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Monday, February 27, 2006


Exhibitionist Wife - Nude On A Beach

exhibitionist at nude beach
Our sex life at home is pretty good and consistent. In November when we went to Vegas and she really surprised me. We stayed at Caesars and went to dinner one night at Empress Court. She was dressed in a black skirt which was thigh high, and heels.

She use to wear short skirts all the time, but at 34 she doesn't much anymore though she definitely has the legs and ass for it. I should have suspected something was up. During dinner she mentioned she had a surprise later on and she just wanted me to go with flow. We finished dinner and walked around a bit, gambled some and had a couple of drinks. She then said it was time for the surprise, it was a bit after 10 PM.

We got a cab, and she directed the driver to the Red Rooster. I didn't know it was a swing club until we got there. She admitted later she had researched this out and chatted with a couple of people on line who had been there. Anyway, we didn't swap but I did fuck her in a room with a half dozen other couples watching, and then we watched several other couples and threesomes do their things. It was great fun. Our next vacation to the carribbean was similar. With her going nude at the beach (see attatched pic). Never, never at home would she in indulge her self in such a display of exhibitionism. Great evening, lots of fun, and it has fueled our sex lives now for the past three months.

Just Had To Share




Dare Challenge - Mary Uses A Dildo


Mary accepts the challenge and posts a great pic. Read Here

Women - Let's keep these coming.

Guys - You too. Yours is here

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Cousins In Shower - Hot Girls

I voyeured my hot cousins when they're in the bathroom/shower at thier dorm. They're sisters and very pretty. Surprised to see that the older one (20) has a full bush and the younger one (18) is shaved. Beautiful boobs and bums too. Yummy. They didn't know I saw them but when they came out I managed to persuade them to pose for a pic.



Friday, February 24, 2006


Nadia In Panties Answers the Dare Challenge

Nadia has answered the challenge and you can see her full sized pic here

Who will be the next woman to dare to be bare?

For the men, your challenge is here

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Great New Public Nudity Submission!

naked in public
My husband has been nagging me for the last few months about our sex life. About how I am not as spontaneous anymore and adventurous etc. So I decided to surprise him one day when he came back from work. So, it was 6:30 and I knew he'd be home any minute now. I took off all my clothes and waited by the door with it slightly open. When I heard the car pull up I got into position. I opened the door wide so I could be in full view when he came in. I positioned myself on my hands and knees doggie style so that my ass would be the first thing he sees when he comes in. Then he'd get horny immediately and jump me. Thing is, read the rest here


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Sara Has Matt And Hubby Phil Do Naughty Things To Her!


Hi Everyone,

Sara has done an incredibly 'wild' and naughty dare involving herself, her hubby Phil and her friend Matt. Read her story and see her pics here. It is well worth it!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Cassey Gives Phil A Blow Job!

Hi webmaster,

Cassey had said ' call back on Friday', so here i was third day running - different music this time but door still unlocked and no car in the drive. This time i was better prepared and already had the camera in my hand! As i pushed the bedroom door open i could smell her scent but ... read the rest here




Sexual Dare For Men to Try

This isn't easy but then again a dare is not supposed to be:



Not all “truth or dare” is pics of dares. Here is a little truth.

TRUTH – There is much talk of exhibitionism and exhibitionist behavior on this site. I have a slightly different perspective on this. I can appreciate the tingle that some, like Central Jill, get from exposure. However, it is the RISK of getting caught or seen that I like, not the actual exposure itself. Don’t get me wrong, I like activities in varied settings and especially outdoors. The extra sensation of the sun beaming down and the breeze over the skin is a nice tactile addition to the overall experience.

I’ll give some examples from back in high school. I attended a private boarding school, and lived in the dorms. Some students that lived in the area commuted daily. There was also a college affiliated with the school that was around 50 miles away. There were busses that took kids of faculty and staff of the college to school as well. Senior year, my girlfriend, I’ll call her Alice, was one that commuted from the college. She was a horny little minx, and I was a teenage male, so we were a perfect match.

Girls were not allowed in the halls or dorm rooms of the boy’s dorm. There was a large recreation room off the lobby that they were allowed in. In the rec. room, there was a pool table, a foosball table, a TV with couches around it, and a fireplace with a large hearth with chairs and tables in front of it. There were cushions on one end of the hearth, making it a bench. That area was not in view of anyone not in the rec. room. As such, it was a great place for us to be on cool evenings before her bus left for home. Taking advantage of low traffic times of the rec. room, we used this as a location for playing with each other. We were always on our toes. If we were caught, there could be big trouble… so we were careful, but constantly crossing the line of what was acceptable in this environment.

Living on campus without a car leads to cabin fever, so to speak. About a half to three quarter mile walk from the dorm, and off campus was a small shopping center with a store. It was much larger than a convenience store, but much smaller than a grocery store, but it was a great place to get away and make some purchases. There was a well beaten path, so to speak, between the dorm and this store. There was some wooded area to one side of the path. Despite that traffic, this turned out to be a thrilling place to go all the way, which there was no way we could do in the rec. room. I remember several occasions of being there completely undressed within eye shot of the path while people were walking by. Alice and I would hear them coming and just freeze in silence until they passed, then get back to business. We would get a pretty good chuckle about how close we would come, at times.

Several times a year there would be mandatory assemblies. These could be the drama class performing a play, which were really amazing. They were close to Broadway quality. Other times, outside performers would come in. I remember one group called “The Art of Sound” or “The Art of Noise”. They were incredible. I bet they are the ones that inspired Stomp. There were also other reasons to get together that were significantly less entertaining. Since they were mandatory, we had to check in on our way in. One time Alice and I were able to slip out around the time it started. We ended up having sex right under the stairway, when others could come out at any moment. This was the first time I actually did it standing up. I was a starting varsity football player, specifically defensive end and offensive tackle. I had some pretty strong legs, and they were burning by the time we were done. In fact, it was quite a distraction that I am sure helped me last a little longer. This is certainly an experience I regularly look back at fondly.

Since I mentioned football, I will take a tangent into sports, which also applies to the dorms. The dorms had a shower for each hallway. It was one big room with six shower heads. The gym had a similar set-up, but I think it was eight shower heads. I have nothing to be ashamed about. While erect, I am just over six inches and, well, I can wear my wife’s watch. However, that is not the state that I would prefer to walk into a room full of naked guys. While limp, on the other hand, I can get pretty damn small. If cold, we are talking something like two inches long and one inch in diameter. That is closer to the way I looked in the shower. Participating in sports all year around, plus dorm life, there was really no opportunity to be shy around members of the team or the hall. To this day, although not quite as open, I go to the gym. These experience are why I am completely confused about females being completely shy around their friends. It just seems normal to me. So ladies, show a friend J

I’ll sneak in a little something that happened to another guy in the dorm that still makes me laugh, while I am on the high school shower topic. This guy was one of the more nerdy types. While most of the athletic types were practicing after school, he was caught in the dorm shower jacking off. He was really embarrassed, and went back to his room. About an hour later, someone decided to come back to the dorm to shower instead of using the gym shower, and found the same guy jacking off in the shower. Again, he went back to his room… and you guessed it, his roommate came in to find him jacking off in the room. He was caught jacking off three times in less than two hours. Now that is dedication…

Back to Alice and me… Just like, she was not allowed in my dorm room, I was not allowed to spend the night at her place. However, being respected staff of the college, and them having other friends at the college, there was a way. Officially I would spend the night at a male professor’s house. He lived a block or two away from Alice. Then Alice’s parents would put me up in the living room, as long as I did not go into Alice’s room overnight. Sure that happened… Well, I wouldn’t spend more than an hour or two in her room after he parents had gone to sleep (in the room next door). I still remember her soft bed, and wet, well, you know. What more could a guy want?

While visiting during a college vacation time, I remember even going into the college dorms and having sex on someone’s bed. No I had no idea who’s bed that was, but they should have been gone on vacation. However, the dorms were not empty, and someone could have come in at any moment.

It was common for us to be driven around by her parents in the front seat of the car, and us in the back seat. With it being cold in the summer, and the heater not working as well in the back seat, we would cover up with a blanket. I remember rubbing my hand across the top of her leg, then having her move it under he skirt and panties so I could finger her right there in the car with her parents not more than about three feet away. Now that gets the blood flowing…

In the school halls, there was one room that was for one of the clubs. Since I participated with that club one year, I became aware of its availability. The door was right in a high traffic pattern location, and had a window about one foot square in it. This room was not used very often, so it was a nice place to “get away” while still in the middle of everything. There was an arm chair that I had, prior to dating Alice, go to for a place to do homework. After we were dating, and being sexually active, it became a mid-school day place to have fun. We would go there almost daily and I would finger her. Some days we would do more. This was frequently done while we heard a lot of people passing by just outside the door, and we could see others through the window blinds. While in class, it was not uncommon for me to rest my chin on my hands, with my elbows on the desk. The first time I had done this after fingering Alice in that room, I got a wiff of residue on my finger. That was one hell of a pick me up in class. It almost became addictive, and motivated me to want more during the school day.

All good things must come to an end. In my case, it had to do with the thrill of using that room during the school day. I was sitting on that chair. Alice was straddling me, and we were going at it… Then it happened. Someone else came in the room. Many people would have been cool, and kept it to themselves. Unfortunately, this happened to be a girl that was offended that we were using her club’s room for such unsavory behavior. As such, it got to the teachers pretty quickly. Let’s just say that I did not get to finish the school year at that school. But I had more fun senior year than the prior years combined…


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Cassey Fingering Her Pussy!

Hi Webmaster,

I got a phone call from Cassey this morning when she saw the shower pic that i posted earlier this week, at first she pretended to be cross and demanded that i call round to be sorted out in person.Being a weak willed male i did as i was told and called in later on the way home. Strangely when i got to the house the kitchen door was ... read the rest here

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Erotic Massage For His Girlfriend

erotic massage

My gf and I have been talking about inviting a male to erotic massage her and possibly have sex with her. Neither one of us have done this before. We are not in any lifestyle, but the idea of a threesome is very exciting for both of us. I would like to invite a female, but at this point my gf feels comfortable with a male, although she fantasizes about women a lot. I answered an ad in the newspaper for a male ... read the rest here

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Cassey Nude In The Shower

nude in shower
Did you like Sara and Matt's last dare - i think it went further than any of us expected! However it seems like the goalposts have moved which opens up all sorts of Dare opportunities.Jeff emailed me today and Dared me to post a response pic to Matt by posing with his wife Cassey after his Dare with Sara!Driving home this evening thinking about Jeff's dare i called at Matt and Cassey's to tell them about the Dare. There was no answer at the front so i went to the back door - it was unlocked and as we know them well i walked into the kitchen. As i was about to call out i heard the shower going more here



Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hot Sisters

hot sisters
My sister is 3 years older than I am. When she was in high school she had a body to die for. That isn't just my opinion, that is the opinion of everyone who knew her. Sis had a cute face but she had a magnificant butt. Cheeks so round they were awesome and I was jealous. I tried countless times and countless ways to get to make mine like a bubble butt (youth LOL). I can recall hearing my mother talk to sis about her butt. Mom once asked her if her butt was ever going to stop growing. So last night we were talking in her room and she was showing me her new computer she got for university. She is 23 and I'm 21 . While we were checking it out we started to get silly and opened up her MSN messenger and just started chatting with this guy. After teasing him for about 30 minutes (he loved the fact that we were sisters) we started to play truth or dare online. We didn't want to go that far and we didn't. Our most racey dare was to send him a pic on the messenger of me spanking my sister's ass since we told him of her 'best'
feature. Then he dared us to post it to your site. We made him jack off and take a picture of his dick while he did it. We had fun and hope you and your readers like it.




Sexy Sara Is Humping Matt!!

Sexy Woman Sara Humping Matt
Hi Webmaster,

Thanks for posting Matt's dare (see below),

Cassey was a bit surprised but said she was incredibly turned on to see Matt naked with another woman and they both said that they had incredible sex later fantasizing about making love with another person. Well that isn't as far fetched as she might have thought.

When Matt had turned up and I suggested that it was a good time to do his nude dare (posted this week) it hadn't taken long for him to turn the situation to his advantage. ... read the rest here.


Thursday, February 09, 2006


Sexy Sara Gets Cassey's Hubby Matt!

Hi Webmaster,I finally got my friend Cassey's other half Matt to pose for the site. I had to dare him and he only accepted when i promised to do a dare for him. He soon dropped his kit when i agreed not to argue about whatever the dare was providing it was warm and inside. He didn't take long to decide that my dare was to take the picture whilst naked myself and then allow him to take a picture of me in the shower afterwards!

Sara x x - my page

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Terry Accepts the Challenge And Gets Naked

Terry and her boyfriend decided to accept the dare challenge on this site and have a submitted a few bottomless and naked pictures of her with the dare challenge sentence on a t-shirt. You can see her story and more of her pictures here

**Her Top reads: "I get naked for"


Sunday, February 05, 2006


University Girl - Public Nudity

public nudity
Can't believe there is a great site like yours; especially since a lot of our sexual experiments start with a "public dare" that usually ends up in great sex.

Here is the story for how and why these pics were taken... **Read the rest on thier page here


MILF Wife In The Shower

milf wife in shower

I dared her to flash in the shower and post it.. Enjoy we did!!
**Added Wed Feb 15th - 'can you add our email address to milf wife in shower.. We would like comments. Thanks. ps thought we would send in anither for fun.. '


Friday, February 03, 2006


Sexy Sara Says Thank You!

Hi webmaster,

This submission is a thank you to all the people who have replied and sent pictures to me after i asked for contacts - people have been very complimentary. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and we can start some outdoor dares. Are there any girls who will email me with their fantasy dares and tell me if they have ever come true?

Sara x x My Page



Pic From Sexy Sara's Request

Sexy Sara dared me to send in a nude pic, and here it is. Hope to hear more from her. Would love to do more of her dares, and see her do some of mine. Feel free to contact me. I love to give dares, receive dares, or trade dares. I am very creative and have few limits.

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