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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Picture of my Shaved Beaver

Here is a submission for your nudie dares site. My name is samantha and while playing an xxx version of "spin the bottle" that got out of hand (in a good way) , a few nude pics emerged. This is my most daring pic of the night (and come to think of it -- ever!) .



THE HYPONOTIST - Adult Version and getting Naked

After the WalMart dare I figured that I had better refine the system a little bit and put some more though into these dares before I tried again. I think that maybe I should have some kind a back up plan in effect just in case. I am really starting to love the rush I get when people see me naked. This hobby seems to be additive. Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on doing a dare this evening so I didn’t have a back up plan.

The next dare I got myself into was with Mike again. I know I said that I would never do this again but somehow I forgot. It all started at the once school had started back up. Everybody had gone home for the weekend a Mike and I were the only ones left on our floor for the weekend. I went over to Mikes on Friday PM to torture him some more. I was wearing my usual outfit that I wore when I wanted to tease the boys. I had on my boxers and a loose baggie T-shirt (no bra or panties). I still had never shared with the boys that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I know Mike had seen me completely naked in the laundry mat dare but still that was almost a year ago and I could tell he wanted to see me again.

Mike suggested that we could play some drinking games (his favorite pass time). I told him that I wasn’t playing any drinking games tonight because last time I did the whole world fell apart. We just sat around and watched TV instead. To my surprise I didn’t need to play any drinking games because over the next couple hours I seemed to have drank a little bit too much because I was starting to get a little wild again. I was starting to talk a little bit too much. For some reason I told him about my WalMart dare and his jaw just dropped. He couldn’t believe that I did something like that again. Especially by myself. He just couldn’t believe it. Then that is when it happened. He said “I think you should do dare tonight”. “WHAT???”, “NO WAY”, “You will never see me naked again” I said. He just looked at me with those big brown eyes of his and said “Why not, I have already seen you naked once. What is the difference?” At this point my mind was really spinning. Was I actually entertaining doing another one of Mike’s dares. Then I came to my senses. “The answer is still NO”. Then Mike came up with a new idea. He said, “Lets play a game on the X-box, loser has to do a dare”. I thought about it for a minute then agreed only if I could pick out the game. You see I knew I had a game that he didn’t have and I knew that I could beat him and get some ever so sweet revenge. Well to make a long story short I lost.

Once again I put myself in a horrible position with Mike. It is almost like he has some sort of evil powers he uses on me. I told him that he had better go easy on me or I might not do it. Once again he reminded me and said “You are not the one making the rules to this dare. I am. You will do what ever dare I can come up with”. Then just as fast as he started to talk he blurted out “Your dare will be as follows: I will invite some friends over tomorrow night to watch TV and play some drinking games. I will tell them that I learned to hypnotize people this summer. You will come over for a visit and you will let me try to hypnotize you. You will pretend to be in a trance and you will do what ever I say.” I think that he must have been thinking about another dare for me since the laundry mat, because he had every single detail worked out. I didn’t like where this dare was going and it sounded way to risky to me because he wouldn’t tell me exactly what I was going to have to do. But I had no choice.

The next day I was a wreck. My stomach was in knots. I begged Mike to let me off the hook. But there was no changing his mind. The next night came way to fast. I watched out my window and waited for his friends to arrive. One by one, by one, by one they kept coming and coming. He must have invited eight or nine people over. One of them I recognized from my history class. This whole thing started to feel exactly like the laundry mat. It wasn’t as much fun as WalMart. I think that I don’t like not having the control to choose my fate. But still in all I really didn’t have a choice this time, I had already lost and it was time to pay up on my debt so I headed next door. There was so many faces in the room I felt pretty scared but I tried no to show it. After about a half hour I heard Mike say “Maybe I should try out my new talent tonight. Do I have any volunteers?” So crowd went silent. Then Mike looked at me and said “How about it Jill. Can I try on you?” “Try what?” I asked. He then proceeded to make up this elaborate story on how his uncle had taught him to hypnotize people summer and it really works. I put up a little fight and finally agreed.

I was so nervous because I just knew that very soon I was going to be naked. I just couldn’t imagine him being any nicer than he was for my last dare and I knew I was in trouble. Then he started. He placed me in the middle of the room and got out this necklace and started swinging it in front of my eyes. “You are getting very sleeping”. This went on for a few minutes and I finally pretended to be in a trance. Mike then said “You are now my slave. You will do what ever I tell you to do and you will be happy about it.” In the back of my mind I always knew just what he was going to say but I just didn’t know what I was going to have to do. He then pretend to wake me up and asked my how I felt. The crowd was laughing. The whole thing looked pretty dorky. Then it started.

“Slave”, This apparently was my new name. “Go in the kitchen and get me a beer”. So I did. So far so good. Not to tough, I thought. The crowd didn’t seem to believe any of it and then Mike asked them what would it take to make you believe. Someone across the room piped up “Tell her we want to see some skin”. Oh, no here is comes. “Slave, you heard the man time to lose you shirt”. Without hesitation I peeled my shirt off and threw it at Mike. Mike moved to the living room and sat on the couch and called me over. “Slave, we want to see more skin. Lose the bra.” I dropped my bra to the floor and the room went totally silent. All of sudden they believed I was hypnotized. I felt so awkward standing in the middle of the room with my tits hanging out. All of the guys where now paying complete attention to what ever words came out of Mike’s mouth. Then my worst fears happened. “Slave, we want to see all of your skin lose everything!” I played along well. I quickly took off the rest of my clothes and stood there in the middle of the living room completely naked. Mike just smiled. OK I thought. Time for this to end. Time for me to go. I looked at Mike with a smile and started to walk to the door. “Slave” I stopped dead in my tracks. What is he doing? How long is this going to last? “ Where are you going I never told you to leave”. I walked back into the living room and just stood there. One of the guys went over and whispered something in Mike’s ear. Then he got up and slid a coffee table to the center of the room. “Slave, lay down on this table”. Then the next thing I heard I just about died. Never had I dreamed that he would say anything like this. No way was I going to do it. Those most awful words I heard was “Slave, pleasure yourself till you orgasm”. Being naked was bad enough but to masturbate in front of a crowd. What was wrong with him? Why would he do this to me? Finally I reached down and started to play with myself. All of a sudden it felt really good. I forgot all about the crowd and really started to get into it. Within a couple a minutes I had one of the strongest orgasms that I have ever had. After I was done he told me to get dressed and go home. I can’t believe I actually went through with something like that but I have never felt so alive.

The next day Mike came over to talk. He couldn’t believe that I went through with it. He said that nobody there had ever seen a woman masturbate before. I told him that they probably never would again so don’t get any ideas.

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Submitted by: Jill

I found this site a while ago and I have recently mustarded up the courage to write down my adventures. My entire life I have always been on the reserve side but after the laundry mat incident with Mike and Rob I had this desire to be a rebel and do another dare. I told myself that I would never let it go as far as the last one did, especially in front of friends or people I knew, that was way to embarrassing. I really didn’t want anybody I knew even my best friend Erica to know that doing these dares was turning me on.

I decided to try doing a simple dare by myself (the last and only other dare I did I was almost forced into it). I ended up renting a movie in the adult section of the video store called “Game for a Flash” or something like that for ideas. The basic concept of the movie was the host wandered around town trying to talk real woman (not actors) into flashing the camera (in public). I quickly decided that I was not ready for any photos or video so I came up with another simple dare. I decided to put on a sundress (nothing else) and head to WalMart. The plan was for me to accidentally lock my keys in the car and shut my dress in the door and pretend to be stuck.

Everything sounded simple enough so I picked a nice summer evening to give it a whirl. It was a nice warm night with a cool breeze. I went into my bedroom and stripped naked. I found the dress I wanted and put it on. It was a loose fitting, thin, white dress with spaghetti straps over my shoulders. It was also a little on the short side but it seemed to cover everything all right. The next problem to deal with was to get out of my apartment without Erica finding out where I was going or what I was wearing (or wasn’t wearing). I made up an excuse that I was going to the video store to pick up a movie. She always hated going there because it takes me so long to pick out something good. Out the door I went. I could feel the breeze lifting up my dress occasionally but on I went because the wind wasn’t really all that strong. I got into my car and headed down the road. I was starting to get a little nervous. I was also starting to feel turned on. I felt pretty safe with this dare because the worse thing that could happen (I thought) was somebody would get a quick peak down or up my dress.

Once I got to WalMart I must have drove around the parking lot five or six times before I actually got courage to start. I found the perfect spot. It wasn’t to close to the doors but there was still enough people walking by to help so that I wouldn’t be stranded to long. I wanted everything to seem a real as possible so I put my keys in my purse and set it on the floor of the car. I reached over and locked the passenger door. My heart was starting to pound. I stood up and got out of the car. I wind had picked up a little bit but it was still warm out. I must have stood there for ten minutes before I finally hooked the bottom of my dress over the door latch. I reached over locked and the door. I looked around to make sure nobody had been watching me and slammed the door.

I was now caught. I felt pretty helpless. I tried the door handle but it was locked. OK, no choice now, I have to go thru with this. I started to think that maybe I should have brought another set of keys and hid them somewhere but it was to late. The deal I made with myself was I had to ask the third group of people (not a family with kids) to come help me. I stood there waiting helplessly when the third group finally approached. Oh no, it was a group of high school boys. They looked like they were 16-17 years old. I finally spoke up. “Excuse Me”. They all looked over to me. “Can you boys give me hand for a second”. They all came walking over. By now my heart was pounding and I could hardly stand still. I showed them my dress was caught and how I locked my keys in the car. I could see the grin on there face. The boys all stood there trying to come up with a way to free me. The best idea they came up with was to try pull on my dress and free it. I told them I didn’t think that it would work and maybe they could figure something else out. I knew the dress was to thin and wouldn’t stand up to any abuse. After all the plan was not to rip my dress off but for me to just to appear helpless. They all seemed to think that the only way to free me was to pull the dress out. In order to keep control of the situation I pulled on my dress a little bit to try free it. Nothing happened. Then faster than I could say no, one of the boys reached out grabbed my arm and gave it a good hard yank. Nothing budged and all I heard was the sound a tearing material. That pull had ripped both of my spaghetti straps of my dress completely loose and one of my breast popped right out of my dress. “Oh my God” I yelled and grabbed my dress and pulled it back up. The boys just stood there in amazement like they had never seen a naked breast before. “No more pulling” I told them “We just need to find a way to get me out of here. I could tell by the look on the boys face that just wanted to find a way to get me back out of my dress. This little ordeal had definitely changed the situation. My hands were no longer free, if I let go of the dress it would instantly slide down revealing my breast, again. I couldn’t let this happen. I suggested to the boys that they find someone with a slim jim or coat hanger that could unlock the door but none of them wanted to leave to go find somebody but finally one agreed.

By now I had been standing outside for quite a while and my legs were starting to get pretty tried. In about 20 minutes he returned with a coat hanger and tried to unlock the passenger door. After what felt like eternity I heard the door unlock. “Got it,” he shouted. He reached over and unlocked my door and tried to open it. But, somehow my dress had jammed the latch and the door wouldn’t open. NOW WHAT?? What was I suppose to do? Now I really was trapped. I tried to think of a solution but there was none. Finally one of the boys came up with a solution. “You are going to have to loose your dress and climb in the passenger door. “NO WAY”, I said. “There has to be another solution”. Nobody had any ideas. Besides I could tell by the look in their eyes they all seemed to like the idea of me loosing my dress quite a bit. But no way was I going to get naked in public again!!!!! That was not the plan. One of the boys walked over and put his jacket on my shoulders and said that this would cover me up. I finally came to the conclusion that I really didn’t have any other choices and I tried to slip out of my dress. The coat did a good job on covering me up. I got the dress down about half way when I realized that I couldn’t step high enough to get out. I was going to have to side it up over my head. I was in serious trouble now. I couldn’t hold the coat and slide the dress over my head at the same time, plus now the dress was wrapped around my waist from the wiggling I was doing. I stopped to think for a second and one of the boys came in to help. He said that he had a pocketknife and he could cut the dress off me. I had no other options so here he came. He lifted the back of the coat up and started to cut on the dress. It didn’t take him or anybody else long to realize that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He seemed to slow down once he had my bare ass exposed. I was finally free, but all I was wearing a kids letterman coat that was shorter than the dress I started out in. I quickly moved around the car and climbed in. I got my keys out of my purse and started it up. The boy who had lent me his coat was now knocking on my window, so I rolled it down. He said that he wanted his coat back before I left. I asked him if I could just get his name and address and bring it to him tomorrow. He said he wanted back tonight and he had to get going. I didn’t want to cause a seen so I just wiggled out of the coat gave it to him and smiled. “Thanks for your help” I said pretending like it didn’t bother me to be completely naked. The fact he was the only one out of all the boys that was even close enough to see me helped.

As a drove away the next problem crossed my mind. I was completely naked. I mean I did not have even as much as a napkin in my car to cover up with. How was I going to get back in the apartment without anybody seeing me? I drove to our apartment complex and waited in the parking lot till about 4:00AM when I knew everyone was asleep. What a long walk/run that was from the parking lot to our apartment door. I quietly opening the door and walked in. To my surprise Erica’s brother from home had come to visit with a couple of his buddies and they were all sleeping in our living room. Our front door opens up into our living room, still completely naked I tip toed very quietly through back to my bedroom and climbed in bed.
How could such a simple plan go so wrong? But in the end everything really went OK and no damage was done and I had a lot of fun. Think I am hooked.

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Friday, July 22, 2005



submitted by: Jill

It all started around Christmas time at college. My name is Jill and I am a student at Central Michigan University and I share an apartment with my best friend Erica. We live in a three-story co-ed apartment complex on the 3rd floor. We are friends with most of our neighbors and we hang out quite a bit with our next door neighbors Mike and Rob. We have lived next door to them for over two years so we know them pretty well. They are both good looking and really nice guys but Erica and I made a pack the day we moved in that we would never let anything happen with them because it would be to awkward if things didn’t work out.
It was a typical Tuesday night and nothing was going on. Erica and I were very bored so we decided to go next door and visit Mike and Rob. They were sitting on the couch being lazy watching TV and drinking beer, so we joined them. During the first commercial break Mike got up and went to the kitchen to get another beer. He asked us if we wanted anything to drink and we agreed. During the commercial Rob had started to flip through the channels with the remote and found an old Christmas cartoon “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.

Mike and Rob have always been very creative at finding things to do to have fun so it didn’t surprise me when Mike came up with a new drinking game. We had to take a drink every time Rudolph’s nose lit up red. This game sounded fun, so the game was on!!! I stopped counting drinks after the 30th or 40th time his nose lit up. In a matter of 30 minutes we had quite a buzz going. The fun didn’t stop once Rudolph was done either. After the cartoon we moved over to the kitchen table and started playing more drinking games. After a couple hours of some pretty serious drinking we were all having a great time and feeling fearless.

Now ever since we have moved next door we have always been a tease and tortured Mike and Rob as much as we could. One of my favorite teases was to go over and visit in my boxers and t-shirt (no bra or panties). I think that this really drove them wild because when I did I it they were always really quiet and had a tendency to stare at me a lot. I know the whole time they were wondering it I was wearing anything underneath but they never asked and I never told them.

The mood around the apartment seemed to be a little different tonight. I think it had a lot to do with all of the alcohol we had all consumed that night. The boys seemed to be a little braver and more flirty than normal. Erica was even a little more outgoing than normal also. As far as myself, I have a tendency to get a little loud and mouthy when I drink a lot and tonight was one of those nights.

We decided to take a break from the drinking games and move back to the living room and watch some TV. Rob started flipping through the channels trying to find something good to watch and came across a Red Wings hockey game. It is a general rule that anyone living in Michigan has to be a hockey fan and we were no exceptions. I was cheering loudly for the Wings and the boys started to egg me on. They were saying that Tampa Bay was going to wipe the ice with the Wings and this comment got me pretty wound up. In hind site I now realize that they were messing with me because they are both Red Wing fans too, but I was to drunk to be thinking straight. The score was still 0-0 and this is when it happened. Mike said “I bet you the Wings are going to get their asses kicked tonight!!” I yelled back “Your ON!!, Ok what is the bet going to be?” He thought for a second and then he said, “The loser has to do a dare of the winners choice”. The rules were set and the game was on. Erica looked at me in disbelief that I had agreed to such a bet but I was drunk and I knew that the Wings were going to win anyways.
The game was good one. The score stayed tied at zero for the first period then early in the second the Wings scored. I pranced around the apartment gloating at every opportunity I got. Late in the second the Wings scored again. Now I was really confidant and talking loudly. I told Mike I was going to have some serious fun with him. Perhaps he could clean our apartment in the nude while I invited some girl friends over to study. Perhaps he could run around the complex naked the possibilities were endless and I was really talking. He was really quiet and not saying much. Of course it was probably hard for him to get a word in because I was running the show. Half way through the third period Tampa scored the score was now 2-1. Mike and Rob started to cheer and all of a sudden Tampa scored again. The score was now tied and there was only one minute left on the clock but I was still confident. By now we were all on the edge of our seats and then it happened. Tampa scored. My heart dropped. The buzzer went off. GAME OVER!!! The guys were jumping and cheering then they turned to me and just smiled. I sank deep into the couch. I didn’t feel like drinking or partying anymore I just wanted to go home. Even Erica had a shocked look on her face. What did I do? How did I get myself into this position? Then it hit me. We were just joking, it wasn’t a real bet, right? Mike said he wanted to step in the other room and discuss the dare with Rob so that they could come up with a good one. While they were gone I told Erica lets get out of her before they come back. She asked me what I was thinking? How could I make a bet like that with them? The boys returned quickly with even a bigger smile on their face.

I told them I wasn’t doing anything dares in fact I wasn’t real bet and I was going home. This is when Erica turned on me. I couldn’t believe my ears she was actually siding with the boys. She told them that I would have made Mike follow through and I would not have been nice. I could have killed her it was now three against one.

Rob went into the kitchen and got me another drink, which a guzzled right down. I was so nervous. What are they going to make me do? Mike started to speak “The dare is as follows. Go to the laundry mat in our apartment complex. Strip completely naked. Wash and dry everything I was wearing. I couldn’t leave or cover up until my clothes were washed and completely dry no matter who came in.” I was horrified. “No way!!!” I yelled. But they all kept saying that I had no choice the bet was already lost and it was too late to back out.

It was already 11:00PM and I figured the laundry mat would be empty at this time of the day so off we went. I told the boys they had to leave before I would start and they told me that I was not making the rules to this dare they were. I started to take off my shoes and socks and threw my socks in the washer. Rob kept on making this stripper music noise it was so distracting. I begged to boys to not make me do this but it didn’t help. I started to take off my shirt and now Mike was whistling. I threw my shirt in the washer. Next down came my jeans. Mike acted like it was more than he could handle and pretended to faint. I was now standing in the middle of the laundry with only my bra and panties on. I was so embarrassed. I have never done anything like this in my entire life. Rob walked over to me and gave me another drink he said I looked like I needed something to calm my nerves. He was right. I couldn’t bring myself to take my bra off. Then Rob offered to come over and help me. I didn’t want anyone to touch me so I unhooked my clasp and dropped my bra into the washer. I covered up my breast the best I could. The boys were now completely silent and just staring at me. I turned to Erica and said, “Help me please”. She walked over to me to help, I thought, instead she reached out and pulled my panties to my knees. She was laughing, the boys were laughing, and I was ready to cry. I stepped out of my panties and threw them in the washer and turned it on. I was now completely naked in front of three friends. My stomach was in knots.

The boys walked right up close to me and did some circles around me to check me out. “I give her a 9” said Rob, “ I will give her a 10” said Mike. He then made so comment about brave I was and what a hot body I had. I was having a hard time concentrating because after all I was the only naked person in the room. Erica went back to the apartment to get some more drinks for us. Once she left I felt really awkward standing there. She returned in a few minutes later and we all started to party again. I started to get used to the fact that I was naked and it didn’t really bother me that much anymore.

The washer finally stopped and I got up to get my clothes out and put them in the dryer. The boys walked over behind me and pretended to talk. I realized later that they just wanted to get a full view of my pussy when I bent over at the waist and reached down to the bottom of the machine, Oh well no secrets know I guess. I threw my clothes in the dryer and started it up. Another 45-50 minutes and I would be out of there and so far nobody else has shown up. About 15 minutes later the door to the laundry mat opened up. I was mortified. In came almost our entire floor. Apparently when Erica went to get some more drinks she ran into a couple our neighbors coming back from the bar and had to tell them the whole story and they just had to see for themselves. Now I was naked in front of 10 people, all of which I know personally. I will never be able to look them in the eyes again.

There was a regular party going on in the laundry mat and I seemed to be the entertainment. The door kept opening and closing and people kept on coming and going. It seems that once one person would leave they would tell two or three people and then those people had to come see. The dryer finally stopped and I ran over to get my clothes out and put them on. Mike announced to the crowd that he and Rob needed to make sure they were dry before he let me put them back on. I emptied out the dryer and placed all of my clothes on the top for inspection. They started to check each garment out to make sure it was dry. “Panties…. Check”, “bra…. Check”, “jeans…. Check”, “shirt…. Check”, “socks….check”, “shoes????, where are your shoes?” Mike asked. My shoes were still sitting on the floor right where I took them off. Mike and Rob had planned this the whole time. “The dare was to wash and dry everything I was wearing and I couldn’t get dressed or cover up until I did” Mike said. So I had to throw my shoes in the washing machine and start over.

By now the word had really spread and there was so many people in the laundry mat that I couldn’t walk anywhere without bumping into somebody. I was constantly be grabbed or touched the entire night. My shoes were finally in the dryer and my torture was almost over. I couldn’t wait. In a while the dryer stopped and I grabbed my shoes, picked up my clothes, and ran out of the laundry mat. I didn’t want to give the crowd the satisfaction of see me get dressed, so I ran all the way to my apartment as fast as I could. In a few minutes Erica, Mike, and Rob showed up at my apartment. Mike and Rob told me that it was the craziest thing they had ever seen and I had to be the coolest girl around to actually go through with it. Anyways, I have never done or had the desire to do anything like this before. This with out doubt has been the most embarrassing night of my life.


In the back of my mind I stilled owed Erica for turning on me the way she did. I think that if she had stood by me when this whole thing started it would had have ended right there. I felt the need to get even so a few days later I invited Mike and Rob over for some revenge. Erica is a very heavy sleeper and always sleeps naked. So early one morning we snuck into her bedroom, pulled the covers off her bed, and watched her sleep totally naked for about hour. When she finally woke up and seen us watching her the look on her face was priceless.



Monday, July 11, 2005


Girls Kissing

**Note: This hot pic of Girls Kissing was sent by Sandrine from the old Truth or Dare Yahoo Group.

Here is my latest dare - kissing my friend (and T o D partner). It was my first time kissing a girl and really really cool!



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