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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A Self Pic Dare

Here is my dare. I was to get a nude picture of myself on your site and then send the url to all my friends. Next week it'll be THEIr turn! - Julia :)



Upcoming Dare From GF

We have always played lots of sexy games and dares but my boyfriend has just laid down the biggest challenge yet. We have always been into some fun spanking nothing really sore but enough to give me a very red bum. BF has recently been hinting about buying a school cane and I now know why. He has dared me to act out his ultimate fantasy.

We are to go to a "school days party" (they call them St Trinians parties here in uk) every one comes dressed up as school kids. I will go as a school girl short skirt tight white blouse etc. He will go as a head master with cape and cane. That all sounded OK till he dropped the bomb shell.
We would go by taxi. When the taxi arrived at the house I would go out and say we would be out in a minute. I then have to come in and bend over the chair and be caned. If I want to wear a thong out for the night I would be given 6 of the best. If I went bare arsed I will only get 3 strokes.(less pain butmore risk of exposing the stripes)
As soon as the caning is over we both have to go outside and get into taxi.

I would then spend the whole night not being able to sort out my stinging bum. He would love it.
The final bit is that when we get home I am to get caned again the same number of strokes. He says it will make me think lovingly of his cane all night which he will of course have with him.
He has agreed to stay sober for the whole night so he can cane me properly when we get home.

I am really not sure if I can do it.
Would any one else on the site like to try it.
If I do it bf is bound to take photos and I will post them but im very wary.

If anyone out there gives it a try best of luck.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


New Depantsing Pictures!

Girls who expose other girls! Great shots.

Check them out HERE.



More Exposed Nude Females

If you haven't seen the ENF page - Exposed Nude Females then you are missing out. It is full of pictures of girls who are exposed and surprised to see a camera pointing directly at them. SEE THEM HERE

Monday, May 29, 2006


Cassie's Naked Laundry Dare

dare I hope your readers appretiate this cause it was tough as hell! But also fun LOL ... I showed this site to my friends last night and we had lots of fun reading all the stories and seeing people's dares. It kind of got us in the 'dare' spirit and soon READ HER LAUNDRY DARE HERE.



New Mature & Young Lesbians Pictures

Mature Young Lesbians
Very Very sexy picures of Mature women who like younger girls (and vice versa) . SEE ALL THE PICTURES HERE.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Vacation = Boobs Underwater

Boobs Underwater
I love vacations ! Several years ago, my GF and I went to St. Simons Island in Georgia. We got a room in a hotel by the beach on the ground floor, laid on the beach and drank some brews. BY the time we got back to the room we were both pretty looped. We both showered and then she dropped on the bed face down. We started fooling around and then I heard lots of voices outside. I got up and cracked the curtains and went back to the bed and entered her from behind. I could hear the voices getting louder and saw a guy take a lawn chair and position it directly across from our window on the other side of the sidewalk. My GF asked me, "do you think they can see?". I got up again and went to the curtain and opened it a bit more and went back to her and entered again from behind. We were facing away from the window, at an angle. As I was pumping her I could turn my head around and look at the window. I could hear a couple of guys saying, "WOW, look at that pussy!" It was soo hot! We fucked that entire vacation thinking about that first night. I wanted to re-create it but every night afterward she was too shy. We got lots of topless pics of her on the beach (a first for her) but the sexiest one was the underwater shot of her tits. She flashed me in the pool! - Larry & Beth


Friday, May 26, 2006


Pizza Time!

My girlfriend and I took a sky trip a while back. It was a great trip. We skiied all day, then went back to motel for more fun. I brought a few bottles of wine with us and we would drink a bottle every night, order a pizza and have some fun.

On the first night, I answered the door for the pizza delivery and paid him. My girlfriend was coming out of the shower and walked out in her towell. He liked what he saw and it turned me on to know my girlfriend was so sexy.


I told my girlfriend about the delivery man and she suggested she tease him again the next night. The second night came and she conveniently forgot her thoughts about teasing the delivery man. I reminded her and dared her to stay in the bathroom with the door open but without the towell.

The delivery man almost died. He was trying not to be obvious as he checked out my girlfriends bare ass.

On the third and final night, We planned on giving the delivery man a show again, but I dared her to push it further. When he came, I took the pizza and went to pay the deliveryman but my money wasn't in my pocket. I asked my girlfriend if she knew where my wallet was.

She responded by walking out of the bathroom totally nude with the wallet in her hand. She said I left it in the bathroom when I showered and proceeded to pay the delivery man right there wearing nothing at all.

Needless to say, I was all over her the moment the door closed and our pizza was cold by the time we were done.

Let me know what you think,


Central Jill - Spring Break Part II

JILL One of the guys had rented a boat for the day and we were all going to head out on the opening water for some sun, fun, and a few drinks. Nothing was said about my next dare


Thursday, May 25, 2006


Pamela Responds To The Dare Challenege!

Pamela I am responding to the dare challenge from your "dare to be Bare" page ... READ HER POST HERE ...


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Holly Rides Bare Back

Bare Back Oz dared me to first get a Brazilian wax. For those of you who don’t know that that means… They wax all your hair downstairs. I mean ALL… no matter where they might find it. It requires you be rather fully exposed to a total stranger ... READ HER STORY HERE.



Anonymous Wife Pics

Some pics sent in of my wife for the dare site - Anonymous


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Fanny From Greece Again!

Fanny in Greece
I didn't realise my husband had already wet everyones appetite on April 26th
with the story of our beach encounter with the amorous Greek couple, so I
suppose I better complete the story with what happened the next day!!!
We had arranged to meet Bill & Despina at a local restaurant for dinner the
following evening.

I was a little apprehensive as it was pretty obvious
after what had happened on the beach that there was more to come and I
hadn't ever done anything like this before. I dressed up in my sexiest dress
and best naughty underwear and we all met up at the restaurant. We had a
great meal and even with the language barrier managed to communicate quite

When my husband went to the loo Bill lent across to me and told me
that 'he no fuck me' but 'Despina fuck me, he fuck Despina and my husband
fuck me'. It might sound a little crude here but it was music to my ears as
I was a little worried about what Bill had in mind for the rest of the
evening. I had never had sex with a woman before and Despina was absolutley
beautiful, very tiny and slim with lovely full breasts exactly the sort of
woman I find attractive.

After dinner we drove off to find a secluded beach location, John & I in the
front and Bill and Despina in the back. Bill was quite rightly very proud
of Despina's beauty, he had pulled her skirt up (surpise surprise she wasn't
wearing any knickers) and invited me to admire her pussy which was very
pretty. I was more than happy to touch her and stroke her and explore her
pussy with my fingers. It was tiny and tight and wet and her skin was silky
smooth, I couldn't wait until we could stop so I could get a little closer
to it.

We finally found a secluded little spot on the beach under a beautiful
moonlit sky. Despina and I took all our clothes off and began gently
kissing and caressing each other. I had never kissed a woman before, it was
a wonderful sensual experience touching and being touched by another woman.
I couldn't get enough of her breasts they were so large and soft on such a
tiny girl.

I think it was all a bit too much for John he couldn't help
plunging himself inside me whilst I was bending over Despina's pussy. I
loved licking and sucking on her clit and putting my tongue inside her, she
tasted delicious, slightly salty but very sweet too. I think women
instinctively know what to do to other women, she certainly knew what to do
with me. Her little tongue was flicking over my clit and going deep into my
pussy driving me wild with ecstasy .

I felt her start to come as I circled
her clit with my lips and teased her gently with my tongue, she was so wet
and I plunged my fingers deep inside her and felt her coming, her pussy
pulsing and wet against my hand . I could have happily carried on with her
all night but the boys wanted a piece of the action, they turned us over and
mounted us at the same time. I had really enjoyed the gentle touch of a
woman, but there is nothing I like more than feeling a hard cock sliding in
and out of me.

I was enjoying watching them performing next to me, she was very
subservient, letting Bill do whatever he wanted to her, but never taking the
upper hand. John told me later that she was playing with his balls while he
was fucking me, those Greek girls work very hard to please their men!!
Not being the subservient type I turned John over and sat on his cock. I
love feeling him so deep inside me, and I rode him hard and fast until we
both came.

Wow, what a holiday.
Unfortunately it came to an end the next day, but we hope to go back some
time, I'd love to see Despina's pussy up close again.

Fanny - P.S. Send all comments to
missf1 AT



Pics From the Blue Mile - Edmonton Oilers Girls

blue mile Girls flashing on Whyte street in Edmonton after the Oilers win thier 2nd hockey game in the best of seven series against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Central Jill - Spring Break in Bahamas!

SPRING BREAK Our trip started at Detroit Metro on Friday afternoon where we caught a flight to Orlando, Fl and then we caught another flight to Freeport, Bahamas. In the matter of few hours we made it from winter wind to SUNSHINE life was good. We checked into our hotel late Friday night


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Naked In The Car

naked in the car
2 years ago we were visiting my friends in Los angeles and then me and my girlfriend decided to drive along the coast to San francisco. We started driving 9:00 in the night from LA. After 2 hours we were totally bored. My GF suggested playing games so we started playing trivia. The loser was supposed to lose all their clothes and drive naked all the way to San francisco. My GF lost. She was naked in the car the whole time. When we stopped to get gas and eat she tried to put on the clothes but I told her that the deal was to wear nothing till we arrive san francisco. So she had to pump gas naked in the car, get ice cream and buy gum from the convinience store. There weren't too many people around but the ones that were around had a great time and the whole time I was horny as hell. I got some good pics of her but this is the only one she'll let me post to your site because her face is hidden. - Joey


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Steph Nude In Public

MILF Hi my name is Steph. I am a suburban mom and married housewife who loves sex and is just starting out flashing and doing dares. I got into this kind of on a bet. Well, really a dare. A friend of mine from work - SEE HER PICS HERE...


Monday, May 15, 2006


Girls Underwater

Not sure if this section from the archives was ever introduced here on the blog but there are some pretty hot pics of beautiful bodies under water!



Some Nice Comments from Paul

I've been reading your blog for several months now and It's got some great stories and beautiful women in it. And I read one this month called "Bikini Dare" and noticed this part. ". . .but I couldn't do most of the dares that the brave people do on your site."

So I've got a dare for women who are a little shy. Put a change of outer wear clothing including shoes and socks in a new trash bag and take the trash bag to any outdoor location. It could be your back porch. And once you're there, the dare is, to strip down to your bra and panties and then put on the clothes in the bag. Then post here and tell how it went. And if you're using a partner, after you've stripped down, pause and pose for a picture wearing only your bra and panties and add that to the post. - Paul


Friday, May 12, 2006


MILF Laura!

A bit about me, my name is Laura but my guy friends call me MILF Laura because I am a mom and, according to them, a hot mom! I am very sexual and became even more so ... SEE HER NUDE PICS HERE


Sent In By Terry - Dare For Women Proposal

Your dare is to go to a public swimming pool wearing a white, two-piece bathing suit. Take a dive into the deep end, preferably from a high dive. While under water and out of view you must remove the bottom half of your suit and let it sink to the bottom. You will still have the protection of the water but you will be bottomless in public! There's no real danger that you'll get in trouble because you'll always be able to claim that it was an accident. Find a male stranger and explain to him that your bottom half came off when you dove in. Go on to explain that you can't find them anywhere because you're not wearing your glasses and the white garment is difficult to see against the white plaster of the swimming pool surface. Perhaps you can claim that they came off because you've recently lost some weight. Explain that you desperately need his help and convince to retreive the bottom half of your swimming suit. Good Luck. - Terry


Thursday, May 11, 2006


First Dildo Experience

dildo experience
Let me recount my first dildo experience. I was 18 and my parents were out of town. I had a girl friend staying with me. I was running low on panties and went to look to see if my Mom had any that might fit me. As we were looking in the underwear drawer, I found some sex toys. We both laughed at the thought of my Mom using them. As we were exploring we found an assortment of dildos. At first we were laughing but as we continued looking I felt a huge wetness building in me.

My friend had gone from laughing to almost a flushed look. I thought I was just thinking it, but said out loud lets try one. We agreed and took the assortment out and took them to my room and spread them out on my bed. We both looked at each other as we were taking off our clothes and I was thinking do I really want to do this in front of another girl? When we were both naked, we both went for one of the small ones and began rubbing ourselves with them. I was watching her as she inserted it into her and I followed her lead. We were both enjoying the feeling but I reached over and grabbed one of the larger ones and was slowing putting it in me. It felt great and I knew I was close to cumming. We kept it up for most of the afternoon and had several orgasms. We cleaned them up and put them back into the drawer. On other occasions we would sneak one out and use them. It remained our secret.



Kristen's Pics

Kristen's pics
Sex Pics
My name is Kristin, I am 34 years old and live in Arkansas. I am fairly shy when it comes to showing off my body, but my hubby has kept after me to let him take some naked pictures of me. I have a little naughtiness in me I guess cause I finally gave in to my husbands dare. He followed me all over the house taking pictures. It was awkard at first but then I got more relaxed and had fun! I hope you enjoy my naughty dare pics.



Playing With Toys

sex toy
I dared my girlfreind to let me post these pics of her using her favorite toy these are pics we have had for a while now and she has finally let me send them here to up the stakes. I also dared her to let me post her id (**withheld) so there you have it. - John



Amateur Story

This weekend my wife and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We decided
to stay on the coast for the weekend. When we walked into the hotel
room, the curtains were open. We dropped the bags and colapsed on the
bed. Leaving the lights on so everyone outside could see in, I started
to undress my wife.

She protested, stating that the curtains were open.
I told her so what, and removed her pants and underwear as one. I pushed
her legs apart, spread her pussy lips wide, and began licking her clit.
This always distracts her, and soon she had forgotten about the window
and was moaning quite loudly while I licked and slurped on her juicy
pussy. Her moans becames screams as she came all over my face. Quickly I
removed all my clothes, and pushed my hard cock deep into her, causing
more moans and screams. Knowing that others could be watching was
driving me crazy, and it didnt take long for me to cum, which always
triggers her too. Before falling asleep, I got up and pulled the
curtains closed.

The next day, after checking out of the hotel, we took a drive up the
coast. We stopped at this vista point that overlooked the water
somewhere off the 101. When we pulled in there was only 1 other car, but
they soon left. She reached over and unzipped my jeans. Reaching inside
my underwear, she began to rub my dick until it got hard. Then, looking
around to make sure no other cars were around, she whipped out my dick
and shoved it down her throat in one smooth motion. She then proceeded
to give me the best blow job she's ever done. A few cars came and went,
but since I had a hand in her pants carressing her clit, she didn't even
flinch when somebody pulled up next to us. I pulled her shirt down,
exposing her 42dd's to whoever was in the car next to us. I moved my
finger down to her slit and plunged it in to her, followed quickly by a
second finger. I found her g-spot and she came immediately, which made
her clamp down on my dick. I lost it and filled her mouth with my load.
as usual, she swallowed it all. The other car left while we were
regaining our composure. I played with her nipples for a few minutes
before we covered up and left.

She has never let me take pics, but I will be forwarding any as soon as I
am able to. Let me know what you think of our story, we have a few more
that are similar. -


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Exhibitionist Wife

Like many of you have experienced, my wife will do something completely unexpected that drives me wild, then the very next day, refuse to consider doing it again. This happened one too many times, and I had it. I didn't want to continue to explore a path she wasn't interested in and that was putting strain on our relationship. I was disappointed but thought it was for the best.

I went as far as deleting erotic photos of her from my hard drive, and strongly focusing on hobbies and work to take my mind off things. Obviously, as a couple, we kept talking about our likes and dislikes, what turns us on and off, etc. After a long, good conversation a few days ago, I think we understood each other very well. To say it was a loving, care-filled conversation wouldn't do it justice. It was just about the most honest and endearing times we have ever had.

Not thinking that anything had really changed, I went back to work and my hobbies. Nothing seemed to have changed, until last night.

We were sitting on the loveseat (appropriate, huh?) and started kissing. Out of no where, she pulls my shorts down and starts kissing and licking me. "Strange, but NO complaints," I thought. I caressed her legs and eased my hand into her panties. Then she stopped. "Here we go again!"

She stoop up and slowly dropped her panties and said, "Now you can really feel how wet I am." I could not believe she even said that. She immediately went back to sucking me and I was rubbing her clit as feverishly as I could. She wanted more and pushed two of my fingers deep inside. Between her g-spot and her clit, she let out a loud low moan and orgasmed like never before. She was convulsing for several minutes, just taking it all in.

She rarely likes to be penetrated while I'm playing with her clit, so I wasn't complaining in the least. However, once she orgasms, it's usually either "Take me now" or "Let's just take a break." Not this time, she lowers her head and continues running her tongue all over. I couldn't believe what was happening.

Then, again by surprise, she raises her head and says, "Let's go outside naked, run around the house and screw each other's brains out." What the !#@#@?!? This is NOT like my wife who has a hard time wearing a tank top and shorts. Being rather turned on by an exhibitionism, I said, "Let's go." Partially calling her bluff and seeing if she was serious.

Sure enough, she stands up, strips off the rest of her clothes and heads to the door. We opened the door and darted around the house to the patio. I don't think any of our neighbors we out or up at midnight, but I was hard as a rock with this new attitude she had.

We quickly decided to go inside, as it was pretty cold that night. Once inside, we were all over each other again. The next day, she asked me to pick her up from work (she is a teacher) and said she had a surprise and to bring the camera. I couldn't wait! When I got there my jaw dropped. She said, "quick! take a picture fast in case the janitor comes by." I fumbled the camera as bes I could and snapped it. She got dressed fast, we went home and had another session like the night before. This time, though, we did a lot of talking about our fantasies. For a long time, I've tried to get her to flash the pizza delivery guy. Maybe that will be our nex pic.



Bikini Dare

bikini dare
Hi - My name is Connie and my boyfriend 'adores' your website. I admit it is tasteful and erotic but I couldn't do most of the dares that the brave people do on your site. But he SEE THE PICS HERE.


I attended what was a real little snooty college up east (which I think back now and wonder how I wound up there and thinking if they knew what I was up to now, they would be shocked). My first roommate was a girl from Kansas who was a real knock out. She was from a READ THE REST HERE


Sunday, May 07, 2006


Naked Girls Changing

Went down to Florida over spring break last year with 3 other couples we were friends with. My girlfriend and I had been together for 2 years, and 2 of the other couples had been seeing READ THE REST HERE...



More Sexy Mom & Daughter Pics

Mom and Daughter
I have had a few requests to post some more mom and daughter pics. These are tasteful yet erotic and can be found on the Mom & Daughter Page

Friday, May 05, 2006


Dare Pics From Susan

dare pics
dare pic
Couple of Dare pics from me. > > Susan


Wild Wife Wants Feedback

Hi, I am new at this so bare with me. ( No pun intended!) I was dared by my husband to go to a car show with him and show my tits. I am not an exobitionist by any means and I told him that I would wear a bikini under some shorts and go braless but that I probably wouldn't flash anybody because I was scared and wouldn't feel right about it.

We were to go with his best friend and his wife when at the last minute his freind got called into work. I thought at first that it was going to be just the two of us going or we would not go at all but his friends wife said he had to work and not her and that she was going. His friend said to get some photos for him so the three of us went.


It was a hot day and It didn't take long for the shorts to come off as there were a lot of girls in bikinis. Mine was a hot pink thong that my husband thinks were invented for asses like mine. I felt a little uncomfortable just walking around with my ass showing in the middle of a fairground where the carshow was, but I liked the attention I was getting from the guys there as they were always asking me to pose next to their cars usually with me being bent over the motorsand sticking my ass out farther. One guy even had me take off my sandals and put on his wife's high heels before having me bend over with my legs far apart.

His wife didn't mind so I looked at my husband who was also in favor of it. It didn't take long before a crowd gathered round and I did several poses while holding car parts, and various squatting and bending over positions. One guy asked if he could take a picture of me with my hands in the air holding my long blonde hair up as if I were really hot while one of his buddies sprayed water from his mist bottle on my shirt. My husband immediately said it would be okay as long as nobody sprayed my face and messed up my make up or hair.

I guess I didn't have much say in it! I was still in the heels and my thong panties with a short white halftop on that barely reached the bottoms of my 36-C breasts when at a regular standing position. I had been so focused on my thong clad ass that I was showing to everyone that I never thought about how all the bending over from the right angle would allow some of their cameras to be able to zoom right up my shirt and catch glimpses of my breasts. Later I found out that my husband was well aware of it and said that he couldn't wait to develope the film so he could show me how much I was showing. He even said that at one point when I was bending over that my pussy lips had wrapped themselves around the thin fabric and were fully exposed to the crowd of men armed with cameras behind me.


Anyway I lifted my arms and pulled my hair off of my neck and raised it higher. The one guy started wetting my shirt and the water had ice in it. I immediately felt my nipples harden and the crowd went wild. Cameras were flashing everywhere and people were yelling show your tits! I looked at my husband and he nodded his approval and with all the encouragement I was getting from the crowd it was a lot easier than I thought it would be so I gave into the pressure and lifted my shirt. For the first time in my life I was flashing people I didn't know. It wasn't even really a flash cause I lifted my shirt and held it there for quite a while and then decided to just pull it the rest of the way off and continue posing for the cameras for another half hour before getting dressed and moving on.

It was quite a night. I enjoyed it very much and my husband truth or dared me to show his friend my tits since he didn't get to go and I couldn't do that but I did allow my husband to show him the photos since my husband got to see his wife flashing that night it only seemed fair to let him see somthing even if I wasn't drunk enough to show him the real thing. My husband wasted no time in bringing the photos in to show him. He even showed the ones that had my pussy lips showing and his friend was so grateful that he gave me a big hug and I couldn't help but notice the huge bulge in his pants as he made sure to thrust it against my belly while hugging me. I said wow ! and he said if I showed my tits to him in person and it was okay with my husband that he would show it to me.

My husband said it was okay so I said you first. He quickly wipped it out and said your turn.I pulled my top off and surprized both of them with my boldness including myself as I reached out and grabbed his beutiful cock. It was hard and long and both he and my husband rubbed my nipples to make me just as hard as him. Soon I felt uneasy so we got dressed and they dared me to write about it so thats how it ended up here.

I will make you a challenge.... You e-mail my husband and me and tell us what you think about my first flash and If I get good results I will write about some of our later adventures. Give me a dare and I might write about it after I do it! send e-mails to entitled wild wife's first flash .

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Naked Dare Game Posted

naked dares
Hi Readers!

I just finished putting together (as best I can) the remnants of an old dare game that was played in an older yahoo group. Check it out!


Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Public Nudity

public nudity
I was once taking photos of my girlfriend nude in a picnic area at a fairly desolite preserve. We made sure to walk at least a mile before finding a good secluded spot. She had brought along a huge dildo also in case we wanted to be naughty. So after eating lunch we decide it's time to get sexy!


Monday, May 01, 2006


Wife Hand Job Star!

hand job wife

Except for being naked, my wife just loves a cock in her hand, two even better. After too many drinks she jerked off me and the future best man while sitting on a couch. Did I mention she was naked? I was surprised ... READ THE REST HERE


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