost immediately I received a ton of emails with some incredible dares! Thank you all I have a lot of pictures to take soon!

This dare is for Dan! Dan had dared me to take pictures of myself while in a hottub and so I did. This hottub is inside but it faces the street and has tons of windows. I had every ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Robin


story cont'

As we were getting dressed; my girlfriend giggled and said; "Ya, know when we get old and we are sitting on the front porch rocking in our rocking chairs; we will forever have this memory ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Julie


Hey, here are somemore pictures, my fiancee really wants to try the whole online stories thing, and wants to include the email adress this time. I still won't show my face.

I figured you guys would also like another story, so here's one from a few winters ago:Me and her were out sledding at a local golfcourse one night after it had poured snow. It was around midnght, so we were the only ones there. We were having loads of fun, and then she says ... READ THE REST HERE.


Swinging Wife

swinging wife Hi truthordarepics,

We were just married about 6 months ago and started swinging quite by accident. The first time we were so nervous we just kissed another couple. The second time we were invited to a party nd just ended up watching everyone, but we were very turned on. The 3rd time we went to the same party ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Teasing & Being Teased

tease Hi Webmaster,

Thanks for your patience with my dare. My boyfriend teases me a lot now since we shared our sexual pasts recently. I mentioned that I had a girl experience with a recently divorced woman in her early 30s who lived in my building. I would repeatedly ... READ THE REST HERE.



Lost Bet Wife

Wwife nude Hi truthordarepics,

There these pics are of my wife who in fact lost a bet. Not sure what the bet was but the fact of the matter is she lost. And this is our story. We were out on the town one night and ended up in a hotel for the night. Her dare was to go outside of the hotel room naked and pose for a picture. She didn't do ... READ THE REST HERE.



24 Lesbian Sex Pics

lesbian sex Hello everyone.

Here are some lesbian sex pictures that were sent to me not long ago without any story. The exact text was, "My husband's fantasy came true when we found 2 other women online with one of their husbands watching". I tried emailing them and pushing for more story but no reply. So I decided that instead of deleting them or dumping them in the archives that these were too hot to just be stored and so, here they are. - Webmaster




More From SassyCat!

sassycat Hello Truth or Dare fans,

My husband and I were having fun one night. He decided to tie me up. We sent this pic to a special friend. He told me to post it here for all to see. My husband would ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Hot Wife

my hot wife Hi truthordarepics,

This is a pic of my wife from when we were in college (a little under 10 years ago). Even though she still has a hot body, she is still on the shy side.

This is a good place to start. As she gets more daring ... READ THE REST HERE.


Our Hot Sex

hot sex Hi Everyone,

This is close to one of my top dare experiences even though I've only had a few. My fiancee and I and my best friend went to a female/male strip club and laughed and had a great time watching the people perform. We were all really worked up. I played with my fiancee under the table and I was dripping ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Balcony Flashing

flashing Hi Webmaster,

My boyfriend owns a little place in the keys and over the holidays my friend and I went down to spend some time in the sun. We live in Detroit and the weather has been coolish lately so we were loving it. Unfortunately my boyfriend wasn't with us because he was away on business but we still ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Sexy Wife

sexy wife Hi truthordarepics,

When I was living in London Susan (then girlfriend but now my wife) used to come visit me from Ireland quite often. She knew I went to fetish clubs and was dying to go and see what all the fuss was about. I suspected she had a hiden ... READ THE REST HERE.



24 Pictures of Naked Girls

naked girls Hello everyone.

Here are some pictures that might interest some of you. Ok let me start over. here are some pictures that WILL interest you all. If you like seeing a girl naked - and we all do - then you'll love seeing LOTS of girls naked 'together'. 24 pictures of girls mostly nude with some in underwear or covered up but still hot. Enjoy. - Webmaster



Movie BJ

BJ Hi truthordarepics,

I've been a long time reader and very much enjoy your site. A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to see a movie. We were the only ones in our row and after awhile he started to fondle my ... READ THE REST HERE.



Beautiful B Cup

B CUP Dear Webmaster,

I have been seeing this guy now for about 4 months and things have become fairly heated between us. He often works away and when he is, I have to make do with my vibrating friend and some pics I have taken of him. Last month he headed out to Denmark for two weeks as part of his work and i have been ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, November 26, 2007



kat Hello,

My name is Kat.

Recently, my husband and I have become more and more bold in our exhibitionism. We recently joined AFF and have done a couple live broadcasts as well. The dare I'm sending pictures for was of me on my way home from a short out of town trip. I had been on the road a few hours and was bored and finding it more and more difficult to stay awake. So I called my husband at home. I don't think ... READ THE REST HERE.




spanking Hi,

I went to a private school/college in Europe and got into trouble a lot. Everyday my friends and I reported to the principal's office where she would “deal with our wild ways”. One day I was talking with my two friends during class, and she told us to ... READ THE REST HERE.




robin Hey T or D P;

I have recently been introduced to your website by a very dear and extremely sexy friend! I must say, I have been hooked since my first visit and look forward to visiting every day.

I am normally a very reserved type person. However, I was recently dared to post a nude pic on your website; along with the dare to taste pussy for the first time! I nervously accepted the dare and wondered how the hell I would ever pull this off.

I put the dare off for nearly 3 weeks; then boldly decided that I would fulfill this secret fantasy of mine.

I phoned a close girlfriend of mine that I have known since our college days together. I wasn't sure how she would react to this propisition; however, she agreed to the photo session without hesitation.

While I was in the bath preparing for our afternoon together wondering how I would bring up the idea of us going further than just the photos; I found myself growing extremely anxious. I couldn't help ... READ THE REST HERE.


I Like Boobs

BOOBS Hi truthordarepics,

Back a few months ago, I had this neighbour that had given birth a few months earlier. As a friendly neighbour I had always helped her and her husband around the house, cooking a bit and cleaning while they were adjusting to their new arrival. There were never any sexual thoughts between anybody. well ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, November 23, 2007


More From Decadent DDD!

ass Dear Truth or Dare Pics


DDDs story - Nearing the denouement...

Running my tongue over my lips to get them good and wet, I look into your eyes and grab your erection to take it deep in my mouth. You are so big, so hard, and so delicious. I take the head ... READ THE REST HERE.



Camping Sex

camping sex Hi Dare People,

My name is Tabitha and I have a best friend Patricia (Pat) who dared me to send in our camping pictures. I don't know how she found your site but she is the hornier one - believe it or not - of the two of us. She had to do a dare too and I made her answer the door completely naked when we ordered take out. The problem ... READ THE REST HERE.



Pixie Girl

GIRL Hi Truth or Dare pics,

I have always wanted to post some pictures. I don't have any pictures of my dare but I sent you some that I took recently.

My dare happened when I showed up at my local supermarket one night after work. My friend Jen was there and her and I got to talking. A group of five teenage boys walked into ... READ THE REST HERE.


Naked Flash

NAKED FLASH Hi truthordarepics,

There's a really cute guy that works at the mall at Abercrombie my friend and I go all the time to shop there and check him out, hoping to get a ate with him or something. But nothing ever happens. He flirts with us but that's it. It never goes further. Well last time we went ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, November 22, 2007


More From Astrid & Email Her!

big boobs She wants more dare suggestions from you all.

Hello its Astrid again,

Just wanted to send in the dare challenge and to remind people of my previous dares (15th November 2007). If there is any other photo's that people want to request I will try my best to do them, and then submit them here.

Challenge me... I dare you! ... READ THE REST HERE.



Nude in the Bath

nude bath Hi,

My husband and I have been discussing group sex recently because I had once participated in one event. It was in college and it happened after the holidays at a welcome back bash. Men and women were kept on opposite sides of the room, so come the mid point of the party everyone ... READ THE REST HERE.



Our Cheap Thrills

orgasm Hi Dare Master,

Overall my Husband and I's last night out wasn't cheap, but one of the neat sensations he gave me was cheap but very pleasureable. A simple coughdrop. He popped it in his mouth, me thinking he just needed a ... READ THE REST HERE.



Astrid Completes the Dare Challenge!

nude Hi,

Here is Astrid completing the dare challenge. She has sent in a previous dare of her georgeous body and now has completed the dare with a great looking sign. Her dares can be read HERE.



Dare Party

dare party Hi,

I've been a long time reader, but have been really nervous about posting a picture. But at a party, I got a good dare, and had to post it. I'm 22 and am engaged to another woman. We are a very big party couple, and love when other girls watch or join us. Here's the story;

It was a friend's annual girl party, where a bunch of us have been getting ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Pleasing My Wife

pleasing my wife Hi truthordarepics,

Ok, guys and gals of this site. First some background. I’m 32, she’s 39 and have been married for almost 5 years. Our marriage is rock solid, and our communication skills have been magnified many times over due to discussing sex and fantasies. Neither of us has any complaints and both feel our marriage is strong enough to handle anything that gets thrown at it. We brought another male into our bedroom a few months back that w found by ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Public Dares

public dares Hi,

I like to go by **** when I do things like this and accept dares like this because I am and enjoy it. Anyway, on this particular date I was dared by two guys to strip ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sex in Our Truck

truck sex Hi truthordarepics,

I had some friends over along with my boyfriend and he had to go early because of work the next day. So I walked him to his truck and we started making out inside it. One thing ... READ THE REST HERE.



Our Nude Vacation Pics

NUDE VACATION Hi truthordarepics,

This past summer we vacationed on the beach and as always we take the opportunity to be around lots of unknown people and dare ourselves to take nude pics around the hotel ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Anna's Pics

anna Hi There,

These asre some pictures taken of my girlfriend when we were playing around as you do in the bedroom. First it started out a personal thing but as our relationship has progressed she has expressed a desire to ... READ THE REST HERE.



Our Threesome Fantasy

threesome Hi truthordarepics,

My wife and I are sending in a dare about our threesome fantasies and I'll let her say something first.

Wife J - Hi, I like your site a lot and feel good about posting our pictures here. The first one was posted online a year back hiding my face and the second one is me showing ... READ THE REST HERE.



Watching My Friends

watching sex Hi Everyone,

I & two of my oldest friends had been discussing sexual fantasies of late and have really opened up to each other and have been admitting some kinky dreams etc..

They are a couple now and am am single but we have ... READ THE REST HERE.


More From SassyCat!

NUDE OUTSIDE Hello Truth or Dare fans,

I was instructed to go outside naked and have my picture taken. The requirements were that I could only wear my collar and that I had to post it on here. It was kinda cold out ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, November 19, 2007


Restaurant Flash

restaurant flash Hi truthordarepics,

My boyfriend and I enjoy your site very much. That is a picture of me taking out my boobs at a restaurant we went out to. I find it so hot flashing in public but mainly in restaurants where you have to stay put and can hide a bit of what you're doing under the table.

It started in the summer ... READ THE REST HERE.



Elevator Sex

sex Hi everyone,

I love the site and have a dare to tell you all about. I think the most daring thing is to have sex is in an elevator. I love the rush of thinking you may get caught. I've had sex in an elevator 3 times now and I'm hooked. Once my boyfriend and I were ... READ THE REST HERE.



Lauren's Second Submission

butt Hi,

I found some more pics of my vacation this time they are of my rear for all those that like it from behind, there is also one of me walking around using ... READ THE REST HERE.


Cybersex With Them All


Well! Would you count Having cyber sex with 3 people, Call, Daisy and Sky as being a dare? Considering they are 2 guys and one girl and it all happened on the same night!!!!!! It was ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, November 16, 2007


More From Decadent DDD!

breasts Dear Truth or Dare Pics


You remove your pulsating cock and gently stroke yourself as you place your balls in my mouth. I know how much you love to have your balls sucked. I take your cock in my mouth and suck ... READ THE REST HERE.



Red at the Hotel

red Hi truthordarepics,

My nickname is 'Red' and don't ask me why as it's a long story. My husband frequently takes long business trips and that leaves me with a lot of alone time. We have alked about it at length and he knows and accepts that I like to ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sex in the Water

WATER SEX Hi webmaster,

I am sending you pictures of me in the water naked. I have a friend who works for a small golf club and gets us in to swim on days when it is closed. It means that we get the pool all to ourselves and we do take advantage of it. It started out when we were swimming and flirting during regular ... READ THE REST HERE.



Plane Sex

SEX Hi There,

I have to say that your site rocks! I like pictures but really love reading the stories too. It gets me much more into it. That being said I have a daring moment to share with everyone. I would have to say my most daring experience would have to be on the way to Paris. There was this guy I met on the plane and we got to talk. As you probably know Paris is a long flight. Well we talked for about 5 hours straight ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, November 15, 2007


Astrid's Nude Dare - Needs Feedback

ASTRID Hello webmaster/truthordarepics,

My name is Astrid and i'm 18. I was once a very shy girl until I met my boyfriend. One day my boyfriend and I were chatting and he said that he loves me more than i love him. I disagreed and he asked me to prove it. I asked how i was supposed to prove it and he said that I should do a dare. I didn't really think about it too much as I was out to prove a point, so no ground rules were set. I had already agreed and My boyfriend started to tell me what my dare was. He started by saying that the dare had to involve me being nude in some form in front of people i didn't know. He then proceeded to tell me that this was going to be achieved by getting my pussy pierced and both my nipples. It took me ages to build up the courage to get these tasks done but ... READ THE REST HERE.



College Girl's Sex Story

college girl Hi webmaster,

Please don't post my email address as I can't have anyone know who I am. Especially not with my job and husband's job. We took this picture as the only acceptable one we could submit safely. When I was in college (about 19-20 yrs old - I am 23 now) there was a beautiful young woman who also worked for the university in the same facility as I. As a student worker I normally wore blue jeans and t- shirts - as a facilities ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From daring Wife!

dare Hi truthordarepics,

After reading the emails each day we did a lot more practising for the baby and now we have made one!! There were a lot of requests to see more of the "porn star" photos we talked about in our first posting, so we ... READ THE REST HERE.



Daring Wife Completes the Dare Challenge

wife Hi,

Here is Daring Wife completing the dare challenge. She has sent in a picture of her naked body and completed the dare with unique text on her sign. She has also submitted other dares. Her dares can be read HERE.



My Nude Morning Chat

nude chat Hi,

I called out sick today from work, put on my robe and went on this site for some fun. I read lots of dares and, feeling in the mood, took a picture of myself and am sending it to you now. That actually ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007


More From SassyCat!

sassycat Hello Truth or Dare fans,

I recently got a dare to become a dessert. Yummy. Here I am as a sundae with whipped cream and cherries. Very tasty. My husband had fun ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Shy Wife!

shy wife Hi again,

Shywife again. Although I'm starting to be a lot less shy. I've really enjoyed the comments that my pictures drew, and I've decided to send you a couple more, as I got a couple of requests. Also, my husband convinced me the other day to be a little more frisky, and we were out somewhere ... READ THE REST HERE.



36 Nude in Public Pics!

nude in public Hello everyone.

Here are some great pictures from the great archives of women and girls and gals and chicks showing off some delicious flesh in public. There are girls in lakes, forests and even shopping malls. To do this type of dare is pretty advanced and ... SEE ALL THE PICTURES HERE.


Wild Wife

wild wife Hi,

My wife (in the picture) has often told me that she will do anything on a dare. At a high school party she blew 5 different guys on a dare for example. I told her I was going to think of something that she wouldn't do even on a dare. I finally dared her to spend one hour ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Nude Wife

nude wife Hi,

This is my wife. She is 21 yo and a little timid. Booze tends to loosen her up and then she becomes more sexy and wild. These pics where taken after she had lost many games of beer pong and some on our trip to Flordia. There are lots more pics but she is waiting to see the response ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sexual Confession


I need to confess. Probably about 2 years ago now I had an affair with my boss' son - a married man. We had been friends before he married. One year the family business ... READ THE REST HERE.




seduction Hi truthordarepics,

I stayed over at my parent's house this past weekend to house sit for them. Being alone I did what I have always wanted to for some time. I finally seduced our 37 year old next door neighbor. I am now 24 and when I was 17 he was a hot looking 30 year old. I had fantasised about him for many years and this weekend I heard his wife was out of town and he was home alone, so I decided to try my best. I saw ... READ THE REST HERE.


Boob Flash

boob flash Hello, webmaster

We are a couple from Europe and I finally persuaded my wife to send some pics.

Our most daring experience so far was when we were on our summer vacation. We were in one of those all-inclusive hotels, except, this wasn't a hotel but rather a complex with ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, November 12, 2007


More From Decadent DDD !

boobs Dear Truth or Dare Pics

......more titillating pics and rousing reading for you...

These pictures were taken by my adored husband, during the course of a delicious meal at a small restaurant. The food was good but ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sex Talk


I hope I'm sending this correctly. You should have a picture of me (sorry it's the only one I have for now) without bottoms on. I was getting ready and my boyfriend at the time told me to pose sexily and that's my first and only racey picture. My story though is more fun:

I started work as a reservation agent for a well known ... READ THE REST HERE.




lauren Hi,

I'm Lauren & ive just come back from a short break & would like to share some pics & dare with you.

After sunbathing all day me & hubby thought we would take some sexy photos so we went to a rocky edge overlooking the sea.

I was encorouged to get my tanned boobs out & whilst hubby was snaping away there was a loud sound from some air horns from the sea ,they came ... READ THE REST HERE.


Nude Self Pic


Ok ... I'm bored tonight and need to do something fun so here's 2 self pictures I just took (hope you all like) and here's some facts about me:

1. I smoke entirely too much pot.

2. I still ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, November 09, 2007


And Even More From Wife "T" !

wife in shower All,

We hope that you all enjoy T finally completing her ToD challenge with lipstick all over her beautiful body. This past weekend, after a few glasses of wine, the lipstick came out and I got to paint all over the most beautiful canvas that has ever existed. Immediately after ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Carrie!

public exposed Hello again everyone,

This story takes place this past summer when a few friends, my boyfriend and myself were playing a game of truth or dare. First of all, my name is Carrie and I'm 20. One night this past summer, a group of friends decided to play a game of truth or dare while we were drinking. There were 5 of us: me, my boyfriend, and our friends Steph, Darren, and Theo. We all took a few pieces of paper and wrote down a few dares and ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Alexis - (Her 14th)!

nude Hi,

Well I am back. Sorry it took so long but I have been busy. I have had a lot of feedback and I want to say thanks and keep them coming. I like to ... READ THE REST HERE.



I Love 69

69 Hi,

Okay dare players - I gotta admit it.

I'm addicted to oral sex. And not just receiving but giving too. Especially 69s. I feel that the most erotic, sexy, hot thing in the world is to hear my guy moan and sigh in total pleasure. To have him watch me. To see his body react to my mouth. Whisper to me how great he feels. Stroking my hair. When he begins to groan and really get into it, I'm so turned on I can't see straight.In a 69,

I just have this feeling that the better ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, November 08, 2007


Skinny Dipping & Kissing

skinny dipping Hiya,

My name is Gwen and I enjoy many aspects of sex in general and I dare say that what I really miss is kissing. I LOVE hot, steaming kisses especially beside water. Oceans, rivers, lakes it doesn't matter, I enjoy spending time with a loved one kissing beside water. In water is good too.

I am not sure why this is but I do think it stems from one of my first boyfriends and girlfriends and our families owning cottages on a lake. I remember spending two long ... READ THE REST HERE.



Window Flash

window flash Hi truhordarepics site,

Here is a picture of me walking around the house in nothing but my bikini bottoms which are often mistaken for panties. My husband loves to have me flash and show parts of my body wherever we go and I am getting into it as well. It took me some time though but now I just go with the flow and enjoy. This picture was taken yesterday morning and I didn't spend too much time like that because we have many neighbors who walk by constantly.

Hubby took it and wanted me to send it in to you. He found your site about a week ago and was showing me all the dares and saying, "we should do this one, and this one and this one!"

He also wanted me to tell you our recent hot story as part of the dare. I told you that he likes ... READ THE REST HERE.



Wife T Completes the Dare Challenge

wife topless Hi,

Here is Wife T completing the dare challenge. She has given us a splendid photo of herself with the writing on her body in lipstick all over those wonderful boobs. Her dares can be read HERE.




Lost Football Bet

football sex Hi Truhordarepics!!

I'm a big fan of the site and I look at it all the time. I love the truth or dare games on here.My friend and I made a bet on a football game and the bet was the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted them to do.

So as I was thinking of what I wanted her to ... READ THE REST HERE.


Submissive Woman

submissive Hello friends,

My girl is exploring and learning about showing herself for me. She is a natural and exciting submissive. I hope you enjoy seeing her expose herself for you as much as I do. She is learning to live life naked and has come to leave her cam on for me when I am not there so I know she is ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007


More From Decadent DDD!

DDD TITS cont'...

I loved the feeling of the hot sun reflecting off my mountainous boobs when I took these pictures in front of my balcony doors...

Here B.B. is the continuation of my story.... enjoy ! she looks-on waiting for you to take me, dripping wet… as dripping and wet as I would be, you enter my pretty, pink, slippery, honeypot. She positions herself to tease your ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Dirty Little Secret

dirty secret Hi Truthordarepics webmaster,

It's important that you please do NOT post my email address.

I have a dirty little secret to reveal. My boyfriend doesn't know and neither do any of my friends. I have an enormous sexual obsession with cyber sex. I absolutley love it. It turns me on when a ... READ THE REST HERE.



All Flustered

FLUSTERED Hi Everyone,

So I went to Wal-Mart yesterday for my husband in search of caulk for my walls and I messed with the guy in the paint dept. I asked him quite a few questions about the ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sam & Greg


My wife and I were out to dinner with another couple that we’ve become friendly with recently. Both couples had sitters for the entire night so we had the plan to go to dinner and then stay out for drinks afterward. Right from the start the 2 ladies for primed for a wild night. Shortly into dinner, and after a few rounds of drinks, the conversation quickly turned sexual as the other woman, Eileen, came right out and asked if Sam (wife) shaves completely, not at all, or just grooms a landing strip. Then she said, after asking, that her husband has been asking her to shave completely for a while now and she doesn’t get it.

Sam’s response totally ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Morning Sex

SEX Hi Webmaster,

My better half takes care of me very nicely ... but still ...Every morning when He leaves for work, I can't help but take out the toys! I love the butt plugs. Lately, though, I've been getting out one of the bigger dildos we have.

We bought it for ... READ THE REST HERE.



Dirty Talk

dirty Hi,

Because of the way I was raised, I am very shy but my dare is to confess that the shyness goes away duing sex and things come out of my mouth that I would never say at any other time. This shocks and awes the heck out of me and I've wondered why the heck that is?

I've thought that maybe ... READ THE REST HERE.



SassyCat Completes the Dare Challenge

naked woman SassyCat has just sent in her dare challenge picture. She has also sent in a few other dares as well.


Girlfriend's Tits


This is a picture of my girlfriends tits.

She didn't want to show her face in case her husband saw it.I met this hot girl on the internet. There was a slight age gap between us. I am 18 and she is 29. We got to talking and after a while we developed feelings for each other. Soon the conversations stopped being innocent and became more sexual. After about 3 months we decided to meet up. she lived in england and i lived in scotland. i took a train down to see her and spent the weekend at her place. on the first night i was there we went out for a meal and caught a movie. then we went to the pub where things started to heat up.After we both had a few drinks in us we st ... READ THE REST HERE.


Pussy Flash

pussy flash Hi,

I have just found out about this site. What a great idea!I have dared my wife on numerous occasions to go out for a walk or to a restaurant panty-less.She is very shy and reserved when it comes to being a bit adventurous, so, can you imagine my surprise and excitement, when, on a recent walk on holiday, down by a river, I stopped and turned around to see her sitting on a large log, showing off her pussy. I take my ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, November 05, 2007


Wife T - More Pics!

wife nude All,

Sorry T & I have not posted in awhile. We appreciate the continued comments and are looking forward to more. Recently we were supposed to take a trip to our cabin, that did not happen. We hope it will soon, as we are excited about taking pictures outdoors. Last night I returned home ... READ THE REST HERE.



Nude in Public

nude in public Hi webmaster,

We really like your site and are submitting a dare photo. It is of me at my boyfriend's uncle's cottage. He lets family use it when he's not there and we went up for a weekend and had some fun. I flashed a little and walked around topless at times but this was my most daring photo as I felt most ... READ THE REST HERE.



Text Sex - Naughty Texting

SEX Hi truthordarepics,

My dare confession: I was a college DJ on the radio last year, an older retuning student, and someone called me, a younger female. She wanted some tips and advice about how to get started in the business etc. We talked, exchanged #'s. She would never meet with me but we did text each other frequently. The messages were vanilla at first but eventually we found ourselves flirting? Our flirtation progresses t'ill I found myself ... READ THE REST HERE.


Sex Scratchmarks


One night at the start of the year i slept at my best friends house after a party she threw. We all ended up pretty drunk, me probably more than most. I passed out and her hot younger cousin carried me to a couch. When i regained consciousness i opened my eyes to see his face an inch from mine, him breathing warm air across my face. "hello beautiful" he whispered. by then it must have been 3 am as people lay comatose all around the room, sleeping softly. a small group sat around the tv watching bad quiz shows where you ring in with the answers. my best friend was only a metre away ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, November 02, 2007


Last Night I Watched ...

watching sex Hi dare master,

Last Saturday night during a party I threw I walked into my bedroom to get something and found a couple of friends going at it on the floor. Hmm ok? They were so busy that they didn't even notice me. I stood there not sure what to do and yet they still had no idea I existed. So I have to admit that I ended up standing there quietly watching them for about 15 minutes and it was pretty hot. I saw pretty much everything ... READ THE REST HERE.



Another Post From Jack & Tammy

boobs The Cruise (and The Night Before)

(Part 6)

By: Jack

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to the writing, life has been crazy.We left off last time when we were driving to the hotel the night before the cruise. We checked in to the hotel and (because we signed up for some customer appreciation thing) they told us that they would upgrade our room. We were extremely surprised when the front desk person told us that we would be staying ... READ THE REST HERE.



30 Butt Pictures!

butts Big round bare BUTTS!

Pics sent in by our surfers. Here are some more older and newer pics of women baring their backsides for the camera. Some of them are older dares from my archives and again some have been sent in by surfers with only one line of text in which case I don't post it as a formal dare on the site




More From SassyCat

nude Hello Truth or Dare fans,

I got a really cool dare to dress up as a french maid. It was fun to dress up and play. We have gotten a lot of fun dares. Peeing in a cup, putting a candle ... READ THE REST HERE.


My College Girlfriend


My girlfriend and me are in college and I finally got her to let me post this pic online. we take pics alot but never post them online so we are excited to get this online. She is still a little shy with it though. But she was still turned on by the fact that everyone would be seeing her. She is a nice girl she really opened ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


Strip BlackJack

STRIP Hi Folks,

These are pictures of my sexy wife a day after we played strip blackjack with my brother. It was her first time doing something like it ever.

It was a few days ago and my brother and I play video games as often as we can, so we can get a chance to see each other once in a while. We are only a couple of years apart, so we have always been really close. So, one evening I called my brother and asked him if he wanted to come over to my house ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sexy Nurse - Last Night's Halloween Party

sexy Hi webmaster,

Last night for halloween my boyfriend and I went out to an adult oriented party where everyone had to dress up into something sexy. It was put on by a couple we know who are swingers but they invited most everyone and mentioned that it wasn't a swinging party but a sexy party for adults to enjoy. As you can ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Fantasy

fantasy Hi,

I have a dare picture I took of myself naked to submit along with my true sexual fantasy. I have a real fantasy about fucking an older man. I am 25 and I would like him to be in his 50's. My fantasy is that he adores me in a pervy way and spends hours kissing my ... READ THE REST HERE.


I love to Video Cam

VIDEOCHAT Hi truthordarepics,

I gotta say that I love to watch women masterbate on cam, and love to do it for them. I can't help it there is just something very erotic about watching a woman pleasure herself. I still prefer the real thing with men and love watching a guy stroke his cock off to me online but when it isn't available ... READ THE REST HERE.


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