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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Expressing Myself Sexually

sexual Hi Webmaster,

Thanks for your emails and for giving me a place to express myself even though it's a little different than most other people's stories:

I love being on my hands and knees in front of a man. I love lowering my head and lifting my ass up in the air, offering myself to him. I love how wanton it makes me feel. I love the feeling of exposure that I have as I spread my legs, knowing he can see how wet my pussy is and how much I want his cock. How much I need his cock. I love the feeling of anticipation, the feeling of not knowing, of my pleasure being at his whim.

I love the feel of that swollen silky smooth head on my skin, on my ass, the sticky sweet trail left by the precum as he drags it across me, marking me, branding me. I love how it feels as he teases my asshole and my pussy with it, pressing gently at first one, then the other, then back to the first again. Tantalizing. Denying. Keeping me guessing. I love knowing he ... READ THE REST HERE.



Our Lost Bet

LOST BET Hi truth or dare pics,

We didn't want to do this but we did lose a bet and now we must pay up. My friend and I (seen on the bed) made a bet while clubbing with a guy friend of ours that he wouldn't streak naked, after we left, down the street to our car. He kept saying he would and ... READ THE REST HERE.


30 Boob Pictures!

boobs Big Juicy Beautiful BOOBS!

Pictures sent in by our readers. We got some great pics from our wild readers of girls showing boobs or tits or breats or whatever you wanna call them! Girl friends and Best Friends decided to 'show your tits' for us in public places adding a bit of zest! Many submissions of ... SEE ALL THE BOOBS HERE.



Our Public Sex

public sex Hi TruthorDare Pics,

We love your site because we love public sex and dares. We love to have sex where we might get caught as it's a real turn on. Usually it's outside but so far we have never been caught as far as we know. But we have done it right infront of people with out being seen. We have done it in a parking lot without being ... READ THE REST HERE.


Hitting My Sexual Peak

sex dare Hi truthordarepics,

I'm in a bit different situation than most other women my age. I'm a BI divorced woman and in my late 30s. I have sexual encounters two or three times a week. Generally two times are with men and once with a woman. I have hit my sexual peak and find myself spending a lot of time online. The men I'm with are almost always between 35 and 60. Now a few years ago I ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Couple Plays ToDP

COUPLE Truth or Dare Pics:

It all started when I met my boyfriend a few years back. Slowly we have always pushed the envelope with our sexuality and situations that we find ourselves in.

Over the years, we have both tried many different things together and our stories are many. Recently, he showed me your website and is always asking about sending in pictures to see what others think of our exploits. I now have your ... READ THE REST HERE.



Wife's Awakening Sexuality

wife Hi Webmaster,

When my wife I were dating, she was very conservative sexually. She had one other partner that she had intercourse with, and had fooled around with a couple other guys. No oral, handjobs were the furthest.

Eight and a half years ago we got married. She enjoyed sex and would give me oral sex often enough.

A couple years into our marriage we started watching porn together occasionally. Still, same sexual activities. Sex was great, but nothing wild or crazy. I remember once we had a conversation ... READ THE REST HERE.



Mental Stimulation

sex Hi truthordarepics,

I hope you like my picture (and new curtains! I know nobody cares LOL but they were expensive). I've been having to do more laundry than usual lately because every time I go ... READ THE REST HERE.


Swinging Couple

SWINGING Hi truthordarepics,

Okay, so my husband and I are very new to this lifestyle and have only done soft swapping. We are friends with this couple who live a ways away from us, so we go up there about once a month to go out and party with them. We've done this for a while now. The last time we were there, the other wife and myself started kissing and we took off our shirts and things were good. We basically made out with each other and the guys were touching us. Mostly my husband touching me and her husband touching her. It was very HOT!!They went to their room and we stayed in ours. Occassionally we'd each go to the other's room to watch each other. That was really HOT! My husband and I were going at it and they even ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, October 29, 2007


Phone Sex

phone sex Hi truthordarepics,

Yesterday evening I was just sitting here reading my emails and my current sex partner called. He was horny and had one of his new sex toys. Next thing I know, he wants to have phone sex! I must admit that it was pretty fun and we both had a good time. It may not be as good as the real thing, but with someone you ... READ THE REST HERE.



Angelically Depraved - Nude Among Stiffs


Angelically Depraved and myself are involved in a D/s relationship and part of her training involves becoming comfortable showing her body off whenever it pleases me to do so. After getting her used to undressing in unconventional places it was time to show her off to the world at large. The first time she went ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Decadent DDD

ddd boobs cont'...

The sultry vixen that we engaged to play with us would then make her way to stand behind and over you as I continue to ride you in a rhythmic fashion. She would lean forward, her bulging breasts brushing your face;

you would reach up and suckle her hard teats. She would moan softly as you did. You would not believe the pleasure you felt being deep in my slippery, warm, tight pussy.

With your hands around my pretty little waist, you would be able to admire my, "betty-boop-like", hourglass figure. She would be busy rubbing her clit as you look would look back up and continue sucking her nipples and rubbing her breasts. My pussy would continue to pump your cock, I then would feel ... READ THE REST HERE.


Self Posing Pics

SELF POSING Hi truthordarepics,

I'm sorry the other pics I sent you were too blurry but how are these? Not bad for self poses huh?I want to tell you about what I like to do in the shower. Now that I am a bit older I look back on the first time I had a orgasm and did not even know what had happend but damn it felt great. I was out of town visiting family. My great uncle would pay me to help him around the yard and I would jump in the jacuzzi to get clean. In this jacuzzi you sit in the tub which has a ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, October 26, 2007


My Underwear Dare

underwear Hello Webmaster,

I have a little something to tell about a dare I once did a few years back when I was 24. To make a long story short it went like this. I was with friends at a get together, there was lots of drinking, the conversation turned to sex, we started daring each other and I got this one:

I would have to go to a ... READ THE REST HERE.

MY FAVORITE SITES ONLINE ... (After this one of course!)


A Day at the Spa

SEX Hi truth or dare pics,

I have a confession ...I am a married woman and after a long long work week, I treated myself to a day at the spa. This was my first time going and was it exciting. I got a package for a facial, 2 different massages and a mudbath at the end. The first massage was from a woman and she did a great job on me. I had never had a massage before and it felt wonderful. Her hands went ... READ THE REST HERE.

24/7 free videochat with naked couples/girls/guys!


Sexy Waitress

sexy Hi,

My husband has poker night every week and about once a month it's at our house. I try to make myself scarce but also a good hostess for the guys. They usually get a little rowdy as the beer flows freely. They always call me their favorite waitress and tell me I should work at Hooters. So on this night ... READ THE REST HERE.


I Love Masterbating

masterbating Hi Everyone,

Here is a picture of me doing what I love most. Playing with myself while my boyfriend watches. I also love to masturbate in restaurants while waiting for my meal, on the public bus if I'm in a middle seat by myself and at work. I close the door to my office, and go, hoping, praying that no one walks in, except maybe ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Chat Nymph

NYMPH Hi truthordarepics,

I am a self described chat nymph and overall horny girl who is addicted to her computer and spends much of her day in chat rooms chatting about anything and everything including sex. My boyfriend took this picture once to let me know that I am on here so much I sometimes don't bother ... READ THE REST HERE.



Caught BF Watching Porn

PORN Hi Webmaster,

I sometimes would catch my bf on the computer jerking off to porn. I would peak on him and watch but it wouldn't last long as he knew I was around the house. So what I do now is announce that I will be taking a shower and doing my nails and my hair and a ... READ THE REST HERE.


25 Pantsed Girls Pics

PANTSED Hello everyone.

Once again I have another set of pictures from the archives and from people who send them in without any text or very little story. Todays' theme is pantsed girls which basically ... SEE ALL THE PICS HERE.



What Gets Me Off

GETS ME OFF Hi Everyone,

I'll tell you what really gets me off, which is of course the largest sex organ in the body. The mind. I have had two men e-mail me and tell me that they masturbated and got off to my pictures and cam streams. This is just such a turn on for me. I have had men tell me ... READ THE REST HERE.



Natural Redhead

redhead Hi,

This is more of a funnier story but still sexy (and as you can see I am a natural redhead). So at my place I have hardwod floors and a queen-size bed that's up on 'feet' that give my bed height. Well, a few months ago I was with a guy who I ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Night Shift Sex

sex Hi truthordarepics,

I find that I sometimes tend to get turned on in the most inappropriate of places. Like I'll be standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, and I'll just feel myself getting wet. It's not even necessarily that I see someone hot, but I'll just get so horny. It's a good thing that I'm a woman and that it's not really obvious ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From Jack & Tammy

TAMMY Another story from Jack and Tammy

By: Jack

(No Tequila Necessary This Time!- Part 5)

Well we just returned from our cruise I have a LOT to write about. We started this drive to Florida just like the last one… We left very early in the morning, so we would get a good jump on the day. We drove straight to the nude beach that I wrote about in September. Tammy slept for a good part of the trip, so not too much exhibitionism on the trip down. The weather at the beach was perfect, except for the waves.

They were about 7 feet high and crashing just on the shoreline. So there was no one in the water. That proved to be a good thing, because everyone was walking on the beach or laying on their blankets. We decided to brave the water and go for a swim. That was a huge mistake. We got ... READ THE REST HERE.


More From Shy Wife

wife Hi webmaster,

Shy wife back again! After getting such good feedback on my other pictures I decided to share some more with you. As you can see, I’m not that shy with my husband. I never ... READ THE REST HERE.



College Sex

college sex Hi,

My husband loves for me to tell him all about my college sex escapades and we thought you all would be interested in hearing about them as well. First off my ex (college boyfriend at the time) used to break into my parents house at night and surprise me in bed. Something about the idea of him being an intruder ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Name My Boobs

boobs Hi webmaster,

Hubby and I are long time faithful readers of the site and are contributing for the first time. I have been trying to come up with a name for my boobs since hubby keeps calling them tits and I'd like something more personal. So after reading another story on here from awhile back where a woman had the ... READ THE REST HERE.



Decadent DDD Completes the Dare Challenge ...

DDD TITS ... and another dare!

cont'...Or… I could climb on top of you, B.B., grasping your gorgeous cock in my hand, I would spread my pussy lips over its tip. Our ‘friend’ would look down to watch its head disappear between ... SEE ALL THE PICS HERE.



Me the Nude Sitter

nude Hi webmaster,

I have been babysitting for this couple for a long time now. Recently I babysat while the wife was out of town. After the kids were asleep, I started watching TV. I began to get aroused ... READ THE REST HERE.


Listening to Sex

SEX Hi truthordarepics,

I was in JC Penny's over the weekend trying something on, when I over heard a couple in the next dressing room and they sounded like they were really going at. I froze and was in a bit of shock and just stood there in my stall. I realized that I was naked from trying clothes on and felt like ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, October 22, 2007


One Night Stand

one night stand Hi truthordarepics,

I thought I would dare myself today and join the club of brave people who have shown off thier dares to you already. I was in a bar at a local hotel with a friend of mine sitting at a table by ourselves. A couple of out of town salemen asked if they could use the other two chairs at our table since everything ... READ THE REST HERE.



Car Flash

car flash Hi webmaster,

Love the site btw. On roadtrips, I never drive. I sit in the passengers seat and play with myself and let people watch. I get naked, spread my legs wide, and let everyone we pass watch me play with my wet pussy. Sometimes, I make my boyfriend ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Wife's Boobs

boobs Hi,

I just recently found your site and I love it. I showed my wife and asked her if I could post her pic and a story and she said I could.

Well my wife took me out for my birthday a few years back and we wound up at a local Las Vegas Gentelman's club. While there my wife found a ... READ THE REST HERE.


Mailman Dare

dare Hi,

My name is Lauren and I'm a little shy as this is this first time on a great site, hence I've added a filter to hide myself ,but who knows what will be shown later.My husband likes me to show myself off & I also enjoy it too.



Friday, October 19, 2007


My Horny Wife

horny wife Hi truthordarepics,

We just found your site a few days ago and love all the stories on here. What a great place! We have been looking for a place to tell some of our own stories and now we found one. The pictures are of my wife who is usually shy but has a wild side to her on occasion. My favorite time with her was last May.

For Mother's day, I sent her a dozen white roses, and when I arrived at home I gave her a dozen red roses and a small trinket of my appreciation. She was not quite ready for our dinner, so I ... READ THE REST HERE.



Her First Orgasm

orgasm Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago, I met a very sexy girl online. She came from a city about half an hours drive to spend a long weekend with me. Within a few hours of her arrival, we were naked at my apartment. Lots of foreplay online will do that. She told me that, while she enjoyed all sorts of fun sex play, she had neve ... READ THE REST HERE.




FANNY Hi all,

Been enjoying the site almost every day. Thought it was about time to make another contribution, hope it's not too long. Here's a picture of my wife Fanny doing what she does best -- running around naked whilst on holiday in Greece!!

This picture was taken a few months ago in a little cove by a sleepy Greek village. We were the first to arrive at this little beach, so we stripped off. Fanny decided to go nude snorkeling straight away; I think she felt it was a good way to get caught naked by whoever arrived next -- naughty girl!! She'd then have to parade nude out of the water and up to our towels, which were a good 30 feet from the water.

Another couple showed up some time later, but not til after ... READ THE REST HERE.



jessica Hi,

This is Jessica.

She is my friend's wife, and has been with other men with the knowledge of her husband. She lives in Virginia and basically has kept her activities personal with only her husband knowing. Jessica, her husband Dave and I have been friends for quite a while now, and Jessica and I often converse via email nearly daily. I asked Jessica to send me some nudes photos of herself and she agreed. In teasing, her I said ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, October 18, 2007


Naked Wife

naked wife Hi,

My wife and I had a nice night with friends the other night and were able to sleep late the next morning. I had gotten dressed by the time my wife was up and noticed she was in the shower. I just got horny all of a sudden looking at my wife in there washing herself and taking her time (on purpose) with her ... READ THE REST HERE.

*** Just a quick blurb here. I have had great feedback on the BIKINI GIRLS site from many of you and I can totally understand why. I listed Angelina on this site after trying it out for $1.99 because the videos are sensual. The gig is that they place ads for potential bikini models who think they have to model bikinis only but don't know that Angelina is going to try to get them to take thier clothes off. Very simple but VERY HOT!! Well worth it and for that price you're laughing. Check it out HERE and watch the free trailer.


Chat Dare

chat Hey webmaster,

So I got a webcam and couldn't wait to have some fun with it and as I am a horndog (is that one word LOL), found a chat partner at a dating site I frequent. He was a big fan of your site and since I have become one too! We both took our time stripping for each other slowly and ... READ THE REST HERE.



Yet More From VoyeurCouple

voyeur Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

We had received several request for outside pics. So while driving around we snapped off a few pics. We then stepped outside and snapped off a pic before any of the neighbors could see. I doubt they would have minded :)We have met a few ... READ THE REST HERE.



30 Pics of Girls Having Fun

GIRLS Hello everyone.

Once again I have another set of pictures from the archives and from people who send them in without any text or very little text. Some of the emails I get say, "Here is my dare..." or "I was dared to post these so here they are..." and when I email them back for a response I get nothing from most? Go figure. In any case I have chosen some of them to be displayed in the archives section and today's theme is girls having fun involving nudity.



More From LA

DARE Hello Again,

my bedroom window faces a local establishment (I won't say what kind), and sometimes at night, when my family is asleep and when I'm horny, I strip down and intentionally walk around in front of the window with the lights on. I've seen my bedroom from across the street, and when the light is on at night, anyone can see straight in. Sometimes I walk around in just a bra or a thong but gradually work up to taking everything off. I'll pretend to be ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Wife Dare

wife Hi,

Ok so I am in the united states navy and am preparing to deploy to iraq for 9 months. I have been away from my wife for 1 month so far for the training alone. Lately its been ... READ THE REST HERE.



30 Butt Dares


So another set of pics in the archives has been cleaned up and enhanced for your pleasure of course and this time it is of women doing butt dares. Daring to flash or moon us with thier many sizes of butts which we all appretiate. It was an older page with a few pop-ups which have been removed and is now much more enjoyable. - Webmaster




My Sex Dream

SEX DREAM Hi webmaster,

I had a totally weird dream last night that involved, Dairy Queen, a local cake place, Madonna, and Disneyland .... but in the middle of all of it I made out with this guy I have worked with for about ... READ THE REST HERE.



Wife in the Bath

wife in the bath Hi truthordarepics,

My wife is slowly getting involved with this site. She mentioned that she started looking at the site but couldn't get to everything as there are so many dares. She started clicking away as I got her robe, undressed her, and put her robe on. Then I got my robe, undressed and put my robe on. I then stood behind her as she perused the site. I then started rubbing her shoulders which told her I was hoping for some playtime and she asked to take a bath first as ... READ THE REST HERE.


Christine Posing


Here's my story: My friend got a new digital camera and asked me then dared me to pose for him so he could test it out. Here's what we did on a Saturday ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Nude in Nature

NUDE IN NATURE Hi webmaster,

My husband asked me for one thing on his birthday and that was to get naked for him in public. I have never done it and was always to afraid but since it was his birthday and we have been together 10 years and it was the only thing he askd for I decided to nervously say yes.

I picked the place and time. We have a large park only ... READ THE REST HERE.



More From SassyCat

CAT SEXY Hey guys and gals, It's me again.

I had some dares to strike a pose and get all wet. LOL. Well my husband got me a new Santa suit to wear for him on Christmas. It's a little early but here it is. The second pic is me all wet in the shower. As an added bonus these ... READ THE REST HERE.



30 or So Lesbian Pictures


This page was an older one with pictures of hot lesbians. It has been re-arranged and updated so you can enjoy them better. - Webmaster




More From Shy Wife

wife Hi again webmaster,

It's Shy Wife again. I can't believe I sent the first pics in to begin with, let alone these. I got a couple of emails telling me I shouldn't be shy, and one asked for a picture of my ... READ THE REST HERE.


Naked Vacation Photos

VACATION Hi truth or dare pics,

Oooh I am feeling so naughty today, can't work, can't eat ... I have played with myself 3 times already! So, I am deciding to submit a dare for your site by sending in pictures of me in our hotel room while we ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, October 15, 2007


A Relaxing Evening Chat

CHAT Hi Webmaster,

It's Friday night and the work week is over which means it's my time to relax with my man and have some fun. I am so horny as usual this time of week and to top it off we didn't have time to be with each other as our shifts were overlapping. I got out our small ... READ THE REST HERE.



DDD Tits - Decadent wants feedback

DDD TITS Good day 'truth or dare pics'...

My husband dared me to put a pic up on the site. Here is one of my DDD tits. He really likes to stuff his big cock between them... maybe one day I will send in a picture of his rock hard shaft buried in my voluptuous tits.

You know, I don't think that he believes ... READ THE REST HERE.



Close Up Pussy Pic


My husband told me about this site and has wanted to post a picture of me on here for a long time. It is very daring of me to do this and it really excites me! Although I have ... READ THE REST HERE.


My Hot Wife


My wife and I LOVE going to upscale strip clubs. We both get really turned on. I buy lap dance after lap dance for her, and the dancers just love her. I tell whomever is dancing for my wife that my wife loves to be touched and talked dirty to and it creates electricity. They literally will stroke ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, October 12, 2007


I Love Being Watched


I love being watched and hope you all like watching me in this picture which was taken with my videocam. My husband is away at the moment and I always try to entertain ... READ THE REST HERE.


***From the Webmaster:

Hope all you fellow dare aficionados have a great weekend and enjoy today's posts. More and more of you are visiting each day which only tells me that people love 'truth or dare' and that ain't a bad thing at all. I still love it after about 3 years and 2 months of working to build this site and this community of dare lovers - and after an additional 2 years participating in onlline public nudity & dare groups before that.

A few things to bring to your attention today: 1- There are some great posts, dare requests, fantasies and stories on the POST page. If you don't have any pics then by all means we'd love to read about any sexual adventure you have had or fantasized about having. 2- For those of you who intend on SUBMITTING your dare pictures but keep putting off for tomorrow well ... tomorrow is today and yesterday is ... never mind. Just SUBMIT them HERE. ***Please remember that we like details and need a good sized paragraph from you to go with those sexy pics. 3- Not to be missed are the true stories by KIM which are incredibly erotic and some pictures of girls FLASHING THEIR BOOBS (not that that's fun or anything. I mean you could always watch 'The English Patient' for some real excitement). And if that's not enough there are over 1000 dares posted throughout the site to keep you all busy and happy!


The Hot Sitter

HOT Hi Readers,

I am a young single mom of 24 and I have a hot story to tell. Well, it was for me at least but you guys can judge for yourself. I came home early last night from a date that was going nowhere fast, to find my ... READ THE REST HERE.




KAYLA BIKINI Hey Everyone,

My name is Kayla and I am submitting my pics to This is my first time posting pics of me on the internet. I am a really big vouyer but also really quite shy. I want to share ... READ THE REST HERE.


My Secret Fetish

fetish Hi Truthordarepics,

I have a secret fetish. I like to go down on my man alot (and other men) ... but what I like the most is to have men ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hot Mature Woman

mature woman Hi,

It's unbelievable being in the 40s and still having so much fun sexually. G and I are always having dares. In one occasion we were by the train tracks out of sight from others but not by the passing trains. As we parked, she walked around to the back, slid the door open and ... READ THE REST HERE.



The Black Thong

THONG Hi truthordarepics,

Here is a picture of me in my famous black thong. Famous because it is the same one I wore when I had a daring episode. It was just before I met my current boyfriend. I was out drinking with some friends when this guy started ... READ THE REST HERE.



Library Sex

sex Hi webmaster,

I met my boyfriend in university and I decided to meet him in the library for some private time since we both have nosey room mates. We wondered off into the biography section, I ... READ THE REST HERE.


Stripping Wife

wife Hi truthordarepics,

I have attached 6 pictures of my wife stripping for me the night after our 'easy evening' and one extra pic thrown in for good fun. My wife and I have been so stressed lately that we decided to have an easy ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Exposed in Public

exposed in public Hi,

My name is Carrie and this story takes place when I was 18 (I'm 20 now). My boyfriend and I attended a house party of a friend of our from high-school. The party was a fairly long way from where either of us lived. So, like most of our other friends, we decided to stay the night. We were all drinking that night and having a pretty good time.

Two couples, who we had just met ... READ THE REST HERE.



Vibrating Panties

PANTIES Hi Webmaster,

On my past birthday (21st) my friends got me those panties with the vibrator sown in the crotch as a gag gift. They came with little remote too. Being the kinky girl I am I wore the panties to work to test them out and gave the remote to my boyfriend who works with me. They worked very ... READ THE REST HERE.



Stripper Does a Dare

STRIPPER Dear Webmaster,

My neighbor is a stripper at a local night club and is always down for a good dare. As a matter of fact, the first night I met this enchanted "Bambi," she had her clothes off with another girl for one hell of a good photo opportunity. I have told her of your site and immediately she wanted to contribute. Across from my ... READ THE REST HERE.


Vegas Flashing

Vegas Flashing Hi Webmaster,

My husband and I went on a trip to Vegas to be wild crazy and just generally spice up our sex lives and did we ever have fun. Hubby wanted me to leave the hotel room without underwear all the time. He says it's sexy and I have to agree. Walking through and brushing by ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Juliet's Pics


One night I was round my friends house and we were messing about on the web and she told me about your site. She showed it to me and it really appealed to me. So she dared me to post some ... READ THE REST HERE.



Juliet Completes the Dare Challenge!


Juliet ...

has submitted her dare picture (see above) and also completed the dare challenge.




More From Wife T


First and foremost, T&I have loved your comments. That being said, we do not wish to exchange private photos, we will not be sending pics of her face, nor are we interested in swinging, swapping, etc. The pictures are for your and our enjoyment. Please send us ... READ THE REST HERE.



Talking Dirty

DIRTY Hi truthordarepics,

I am just like one of the other girls on your site. When my partner is having hot sex with me ( male or female) I love for us to talk dirty, it turns me on so much. When a guy is mounting me to hear him say what he is going to do in the rudest way, soon has me gushing like mad. A man can push me over the edge just by whispering something ... READ THE REST HERE.



GIRLFRIENDS Hi truthordarepics,

We both enjoy looking at your site and have a story of our own. One time me (on the right) and my best friend were playing truth or dare with these hotties (this was last year in our sophomore year). And the dare was for one of the guys to show us his cock and so he did! We were both embarrassed and ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, October 08, 2007


Exposed Boobs

boobs Hi webmaster,

Boy if my boobs could talk ...

They would tell many stories. My girlfriends have pulled down on my bikini many times letting everyone get a quick peek. They have been fondled in a hot tub more times than ... READ THE REST HERE.



Shy Wife

WIFE Hi webmaster,

We discovered your site and the other day my husband started to try and talk me into showing a couple of pictures of myself on the site. We were looking at our pictures, because he ... READ THE REST HERE.



Mall Sex

sex Hi TODP,

Hubby and I play games like TOD online in chat rooms and I have a 'dare' and a 'truth' to submit. First my dare picture which was to sit in front of my window with my ... READ THE REST HERE.


Another Post by Krystal

HARD BODY Hello to all,

Sorry it has taken me sooo long to write, but I have been real sick on and off and have had a couple surgeries and got a new job that has me traveling a lot and on top of all that we have had big time computer problems. Sooooo frustration!!! Anyways I have a girlfriend (Hard Body Hottie) who has been offered ... READ THE REST HERE.


Friday, October 05, 2007


Wife 'T'

wife Hi ,

T & I hope that you all enjoy these pictures we are submitting. We have been together over a year and a half and have been exploring our sexuality ever since. Our first "encounters" were in her car in a parking lot (we were both involved with others at the time). Now, we ... READ THE REST HERE.



Balcony Flash

BALCONY FLASH Hi webmaster,

I'm sending in my very first dare and picture of myself online. It's in response to yesterday's "bbob flash" post about the girl who wants to buy an SUV so she can please herself in her car. Now before I continue you need to know that I am ... READ THE REST HERE.



More Pics of Vicky

NAKED PUSSY Hey there Readers and fellow exhibitionist & voyeurs,

We have really enjoyed sending in some pics recently and just can’t stop as it is a real turn on seeing vic on this web-site.

About a year ago, vic was ... READ THE REST HERE.


Another Pic from SassyCat

sassycat Hi truthordarepics,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for their comments. I have had a lot of requests for a picture of my lower half. LOL. I have also had some for outdoor pictures. So I did ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Swapping Sex Stories

TOPLESS Hi All Readers,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year now and we recently took our first vacation together. It was truely fantastic! I had never been to a all-inclusive resort before and certainly not one where being topless is allowed and pretty much accepted. It was all new for me.

With his encouragement I ... READ THE REST HERE.



Horny MILF

MILF Hi webmaster,

I've been feeling pretty guilty about this so I thought i'd get it out of my system...

I'm a 33 year old mom who works from home. I have a huge crush on the 18 year old boy that mows our lawn. Well, last week when he came inside to get his money I ... READ THE REST HERE.



Boob Flash

BOOB FLASH Hi truthordarepics,

I want to buy an SUV. Doesn't seem like a dare or sexy erotic confession, does it? I want to drive something where I'm up high, though, so that other drivers in tall ... READ THE REST HERE.


First Time Posting Pics

shaved Hi truthordarepics,

OkThe first photograph I took was on a holiday in Tenerief while she was asleep lying on top of the bed I seperated her legs slightly exposing her lips, I did not tell Cal and she sent them off to be developed. I could not wait for them to come back. I told her a couple of days after but she did not ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Nice Butt

butt Hi truth or dare pics,

Got some pics for ya as promised. Thanks for the ideas of having one taken in different rooms. If you look closely you'll see we (boyfriend and I) had fun in the end (wink). I did start chatting like you suggested and met a guy who told me about his ... READ THE REST HERE.




Office Sex

SEX Hi webmaster,

I'm a woman who's worked at the same office job for 15 years now and have something daring to tell. Today I saw this guy. He walked past my desk, and he had the ... READ THE REST HERE.



Clips on My Boobs

BOOBS Hi truthordarepics,

Please post my story (picture is attached):

When my friends and I were in my dorm, we decided ... READ THE REST HERE.


Corrina's Beach Dare

CORRINA Hi truthordarepics,

My husband and I were on a surf trip in Australia. While he was out with the boys surfing, I had a private lesson. It went really well with my instructor, he was hot. He took me ... READ THE REST HERE.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


More From Voyeur Couple!

VOYEUR Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

After proving that we are not fakers, we received a dare. The dare was to take a pic of my girlfriend looking at our truth or dare pics webpage with her ass in the picture somehow. Well we had the whole day planned out to have freaky sex later that night.

As of recent we have got into doing cam shows (on yahoo messenger under the name ... READ THE REST HERE.



Our Hot Encounter

HOT Hi truth or dare pics,

2 weeks ago I was at home and had been chatting online were singles can get to know each other online and meet off line for dating, (or more), you name it. I had this fantasy that I would love to live out as I am so into being watched while I ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Friends Mom

MOM Hi truthordarepics,

This doesn't qualify as a dare but it may as well have been. I was staying over at my best friend's place and I have always had a crush on her older brother. Well I was in their bathroom while I was spending the night and ... READ THE REST HERE.


Strip Club Dare


I have been to a strip club before but if this is something that you don't do all the time than you might guess that it is a little uncomfortable. The first time my husband ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, October 01, 2007


Misty & Jeff

SEXY Hi Webmaster,

My wife and I went to Vegas for a 2 day holiday and she has been promosing me that if ever we go she'll do whatever I asked. So, while there I dressed her as a sexy swinger-type woman in the outfit you see her wearing in the pics (the red one) with a short black skirt and took her to the ... READ THE REST HERE.



Another Submission from Vicky

VICKY Hey truthordarepics,

We sent in our first pic and story a few days ago and have found it really horny seeing Vic on the web.We have been to swingers clubs and played on webcam before, but having pics on ... READ THE REST HERE.



Suzanne Flashing

SUZANNE NUDE Hi Webmaster,

My name is Suzanne and my husband took this picture just before we went out to eat. He has dared me to flash someone like I did in this picture at dinner. Hope you like it. I'm already wet just thinking ... READ THE REST HERE.



I Like To Watch

GIRL Hi Webmaster,

I'm sending in pics that don't have much nudity but they are some of my more erotic photos and so I hope that they are sexy enough for your site coz I really enjoy it.

I like watching.Last Valentine's Day, I went to my friend's house to babysit ... READ THE REST HERE.


Rita's Nude Cam Pics

RITA Hi Webmaster,

I lost a bet and my husband dared me to play with myself while being filmed and to post the clip on the net.Here goes.We visited Cape Town, South Africa recently and went to a restaurant for ... READ THE REST HERE.


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