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Monday, September 26, 2005


Emily Plays Truth or Dare

My name is Emily. And I would like to submit my dare story and photo. I guess that the picture is pretty self explanatory, but I'll explain anyways. My boyfriend and our friends often play Truth or Dare (we have our own game and also use a website) So one night I was dared to go into the bathroom, get completely naked, take a picture of myself, then come and show it to the others. The picture was supposed to be deleted after everyone saw it (well them actually, I took more than one) but my boyfriend didn't delete them so now I'm showing it to you all. It was a pretty fun dare. We have many more that we've done with our friends that I will post later. Hope you enjoy and please email us if you'd like to exchange stories, pics or have a truth or dare game on MSN webcam with us.


Emily's Page

Friday, September 23, 2005


Central Jill with Another Nude Dare Story !!

**** I have been getting a lot of request for some pictures of myself to go along with the stories but I haven't been able to bring myself to pose for the camera yet. It just seems so permanent. I will think about it though. Perhaps sometime in the future I will.


Since my wave running dare I have been thinking about another dare to do. I just had just never got up the courage to try another one. Then it happened. It was a quiet Saturday afternoon and Erica was out of town for the weekend. There was a knock on my door. As I opened the door I saw Mike standing there with a smile on his face. I asked him how he was doing and what he was smiling about. He told me that it has been awhile since my last dare and it was time to do another one, so I invited him in to talk it over. I was pretty bored that night so I asked him what he had in mind. He told me that it was a surprise and all I needed to do was to come with him.

I felt pretty nervous about not knowing what he was planning on making me do. I don’t know why I even came along but as I said before Mike seems to have some power over me that I just can’t say no to. As we drove down the road I kept on trying to figure out what he had in mind. All he would say was “You will find out the details in a while. In the meantime sit back and enjoy the ride”. We finally arrived at one of the local bars in town. Mike told me that we were going to go inside and have a couple drinks to calm my nerves. By now, I know Mike fairly well and I knew that was not exactly what he meant. He also thinks he knows me pretty well I know he thought that I would get more brave when I had few drinks in me. We sat in the bar for about three hours drinking as much as I wanted. Mike would buy me as many or whatever kind of drinks I wanted. Finally he told me it was time to leave. As I stood up from the table I realized that his plan had worked perfectly. I had quite the buzz going. As we walked across the parking lot to his car I demanded to know what his plans were or I wasn’t going any farther. He just told me to be quiet and get in the car. As I climbed into the car I realized that apparently he knows me better than I thought he did. I actually started to find all of this suspense exciting. I could feel the adrenalin flow through my body. I could not wait to find out what my dare was.

We finally pulled into someone driveway. We left the car and walked up to the front door and Mike rang the bell. As the door opened I immediately recognized the guy who answered. It was one of the guys from my wave-running dare. We went in and joined the party. There were about five people inside all of whom I recognized. I started to get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. I immediately asked for a drink. I figured that if this was going to be the place where my dare was to happen then I better get a few more my drinks into my system. After about an hour this place had started to fill up with people, about a 70/30 ratio of guys to girls. I had finally calmed down and I was starting to become my drunken loud self again. This must have been Mike’s cue because he approached me shortly and told me to follow him. Once we got aside from everyone he told me that I was finally ready for the details of my dare. He told me that he was in a poker game in the one of the back rooms and I had to go join in. The only catch was he gave my $20.00 and once that was gone I had to ask the group if I could use my clothes as payment in lieu of money. This dare wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. At least I had a chance to hold on to my clothes all I had to do was not lose. It seemed too easy. To bad I was really drunk by now, so my judgment was not exactly the best.

I followed my instructions and went in to join the game. I asked what the stakes were and if I could join. The group agreed and sold me $20.00 in chips. I did fairly well for about the first half hour. I even won a couple of nice pots. I could tell the guys didn’t like to get beat by a girl. Then my luck started to change. I lost about six hands in a row and was almost out of money. Everybody at the table was in a lot better mood now that I had started to lose. When I was down to my last few chips I told the guys that I was having too much fun and I didn’t want to quit. I asked them if there was anyway I could keep playing without any money. Of course this was Mike’s cue and he spoke up. He said “I think that the table will agree that if you are willing to use your clothes as payment then we will let you play”. I pretended that this was not even an option, but then I finally agreed to there terms if they would shut the door to this room. I asked how was I suppose to bet and after some discussion it was determined that each pot would cost me an article of clothing if I lost. This seemed more than generous so the game was on. The only catch I found out was that I had to pay the ante up front.

The first hand was dealt and I placed one of my shoes into the kitty. Of course I lost. In fact, I lost the first four hands so quick I didn’t know what hit me. I was down to my shirt, shorts, panties, and bra. I was starting to get nervous now. Anything I lost from here on out would start to expose me. The next hand was ready to start and the dealer said “Everybody ante up”. Then it hit me. I had to take something off. I looked around and figured that I would take my shorts off first. After all we were all sitting at the table and nobody could see me. I placed my shorts into the kitty and the game was on. I finally won a hand and had some money to play with. I even had my shorts back. I didn’t bother to put them back on I figured that they were already off so what would be the difference. Everybody in the next round must have had some good hands because before I knew it all of my money was gone and I was forced to place my shorts back into the pot. Once again I lost. For the next hand I took my shirt off and placed it into the kitty. Don’t ask me why I took off my shirt instead of my bra all I can say is that I was still way to drunk to have any kind of logic going through my brain. Once again I lost. Now I was in trouble. In order to get into the next pot I had to remove either my bra or panties. All eyes were focused on me to see what I was going to do. They must have all been wondering whether or not I would keep on playing. I wondered that myself too, then I heard Mike voice. “Pay up Jill, it is time for the next pot”. I used that same logic as earlier and reached under the table and took off my panties and threw them in the pot. Still nobody could see anything and we started to play. I was concentrating on the game so hard that I had not noticed that the door to the room had opened and people where starting to come in to see the game. In fact before I knew what happened half of the people at the party where now watching the game. Once again I lost.

The next pot cost me everything I had left, including my dignity. I took off my bra and placed it into the pot. I used my hand and arm to could up my breast the best I could but it didn’t cover much. Once again I lost. I was now completely naked in a room filled with people. I told everyone I was done because I had nothing left to lose. I wanted to get up and leave so I asked the boys for my clothes back. They all agreed that nobody had seen me completely naked yet so I needed to get up and stand on the table and give them all a show before I left. Not exactly what I had in mind on my list of top ten things I needed to do at this party but I wanted my clothes back so I slid out my chair and climbed up on the table. As I stood there spinning in a circle the crowd went wild there was lots of cheering and whistling going on. I climbed down off of the table and asked for my clothes back. Then Mike spoke up “I don’t know about you boys but I won these clothes fair and square and I don’t plan and giving anything back to the loser”. Everyone at the table agreed and my heart dropped. “What I am suppose to wear,” I asked. Nobody seemed too concerned though. They went back to there game and I was left with nothing in a house full of people. I begged Mike for some clothes and he told me to be quiet and just enjoy the party. How was I suppose to enjoy the party I was naked. Anyways I wandered up to the bar and really started to pour the drinks down my throat. All of a sudden I was the life of the party all of the guys wanted to come over and talk to me. I just kept on drinking trying to dull the pain.

I must have been very drunk because much of the night from there on is a blur. From what I understand and from what Mike told me. I really was the life of the party. I was a dancing fool. In fact I apparently even went with a group of people on a Taco Bell run through the drive thru. I really don’t remember too much more.

When morning came I was still naked and sleeping on the floor next to Mike. Apparently Mike is not all evil and he stayed with me all night to make sure nobody took advantage of me. He said the thought crossed his mind many times but he didn’t want to ruin the fun that we were having together. When it was time to go home I had such a headache and Mike would still not give me any clothes. We walled/ran to his car and started to drive for home. I kept on asking Mike how I was suppose to get inside my apartment with no clothes. I told him to run upstairs and get me something to wear but he wouldn’t. We were now in the parking lot of my apartment and I was still completely naked. Mike said good-bye to me and headed up the stairs to his apartment. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t see anybody around at the time so I made a mad dash up the stairs and to my apartment. I only problem was as I rounded the steps on the third floor I ran right in the mailman and knocked him and myself over. As I lay there on the floor naked as a jaybird he just smiled at me. I apologized to him and got up and left. Another thought hit me as I was standing in front of my apartment door. How was I supposed to get into my apartment? My only key for the door was in my pocket of my shorts that I no longer own. I turned and ran next-door Mike’s place and let myself in. Mike had already gotten in the shower and wasn’t around. I grabbed my spare key, which the boys hold on to for emergencies and headed home. Once I got inside my apartment I just collapsed on the couch. I couldn’t believe what had just happened to my over the last day. I haven’t had a stitch of clothing to wear in over twelve hours. I ran myself a nice hot bath and just relaxed for a while.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Skinny Dipping - She gets Turned on being Embarrased!

Being embarassed is a turn on for me. I don't know why, but I do like people to catch me in the nude. One memory that I have is of my honeymoon. We were in the hot tub behind the cabin we stayed in. Nude. The people in the next cabin were watching the whole time and then started to yell over to us. Some of the comments were embarassing, but it was a turn on. The pic attatched is at the cabin while I was skinny dipping with my eyes closed, hoping someone would see me but scared at the same time!!

Some of the pictures i have were taken in a park in the middle of the day. we were in a small clearing off a path in the woods. after taking the pictures we decided to have sex and as we were going at it, a guy walking his dog came around the bend in the path and we had to try to cover up in a hurry, but i think my ass was still uncovered. he looked and just chuckled and kept walking.

This will come as a shock, I'm sure! I, too, am turned on by being embarrassed. For me, humiliation is just an extreme form of embarrassment. I crave it!

There is also a feeling of vulnerability that comes from being naked where you're not supposed to be naked. Quick flashes don't do too much for me. I love the situations where I'm a long way from my clothes and know that whatever happens to me, I'm not going to be able to get dressed.
I went to a 4-day retreat for people into BDSM a few years back on a ranch in the Poconos. The ad for it said nudity was permitted at all times and even suggested you bring your subby with nothing but a toothbrush. Surprisingly, hardly anyone followed this advice. There was this one couple, though, that did. A domme and her male subby were in the cabin next to ours and he did not wear a stitch the entire 4 days! For the first 2 days, at meals, in a room with over 100 people plus the staff, this lucky guy was the only one naked! I was jealous of him!

They haven't repeated that event, but if they do, I'll go there in just a dress and take it off before check-in. I'll ask the desk clerk to hold the dress for me until check out and spend the every minute nude!


Sunday, September 18, 2005


Leanne Nude in the Library

This pic was taken 2 years ago when I was 22 and in college. My BF at the time coerced me into doing this dare which was to go to the top floor of the library, take off all my clothes for 30 seconds and leave them off no matter what happened and then come back. We were playing our own x-rated version of spin-the-bottle with some friends and this was my dare. My BF took the pic to prove I did it and i was so embarrased when he showed it to the group. I hated him for even suggesting it, nut looking bak now I am kinda turned on I did it and decided "what the heck" I'll have some more fun with it... enjoy!


Thursday, September 15, 2005


Heidi has to Walk Naked Outside

My boyfriend (Bill) and myself (Heidi) have been reading the stories on this web site for quite a while. We have always enjoyed the stories and dreamed about actually trying to make one of our own. The only problem was I thought it should be him who does the dare and he thought it should be me. We finally decided that the only way to determine who it would be was to have a bet of some kind. The bet we chose was a simple one. We called it “The Bladder Buster”. We decided to go out drinking together and the first one to have to go to the bathroom lost the bet. In order to keep things fair Bill suggested that we match drink for drink. The slower drinker of us would set the pace.

This plan sounded like a lot of fun. The only surprise was that Bill had also invited a few of his friends along to help the cause. It didn’t take to many rounds for me to get a buzz. It felt like my bladder was going to explode but I held my ground. Unfortunately Bill held out longer then I could and I lost the bet.

The dare that Bill decided on for me was to strip completely naked in our apartment and go for a walk. I had to walk for 15 minutes away from our apartment before I could turn around and head home. I was also not allowed to hide from anybody (even if I knew them) or cover up myself up. I couldn’t believe this dare. I thought it would be something simple or easy to start for our first one. I told Bill that it was too risky and he needed to come up with a different dare but he told me that a bet is a bet and I had to do it. We scheduled a day about a week later for me to go for my walk. It was to happen on next Thursday (our next day off together) at 1:00PM.

The next week for me was a roller coaster of emotions. One minute I was excited the next minute I was scared to death. The only unforeseen events for me was that fact that waiting one week gave Bill time to tell some of his friends about my dare and invite them over the day it was to happen. The day finally came and so did Bill’s friends. We watched the clock all morning long. I was a nervous wreck. Was Bill actually expecting me to strip naked in front of his friends? Apparently, that was his plan because every hour on the hour they all did a count down for me. Finally 1:00PM came. Everybody was standing in the living room waiting for me to strip. I started to walk back to the bedroom to get undressed when Bill told me that I had to do it in the living room in front of everyone. When I asked him why he told me that he wanted to make sure that I didn’t chicken out and lock myself in the bedroom. I reluctantly agreed and started to take off my clothes.

It felt so weird to strip in front of somebody else besides Bill. I have never got naked in front people before let alone Bill’s friends. I took off my shirt and shorts and stood there for a while in my bra and panties. I was having a really hard time going any farther. Finally I decided what the hell any took off my bra. My breasts are not he biggest ones I have ever seen but from the look on Bill’s friends face I guess they were pleased. These smiles gave me the courage to take my panties off. Finally I was standing in our living room completely naked. The only thing I was wearing was my earrings, necklace and a bracelet. Bill wanted me to take these off too but I begged him to let me leave them on. I know it was silly but at least I didn’t feel completely naked I had something on. He said I could wear them and told me it was time to head out.
Up until now I at least had the protection of our apartment walls, but that feeling was leaving me. My legs felt weak and I could hardly move. Bill walked over to me and started to push me out the door. I stepped outside and felt an incredible rush. The sun was so bright and there were all of these strange people around. It didn’t take long for someone to notice me. I gathered up my courage and walked out to the front lawn. Bill had brought his camera with him and insisted on taking pictures along the way. This first picture was right in front of our apartment. Bill made me stretch out and pose for him.


After the initial shock of stepping outside was over I started to have some fun. It was such a rush for me to have all of the people see me naked. Bill looked at his watch and told me it was time to start walking. We headed out to the sidewalk and towards the park just up the road.


As I walked down the sidewalk cars where driving by honking there honks and hollering at me. I tried to tune them all out and just watch Bill and camera, but it was pretty hard. As we headed for the park I kept on asking Bill what time it was and how much time I had left before I could turn around. Bill just told me not to worry about the time and keep walking. It felt very weird being so far away from home with none of my clothes but it also felt very exciting. We finally reached the park. I came up on this older women in the park. When she noticed me she turned away and left as fast as she could.


Up until now everything had went pretty painless for me. I was used to Bill’s friends watching me. In fact I was glad they were there I felt safer with all of them there as my bodyguards. Then as I walked across the park I saw two of our next door neighbors walking towards me. For some strange reason these two guys made me feel really embarrassed. I don’t know why. As we approached them Bill made me stop and talk to them. I had to explain the entire dare and everything that had happened so far. As I was talking to our neighbors I decided to bend over and pick them a flower. I am sure all of Bill’s friends got a good view of my pussy because I took my time. Luckily Bill was to slow with the camera (I think he was shocked that I did that) and was only able to catch me giving the flower to our neighbors.


Everybody walked me back to our apartment and decided to come in for a while. I was feeling so excited and happy to be home I decided to not to wear any clothes for the rest of the day. I ended up making supper for everyone and served them all naked. The last of Bill’s friends left about 8:00PM. After that we had the best sex that I have ever had in my life!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005


New Dare Picture Submissions - Adult

Hi Everyone,

I apologize to these 5 people who have been patient enough to wait for me to put up thier dare pics and stories. Because they are all voyeur type photos, I wanted to group them all on the same page here:




Katie's Story - Hard to believe Dare...

1st, i dared my friend to go nude swimming. so now im doing a dare from him.

1st, my hands are cuffed and my mouth is covered.

my boyfriend and i walk to a arcade game and i was carry on top of the pool table.
i noticed that everyone was looking at me.

i was wearing my school uniform, white T-shirt with 5 buttons, light blue skirt about half way from my vargina to my knee, pink panties and pink bra.

since i cant talk i cant tell my boyfriend tat i was scared.
then, my bf shout out tat whoever wants to have sex with my girlfirnd will have to pay me 100 dollars. of course i was shocked.
then, a lot of ppl raised their hands.

i was only 18 2 days ago and i have to go through this ...

anyway, i then saw a group of 18-20 year olds boys paying john(my bf).
i saw 5 boys coming towards me.

then, 1 of the guys blindfolded me.
then someone tear out my panties, my leg was in pain. then i feel my bra was cut off.

they removed my blindfold and my panties and bra is gone. leaving my shirt and skirt there.

then, i 2 of the boys took out their videocams and start shooting at me.
my mind was thinking that what if my parents saw this in the internet? what if I saw this in the internet?
i started to scream but the cloth covered my mouth.
then my bf walk to me and say "a dare is a dare sweetheart".then, 1 of the boys remove my shirt, 1 button at a time(2 of them are recording this down.) after the 5th button was removed, he pulled my shirt like he was in a rage and my bra was exposed to the public. my legs are moving and kicking so my bf tie my legs too.
then, 2 of the boys slide their hands in my skirt, from my legs to thighs and to my vargina, i was so wet that it was all over the pool table. all of them laughed.
then, he unzip my skirt with ease and slowly removing my skirt.
now i am completely nude.
(2 of them swith turns from videocamming,1 of them still sitting down relaxing)
2 of the "new"boys come to be smiling, 1 of them massage my breast, the other cumming in my mouth.
Now, the one relaxing stand up and started having sex with me.
the whole process lasts for 1 hour(the clock is near me).
after all that fucking, the group of 5 sells their videocameras for $2500 each
(to my bf, later i must sure pay or he will blackmail me).
my clothes is with the 5 boys and my bf carry me to his car and went home.

after freeing me from the bondage, the said to me, you must pay me $10,000 if you want to have them, i had no money so now i have to work for the money.

next time i play this game again, he will pay ...

from: katie

Monday, September 05, 2005


Massages Make Her Cum

I have been receiving professional massages for year by men and women. I am comfortable with nudity and have never worn panties. As expected, I have often felt my legs were pulled a little further apart than needed to massage my inner thighs. I'm sure some were legit and others for the view. I have had my privates brushed plenty of times. Only twice have I had a massage therapist probe my privates (on male and one female). Both times they entered me with their fingers until I had an orgasm.


Please Give FeedBack for Stu & His Naked Girlfriend

these are some pics that my girlfriend took while at work, it started when with a bet on who whould win the football, i dared her to strip at work if she lost and take pics to prove it and she dared me the same. as you can see she lost so the next day she went to work and came back with these. so to complete the dare she sent them to this website hope you like them.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Wearing only a Towel - Accidentally Slips Off to Flash Us


This is my girlfriend Sarah who lost a bet to me regarding when the hockey season would start up again. She had to have another couple over (our friends) and serve us in a towel all night long with nothing under. She was so nervous all day that she decided she needed some Wild Turkey to help her through it. But after 30 minutes or so she started to relax and have a ball!!! We took out the digital camera and asked her to flash us - she did several times (behind closed doors - meaning we got to see her naked via the digital camera as her friend was with her in the bathroom) and the next day she was so turned on I convinced her to try posting it online somewhere. Would you mind posting this please to your site?


Greg & Sarah


Sister Catches him Masterbating and Watches

The other day I got caught by my sister. I'm 27 and she's 30. She just left her husband and is living in my spare bedroom.

I don't have a steady woman and having my sister in the house kinda cooled the FB's I do have. Last Tuesday, she was out shopping and I got home before she did. I was feeling kind of horny and decided to take matters into my own hands. I striped down and hoped on the bed and was taking a good long time stroking my tool. I guess I lost track of my surrondings because my sister walked in on me.

Suprisingly, she wasn't shocked. She just said "can I watch?" and sat down on my desk chair. I was a little embarassed and hesitant. There I was laying with a stiffy and my older sister sitting there staring at it.

With nothing else to think of, I just grabbed it and started stroking again. After about 5 minutes, I shot a load what seemed like 3 feet in the air. I kept stroking while I was cumming and finished with jism all over my stomach and legs. I had not gotten off for a while and this felt great.

I looked at my sister who was just staring at me. No look of desire or shock - just looking curiosly. When I softened up, she just said "Thanks" and got up and walked out.

I went to the shower and got cleaned up. When I came out, she was making dinner and asked me "How often do you do that?" I told her I had not in a while, explained my FB's and how it had been dry for some time while she had been in the house.

She was sorry that she put a damper on my sex life and told me that she could go to a hotel if I need the house. I told her no - it was a short time and she's my sister. I could wank it or go to one of the women's houses if I needed to. She told me that one of the divorce reasons was that her husband and her were not compatible sexually. I told her that I was sorry and jokingly told her that I hoped that I didn't scar her mentally.

She laughed at that and said "No, you didn't scar me, but it didn't get me hot like I thought it would. You have a nice penis and look good doing it, but it just didn't get me going." I told her that was good, I was her brother and we shouldn't think that way. She laughed again and said "Don't worry, I don't want to have sex with you, but I haven't been excited about sex in a long time and was trying to get myself going. Mark just was not good at it, so we didn't do it and I figured if I got hot watching you, I could at least pleasure myself to get going."

I told her that I had some movies she could watch and told her about things on the net. She said "maybe I'll try that." I showed her my stash of DVD's and she looked through them. She didn't pick any to watch. She said "I don't think that's my thing, but maybe when I'm alone I can try it." I told her ok and left it at that.

Later, when it was time for bed I told her I was going to bed. She asked "Are you going to masturbate again?" I told her that I probably wouldn't as she knew I already did. She went "Oh." I asked why she wanted to know and she said "I wanted to watch again."

I don't know why, but I felt a little stir and told her that if she wanted to watch, who was I not to put on a show. She got a smile on her face and I told her to sit on the couch.

I decided to have a little fun. I went into my room and found my tiger striped banana hammock and put that on. I found my lotion and headed back to the living room. She was happy when she saw me in my g-string and sat back to watch intently. I did a little striptease taking off my g and sat across from her and started rubbing it out. I took some time and got myself real hot. She was staring hard at me when I shot my load. It was not as good a shot as before, but it felt great. I had it running down my hand and just kept stroking. Before that night I never jerked off in front of someone before and it was a turn on.

When I stopped, she looked a lot better. I asked her if she liked it. She said she was feeling a lot better and while not ready to go find a man, she could probably enjoy her rabbit again. I told her that I was glad to help and to let me know when she was in her groove with the rabbit as I wanted to see that. She got a big smile on her face and said - "Its a deal."

We have been watching each other the last few nights. No desire to have sex, but it is a huge turn on watching her play with herself. I'm usually cumming 2-3 times for each time she does.


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