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Friday, September 28, 2007


Vicky's Dance

VICKY Hey folks,

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife, my wife had her first experience of a lap dancing bar, which actually proved to be a little more than just a lap dance he he.Once we had “finished” ahem !! in the lap dancing bar, we returned ... READ THE REST HERE.



Hot Curvy Woman

CURVY Hi Webmaster,

I have always been shy about my body because I am a bit bigger. Because of that I have had a hard time meeting people socially even though I have had a few guys hit on me. So I turned to the internet and looked for chat rooms. When I first signed on, I was looking to find someone special who would be gentle with me and satisfy my ... READ THE REST HERE.



A Fun Tease

TEASE Hi Truthordarepics,

My boyfriend calls me a tease but a good 'fun' kind. I give him blowjobs all the time to distract him - in the car while he's driving, while he's on the phone, while he's playing video games or on the computer. It's fun to see him lose control. I'll also masterbate while I'm ... READ THE REST HERE.


Looking For My Chat Partner

CHAT Hi Webmaster,

I hope you don't mind if I do this but I would like to submit my picture to find someone.

If it's not okay I understand.I was supposed to meet someone that I met in the chat room Saturday night for a drink. I was a little late and waited for half an hour but he wasn't there. I assumed he ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, September 27, 2007


Wife Stripping

STRIPPING Hi webmaster,

When I go online especially to a chat room. I have 4 things with me:

-I have no clothes on
-I have an ... READ THE REST HERE.



Dirty Talk

DIRTY Hi truthordarepics,

I love it when a guy talks dirty when we're getting into it. Not too much, I don't need to be called a bitch or anything. I just like a little vocal action. It really gets be going. I really love it when he ... READ THE REST HERE.



Touching Herself

touching herself Hi Readers,

I can't get enough. I love to watch my girl play with herself, and we are both waiting for the day that I can watch her play with another woman. Here is a picture I took of her while we were in bed. She was ... READ THE REST HERE.


Vibrator Wife Dare

VIBRATOR Hi webmaster,

I got home early one afternoon and caught my wife using a vibrator that I did not know she had. We did not have any toys to my knowledge at that point. She was embarrassed ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Sexy Bath

SEXY BATH Hi webmaster,

Just one nasty little thought.. from this bad little girl....

I was inspired by your site to take a bath tonight and let you all watch and ....

"I'm bathing... it's dark except for a candle flickering. My head is emerged in water, so I can't hear the bathroom door open and you come inside. You ... READ THE REST HERE.



Webcam Couple

webcam couple Hi truthordarepics readers,

My girlfriend and I decided to watch a movie with a friend of ours one evening. The friend was a beautiful young woman who sat on the couch for the movie. I spooned with my gal on the floor under a blanket. We were both wearing shorts. The movie we were watching was Species and the actress is hot. So I got a little horny. We were on our left sides and I put my right hand on her hip. I would trail my hand ... READ THE REST HERE.



MILF Wife Submits Pics


We are a hot mid 20's couple posting pictures online for the first time. Just curious about what others think of our pics really. My wife and I dared each other to put pics of us on truth or dare I must say ... READ THE REST HERE.



Couple Photo

PHOTO Howdy T or D-ers,

My long-term girlfriend and I have been expressing our exhibitionist side recently. We both enjoy skinny-dipping and began picnicking at a nude beach a few times last summer. After coming across it myself, I showed her this site and she became interested. We agreed to post a picture of us – or parts of us, rather – and leave an email, in case ... READ THE REST HERE.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Voyeur - I Watched it All

VOYEUR I have a recent dare to submit with some older pictures of me in the bath that have nothing to do with the dare. Would that be ok?

Webmaster responded with a yes maam!


First of all you have to know that it's been awhile for me since I broke up with my ex so sex is on my mind a lot more than usual. This weekend I ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Sex Dream


I hope you don't mind B&W. I prefer it to color when taking erotic pictures. I am sending 2 of them I took while at my computer telling you about my sex dream I had last night. It was about a friend ... READ THE REST HERE.



Voyeur Couple Once Again

VOYEUR Here is Voyeur Couple completing the dare challenge. They have sent in other dares bafore and I have had a few emails from people claiming this couple to be posting fake pictures. I have to admit I was also a bit skeptical but here they are proving us all wrong with ... SEE THE FULL PICTURE HERE.



Yet Even More From Alexis!


Well I have had a lot of requests to see my ass and my puss. Well then here are a few of what you have been asking for. I hope you all enjoy them and please let me know ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, September 24, 2007


Kelly - Sexy Brunette

BRUNETTE Hi Webmaster of TODP,

My boyfriend calls me his sexy brunette ever since I told him of my fantasy. I have always wanted to have a woman ... READ THE REST HERE.

Have you all read KELLY'S STORY? - KINKY CHICKS


Vegas Boobs


Well I never came across this website until now, but seeing as I found it tonight I thought it best to post this now while it was fresh. What I planned as a simple bachelorette party at Ceasars turned into an all-night ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Hot Wife

HOT WIFE Hi truthordarepics,

My wife wanted to put some pics of us on the net for ages but I've always been a bit shy. I thought if I did it for her I could get a dare back! I thought to my self what would I really want her to do which she would agree to. Then I thought .... she really wants ... READ THE REST HERE.



Party Girls

PARTY GIRLS Hi webmaster,

We are good friends and love to party every weekend. We are not shy and very daring! I, the one who's face is showing in the picture had a 3some last weekend. It was with her and some guy we picked up at the bar. It was totally awesome, gonna do it ... READ THE REST HERE.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Cyber Spank Me!

SPANK ME Hi truthordarepics,

Do I ever love being spanked! It is such a turn on when someone gently smacks my bottom. I was made aware of your site and got so horny when you told me there are over 15,000 people browsing the site daily. I want all those people to see my pictures and CYBER SPANK ME!! Just give me a ... READ THE REST HERE.



Housewife's Fantasy

HOUSEWIFE Hi Webmaster,

I am a 42 year old housewife and my wildest fantasy is to be with a beautiful woman. I have never been with a woman before, but i'm starting to crave for the taste of pussy. My husband has no idea of my cravings but will when I show him my ... READ THE REST HERE.



Woma in Heat

WOMAN NUDE Hi Truthordarepic,

Just last week I fucked my best freind's little brother. He was WAY younger than me with no experience at all! I am 30 now and he is 18 and was still a virgin. It was ... READ THE REST HERE.


Ass Dare

ASS Hi There,

I consider myself a dare devil of sorts and was recently dared to submit to this website. More specifically a picture of my ass actually. We were at work late one night ... READ THE REST HERE.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Erotic Halloween

SEXY HALLOWEEN Hi truthordarepics,

What a site! If I had known about it last year I would have submitted my erotic halloween pictures from a party I was practically dared to go to. My friend who is in the last picture invited me to her party and told me that it was a sexy haloween party and that ... READ THE REST HERE.



My First Time

LESBIAN Hi truthordarepics,

My fiancee took this picture of me to submit to your site. If you look carefully you can see a bit of him in there although I know most people won't be looking at his elbow LOL. I wanted to tell you (well more like "we" wanted to tell you) about my first ... READ THE REST HERE.


Sex Toys & Chat

SEX Hi Dare Webmaster,

I was in the chat rooms and as usual talk turns to sex very quickly. I was chatting with a guy named lonedrone and told him I bought a thong for the first time of whic he asked ... READ THE REST HERE.



Finding a Girl Online for a 3some

3some Hi,

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to meet this girl online (the one who is fully dressed in the picture) who has been seeing us regularly in the bedroom. She is a real ... READ THE REST HERE.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


More From Jack & Tammy

TAMMY By: Jack

(Labor Day Weekend in Florida)

This story is kind of long, because I am writing about the whole weekend of experiences at on time.This episode took place during the Labor Day Weekend. I took a vacation day off of work on Friday and Tammy and I decided to take a trip to Daytona Beach for a couple of nights.

We left early in the morning on Friday. I drove and Tammy slept. As soon as the sun came up (and Tammy woke up). We were ready for the fun to begin…I asked her to take off ... READ THE REST HERE.



All Wet

WET Hey,

Alright, the bad part of this story is that I was alone in this, but tonight there was a heavy down pour of rain with some thunder and lightning. I was about to take shower when something came over me and I started to feel that tigle between my legs. Pulsating even. I had my window open ... READ THE REST HERE.



My One Night Stand

ASS Hi truthordarepics,

My boyfriend wanted me to tell you about the only other guy I'd been with before we met. We'd been together for 6 years now and he was my first relationship. We broke up about 2 years ago and then ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Wife's Pussy

PUSSY Hi truthordarepics,

My wife always took pride in her bush and I always agreeded. But after seeing some shaved pussies I thought that it was something that we ... READ THE REST HERE.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


More Pics From SassyCat

WOMAN Hi truthordarepics,

After my last post, I got a dare by e-mail for a full body picture. I guess I will try to be even more open and accept. So here it goes. This picture was taken by my husband a ... READ THE REST HERE.



Taking My Wife to the Strip Club

STRIP Hi truthordarepics,

The wife and I went to a strip club in Key West. It was her first time going and we both had a great time. I was really looking forward to this and I was sure she was ready. The dancers gave her a lot of attention, and she loved it. They would grab ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Erotic Massage

EROTIC Hi truthordarepics,

I love sex and enjoy online soft porn like your site. I like pictures but also enjoy reading the story behind it. It really adds to the thrill. I work as an erotic massage therapist and have only been doing it for 4 months. My clients are male from 18 - 60 usually but last week I had a female client! It took me by surprise ... READ THE REST HERE.



Naked Couple

naked couple Hi Webmaster,

We love your site!! Here is our most daring moment:

We worked at a stage theater together a couple of years ago. We were both involved in the production. Needless to say he gets horny around those beautiful actresses. At that time we both needed ... READ THE REST HERE.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Bi Girl Andrea

BI GIRL Hi truthordarepics,

I am a self-proclaimed bi girl and have just recently started having thoughts of being naked in bed with another woman. My husband is fully supportive of this and is eager for me to try it. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later. The woman I'd love for it to be with is a co-worker of mine. I think about ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Girlfriend's Nude Photos

GIRLFRIEND PHOTOS Lacking Confidince....

The woman that I have loved for over 9 years has assured me that I may post a couple photos of her. She really wants to post a few, but she feels insecure and feels that nobody ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Sexual Fantasy

FANTASY Hi truthordarepics,

I can't stop thinking about him. I've been having a fantasy about my freind's boyfriend. I see him looking at me in THAT way all the time and think he feels the same way I do but obviously we ... READ THE REST HERE.



Daring Wife

WIFE Hi truthordarepics,

Firstly, we are big fans of this site. We love the fun aspect. The reason for our email is that we have a recent experience to share (or rather I have convinced my wife to share this great one!!).

To put this in context, I always dare my wife (call her K) to do something risky and fun like we read on truthordarepics, she has been reluctant to do so however. How funny things work out though, she ... READ THE REST HERE.

Friday, September 14, 2007


I Like Hearing Men Moan


I love listening to a guys smooth voice, whether it's on the phone or in bed. I like it deep expecially, I think that's like super sexy! I've have been told that my ... READ THE REST HERE.



Cheating Girl ... Almost

CHEATING GIRL Hi truthordaepics,

This is more of a confession than a dare but I have a pic of me attached. The guy my best friend was seeing was a friend of mine. One night he called and asked if he could borrow something. I went to his house and he ... READ THE REST HERE.



I Was Exposed!

EXPOSED Hi Webmaster,

I was in a boutique here in San Diego trying on bathing suits and got excited about one that was very sexy, knowing my boyfriend would love it. So I had a plan to make him even hotter. I started ... READ THE REST HERE.



I Like Older Men

BREASTS Hi Whomever is Reading This,

I myself like older men becuase they know how to please a women. My friend and I came back from vacation last week and I was with a 56 year old guy and I am 23 by the way and he ... READ THE REST HERE.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hot Mom Likes Couples

HOT MOM Hi Everyone,

I want to be with this young couple, whom I met on this website. They are only a few years older than my son who is 19, and I know he would find them attractive but I think they need my ... READ THE REST HERE.



In their Panties

PANTIES To truth or dare pics,

Me and my close girlfriend got kicked out of a club one night cause she was so drunk ... rather than have her suffer in my car riding home we decided she'd be better off sobering up at a bar.

So we walked about 2 blocks and found a little ... READ THE REST HERE.



SassyCat's First Dare

SASSY CAT Hi truthordarepics,

My husband has been after me to post my picture online. I finally got up the nerve to do it. He has always been after me to show my body off more. I'm usually ... READ THE REST HERE.



Incy Completes the Dare Challenge

NAKED GIRL Hi Webmaster,

Oh boy! So I lost a bet to my boyfriend and the bet was that the loser would have to do anything the winner wanted them to. It was a silly bet actually. We were both in the mall on the weekend, tired and looking for a certain shoe store as our last stop. We argued over which way it was as neither of us felt like

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Party Sex

PARTY SEX Hi truthordarepics,

My friend Carla sent you a picture awhile back and dared me to do the same thing in a game we were playing among ourselves last night. I found out when I asked her a 'truth' which was did she ever ...



Naked Outside

naked outside Hi truthordarepics lovers,

My husband and I read your site faithfuly and have gotten off on it more than once. We love sex and have a great relationship which allows us to enjoy it fully. My husband dared me to ... READ THE REST HERE.



MILF Chatting with Us

MILF Hi webmaster,

I don't know if I could post this, but I think I owe some people a huge thank you from your site!!!!! I spend a lot of time in chat rooms and many ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Facial Desire


I was online playing truth or dare as you had suggested and ended up having to share my most recent sexual fantasy and submit a picure of me ... READ THE REST HERE.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Flashing by the Window


This is my story about how I have come to love flashing by the window. I used to live in SF in a crowded apartment building and you know how apartment windows face each other. So one day me and my boyfriend were going at it with me on top riding him, and I look over and ... READ THE REST HERE.



More of Tammy!


By: Jack

(The pizza delivery)

Tammy was still pretty drunk when we got back to the hotel. I told her to call the Pizza Hut and order a pizza. She called and they said it would be delivered in about 45 minutes. I knew she needed to remain occupied or she would fall asleep. All of the events of the evening so far did have a profound effect ... READ THE REST HERE.



spanked Hi truthordarepics,

When I lived in Michagan (I'm in school now), I knew a girl who lived in a house with 3 other guys. Basically we all partied ALL the time. Well, one night one of this girl's sisters was there and let me tell you first off that she was a real BITCH! I mean if you said something she didn't agree with she would ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Girlfriend in a Thong

THONG Hi TorDpics,

I love the site and spend most of my day trying to read every story. Well I figured I might as well contribute. My girlfriend got pantsed by her best friend and I clicked the photo of that perfect ass.

My girlfriend and I have been playing Truth or Dare together for almost two years now. She isn't into it as much as I am but she does enjoy the excitement it brings. She invited her best friend to come ... READ THE REST HERE.


Monday, September 10, 2007


More Pics of Tammy

TAMMY (Part 2)

By: Jack

The Shoe Store

A couple of days after our first adventure, I thought about getting a hotel room at the beach (about an hour-and-a-half away from home). I debated whether or not to do it so soon after the initial encounter. When I suggested the idea to Tammy (my wife), her response was: “It might be good ... READ THE REST HERE.



Hot Friend

HOT FRIEND Hi truthordarepics,

This is sort of daring. Sending you a picture of me and telling you all this. There is this girl who was friends with my older sister for years. They were a year apart and I ran into her the other day and she has grown into a beautiful young woman. She started to flirt ... READ THE REST HERE.



Sexual ToD

sexual Hi,

So I had a BBQ at my house and about 30 people all around 18-20 showed up. It was a good time we were doing a little drinking and what not. Well my girlfriend in this picture here was getting a bit tipsy and her best friend told me I should do something to embarrass her. So her friend took the ... READ THE REST HERE.



Girlfriend's Beach Butt

butt Hi,

She is my girlfriend and we are not married yet but we are living together. We have been experiencing more and more sexual things since one day.Everything started at her 23rd birthday.

To be honest I'm not good giving presents and my girlfriend doesn't help me because she is very very difficult. So we decided that ... READ THE REST HERE.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Tammy Topless

TOPLESS Tequila really does make her clothes fall off!

(Part 1)

By: Jack

When I first started reading these stories, I didn’t believe most of them could have really happened. Well, after some recent events that transpired, I would believe almost any of them…It all started while my wife (Tammy) and I were watching a sitcom. This couple was talking about their fantasies. So, I asked my wife what were some of her fantasies that had never been fulfilled. She described romantic situations, which would bore most of the readers here, so I’ll spare you those details.

Finally after about an hour, she decides that she should ask me if I have any fantasies that haven’t been fulfilled. That was all I needed…I began to describe the “Shoe Store Dare” and said that it would be really cool to have other guys seeing her body. (That’s the one where she puts on a very short skirt and no panties walk into a department store and have a guy help her try on shoes.) She absolutely floored me when she replied: READ THE REST HERE.



Wake the Neighbors!

NEIGHBOR NAUGHTY Hi truthordarepics,

We love your site and read it every day. My husband and I play a game we call "wake the neighbors" LOL. We start out with lots of foreplay and get really worked up. Then when ... READ THE REST HERE.



Slave Lou


I'm sending in this set of pictures because, well my boyfriend decided I should take a set of pictures of myself stripping for him. Having not really done this before I first said no, but then he dared me to do it and well.. this is the set of pictures which i sent to him.. After he had looked at the pictures and enjoyed ... READ THE REST HERE.



More of Steph


Well we are back and posting more we are more open now to things because of posting the last two. so now we are posting more and some are nude and a few with a lil sexy outfit on. But we would love to hear feedback on them so I am posting an email.... It has no info about us on it so we will ... READ THE REST HERE.


More of Samantha


My name is Samantha and I posted some pics on truth or dare pics & just wanting to post osme more...Here they are...I got some new lingerie so please ... READ THE REST HERE.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Wife in Heat

WIFE Hi truthordarepics,

I am a bifemale that wants to be used as a sex slave for men and women. My hubby has no idea I want a gang bang. His sex drive is alot lower than mine as mine recently ... READ THE REST HERE.



Voyeur Couple

VOYEUR COUPLE Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

Me and my girlfriend began experimenting with exhibitionism and loved it. Well we wanted to do something new and exciting and we could not really figure out what we wanted to do. We enjoy looking at other people posting pics of themselves online so we thought maybe it would be fun for us. So we posted ... READ THE REST HERE.



Nympho Mom

MOM NYMPHO Hi Dare Webmaster,

Sorry but I don't have any current pics of me so I am sending you this one from our vacation in Panama a few years back. I am a mom of 36 years of age and a nympho. I can't handle wanting ... READ THE REST HERE.



Slave Natalie

slave Hi,

This is a slave belonging to a friend of mine. He has been kind enough to tell me about some of the tasks he has set her, which she seems to have enjoyed performing. He recently instructed her ... READ THE REST HERE.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My White Butt

BUTT Hi Truth or Dare Pics,

This is pretty funny now but back then it got me into trouble which seemed to follow me a lot back then. I once thought that I would be able to cheat on a guy without him knowing. But I actually ended up ... READ THE REST HERE.



The Perfect Threesome


My boyfriend and I live together in Washington, DC. One evening my ex-boyfriend from New York was in town on his birthday. My boyfriend and my ex had met before and were friendly with each other. My boyfriend knows there is still some affection and sexual tension between me and my ex, but he also knows I love him to death and would NEVER cheat on him for anyone. He also knows I enjoy flirting and he often gets turned on when I tell him about my flirtations or even do it in front of him.

So the three of us went out together for drinks to toast my ex's birthday. It only takes me two drinks to get drunk, which I did. The boys weren't that drunk when we all walked together arm-in-arm back to my place to hang out and talk. Even on the walk the sexual tension was getting ... READ THE REST HERE.



Nala's Fantasy & Sexy Hair

SEXY HAIR Hi, I'm Nala,

I'm 26 years old - although everyone tells me I look like I've just graduated high school (!!) - and I live with my husband of 3 years. We have a great relationship and I share all of my fantasies with him and he with me. One of mine that I've had for a long time and that I just revealed to him last week was ... READ THE REST HERE.



My Shy Girlfriend


As you can see this is my very shy girlfriend who is just now starting to open up. We were talking about taking some photos for my birthday and she finally agreed to let me ... READ THE REST HERE.


Good Friends

EROTIC Hi truthordarepics,

Sorry we don't have a sexier picture and if you don't post it we'll understand. We are 2 good friends who met in university and have been in an off again on again relationship with each other depending on if any of us have a boyfriend at the time. When we are both single we ... READ THE REST HERE.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Driving and Daring

NAKED BODY Hi truthordarepics,

I have actually seen a few girls around San Diego touching themselves while driving or stuck in traffic. Having a higher positioned vehicle does wonders for the view! What a huge turn-on it was to witness a woman playing with herself on the road. It got me thinking back then about doing it myself and now I sometimes have to ... READ THE REST HERE.



Esta Sends in More Pictures


I decided to complete my dare challenge plus more. Please find pictures attached, hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoy doing them. Some of them are from my ... READ THE REST HERE.

HOT stuff


Sexy Kiss Confession

SEXY KISSHi Everyone at truthordarepics,

I need to confess something. I kissed someone I probably shouldn't have kissed. It was my boyfriend's younger sister. He's 25 and she's 19 and I'm 22. It was late and she had come home from a party and was really drunk. We were both in the kitchen at the same time while her brother went upstairs to shower and she just walked up to me and was telling me what a good influence I was on him and how much ... READ THE REST HERE.



Jane and John

JANE NAKED Dear Truth or Dare Pics,

I decided to make up a game using your name so my hot wife and I could share a few secrets, sex and have a great fun. So I designed this PowerPoint and put all the stuff in it that I knew she would like and I would too. What a laugh we had, especially the changing underwear and ice down pants, it was really good, we couldn't wait to have sex at the end and very nearly did at several stages, it actually took us over 4 hours to complete, we were knackered with a huge hangover the next day. We enjoyed it so much I have decided not to keep it to myself but to give you in hope you may publish it for other guys (or girls) to customise themselves for a ... READ THE REST HERE.



Jane Completes the Dare Challenge

JANE'S BOOBS Jane and her husband have a dare which will be posted further up the blog.


Esta Completes the Dare Challenge

naked woman Esta has delivered a few times with great dares and has just now completed the dare challenge. ... SEE FULL PICTURES HERE.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Photo Dare


I went to my friends house, there we had a bet of taking our own naked picture, first i thought what a great deal in that. But when i tried doing it. That time I realize you really required ... READ THE REST HERE.



Husband Wife Having Public Sex


A few weekends ago my partner dared me to have some roadside fun. We pulled over into a layby - we got out, I pulled up my dress and sucked his cock as he lay on the bonnet. Cars were ... READ THE REST HERE.



Double Dare

ANAL Hey everyone...,

I dared a good friend of mine to let me post a nude pic of her online. She challenged me to post one of my dick so I told her why not get the best of both worlds. She was drunk ... READ THE REST HERE.



More Pics of "S"


"S" is really beginning to open up. I recently got her to walk around our local grocery store wearing ... READ THE REST HERE.

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