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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Submissive Lisa Completes Her Dare

Hi, my name is Lisa and I live in Richmond, Virginia and have met a woman who as become both my Mistress and a trusted friend. Sharon has already posted her picture (see below) and explained the dare/bet/task for me and how it all came about so I won't go back over them. Instead I will just say enjoy the picture, I have a feeling you may be seeing more of me.



Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Sharon's Naked Picture

Naked Picture

My name is Sharon and I live down under in Australia. A few weeks ago I gave my submissive Lisa a task that included a bus ride wearing little more than a man's shirt along with certain instructions about how she had to behave during this trip. To say she was reluctant would be a small understatement but eventually she threw my task for her back in my own face by daring me as her mistress to do the same trip. I accepted the dare and the trips were both done. We then had to decide on a winner so her brother was selected and we both had to write a report for him to judge. It was his suggestion that the loser be forced to submit a naked picture to be posted on this site. I really do think it was an unfair competition as he decided we both did such a remarkable job that we were equal and therefore should both post ourselves for your enjoyment. This is me paying up my dues and you can expect Lisa to pay up soon as well so look out for her. Actually my little submissive Lisa is a bit of a slut so maybe I should have her tell you a lot more about herself after she pays up for this one.

XX Sharon



Fanny Naked In Greece!

Hello all,

John here, Fanny's hubby. She's been really busy with work lately, so I
thought I'd tell you the first part of the story of our fun and games in
Greece. If you like this picture and story, please send Fanny some
encouraging feedback at I'm sure then she'll write in
about the incredibly hot and naughty stuff we got up to later in the trip.

This picture was on a beach in Greece, a different one from where this story
took place. Fab nipples in this one! If she gets enough good feedback, I
think she'll send in a whole nude photo from the beach where this story did
take place.

On this day it was incredibly hot and sunny on the stunningly beautiful
island of Kefalonia, so off to our favorite beach we went. We decided to be
adventurous and go to the nude part, which is past the large rock
outcropping - completely isolated from the main beach. We stripped off,
rubbed each other head to toe with sun cream and stretched out in the
glorious sunshine, the crystal clear blue waters of the med a few steps

It was only our second time at a public nude beach; before that we'd only
gone nude at totally isolated beaches. It was great fun, as we were only a
few feet from the water's edge, right along the "walkway". All day long
people would peek around the big rocks and realize it was the nude section.
Reactions were hilarious. Most people hovered at the rock and turned back,
but many came walking down the beach, directly past us. They had to walk by
us twice only a few minutes apart, as we were nearly at the end of the
beach. They had no choice but to turn around and walk past us again - not
that anyone seemed to mind!

Lots and lots of guys walked past, most in their 20's. It was a rush for
both of us knowing these fit young men were checking Fanny out head to toe.
They were usually more obvious on the second pass, looking straight at her
gorgeous naked body and giving approving looks. Funniest was an older
flabby American bloke who actually said good morning to us as he went

I particularly enjoyed the pair of 20 year old girls who walked past and
checked me out, though I pretended not to notice them looking.

Then the real fun begins. Late in the afternoon a speed boat pulls up near
us, drops anchor, and the couple on board jump off carrying an umbrella and
towels. They make a little camp about 50 feet from us at the foot of the
sand cliff, away from the water. They run back to the boat for a few other
things, already naked, except she was wearing a tiny thong bottom.

About half an hour later the bloke wanders up to us, dick dangling in the
late afternoon sunshine, and asks if we've got a light, which we did. He's
Greek and can barely speak English, but we manage a little conversation. He
wanders off, but comes back a few minutes later with his wife and some fresh
melon to share as a thanks for the light. His wife is lovely, with huge
tits and a very slim figure. She can't speak a single word of English. We
chat for a bit using his few words of English, hand signals and drawing
pictures in the sand. The general misunderstandings are hilarious. After
half an hour of this he says they're going back up to their blanket "to
fuck" (one word he did know).

Fanny and I go for a brief swim, Fanny getting out before I do. As I come
out of the water she's lying back on her towel, aglow in the softening
sunlight, resting on her elbows, knees bent and apart, her pussy inviting me
in irresistibly, so I climb on top of her and fuck her good and hard.

A few minutes later our friends are back at our side, still totally nude,
dick and huge tits all dangling in front of us. They have their towels with
them and sit down, enjoying the last of our Greek wine with us. We chat as
best we can and make a date to have dinner together the next night at their
favorite restaurant. Next he starts displaying his wife for us, pointing
out her great tits and flat tummy. He's especially proud of her pussy, and
shows it to us lovingly, spreading her lips so we can have a better look,
and rubbing her clit. He can't resist and starts licking her pussy right in
front of us, suddenly oblivious to our presence.

After a minute Fanny whispers to me what should we do? I tell her to suck
my cock, so she kneels beside me and starts giving me a fantastic blow job.
Having my wife suck my cock always feels great, and it felt especially good
at this moment. I looked over at our friends and noticed she was staring at
my cock as Fanny's lips and tongue worked their way up and down it's full
length. That was a huge turn on for me seeing her staring so intently at my
very hard cock as her husband licked her pussy.

After a few more minutes of this her hubby started fucking her right there
next to us. Fanny took that as her cue and climbed on top of me and rode me
for all I was worth. It was glorious in the fading sunshine on the shores
of the Mediterranean watching them fuck as they watched us doing the same.
Oh that was good, very very good!

We all lay there for a few minutes enjoying the moment. But it was nearly
dark and starting to get a bit chilly. So we all packed up, confirmed our
dinner date for the next evening and wandered down the beach as they sped
off in their boat.

If you'd like Fanny to tell you about our dinner date, please send her a
little encouragement at I promise it was hot hot hot!



Monday, April 24, 2006


Hot Mom

hot mom
A few years ago we went to the nude beach in Holland. It was in may, so it was not that hot. At first we've tried the beach but it was a little chilly. We went for the dunes and got undressed. In the dunes it was perfect, no wind, a little private and pretty warm....READ THE REST HERE:


Friday, April 21, 2006


Sexy Wife Shows Her Pussy in Dominican

sexy wife
3 weeks ago we were in the Dominican Republic with some friends. All of us around 30-38. My girl is pretty hot and good looking and likes to tan topless. At home she loves to tan naked in the garden. It was our first vacation together with others since the beginning of our relationship. All together we were with 4 couples, 4 men and 4 women. The first day my girl did not hesitate to go topless, and so the other girls did to. It was awesome to see the tits of the other girls, and also to see the guys watching my girl her perfect tits. D-cup, dark and large nipple and most of the time hard as rock. You can see this for yourself in the picture I attatched for your blog. It was taken not long after we returned home. As usual my girl always wears a thong on the beach, because she hates tan lines. On the 4th day someting kinky happened. We (the guys) were drinking booze all afternoon at the poolbar and had a lot of fun. Because of alcohol we started talking about what we like in bed and how our girls were in bed. It was pretty fun. My girl joined us the last 2 hours and was a bit tipsy. She was in between us at the bar, still topless. When the bar closed we took a last Cuba Libre and went to the beach, to join the others. When the sun was gone, the wives put on their clothes and 3 of them left to the room. My girl stayed because her drink was not finished and also because she wanted to keep on drinking with us. In that way she is a real man. She was in a small robe with a white t-shirt on and we were still in our shorts. One of our friends started to tease my girl by saying he knew what she liked in bed. She kind a liked the conversation and also asked what they liked. You have to know when she is drunk she loves dirty talk !! At one moment my girl asked the others how their wives pussy was... shaven, trimmed or naturally. A little hesitation, but one of them asked why they should tell. Another one said OK, in one condition if she told how hers was. She agreed. A few moments later I knew 2 of them were bald and another one had a small stripe. Now it was her turn and she told them it was stripe on top and bald lips. She also told she doesn' like totally bald, but prefers shaven lips, to be licked. One of them said: You can say what you want, we need a proof. To tease her I said it was totally bald. Because of alcohol we started shouting:!!! She said OK, if I can see your dicks first. I showed first, again to tease her. The 3 other men followed and showed their dick to. (Men don't have a problem with that !!). I again said: Honey, you're turn. All of a sudden she went laying on her back and pulled down her thong !! We clearly could see her lips in the moonlight. She putted it back on immidiatly. One of us said he had not seen her stripe. Assholes, she said and again took of her thong, pulled up her robe and spreaded her leggs. She said, OK know, everybody seen it very well !! It was great to see her doing that in front of me and our friends. She actually showed everything. We almost could look inside of her. I'm sure the 3 men fucked their wives like hell when they got back in their room. I surely did !! Once in a while we like to talk about it and my girl loves it knowing they must materbate once in a while thinking of that day !! Does anyone have a similar story ?? - Ron & Debra


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Car Sex

car sex
My wife and I love car sex. Our first experience was driving home from a casino several years ago. It started with scratching her back, then undoing her bra, removing her shirt and jeans, until she was completely naked in the car. She was so hot, she wanted to pull over at a rest stop but we both came before we reached one. Since then we have done many naked rides. She likes warm summer nights with the sunroof and windows open. We also bring her vibrator and, as you know, the wind, the motion, the freedom all roads lead to a great orgasm. Please submit our picture to your website, as this will only make her even more turned on. - Norm & Lana


Monday, April 17, 2006


Roger & Carrie Flashing On MotorCycles

Hey, my wife dared me to ride her dirt bike naked so, I'm always up for a good dare. My wife flashed her tities just for fun.



Santo's Wife wife like to show herself nacked outdoor...



Her First Lesbian Sex

This site is the first (and still best) reality porn site I have seen online. I checked it out about 3 years ago when it first got started. It is FANTASTIC! Very Erotic! HerFirstLesbianSex places classified ads in local shopper newspapers looking for new "models" and people who wish to someday be models. They then have an attractive girl go through the interview process with the new chick and slowly slowly try to have her expose more skin with each picture they take. They do this ever so slowly until they get her into lesbian positions with the interview girl and by then the model-wanna-be is convinced she'll get the job. IT IS HOT!

You can join for a cheap couple of bucks trial and see samples at the site before you do but the BEST stuff is thier archived videos of when they first started which is part of your free trial. Check it out here

**Oh yeah, if you are not into lesbian stuff they offer tons more sites with your trial membership.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Miami Mark Submits Pic and Story of Sexy Nat

Nat Flashing
Another Excellent and Sexy story from Miami Mark but this tim it involves sex with his ex-wife Cindy AND his current girlfriend Nat!!

**From Mark: This is a pic of Nat at a restaurant 2 weeks ago. I'm trying to get her to completely expose herself but this is the best ... hahahaha. I'm not complaining, this weekend it HG Saloon time.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Tina's Fantasy

My name is Tina and my fiancee took this picture of me last month. I am very sexual and love to try anything that is new in that area - hence this picture submission for your blog. Here is a tidbit about me: One of my sexual fantasies is this - When my significant other is licking my pussy and getting turned on by my moaning, his cock getting hard, I would surprise him by a gorgeous woman coming into the room and giving him a blowjob while he is still going down on me. Whatever happens afterwards, well, let the good times roll!


Hi my name is Latrica,

I took these pics on my own so it was difficult to get a full shot but i just had to find a way to show you what i have to offer, nothing excites me more than the idea that complete strangers, the general public has full access to seeing my most private parts anytime they please plus my friend dared me to post my nude pic on the internet for all to see. He thought I was joking but I thought it would be fun. I found out about this site from him and we were both looking though some of the pictures on the site when he decided to dare me to post my pic along with the others. Of course not really believing I would really do it. Later that night I did!!!! I called my friend to tell him but he doesnt believe me!!L.O.L!!! anyways I hope you all enjoy my pictures.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Wife Lost a Bet and Pays with Skin!

I lost a very large bet to hubby with the agreement that I would do whatever he wanted if I lost. Well he made me pose for an amatuer photo club nude with 9 guys in this club and they wanted outdoor nudes and any and all poses. We met at an isolated forest preserve and I started posing for them with hubby watching. (This picture was taken by hubby while one of the nine guys was leading me to the next spot - I cannot post the other pics since my face is clearly visible in them). They got me to pose in every imaginable position exposing all of me on a picnic table spread open with dildos etc. Then they asked hubby if they could pose nude with me and he said ok. I posed with each of them in various ways with each of them being fully erect. I never had sex with them but the poses were like we were and some wanted me holding their cocks, cock on my ass or tits, some holding my tits, a group shot of 9 nude men with erections all around me etc. We ended up with hubby fuckking me on the table while they took pics and beatoff with most of them cumming. It was wild!! Something I thought I'd never do but I am a woman who always pays my bets off! - Melissa



Anonymous Dare Story Just Sent In

I was going out with a girl and she was a smoker. I wanted her to stop. We went out to the local bar one night and we left a bit earlier than our friends. I had been bugging her for a few days that if she didnt stop smoking i would shave off her pubes. She didnt want this to happen. On the way home i dared her to walk the second half topless.( I would let her keep her bush) we were kissing and feeling in a dark corner and she said OK. My heart was beating fast I tok off her t shirt then took off her bra. and carried them in my hand. I gave her the door key to proove i wasnt going to be nasty.

We continued walking into the lit street and she didnt flinch. I was very stiff. Just before we got to the house she ran off down the back lane so she didnt have to walk upto her front door but she still had to go in the front door. I slowly followed in then we did what I was wanting and screwed in the hall it was amazing. I couldnt believe she could walk home so calmly topless for nearly half a mile.

A few days later when we were going to bed I told her she still owed me her pubes for not stopping smoking, she said the topless run had let her off. I said id let her off if she agreed to be spanked once for every cigarette she had had that day. She stripped of and laid face down on the bed and said give me 11 then. I said she must have had more than that that. She then admitted to 23. She got each and every one hard. They came in batches of 5 and between them she was fucked doggy style with the instruction she wasnt to come or touch her bum. It was the most amazing sex I ever had.

We split up shortly after this. I often wonder what other dares we could have got up to.


Monday, April 10, 2006


Topless on the Beach - First Time

topless on beach
Before the my vacation my boyfriend and I were talking about me going topless on the beaches, by the pools, and I didn't know what to do. I like the idea but am a bit shy, and would it be weird being topless around his family? Well we went away to a really nice resort on the costa del sol, and here is what happened:

The first day we went to the beach we all found a nice spot and settled down. Then more or less instantly my boyfriends mum and sister just took off thier bikini tops and sat down like it was nothing. This kinda thew me a bit for 2 reasons, first I was just not expecting that at all. I had been thinking about it for ages and then they were topless after spending less than 5 mins on the beach. The other reason it was strange for me was because I found it strange that his 18 year old sister (who unfortunately had bigger breasts than me - a confidence kicker) had absolutly no problem with her 2 brothers and dad seeing her essentially naked, all she wore was a string bikini. So at first I felt really out of place, and although I wanted to take off my top because I was the only one with a top on, I just couldnt bring myself to do it.

Later that day me and boyfriend went for a walk along the beach and talked about it, he said there was no problems and that it was important that I do whatever I felt comfortable with. We sat down away from his family and he suggested taking my top off here to see how I felt about it, so I did, and I gotta say it felt great, felt so open (in a good way and at ease). Some people walked past us, at first I covered up my breasts with my arm pretending I was actually doing something but after about an hour I felt confident and strong (I know it sounds strange but thats the way I felt) and no longer covered up. We then decided to go back to his family, and I decided that I would just walk up the beach to them topless and hope for the best, so we walked.

We passed a group of guys who all totally looked at me, it felt as though it took about an hour to walk past them, I couldnt believe that these guys were seeing my breasts. We arrived back to where his parents were sat and no one said anything at all. His brother did look (a lot) and his dad had a smile on his face, but that was it, my boyfriend, his dad and brother all went for a swim in the sea, and it was just us girls left, the three of us sitting there topless. I felt good and happy, it had really been a big weight on my mind. For the rest of the holiday I was always topless, even went to the bar at the pool topless and got some drinks. There was only one tricky moment when we had a photo taken of the 2 of us girls topless while taking a walk, I felt a bit uncomfortable with that, but didn't want to say anything. Overall though a great holiday and the most daring thing I have ever done. - Michelle



Bride is Nude

Last weekend, a good friend of ours from college was getting married and my girlfriend was one of the brides maids. So the day before the wedding, we all stayed at the brides sister's house, as the wedding was 2 hours away from where we live. Including the bride, there was 5 girls at the house that were getting ready. Me and the rest of the girl's dates (2 of the other 3 guys i knew from college) stayed over as well, naturally.

So the morning of the wedding, the girls decide to all get ready together in the master bedroom, which was connected to the master bathroom. The guys kind of just did their own thing in whatever rooms we were in. After bumming around I decided to get ready. Well my keys were in my girlfriends purse and my stuff was in my car. So I knock on the door to ask for the keys, and heard a "Come In" I didn't recognize if it was my girlfriend or not, so I just opened the door and went in. My mouth almost dropped. I step in, and there is my girlfriend sitting in a chair, completely nude, getting her hair done by our friend also completely nude, except for the towell in her hair. I got my keys and tried to let my eyes really pop out of my head.

I said to my girlfriend almost jokingly on the way out, "What if I was someone else" (not realizing it wouldnt matter because she was not the only one nude). She just looked at me and said, "Who cares, Kevin (our friend) was just in here before to have his tie fixed. I was surprised. Kevin was a good friend of ours, and was just lucky enough to see my girlfriend fully nude. Granted he has probably walked in on us having sex once, this is totally different. The girls must have been too tuned in to the wedding to care who saw them naked, The other 2 were in their thongs, with one girl in the shower. I left, to get my stuff, and made sure to stop back in to put my keys back into her purse. As I came up the stairs, another guy was coming out of the room. I went in again to see my girlfriend in the same position.


She was, as were the others, unphased by the guys. These girls are not wild exhibitionists, but not the prude-ish type either. My girlfriend said afterwards that they really didn't care, since we were all their boyfriends anyway. Even still, I got a thrill out of seeing the other girls nude or semi-nude, and a little thrill out of the others seeing my girlfriend, as well as her acceptance of it. By the time I thought about getting a picture of it, it was a bit late (not sure how they would have reacted to THAT anyway) but I did get this one, my wife putting on the brides dress which I think is still HOT! - MIKE


Wife is Caught Nude Outside

A few summers ago my wife (see picture) was outside sunbathing in the nude. The only private place where the neighbors could not see was beside our electric meter. You guessed it, about 30 minutes later the meter-man walks by to record our usage. The funny thing is she never even knew. She had a sun-hat covering her face, and thought it was me walking by. When I told her she was shocked, and the turned on by it. Since then we have found 'reasons' to flash in a very subtle way. It has been great fun!

T & K


Sunday, April 09, 2006


Butt Flash by Sandra

butt flash
My friend emailed me and asked me to post a picture on this site since I owed him a big favor. After lots of negotiating we settled on a picture of me flashing my butt out the window. Hope you guys like it.




Krystal's Hot Sex Story

Several people on the site have requeted to hear more of my adventures, even with out photos. I ran into an old girlfriend from High School and we ended up talking ubout a guy we went to school with that now works in her building. Anyways here goes... READ IT HERE **(scroll down on that page)

Friday, April 07, 2006


Couple Sends In Thier BJ Pics



We wanted to send you our home sex pics of ourselves. As you can see my husband is enjoying a great BJ and having difficulty with the camera LOL. We love your site and hope you post these soon. - Alice & Jon


blow job


Nymph Kelly Revisited

Hi Everyone,

Since I last posted about Nymph Kelly (aka Kelly Da Brat) there have been ALOT more visitors to this site. So I wanted to make sure they didn't miss out on her story which can be read HERE. It is a true account from her own Yahoo Group which of course got deleted like so many others (for no reason) and was great while it lasted. She gave me permission to post it on the site. If anyone knows where she is now plese drop me a email.



Wednesday, April 05, 2006


2 Girls On Vacation

Hi Webmaster,

I've been talking to my girl friend (Jane) about this site - a guy friend told me about it and dared me to put something up and I accepted but needed approval from Jane first since she had the pics of us on vacation and she would be in it. After about a 30 minute phone call she agreed and so here is our dare picture for your site.

**This picture is of myself(left), Danielle and Jane on vacation. We were REALLY tipsy and that lead to us just fooling around with the camera in our hotel room. Jane put one of those large leaves in front of her crotch and said, "hey look, I'm Eve!" ... and we cracked up for about 3 minutes (we were drunk remember LOL) ... so anyway we all started doing it and then the camera came out and now your visitors can see it too! - Samantha


Monday, April 03, 2006


Couple Dare

couple dare
I dared my girlfriend to pull down her pants while we were taking a walk in the park for 10 seconds. The rule was that she had to count to 10 slowly and keep them down for the whole 10 seconds no matter what. She did and I took this picture. We're not sure if someone saw us because there were people around. Far enough away to be safe but still, if they really looked in our direction could see what we were doing. It was the most naked I have ever seen her in public and a great turn-on for us both.

Thanks for the Dare

Chris & Jon


Sunday, April 02, 2006


Fanny Naked In Greece

fanny naked in greece
I'm supposed to have been a sex slave for my husband this weekend as a punishment for my bad drunken behaviour last week but it hasn't gone that well, as I have been ill, so he's made me send in yet another photo. This one was taken a few months ago in Greece where it is ok to be naked in certain areas but you must be very discreet, if you do anything indecent on a public beach you will be thrown straight in jail. We kayaked to what we thought was quite a deserted beach, it was beautiful and very warm, so we stripped off all our clothes and started having great sex with me bent over a rock looking out to sea. A couple of people came past quite close to shore in their canoes, but they could only see our top halves over the rock so they couldn't be completely sure what was going on.

It wasn't until we had finished and turned round that we realised the 'sheer' cliff behind us actually had quite a well used footpath on it and that we had unknowingly provided a nice little show for that afternoons hikers.Any interested comments to Fanny at and I may be tempted to tell you the really naughty thing that happened in Greece with a local Greek couple!

Love Fanny xxx


Saturday, April 01, 2006


Hot Chick Krystal Gives Us More Still!

Hot Krystal
I have gotten so many emails from so many people I thought it would be easier to write to you and then you could put it on the website thingy and that would save me a lot of time from emailing a ton of different people. So here is some info and answers to some questions and comments I have recieved... READ THEM HERE AND SEE MORE OF KRYSTAL'S PICS

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